Comic Book Dancing


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Scene Title Comic Book Dancing
Synopsis Delilah drags three of her friends out to a club, where Magnes learns you can't learn everything from comics.
Date January 19, 2010


The pulsing beat of bass throbs through the walls of Rapture, a high-class nightclub in the heart of Harlem. Rows of expensive cars line up out front of the exclusive club and a crowd of would-be patrons wait outside, cherry-picked by the bouncers to have only the cream of the crop on the interior, while leaving just enough eye-candy outside to entice other patrons. The club serves as a respite for the trendy and the influential from the grind of daily life.

On the inside, Rapture is as much a spectacle as it is a structure. Multiple dance floors in tiered balconies overlooking an enormous central dance floor ringed by plush leather-upholstered booths. Pale blue light shines on the wrap-around bar that curved around the back of the establishment, and the entire building is filled floor-to-floor and shoulder-to-shoulder with the pulsing, flowing sea of people dancing to the rythmic beats of electronic dance music piped through the expansive sound-system.

Once upon a time, winter was not the season, and everyone was at relative peace in the city; then for a couple of months straight, some of them happened to vanish. Delilah knows most of what's happened so far, and though she may pursue some other kind of welcome for those that were out saving the world- a few things have aligned into a night out. Primarily for blowing off steam, more than for trolling to drink. You can drink at home, but only nightlife seems to have that vibe that leaves everyone tired enough to sleep the entire day after. If you ask Dee, that's what everyone needs. A good night of sleep.

But before sleep, you have to do the deed, so to speak. Somehow, Delilah has used the undertow made by her sheer will to drag the others with her into Rapture after a surprisingly short wait, where there is always a good crowd and her fake ID hasn't failed her yet. Her dress is somewhat low-cut and form-fitting, with cap sleeves and a shiny black belt; the dress itself is black, with red and white polka dots. Though she is probably the only one in there wearing said dots, the redhead has made up for it via hair and makeup. She looks like she belongs also because she feels she does! The attitude fits.

Brushing a hand down the side of the light and airy red dress Kaylee's wearing, she's feeling a bit odd and well.. plain next to Dee as she follows her into the club. Long blonde hair pulled up loosely, with a few relaxed ringlets framing her face. The heels she's wearing, puts the tall woman at about the same height of the men in their group. It's been awhile since she's been in a club, blues eyes scan the crowd, her eyes unfocused at the constant low murmurs at the edges of her mind.

"Okay.. well.. we're here." Kaylee murmurs a bit, glancing at the others, starting to wonder if this was such a good idea.

Toward the end of the party, there's a Sicilian shambling along on what appears to be limbs connected at only the most tenuous joints by tape and glue. The first thing he did after landing back in New York was check out Summer Meadows, as the Ferrywomen had recommended. He'd found a lot of tarp, meltwater, tools, children playing between rusted fire hydrants and a few late teens diligently replacing shingles and flashings. He'd helped, for a few hours.

Then gone for a drink, sort of by accident: somehow, he'd thought they were headed back to Roosevelt Island, but one thing led to another, and by the time he was done with the flask he'd shoved into his own jacket pocket he found himself in Harlem in tow of two dresses with a half-familiar gravitokinetic at his shoulder. His eyes are closing and opening with some surprise; he forgets even to take notice of the few stares the hole in his cheek draws from the club's waiting crowd.

The sight of a half a Chelsea grin is far less rare here than it is elsewhere. "We are," he answers Kaylee, blankly, staring up at the fluorescence, as if this only just struck him. His drab wear of leather jacket, woolen hoodie and jeans somehow (sort of) passes for somber nightlife chic. "We're here."

Magnes walks on the opposite side of Kaylee, next to Delilah, wearing his red t-shirt with the Spider-Man symbol in the middle, but a black tie around his neck and an unbuttoned dark blue suit jacket. He's also got a pair of neatly fitting jeans, and picked up a pair of cheap yet good looking black sneakers for tonight. Maybe there's some celebrity who dresses this way?! But the weirdness gets him in.

A few people actually whisper, recognizing him from TV, though if their opinion is good or not, well, that depends on the individual. "Well, I'm single, this is my first time in a club, and I just saved the world. I guess I should enjoy myself." He glances over at Kaylee, mostly due to her being a fresh face, and to Teo, someone else from the mission. "So, you three probably know more than me. What exactly do we do here?"

"And we're going to have a good time. As mucha one. Well, first, drinks are on me, since I brought you all! Pick whatever you want!" Delilah is all fun and smiles and rainbows, beckoning the three along with her as she moves forward to set silent claim to one of the booths that has yet to be cleared table-wise. Most of the people there aren't ones to sit at used tables, but Dee is doubting that anyone will mind much after she's done a quick sweep of things and pawned them off to some poor employee passing by with an empty tray in her hand. She's quite deft at the clearing tables thing, apparently. And now they have a booth- so all is well.

Hooking a hand at Teo's elbow, Kaylee pulls his tipsy self in the direction Dee guides them. "It's been months since I've been in a club." She murmurs, glancing at the dance floor. As the redhead cleans the table, she moves to tuck the skirt of her dress under her carefully, before sliding up on the seat, crossing her legs. "I'll just do a diet coke." Her tone sounds almost distracted as her telepathy latches on to a random mind in the crowd, making her glance that way, a brow lifting curiously.

Having done a little liquor already, Teodoro resigns himself to the possibility that he should try something slightly mure diluted now. He mumbles a request for a martini before sinking into a chair at the table, propping his hands up on his face, where the half of his palm hides the bearded incline of his ruined cheek and the other grinds a knuckle blearily into his eye.

He wants to be hitting something with a hammer. Or more drunk. Or hugging Francois. Or telling Delilah a story worth hearing. One of those things, and he feels inadequate to the fulfillment of none of those goals yet. "Diet Coke has caffeine in it," he observes, above the pulsing subwoofer. To Magnes, he adds, "You can dance."

Magnes tilts his head at Teo when he's acknowledged from the seat he's taken across the table. The image of Francois and Teo kissing is still very fresh in his mind, and he has no idea what to make of it. Isn't this the guy he used to feel threatened by with Abby? "Oh, right, dance." he says as he's broken from his various mental images. "Um, Delilah, you wanna? And someone can order me a drink… someone other than Delilah. Last time she got me a drink, I was getting passed around a concert like a party favor, making everyone float."

The comment from the Sicilian, drags Kaylee out of the mind that was screaming at her. "What? Caffeine? Yeah.. I can handle a little caffeine, Teo.. it's the alcohol I can't handle." She offers, back, leaning over so he can hear her. Sure she could just tell him mentally, but it's rude. "Consider me your designated driver." She pats his shoulder gently.

Magnes gets a curious look, a brow lifting. There is a shake of her head, to shake something out of it, before nodding. "Yeah sure, I can get you a cherry coke or something? Or is there something you had in mind? Sure I can ask for a virgin version of it."

"Yeah, my drinks are a bit too strong for Magnes. Pun intended, he's a lightweight." Delilah fondly remembers that incident where he just floated away- he's done it more than once, too. "How about we get one of these fine waitresses to get our round- and we can see how warm the floor is, Magnes." Though it is a question, Delilah doesn't really wait for an answer before flagging at one of the women mobile across the nightlife. It'll be a minute before she gets there, so Delilah is left to lean a hip on the side of the booth and put a thoughtful finger to her chin at the younger of the men. "You can dance, can't you?" That's important.

The floor lights shift to sodium yellow for a moment, basking the good side of Teo's face in jaundice before going fuchsia. He squints his eye and angles a sidelong glance at the offending ray of electric illumination, before scrolling his eye up to the ceiling, back down, across the thrashing horizon of bodies moving to the beat of the current song. Some kind of RMB.

He can't understand the lyrics through the thickness of the speakers' membraneous covers. Possibly because he's already had a bit to drink: he finds himself containing no idea whatsoever whether or not Magnes Varlane can dance. He turns his head on its axis to stare at the younger man through splayed fingers, somewhat expectantly.

"Hey, I don't need a virgin drink! I can handle stuff that's not virgin." Magnes' cheeks are red at that, suggesting that he's either assumed, doesn't know, or forgotten what a virgin drink is. "And uh, dancing, well, I'm light on my feet, at least? I don't think we'll be doing a tango…" Due to the magic of gravity, Delilah will feel something wrapping around her waist, then sliding down before it pulls away. "That was me. Suddenly I was thinking about the first time I told you about my ability." he teases, snickering.

Chuckling, the telepath gives the young man a teasing look. "Hey.. don't knock the people who can't take it." She then settles in to watch the pair move out onto the floor, turning sideways in her chair so she can rest an arm on it. "Never been a ballroom dancer myself, though mom always insisted I learn." That's stated really to no one since Teo is busy watching the others.

"Hey Teo… The roofer at Summer Meadow are going to show me some of the tricks of the trade, your welcome to join me for the impromtu class." Maybe she caught some of this thoughts as well, or maybe she just enjoys her work there when she's allowed to go.

Delilah's eyes open up a bit further when there is the phantom limb groping at her waist, laughing as she tugs Magnes out towards the floor. The surprise at his new skill is apparent- he did say he could move things without touching them now. The only way to find out of he can do any dancing is to try. She does not really have too much faith in it, to be honest. "Light on your feet isn't quite the same-" Dee has to lean over to say anything, as most talk is dulled out by the music.

Meanwhile, the brunette Dee had called over to their table finally stops over, balancing a tray with a couple of empty glasses and tilting her head in silent inquiry for the drink order.

"My aunt wanted me to learn ballroom. I only know a little," Teo responds to Kaylee a little absently. "Martini. Whatever," he adds, when she asks him after the details of the drink. "Cheap." Adjectives come easier to him than full sentences. He wipes a cold-chapped pinkie across the inside of his eye, then swivels his gaze at the telepath with a half a grin.

Digging into his deepest, innermost reserves of inspiration, he locates enough to construct a reasonably fluent response. "I know most things about roofing now but I guess I could use a refresher course. Si. Thanks. I looked at some of the roofs this afternoon. Seems like we're already getting a few leaks on thaw days. You guys done good work there so far. There were some 'before' pictures in the magazine and you can already tell, you know?"

"Hey, I'm sure I'll manage! I read comics where there was lots of dancing. I'll just have to remember Dazzler comics…" Magnes moves about a foot away from her when they're on the dance floor, then he starts twisting his waist from side to side and thrusting one fist after the other into the air, trying to move to the music. It would be good, if he were in the 60s, or in a very bad cartoon. "See? I can dance."

Resting her arms on the table, Kaylee leans over to shout at the waitress so she can hear over the head pounding beat of music, calling out the drinks for the rest of them. Kaylee's head tilts she study the man stuck at the table with her. "Well.. you can tell me what I'm doing wrong then… With all the painting done, I've been trying m hand at everything else. I figure why not…. Well, at least when I'm not working at the bookstore."

A flicker of a glance past Teo and Kaylee brows shoot up, "Oh…. my… god." A hand presses across her mouth ass she watches Magnes dance. "Holy…" She chuckles a bit behind her hand, her words muffled some. "Sometimes I'm thankful for all the dance classes. Helped me when working at Old Lucy's.. and I at least knew something about actual dancing. Boy, needs some serious dance lessons."

Delilah's lack of faith was well placed, for once. She doesn't even have time long enough to move any herself, before Magnes is doing- something- she's not entirely sure what he's doing. After that she's just giggling and lifting her hands to hold him still again. "You don't have ants in your pants, stop that before you hurt yourself." Giggle. The redhead turns her head to glance back at Teo and Kaylee, half suspecting one of them to intervene on her behalf. Help. "You're trying to mimic something and it's obviously not working- are you sure you want to try this before you're buttered up?"

What. Teo moves his brain off the trajectory of construction work and roofing in order to recalibrate his eyeballs in the younger man's direction, and almost immediately regrets it. His eyebrows shoot upward. Despite that his lucidity has been slightly addled for some time now, he's 'with it' enough to process Magnes' current actions in real-time and semantic understanding.

Were he somewhat more sober, he'd probably have enough filters on to restrain his inner sixteen-year-old, but since he isn't somewhat more sober, he doesn't. Teodoro Laudani was rather unpleasant at sixteen years of age, if not quite as unpleasant as he was by the time he turned thirty-six. He hides an eye under the curl of one hand and looks about in a reasonably discreet fashion, checking that no one is making immediate associations between Magnes and himself.

They just saved the world together, that's all. "He can have my martini," he says, wagging the pinkie above the side of his face. "Hips, uomo. Hips."

It might be lucky that Magnes doesn't hear Teo's instructions for more hips, othewise Delilah might end up humped by proxy of dance. "Wouldn't getting drunk make me dance worse?" he asks, wrapping both arms around her on the dance floor. "You could teach me, I mean, to dance, you could teach me to dance. I can totally do it! I mean, if I can learn to palm someone's nose bone into their… well, anyway, I can learn to dance!"

"I better save Dee." Kaylee murmurs with laugher in her voice, sliding off her chair. "I'll be right back after I show this boy how people are suppose to dance." She gives Teo's back a friendly rub, as she slips by him. Kaylee give Delilah a bright grin as with a graceful twirl, she loops an arm around the redhead's waist, while grabbing her hand and to make her turn out Magne's arms. She stops long enough to bend back on one knee, her other foot kicking up to ask Magnes, "Mind if I borrow her?"

"Thanks." Kaylee states brightly not waiting for an answer, giving him a wink, before she bats her lashes down at Dee. "Shall we?" Part of the reason, she came along with Dee was a need of a distraction from so many damn worries. One thing about her and Colette, they deal with it differently.

It's not that far down Kaylee will need to bat those baby blues, but considering Delilah is caught momentarily off guard, the redhead seems to let herself be carried off out of Magnes' grip. Sorry! Survival of the fittest on the dance floor. Delilah's smile widens at Kaylee and her sudden suavity in getting her out of a precarious situation. Magnes will learn to dance- just not right now. Dee isn't that shy about bumping against the other girl, either, which itself gets a backwards glance from a guy visible past her shoulder.

"Borrow me all you like, Kay." Agree. Sry, Magnet. Again.

"So," Teo says, once he is left alone with Magnes— the version of the not dancing— and takes his hand down from its former position sheltering his face from the other. He sets his elbow up on the table and his chin down on his shoulder, wades briefly through other bodies in search of the waitress. She's nowhere to be seen yet, so he swallows his impatience with a modulated sigh.

So; he'd been about to start a sentence. "What's up? Besides them," he adds, intelligently, motioning after the way the girls had gone. Bumping into one another. With men staring at them. The lattermost thing has Teo drawing himself up slightly in his chair, his brain snapping back into focus with almost elastic acuity, even if it's still framed in slightly more mess than a guard dog is normally wont to.

Frowning in a bit of disappointment when Kaylee takes Delilah away, he heads back over to the table, sitting across from Teo. "So, I'm guessing you don't wanna dance." he idly says with a shrug, sitting back in his chair. "Well, I'm single now, which kind of sucks I guess, but I've always had a thing for Delilah, so I guess suddenly being single could be harder…" He leans in, resting both arms on the table now. "So, you're, uh, homosexual? That's kind of ironic, back when I had a thing for Abby, I was always afraid you'd steal her away or something."

The young telepath doesn't seem at all bothered with dancing with Delilah, giving flirtatious looks to any of the guys that glance at them. At least Kaylee can dance, her lessons show as her hips move with the music, "Damn.. I needed to unwind." She grumbles that the other woman. "Nightmares, Joseph… I was going crazy." A quick glance goes to the table and the guys there. "Teo seems out of it poor guy. Something it weighing heavily on him."

One wouldn't know that she's talking seriously, by the way her body moves with the other woman. Teo in his guard dog mode, might see a man, stepping their way. There is a flick of the the telepath's hand when she looks at him over Dee's shoulder and the man suddenly turns in his tracks and goes the other way. Not Kaylee's first time in the writhing masses.

Dee isn't helping with the glances their way, either- she too might pass fluttering lashes towards a look, or come particularly close at a point. She's got some nice dancing moves in her, too. "Everyone needs to unwind, if you ask me. I suppose it'll take more than this for Teo, though- cause I've seen that too, and I don't even read minds." The redhead confides this intuition to Kaylee and peers past the other girls arm to the table; though she does have a few guesses as to what compounds on poor Teodoro, she's never sure what to try and do for him.

"Ohhh, was he coming over?" Don't be mean to the curious ones~.

It takes Teodoro another few lagged seconds to process what the younger man said in the context of things that are and were occurring. When a man says he has a thing for a woman in a club where he was about to dance with that woman— "Oh," Teo says, closing and opening his eyes in surprise. Diplomatically, he offers, "Yeah, she's really amazing.

"What?" Homosexual? He manages not to bristle visibly at that, or to hunch defensively, but falters at the hurdle provided by mention of Abigail, who he's looked at before, like he's looked at Delilah, but he looks at a lot of people and trends toward being as confounded about that as other people are about what to do with him when he is feeling sad. "Uhh. Yes. I had a kid once, though. I can't take care of anybody except a bird— non-metaphorical bird, so I'm not sure what that says. Hopefully nothing condescending about people who say they don't want to be taken care of but sometimes people don't know what they mean. You know?

"Grazie." The last nod of gratitude is for the waitress, who finally comes by with drinks, alcoholic and non. Zeroing in on his martini, he downs it in one go, looks up with a touch of surprise when he recognizes the man walking past. Thought he'd saw him on the dancefloor, just now, checking the faces in the girls' immediate proximity.

"You had a kid? And yeah, Delilah's awesome, but I worry about screwing up a lot. Like, I feel like she's waiting for me to do something sometimes, but then I don't wanna act and totally screw up. Girls are complicated." Magnes shrugs when the woman comes with the drinks, and looks to see what Teo's looking at. "So, I mean, I know you're not feeling all that great, 'cause of what happened. You can talk to me about it, if you need to. I didn't know him or anything, not before the mission, but he seemed like a pretty cool guy…"

"Yeah.. he was coming over, but he is screaming.." Kaylee comments blandly. "He can stay far away.. cause I don't need to see the fantasies, which had to do with us and freakin' ropes and leather." She widens her eyes a bit, as they were some doozies. "As for Teo.. I'll push him towards taking frustration out on the project. Plenty of hammers and nails to bang. Some people just need to hit things, maybe he's the type too."

Her head is jerked in the direction of another guy. "That was likes redheads.. He's pretty damn loud." Kaylee leans down to murmur in Dee's ear. "Blonde's are too easy for him. Likes them feisty." She rolls her eyes at that. She gives a bit of a huff… "God.. I'm glad I haven't even had a sip alcohol to drink.. this place is loud enough without it."

Delilah isn't sure what to do when Kaylee says why she made him turn around- other than laugh weakly. Ropes and leather aren't all bad, are they? Shit, did she hear that? Dee tries to abruptly flatten her expression out. "Yes, I'm sure that could be just what he needs. To hit things."

She leans in to listen as Kaylee shares some tidbits, smile widening. "The red hair does that a lot. It's like being on fire sometimes. Seriously. I get so worked up over things and they tend to combust. It must be useful in people watching- what you do, I mean." Not being a redhead. Two thoughts mixing too close together.

There's a twist of feeling through Teo's mouth that doesn't manage to resolve into a smile or a frown; more of a cat's sneer than anything with singular and determinable sentiment. "Yeah, he was pretty cool. I dunno. We were casual," he notes, importantly. Tightening his grip on the straw, he prods around the ice cubes in the martini glass. "Lots of hero in him, though, you're right."

Tried to save the world, after all. Died trying. "Thanks. You're a good guy to offer that, Magnes. I feel like I should know what to say about you and Li, but I don't." He forks ring finger and pinkie open around one eye, refocuses his gaze on the dancefloor. "Follow your gut. Emphasis on gut." Rolling his hand into a fist, the Sicilian delivers a light touch to Magnes' stomach, before jerking a thumb at his chest. "Not that.

"Courage is important in this kind of shit. Of course then maybe you get a catastrophic karmic snap-kick in the balls because of head-shots or jail or giant thermonuclear devices but hey. You can't not try. You're what, nineteen?" Teo conjures a number out of empty air, and relinquishes his straw in favor of a napkin to wipe his nose with.

"I'm twenty-one, I'll be twenty-two next month. So, I'm a bit older than Delilah, but, look at her." Magnes thumbs over at her, then quickly lowers it in case she's lookig. "And, I mean, offering to talk is the least I could do. I mean, I annoyed everyone trying to deal with Claire losing her memories. I don't think people quite get it, but it really does feel like my girlfriend died. I mean, I know Claire is alive, and I'm happy about that, but, the girl I was dating…"

He quickly shakes his head, and grabs whatever drink he ended up with, quickly downing it. "Screw all this serious crap, let's go dance." He stands, walks over to Teo, then leans down to take his hand. "You lead, I suck."

"It has it's uses… especially if I don't want to be lonely at one point or another." Kaylee admits, with a smirk. "But it can also be annoying, scary and a bit depressing depending. And yes… I heard that." The telepath can't help but tease. "Seriously.. broadcast loud enough and I can hear it." Her movements start to pull them back to the table, when she spots the drinks. "Come on… Don't' want your buddy to feel left out and think I stole you or something." The blonde chuckles at the idea. "Just figured you needed to actually dance… seriously… see if you cna get him some lesson?" Her mouth splits into a wide grin, laughter in her eyes.

Draping an arm over Dee's shoulders, much like one would do to a friend, Kaylee turns to the table. "Come on.. let's go check on the boys." When they are close to the table Kaylee declares. "You Miss Delilah… dance divinely. Thank….. you." The blonde trails off as Magnes gets up suddenly, she looks highly amused. "Oh dear.. " She murmurs, "We may have to save Teo too."

Delilah moves back with Kaylee, smirking at the two young men as Magnes stands up. "Teo didn't save me, you did- I'm almost tempted to let Magnes have him. And I'll remember that part about broadcasting." Oh yes. Oh, imagine the sorts of things she might accidentally think about! Goodness, all those daydreaming sessions and staring-at-ceiling thoughts during the night- well, needless to say, now Delilah is thinking about the things she thinks about- that she does not want Kaylee to know she thinks about. Complex, yes, but it is kind of distracting.

The gravitokinetic's sudden upright draws a haphazard glance upward. Teo is at once confused if not exactly suspicious; he scrubs the ruined side of his face with four knuckles, nervous that spit is showing, nervous that he's even thinking about spit showing because that implies he's actually going to go out there where people would actually notice spit showing on the ruined side of his face.

"Er," he says, paddling uncertainly around the recent recollection of Magnes' loss of Claire. While Claire is indeed not biologically dead, he suspects he owes the younger man a certain level of sympathy. "I don't know, uomo," he says, finally deciding to be forthright. "My face is kind of fucked up. I'm not even sure why I'm here. I had my box of tools and then Delilah started talking about the Rapture, Kaylee reminded me I had a flask and while I was trying to remember Biblical verses suddenly we were here."

"I don't know if you've noticed yet, but I'm not wearing an eye patch anymore. I look like I have a cataract. We're both screwed up. Besides, do the other side and you've got a Heath Ledger Joker thing going on." Magnes moves a finger up to quickly tap Teo's forehead. "Why so serious?" And, on the subject of loud thoughts, his thoughts are always loud! Thinking of how to make Teo feel better, thinking of how he's totally gonna go with his gut and try to make a move on Delilah when they get home, trying to suppress any lingering feelings of Claire-guilt.

Sliding her arm off Delilah, Kaylee moves to lean on the table, resting an arm there as she tilts her head to look at him. "Teo… Seriously? You do not look fucked up, your damn sexy." She states truthfully, giving his arm a little push. "Go dance and have fun.. ignore the short sighted assholes. They give you an odd look, just give them a look that says. 'What the fuck you looking at? What I'm dancin' with is better anyway.' " She leans down a bit and adds. "And just mentally give them the finger…. or if you want a fight.. really give it to them."

Kaylee says what Dee is thinking, but she's a bit too wary in saying it quite like that. "I look at your eyes anyway. When I look at you." Totally unhelpful, yet reassuring. Delilah clamps her mouth before something else comes rolling out. Instead, she finds a seat on the side of the booth where Magnes isn't currently pulling on Teo. "You're both eye candy as far as I'm concerned." See? She hasn't even picked up her drink yet. Maybe it is all the people throwing her off.

"Oh, well, I guess if only shallow people care half my head is gutted open, I have lots of other qualities," Teodoro says, pulling himself off his chair with what seems to be an unreasonable amount of effort for his muscle-versus-other-mass ratio. "Like being one of the shallow people." Wiping his thumb across the side of his nose, he squares his shoulders and tries to discern whether Delilah's drink needs some attention before he goes. Mmm. Mmmmmmm.

Mmmmno it's okay. Teo rocks his head forward an inch from where Magnes had poked it off-axis. He hooks one arm around Magnes' shoulders, and then hangs the other, elongated by the effort, around the girls' combined. There's a scab healing on the inside of his thumb. "This song is okay."

"I'm eye candy? That's a weird thought…" Magnes reaches down to playfully scoop up Teo's legs so he can carry him in his arms, augmented by gravity to be much lighter. "Let's go! We'll give the girls a show!" Before he walks away, he looks back over at Delilah and winks, and with that, he dress goes up a little before he walks off.

One arm crosses across her stomach, while the other hand presses to her mouth, watching Magnes carry off Teo. The hands drop so that she can call after the two men, "If you need saving Teo… just scream." Kaylee glances at Delilah, "This.. will be painful." The telepath, moves to sit down, dragging her diet coke close, legs crossing so she can watch the show.

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