Codenamed Behemoth


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Scene Title Codenamed behemoth
Synopsis Felix comes around Audrey's place afterhours, asking for a little information help on the side.
Date March 12, 2010

Le Rivage - Audrey's Apartment

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Audrey hasn't been home long. End of he work day, drive home to the Rivage with a bag of indian takeout. The nice thing about New York with it's ethnic melting pot is that you can eat at any corner of the world on any night you please. A day of going over forensics, mulling over Cooper's behavior and Logan's words the night before.

Not to mention sending someone down to bring Spurling in for a few more questions and finding out the girls been MIA. There's a soft leather briefcase with files, things to read over again, study and likely fall asleep studying. Jacket hangs up, belt pulled away and heels kicked off though tomorrow she's going to have to wear something else because she can't keep doing heel in snow.

Fel has been as busy as the proverbial one legged man in the ass kicking contest. He's beat, he's tired, he's so, so sick of the cold and his own cooking. He misses this building that he used to live in - it's bitter to come here and not be coming -home-. So the expression on the long face is somewhat less than cheerful, when he knocks on the door.

The amount of visitors that Audrey's had here?


Unless you count neighbours who want to know what's burning when she attempts to make her own meals. SO its' a few before Felix is let in. Tehre's the process of peering through the peephole, frowning, muttering, and eventually unlocking the door to let in the Fed to her sparsely decorated with it's spider plant growing near the window.

"Please tell me this is a pleasure call Ivanov and you're not here on business." She's betting it's business. "I have indian. You hungry?"

"I don't know you well enough for this to be pleasure," He delivers this line in a perfect deadpan that irons out any hint of flirtatiousness. Not like they aren't a match made in hell, these two. What hobbies they share. "But that's very kind of you. I haven't really been able to touch base with you, and I wanted to talk to you sort of off the record about that technopath incident."

"Technopath incident?' Audrey's frowning, heading back to the open kitchen to start unpacking the food with it's scent already making it's way around the apartment. "What incident are you referring to? Last I knew there was no technopath involved in the sylar case adn we've had no record of it with our copycat'

Man, that smells delicious. Fel looks like he wants to sniff the air like a wolf, though he refrains. "Bus hit this guy. He was accompanying a little girl. To make a long story short, she's a mcguffin. Name's Liette. Multiple powers. I'm not officially on the case. But I had a little visit from HomeSec about her, because I happened to be there when her apparent handler got killed. Some technopath manipulated traffic signals and had a bus hit him. It was a fucking mess. This is an unofficial heads up. Technopath's codenamed Behemoth. So if you do hear her name….don't call it in by any electronic media. No phone, no email, no nothin'. Handwritten note or personal meeting."

The clear plastic top is removed from the tandoori, Audrey listening to Felix recount his tale with an indifferent look on her face. "Has an APB been put out for the girl, and an amber alert? What are you wanting me to do Ivanov besides not talk on a cellphone or email if I happen to hear anything about this girl? Who's the agent in charge of the investigation into the crash?"

"Guy named Harper," Fel says, quietly. "Desmond. You know him? And…..we've had a further oddity. Body of her handler - disappeared. Is that your guys, or the magical mystery tour."

"I couldn't tell you right off the bat Ivanov whether it's my guys or someones fucking with my guys" She's scraping out food onto a plate for herself, generous portions of this and that, tossing some bread down on the marble counter. "I can stick my nose I, see what I can find out for you if you like" THe rest is boxed right back up, back into the bag it goes. It's looking liek Felix might not be getting some?

He doesn't press about it. He can get dinner on his own. "I'd like it. I figure it's just HomeSec being extra spooky about this girl. But they disappeared everything. Body, files, it's like he never existed, it never happened. And I'm nosy enough that I want it clear where the boundaries are. Hard to know if it's the right hand not knowing what the left is doing, or if it's this Behemoth fucking with things."

"Could be that you don't have the clearance or the whole FBI, homesec boundry thing. it does work both ways" Audrey points out, gathering up the bag and walking it over to the feeb and passing the food over. He is getting food, he's just apparently not getting to park on her couch beside her while eating it. "I'll see what I can find, what I can tell you, no promises

"I'm not asking you to go off reservation for this one," Fel says, simply. "Don't worry about it. This is just me poking at loopholes. What news about Sylar and/or Gabriel Gray?"

'Alive and well, in New York as of March fourth and not the killer for the hunter murder. You know what I know Ivanov. I visited john logan, emile danko. Neither of which by the way, have any of those charges or warrants on them, that you said they have. Might want to work on getting your facts straight there speedy"

He accepts the rebuke quietly. "I'm a little irrational on the subject of Emile Danko," he allows, and there's a funny, venomous sweetness in his voice. "But I'll keep that in mind."

"You have every right to be. I'm looking into him regards. Keep your ear to the ground, let me know if you hear of Spurling. She's gone awol and I need to question her again. I think she lied about seeing Sylar" Back towards the ktichen, fetching her plate and drink, putting them on a collapsible TV tray then heading back towards the door and felix. "Anything else?"

The name has him blinking for a moment. "Right. Ruskin. I'm sure she did. I don't trust a goddamn word out of their collective mouths on the subject of Gray and/or Sylar," Fel says simply. "No. That's it for now. Have a good dinner." And with that, he's for the door again.

"You too speedy" Audrey gives her own goodbye, closing and locking the door in his wake. She's got dinner to eat and files to pour over and a lamp to light the night when it gets too dark.

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