Coffeebreak Confrontation


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Scene Title Coffeebreak Confrontation
Synopsis Claudine checks the damage and losses on Level Five, and Bryan isn't far behind her. There's still quite a bit of tension between the two agents.
Date September 21st, 2008

Primatech Research — Cell Block A

After the raid on the Primatech Research, Claudine sighs as she goes through level 5, making sure that there are still patients around. One of her arms is in a sling, having been shot. She looks around surveying the damage as she chews on her bottom lip and heads upstairs, trying to get to her office, after a long and weary day. So. Not. Good.

Lucky for Bryan, the assassin was away dealing with another threat to the Company on the other side of the city last night when the Bronx facility was attacked. He walks through Level Five a few paces behind Claudine, taking care to make his steps as silent as possible. As he starts to survey the damage, however, it becomes more difficult to keep his tongue. "Christ," he sighs, staring at the crumpled door which was once attached to the cell that housed Adam Monroe.

"Mr. Buckley.." she says, peering back towards the assassin while running her fingers through her hair. "I was able to bring in Petrelli. Would you care to interrogate him or should I?" she asks curiously. He should know what happened from the reports, such as Elle getting kidnapped and a few of the captives escaping.

Bryan would know, of course, if he had taken the time to read those reports. "Shouldn't you be asking Mr. Bishop who should be doing such interrogation, Doctor?" No, there is still unaddressed 'business' between the two agents, and Bryan isn't one to forgive that quickly. "We trade psychopath for psychopath here. You know, with all the talk about eliminating the loose cannons, we sure do a lot of retaining, wouldn't you say?" There's a double-meaning implied by his tone, but Bryan's thoughts remain cleanly on the words themselves, offering no further explanation.

"I am going to ask him questions either way. I was going to request that I get to handle a bit of the interrogation as well, but I wanted to know if you were interested." Claudine says firmly and resolutely, shaking her head a little, more than a bit annoyed at the condescension.

Snorting out a contemptible laugh, Bryan shakes his head and leans against a wall, folding his arms across his chest. "You do that. But don't be surprised if they give it to someone else to handle, or if you're just there in the background making sure the boy doesn't lie. You never know," he adds, shrugging his shoulders. "Mommy might try to spring him before you even get the chance. That is, if he hasn't been 'questioned' already."

Claudine shrugs her shoulders and lets out a soft chuckle under her breath. "Mr. Bishop's daughter was taken. He will do anything to bring her back, that I am sure of. I'm pretty sure he will probably use Peter to his advantage in this case."

Bryan had heard about that. He narrows his eyes and pulls his lips tight in the beginnings of a new frown. "That may be, but don't you be doing anything before you've been asked, Doc. Why shouldn't we think that this whole thing wasn't started when you did what you did with that Sander's woman?"

"I was ordered to bring in the Sanders woman." Claudine says firmly and resolutely. "Your seniority does make you know everything within this organization." And with that she turns around and starts to head upstairs. There's things to do.

But Bryan turns with Claudine. I know that, he retorts mentally, as loud as he can to ensure the shrink can't ignore it. But that doesn't excuse your behavior once she got here.

She doesn't dignify his thoughts with a comment. Bryan's made it clear how he doesn't like her prying after all, so it's a lose lose situation as she heads up the stairs.

Once Claudine is up the stairs and out of side, Bryan pulls two pills from the pocket of his trousers. He stares at them for a moment — the special pharmaceutical made for him — then turns his hand to let them slide from his palm. They clatter to the floor, clicking together. Bryan then lifts one leather-soled shoe to walk down the hall, giving his heel a brisk twist when it lands on the pair of capsules, smashing them to unrecognizable bits amongst the rubble.

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