Cold Snap Hits Northeast
Date January 11, 2010
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NEW YORK — Bitter cold, with record-breaking subzero temperatures in some places, gripped much of the nation Monday, keeping people indoors and leading some neighborhoods in New York City to open shelters from the weather to many of the city's destitute or homeless.

The arctic air swept into the New York area by sunrise Monday morning, sending daytime high temperatures toppling from a reasonable 40 degrees yesterday to just 28 today - and estimates predict a high of only 16 degrees by Wednesday, meteorologists said.

Snow, ice and freezing fog brought much of Long Island and Manhattan to a stand still Monday morning, and drivers were urged not to travel unless their journeys were absolutely necessary as heavy snowfall and sub-zero temperatures left many routes treacherous and impassable.

The wintry weather came after the National Weather Service predicted sunny, mild weather for the remainder of the week. Businesses all up and down Manhattan said the cold snap was likely to have had a huge economic impact on the region as weather forecasters predicted more of the same overnight and into the mid week.

"It's going to get worse before it gets better," said Joe Pollina of the National Weather Service. "The thermometer should bottom out at 8 degrees tomorrow night and 7 degrees after sundown Friday, making it the city's coldest day since last Feb. 11."

The deep freeze will last until Sunday, when the mercury climbs back to a more reasonable 30 degrees. Through it all, fire safety experts at the FDNY are warning New Yorkers to be careful while heating their homes. "More than 33 of the fire fatalities we get all year happen during the winter months when people are trying to stay warm," said Lt. Anthony Mancuso of the Fire Safety Education Unit.

Warm weather for the weekend hopefully means a thawing out from some of that thick ice the city will be accumulating over the week.


[OOC Info]: Temperatures in New York City are expected to be between 5 to 10 degrees lower than shown on +weather until Wednesday, with a gradual warming back to normal on Friday. Sleet, ice, hail and light snow will make roads difficult to travel and cause slow downs across the city's public transportation network.

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