Come Fly With Me


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Scene Title Come Fly With Me
Synopsis A chance meeting ends in flight~
Date February 21, 2011


With the afternoon wittling away, many people are heading home from work, or going to work if they have a late shift. Brooklyn isn't so affected by the events of the dome, and Magnes was paying a visit to Mister Panucci. Thanks to Yana his fashion has been changing a bit, new and old styles merging together that results in him wearing a dark blue Superman symbol shirt under a black suit jacket, some black jeans, and a pair of black suede shoes.

His hands are in his pockets, just taking a nice long walk today. It's amazing how one can get tired of flying, though he also gets a few looks on the street from people who recognize him. Here's hoping he avoids a bullet to the head!

Walking fence posts is a habit that dies hard for some, even in their adult lives. But for those who come back to life, every moment must be lived as their last, particularly for one Samara Dunham. She essentially hops along the edge of the fence lightly— like the dancer she is. Her bomber jacket, complete with a little hood, and the cream coloured toque on her head make her cheeks flush a bright pink as opposed to the lightness they would flush with the cold alone.

At the end of the post, she does another little hop, this one lighter and more excited than the first, a keen semi-dance step as she comes tot he edge of the sidewalk where she does a small pirouette of triumph. Her hands fly into the air as she completes a small curtsey, a happy bow for her adoring public (who don't really exist aside from the occasional cat meandering through the neighbourhood).

And then there's the dreaded puddle from some recently melted snow, menacingly sitting there right next to her in the street. And of course someone just has to drive incredibly close to the sidewalk. There's a gigantic splash of water that rises into the air, threatening to drench her.

And then there's Magnes J. Varlane, rushing to stand in front of her and look up at the water, stopping the water before it can completely fall. Then it all collapses into a large sphere of liquid, and he raises an eyebrow. "Sorry, New York drivers, you know how it is." he looks back at her, offering a friendly smile. She'll likely recognize her from the island, and if not that, well, television.

"Eeeeee— " the shriek begins as Sami cowers slightly into herself, eyes clamping shut tightly as her shoulders pull together somewhat, fully preparing to be drenched by the dirty puddle water, only to get interrupted. A single hazel eye opens at the sound of the splash. Followed by another. "How?" Her head tilts slightly as she studies him. It doesn't take long for the smile to crack over her smile and eyes.

"Hey— hey! Don't I know you?" her nose wrinkles slightly as her head cants to the side, like somehow her own repositioning will spur some greater remembrance. "I think.." her head cants a little further, her ghostly memories preceding the motion. "Yesssss! I think I know you! I think we have some friends in common…" she taps her chin lightly, too careful to say much else aloud here in the open.

"Thanks for— " she cringes at the large puddle of water. "How did you do that?"

"Oh, hey, I think I have seen you around before…" Magnes motions a finger and the sphere of liquid breaks apart as it begins to fall up into the air. "It's just gravity. I'm Magnes J. Varlane, by the way." He offers a hand, that water long gone somewhere into the sky quite quickly.

The water falling up into the sky has Sami canting her head further, so far her neck hurts, begging her to yield on her stretch. She straightens again. "Huh." Her mouths forms a tight 'o' shape and her head shakes. "I wouldn't say 'just'. So many small miracles in the world and so often we just let them pass us by." She grins broadly as she gives the floating water a three fingered wave, Goodbye~.

She takes the offered hand and gives it a tight shake. "Sam. Or Sami." Two dimples form on her cheeks. "Samara for long. But don't call me that. It's three syllables. I find three syllables hard to utter quickly. Sam is fast. It's like Speedy Gonzalez on caffeine. One syllable. Quick to speak, especially if you need my attention in a hurry. Like… SAM. Sami is if you have more time and a little— " she clamps her mouth shut. She's chattering again. Must. Make. It. Stop.

"Oh, well, I think I'll call you Sami, Sam sounds too boyish for someone with your face." Magnes carefully releases her hand and begins to walk down the street, looking back to see if she follows. "What are you doing in Brooklyn? Do you live here?"

There's a faint blush of Sam's cheeks as she rocks on the balls of her feet, countering brightly, "Just wait, some day I'll be walking into a pit of alligators and you'll have to call me Sam just to get my attention to stop me. I'm sure of it." She raises her chin somewhat defiantly, but there's a still bright glint in her eye, a glimmer of some secret (or in Sami's case not-so-secret delight).

"I live here for now. I like it… not a place I've really been before." Her head cants the other way as she peeks down the street, "And what about you? Has it suddenly become the 'place to be' overnight?"

"I used to live in Brooklyn, worked and lived above Panucci's Pizza. I live in the Bronx now." Magnes offers his hand, since they're starting to get a few looks. "I think I could take an alligator. You wanna fly?"

"And which is better— Brooklyn or the Bronx? I realize there's a lot of contention about this kind of thing in New York…" Sami turns back to face from whence she came, wondering if her hands will be missed in their work if she lingers too long. "I always wanted to throw pizzas. But I can't cook. This one time when I made cookies I think I confused the sugar with salt and vice versa, clearly the only solution is to taste everything along the way. Is that what you did when you worked at the pizza place?"

She glances at the hand a little skeptically, her eyebrows twitching upwards with some unuttered question. "I.. okay? Will I fall? I'm not so cool with the falling part, I mean I would be okay with it if I had a parachute, I've always wanted to skydive— or bungee jump! Have you ever bungee jumped?!" And then, glancing at the people around, she slowly takes his hand. "Just don't drop me," she warns.

"Every good cook tastes his food, but when working at a pizza place, you usually have a pretty good routine down with the menu, and it's very unlikely that you'd confuse salt with sugar." Magnes suddenly ascends into the air with her, holding her hand firmly. She doesn't feel the pull of gravity even with this position, so it feels much like flying on her own.

He goes high enough to not be seen from below unless someone's actively looking with binoculars, then starts flying over the city with her. "I guess I've technically bungee jumped, but falling isn't a big deal to me anymore. And I won't drop you."

"Well if you did, I could maybe be okay… maybe." Samara could theoretically phase through the ground if the moment warranted it. She shakes her head without explaining though, "Let's not put that to the test, okay?" She shrugs slightly, "I'm pretty sure people would miss me if I was all kaput on the pavement." Her eyebrows knit together slightly.

"So what on earth are you doing back in New York? Or are you not— " even high up she's hesitant to speak of the island and all that it offers, but now she manages "— why leave the island?"

"To answer your earlier question, I prefer Brooklyn to the Bronx, I moved to the Bronx so the band could all be together, but unfortunately all of the members don't feel the need to stay in the same area." Magnes rolls his eyes, landing on a nearby rooftop, fairly low to the ground as it's the top of a super market. "I should stop flying girls through the air, I think it might be presumptuous."

"Presumptuous how— ?" Sam's eyebrow quirks slightly as her cheeks flush a pale pink. And then her eyes widen. "Oh! You're not.. I mean— are you.. you weren't hitting on me, were you?" her lips crack a wider grin as she winces slightly, nearly awkward in her body language as she takes a single step away. "I'm engaged, actually.. happily. Most days, I think. Which is why I walk fence posts." Because these ideas are fit together with being engaged in Sami's brain. Somehow it all connects. "It's like happy thoughts and rainbows and kittens. And flights of fancy." She nods. Anyone can see how these relate in her own mind.

"Oh, no!" Magnes quickly waves his hands once he releases her on the roof, his own cheeks flushing bashfully. "I wasn't hitting on you, though, congratulations. I don't quite have a love life at the moment. I turned my ex into a lesbian, I have a bit of an interest in a scientist who wears an eye patch, and a biologist who isn't interested at all. I think I need to back off of women, but I don't know, women are awesome."

Sami's eyebrows knit together a little. "I don't think a person can make another person turn lesbian, can they? I mean…" her lips purse together, "…my best friend forever is all about the ladies, but she's been that way for ages. As far back as I can remember, which this other girl at school thought was totally awkward because she couldn't understand how we could be best friends with her as a lesbian and me as hetero. But, hey a person can't chose who their best friend is!" She shrugs a little, "And thanks! Yeah, it's exciting, considering I just like came back to life a few months ago." She shrugs again. "Maybe you should play hard to get? I've heard that works a lot!"

"Yeah, I hear that a lot, but I won't worry about it. After my last relationship, I'm not even sure if I want another one. Too painful." Magnes stands on the edge of the roof, then motions a hand for her to walk over. "And I don't know, she might not have discovered that she likes girls if it wasn't for me. But… I think I should get going. Come on, let me get you back to the ground, or maybe I can fly you home."

Sami's gaze turns to the direction of Bay House, but she shakes her head a little, flying under the radar for the kiddies is far more important. "I think…" she starts as her gaze remains towards her home only to turn back to Magnes with a brighter smile than before, "..I got it. But thank you. Walking is good for me and— " she can get down on her own if the inclination hits her.

She extends a hand out slightly, and gives it a small waggle of fingers. "It was good meeting you— thanks for not letting me get all puddled~" she virtually sings as she becomes incorporeal, allowing herself to essentially melt through the roof.

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