Coler-Goldwater Hospital
Coler-Goldwater Hospital
Hours of Operation 24/7
Current Status Open for Business
People Come Here For… Medical Services

Located on Roosevelt Island, the 2,000-bed facility of Coler-Goldwater Memorial Hospuital offers patient/resident focused clinical, nursing and rehabilitative care necessary to address the medical, physical, and social needs of patients and residents. The hospital emphasize a clinical program that focuses on assisting patients and residents to achieve their highest level of functioning. The large hospital facility is spread over a multi-building campus that has remained functional and active in spite of the catastrophic damage to New York City's infrastructure in the wake of the 2006 bomb, and the later terrorist demolition of the Consolidated Edison Power Plant across the river.

Coler-Goldwater Hospital has a strong working partnership with the Department of Evolved Affairs, resulting in the institution of an Evolved-Care campus on the hospital that has devoted fifty percent of the hospital's staff and campus to the care of the Evolved and the treatment of highly contagious and dangerous diseases such as the H5N10 virus.

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