Coffee Break


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Scene Title Coffee Break
Synopsis Two employee's meet each other for the first time.
Date February 23, 2009

Primatech Research - Break Room

There is foooooood

How do high class escorts dress. Like really expensive looking women who show a bit too much cleavage, and a little too much leg that makes you wonder what exactly their day job is. Goodman doens't know just how well he picked the cover, becuase is that world, the men like thier women a little older and a little more experienced. Only problem is, this isn't staten isladn or any of the places that Minea's going to be on the arm of someone. It's the break room of Primatech research, crouched down and picking up some papers that fell while at the same time trying NOT to flash someone whats underneath the snug black skirt with the daring slit, nor expose her decollete to the room as a whole. Because that's how you roll when your cover is high class call girl and it's coffee time in the afternoon.

Eleanor is glad for the break. Back-to-back sessions of people filled with problems, anxiety, and doubt eventually took a toll on Eleanor, and she needed caffeine. It was then she heard the rustle of papers falling and her crystal blue eyes looked up from pouring herself a cup of coffee. "Oh, here, let me help you." She walked over to the other woman, crouching down and beginning to help gather up the papers.

"Just don't look up and you won't be blinded" Minea quips, gathering the papers. Nothing special, police reports, a sheet of phone numbers, some handwritten notes. "These floors were not made for five inch stiletto's let me tell you that. I'll be happy to be back to my 4 inch ones when this is all over" She winks to Eleanor as she stretches to grab a wayward paper under a chair. "Minea" Her way of introduction as she holds her hand out to take the papers the other woman gathers.

Eleanor chuckles as she gathers up the rest of the papers, glancing around to making sure she and Minea had gotten them all. Then, after returning her handful to Minea, she says, "Eleanor. A pleasure. 5 inches, quite impressive. I rarely get by on more than 3." She flashes the other woman a grin.

"three is an insult right now to my cover. Nice to meet you Eleanor. Are you an agent here? I'm fairly new so I'm still learning some of the faces around here" The papers are shuffled into the folder. They'll be sorted later back to their proper partners and orders. One hand on a table, and with the amazing feat of not flashing anyone, Minea's up, offering a hand to Eleanor to help her up.

Eleanor smiles and takes the hand, getting to her feat with graceful ease. "Not exactly. I'm the company shrink." She grins, releasing the other woman's hand to smooth her skirt. "Welcome to the madhouse," she jokes with a sly grin. "Are you new to the city, too? What brings you here?"

"Not very new, but new enough to the madhouse. Pinched from military intelligence. So fresh I haven't got a partner yet. I came in to pick up some files. Look up some things then head back out. Have some banker to go be arm candy for. All in a days work it seems" The files are dumped into a small portfolio. "So your one of the head doctors. Enjoying it?"

Eleanor grins. "Well, it never gets boring, that's for sure." She chuckles. "It'll be good to have you here. Are you enjoying yourself so far?"

Oh, that's the million dollar question. "It's interesting" Interesting can mean soooo many things. "Do they often give people… insurmountable odds or assignments that you can't actually… complete?"

Eleanor ponders this for a moment, then shakes her head. "No. The Company does a pretty good job of assessing your skill level and then pairing you with something you can handle. Why, is the job giving you trouble?" An eyebrow goes up. She knows perfectly well all sorts of the things "interesting" can mean. Being set on fire can be "interesting".

"Somewhat.. Your the shrink, I can ask… I have not a clue how to track someone… who can teleport in a way. I'm starting, just maybe, to think.. that this is punishment" Minea sits down on her chair, there's a bottle of water there, pencil, day planner, she's low tech it seems.

Eleanor frowns. "Well, that is tricky. Have you tried showing his picture around, or.. something? Seeing if you can find out where he was seen last? I don't think they'd put you in an impossible position."

"There's the tricky part. Can't really do that. The whole.. undercover thing you know" Minea points out. She smiles to Eleanor "I've only been on the case a week, I need to give it a bit more time before I probably start worrying about whether I was given the case like this on purpose huh?"

"Oh, right." Eleanor makes a face. "This is the reason I'm the shrink, not an agent. Not my cup of tea. But yes, I'd give it some more time. Maybe you'll get lucky." She smiled warmly at Minea.

"Maybe i'll get lucky" Minea nods. "We'll see hmm? Can't say, that it's not interesting, that's for sure. Haven't decided yet whether it's more enjoyable that forging documents and such yet. But, sometimes we need change no? When things have hit a rut"

Eleanor nods her agreement. "Change is necessary for life. It's what helps us grow as people. Ruts are killer. Forging documents and the like, is that what you did before this? Did you enjoy that?"

"It had a certain risk, more for those who used the documents" Minea taps a few fingers on the side of her water bottle. "What about you. Did you do this before joining the company?" There's a gesture to her head and then to Eleanor's.

Eleanor nods. "I had my own private practice. Still do, part-time. Before that was school, to get all my degrees and such. I enjoyed it all." She smiles warmly, her gaze a tad distant, as if remembering the past.

"Why.. the Company though? I've met others who consider this satan incarnate, doing whats done. How did you come to be… part time Company?" It's curiosity really, that piques the woman, regarding her and waiting for the answer, if she's meant to get one.

Another look of nostalgia. "They approached me, right after I got out of school. Said they'd been watching me, and wanted me to come work with them. Went through some pretty rigorous training and interviews, and here I am now."

Ohhh so it's like that for everyone is Minea's thoughts. She lifts up her water bottle in a toast "To working for the company. May it be, what we need, want and desire. I should let you get back to your customers. I have… customers to get to as well" There's a weird smile on her face, the corner of her mouth up like it's a big joke.

Eleanor chuckles softly. "Right, I have a 1:00 I should get ready for. I'm sure we'll run into each other again soon." She offered her hand again to shake with a smile. "It was a pleasure to talk to you, Minea."

"To you as well Eleanor. Wish me luck. Finding.. the unfindable! Maybe the gods will shine down on me again!" Her grip is warm and firm when she takes Eleanors hand. "Go soothe some ego's and get us all back on the right track mentally" She releases, gathering her portfolio with files, and the bottle.

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