Cold Coffee And A Crush


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Scene Title Cold Coffee And A Crush
Synopsis Reed sees the other side of things as he meets one of the recipients of his 'good deed'.
Date April 13, 2009

Some Bookstore

Kimberlynn has arrived at a network-enabled bookstore. She bought a coffee, and is sitting at a small table, doing research on her own laptop. She's researching Robin Hood in New York City, robbing from the rich to give to the poor. Her friend told her about the Robin Hood thing, and she wants to know more about it. So she's looking into it as best she can. She doesn't have the internet at home, so…she had to come here. She doesn't mind so much. It's early evening, and the kids she watches during the day and after school are all with their parents having dinner. She'll be having a later dinner, herself, because of her research. Mostly, she's finding the English legend of Robin Hood, but there are a few references to the recent bank account rearrangements, and these are what she looks at.

Taylor has had to keep an eye out for that other technopath that chased him down Saturday morning, but sensing no traps or tricks, he zooms along the this particular route. He stops when he notices someone digging up about 'Robin Hood'. He has been sensing this all day, really. Monday morning and the banks are open and really, they've been working all weekend to try and figure out how the money was moved, but the public is starting to get curious now. Maybe even a little greedy for more free money. He decides to see what this particular. He interrupts her little bit of research with an IM box that identifies himself as "Robin Hood."

"Enjoying the money?"

The message says in the little window at the bottom right of the screen.

She's startled, but she clicks on the little box, and asks, "How did you know I'm a recipient?" She surreptitiously looks around, trying to appear that she's just being normal, but she makes sure to pull her laptop closer to her, so it's more difficult for someone else to see her conversation. She takes a sip of her coffee and sets it down to the side, and waits for a response before typing again, though she has a lot more questions to ask.

Oh, I know alot about you.

He lists her name, SSN, and current bank balance.

Did the money come in useful to you?

He figures she'll either close the window, to which he'll move on, or she'll tell him. It doesn't really matter to him. He's just enjoying seeing some of the reactions to those he has taken money from and given money too.

She pales a bit, as the chatter reveals her information, because this could turn into something bad. She wants to find out more about the person who knows so much about her. "I…haven't used but a little. I bought a dress. I'm afraid they'll find it and want it back," she types, and continues, "You must be Robin Hood."

The one and only. Don't worry. The money is yours now. They can't take it from you even if they wanted to. And if they do, I'll just put it back. What kind of dress did you buy?"

She can't help the smile that crosses her face, and she settles back for what appears to be a fun conversation, forgetting her fears for the moment. "A cocktail dress, blue, with black embroidery. Short skirt, 3/4 sleeves. Wore it on a date that night. First date. I thought…he might have been responsible for my new account info, but I'm relatively sure it wasn't him, now." Her typing is fairly quick, though she backspaces more than she'd like.

I bet it looked very nice on you. Too bad you didn't take a picture. Maybe you owe me at least that.

He is forever seventeen years old.

I saw you were looking around about me. Was there something in particular that you wanted to know?"

"I'm sure you won't tell me who you are. But…I'd be happy to take a picture…if I had a digital camera…which I can buy with the money…or…I could send you the pic i took with my cell phone. I wanted to know if…I could be sure the money was safe, was mine. I do feel I owe you something. I have a feeling there's not much I could give you that you couldn't get on your own." Her typing does /not/ reflect her accent at all.

Oh, I really have no need for anything. You see, I'm a technopath. I live in the internet. So I come and go from place to place as I please. I don't have a physical body. Just call me 'Robin'. And if you want to, take some pictures and save them on your computer. I will come visit you from time to time if you like. I can see them when I visit. Did you enjoy your date then?"

Her coffee's getting cold, but she drinks it anyway, hardly noticing the temperature or the taste. She licks her lips afterward and types again. "I'm happy to take pictures…Do you just want the dress? Or me in it? JK! I would like for you to talk to me again. I don't understand. How do you live in the internet? You're a person. Right, Robin? Oh, the date was great. Lots of fun. We went to the Orchid Lounge."
He hasn't a clue what that would be. He does a quick search to see if anything turns on and finds not too much on the Orchid Lounge, but enough to get the idea.

Looks kind of fancy. I'm glad you are enjoying yourself. All I can tell you is that I used to be a person, but I died. Before I did, I was able to somehow download myself to a computer and I've been here ever since."

He doesn't mention that he's from the future. Doesn't need to raise those red flags just yet. She seems to be very nice, so he doesn't mind telling her these things. In fact, she's been so nice that he might be developing a little crush.

And if you're not in the picture too, then I won't come back and visit.

It's a tease, of course.

She falls for it, but she was teasing, too. "I'll be in the picture, of course, I'm sure you won't care what the dress looks like without a girl in it…Can you see me now?" She has no idea how it works to live in the internet. There are pictures of her on her computer, but they're older. Pictures of her with her siblings, parents, friends…and boyfriend. There's nothing after Halloween of 2006 with him, though. She looks happy in most of those photos, though not quite as happy with "Malone," as the pictures are labeled. She hasn't got any hidden files, either, but there are a lot of stories begun and unfinished….after only a few pages of writing.
He hasn't dug around her computer at all. All the information he got on her was from the Internet.

If your computer had a camera on it, I could see you. But without it, I have no eyes.

If he really wanted to he could try and trace his way back to this particular building and see if they had security cameras, but that's far more work than he'd like to do at the moment.

Is the money I gave you enough? Do you need more?

Kimberlynn shakes her head at her stupid question. She types, now forgetting her coffee, "It's plenty! I don't know what to do with it all! I'd get my own place, but I have no source of income at the moment, so it wouldn't last long. No, you don't need to get me more, Robin. Thank you! Um, you…would actually get me more, if I asked for it? Wow!"

I would, if you really needed it. I can give you as much as you want.

"Wow, but…I'd feel wrong. Maybe with the help of what you've already given me…I can find my way in the writing world. I can…well, I can't get the internet at home, but I could come here more often." She looks around again. She doesn't really believe you live in the internet. She figures she might meet you someday. She's not averse to that.

Pity. He really does live on the Internet. At least until he finds another Technopath to possess. He doesn't want to stick around too long. He can't risk getting stuck to a host and having that host shut down.

I'm going to have to get going here, but if you need me, just post something to me. Doesn't matter where, I'll see it. I might even be able to help you with that writing you want to do.

He doesn't go into it more than that, but he finishes it with.

Enjoy the rest of your day, Kimberlynn.

"Okay…you, too, Robin. Nice to meet you." This leaves Kimberlynn feeling odd and very curious. But now that that particular interest has said good day, her cold coffee tastes like crap. She doesn't want to waste more of her money on coffee, so she just packs up to head out, a pleased, bemused expression on her face.

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