Come Out - Part 2


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Scene Title Come Out - Part 2
Synopsis Unfortunately - for both of them - Elle succeeds in luring out the monster. (Continuation of Come Out - Part 1.)
Date September 14, 2008

Primatech Research, Cell Block A

Niki lets out a shriek, as all her muscles convulse at the sudden current flowing through her. "Stop it!!!" She tries to wrestle free of Elle's grip, but despite her greater height, Elle is probably far better at this; success is debateable. Still Niki…so far.

But Elle doesn’t stop. Once she sees she /might/ be getting somewhere, she lets loose another jolt, after a miniature pause. She’s breathing hard, mouth slightly open; those muscles of Niki’s are probably still somewhat sore from the other day. Though the wattage she’s letting out is hardly as high as it could be, the possibility of real tissue damage will be there if this continues for a lot longer.

There's another shriek, and another convulsion from the electrical shock. Niki's head whips back as the current races through her. It's not Niki who looks back down when her head comes back down, though. She's atop Elle from the earlier tackle still (as the ratings shoot up), and she brings her elbows in just a bit, and lets her full body weight drop, letting her elbows fall at Elle's solar plexus with her weight behind it.

Um. So. /This/ isn’t good. Elle has gotten what she wanted, yes, but now that’s created a bigger problem: how to get out of the way. Her legs are pinned, and so she twists her upper torso with a gasp so that Jessica’s weight clips her arm on its way to the floor. The other arm comes up to so her hand can scratch at Jessica’s belly like a cat, trying to force the heavier woman off.

Physical confrontation? Jessica will take that any day of the week. Her forte, after all. And even without her superstrength, she's still an assassin. She doesn't even bother to block the scratch; she has a top on, and a catfight scratch doesn't worry her. She instead uses her free hand to shoot her palm out towards Elle's nose. Even if it's not true, she'll take "face" as a consolation prize.

There is a ‘crunch’ and a howl from Elle as the palm hits. Blood leaks from her nostrils, and one hand flies beneath them as she tries to cover the sudden spurts. Messy. Now’s the time for a different approach - a blinding blast of electricity is released from her other hand in attempt to /make/ Jessica get off. Fly off, to be more exact.

Yeah, Jessica had the upper hand right till that point. Physically, the edge was hers. Against -lightning-? Not so much. Her entire body spasms and convulses…she doesn't fly off as much as bounce upwards a bit from her leg muscles suddenly stiffening. She collapses, unconscious, as the blast passes, body twitching in microseizures. Medical assistance might be a good thing.

Shakily, Elle wobbles and nearly trips to her feet, still holding her nose and attempting to hold off the bloodstream from getting onto her shirt. Scary Jessica is scary, even without her powers. It’s a good thing Elle has her own, yes? Tempted as she is to simply leave the woman there, she knows it’ll be best for both of them if help is called for immediately.

In her haste to pace out of the cell, the door is left tantalizingly ajar. It’s not like she’s not expecting Jessica to go anywhere, but hopefully without the right amount of attention, that’ll be fixed.

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