Coming Clean To The Boss


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Scene Title Coming Clean To The Boss
Synopsis Grim tells the truth about his ability before the whole thing becomes a bad episode of the Brady Bunch. Do most group leaders have to put up with kind of crap? Poor Adam.
Date August 17, 2009

Biddy Flannigan's Irish Pub

Ambient lighting blankets the establishment in a soft luminescence, glowing in tones of appealing orange from the front face of the bar and low hanging light fixtures overhead. Old style brick walls given the pub an appealing depth, reflecting the tone of lights in a more amber hue down upon the lengths of the polished, wooden floors. The bar counter of lacquered dark wood stretches along the northern wall, the forefront for shelves of numerous liquors and the substantially sized LCD televisions spaced liberally behind it. The screens flicker with the latest games and news as the labeled spirit bottles wink from lighted shelves with a beckon of their own. Barstools and high tables welcome tipsy patrons to their support, scattered with throughout the barroom with a few wedge into the darker, quieter, and more secretive recesses. Over the bar are a few banners of sports teams, most notably one of English football club Manchester United.

The thick wooden door to the west is fitted with a single neon sign sponsored by one of the brews on tap, glowing in the door's center window to shed its light onto the sidewalk outside and summoning in new customers when the bar is open for business.

Early evening at Biddy's, finds the place not are busy as it usually is. Monday's are notorious for being slow. So Kaylee is also bored. It's not all that far into her double shift and she's already sitting at the bar, fingers tapping the bar waiting for any indication that people need refills. Though she's not really paying attention to that either, her head is dropped back, ponytail hanging, watching the ceiling.

Mack barks out a "Kaylee!" making her head come up, brows lifted in a silent question. The Bartender motions to the room beyond, making her sigh and slide out of her stool to make her rounds.

Ash makes his way into the pub, slipping through the doors and moving towards the normal table for the league peeps. He saunters through the pub, saying hi to a few people that he recognizes. Then slips into a chair at the table, leaning to rest his forehead on the table top for a moment. The man looks tired, like he's only just woken up. He perks up when he hears Kaylee's name shouted, a laugh emerging from him. He'll wait till she comes near before offering her a smile and a greeting.
Adam has partially disconnected.

Stepping into the bar, his hands leisurely slung into his side coat pockets with the thumbs hooking outside, Grim makes his way farther in. He catches Kaylee's name being called and looks over to see her sliding from her stool and makes his way over towards the table where Ash sits, sliding himself in to the opposite side. "Been meaning to catch you about the other day…" he says slowly as he settles himself into the seat.

Adam walks into the bar quietly. He doesn't have Michael with him, which is notable in itself, but he does have a newspaper tucked under his arm. He glances around and sees a few customers, but mostly his people and then steps towards his corner table where apparently Ash and Grim are already sitting. He nods to Ash amiably enough, but his nod towards Grim is much more stiff, more compunctual. He then sits down at the table and lays his paper in front of him.

Ash is leaning back in his chair, the chair tilted up on it's rear legs. Ash has his hands behind his head, fingers laced together and his eyes closed as he relaxes, waiting for a waitress, more than likely Kaylee, to come take his order. He is breathing evenly, the large man's chest swelling out and then relaxing again. Then he hears someone approaching, moving to sit down at the table. He cracks an eyelid and peers at the man as he mentions wanting to catch him. "Trust me, be happy you haven't caught me before now about it." he remains in his seat, tilted back, but his hands unlace from behind his head and hang at his sides. He gives a quick nod towards Adam when he sees the man walk in and move towards the table. "Boss." He greets the man simply.

Kaylee looks like she'd rather be anywhere but at the moment, as she continues her rounds. Eventually, those rounds bring her around to the groups table. Offering all the men there an actual smile. "Boys.." she nods to all in turn. "Adam. Can I get you all something?" she offers fairly brightly, more so then the rest of the customers.

"Adam." Grim greets readily enough, only quirking a brow at the stiff nature of the nod he receives though he blinks and looks back at Ash. "Sure you would have punched my guts right through the back of my spine if I had. Point is though, I was a bit of a prick the other day and I'm sorry to have ruined your meal and obviously left you thinking quite sorely about the encounter. I can be a bit of a snide jackass under pressure. So… there you have it. Drink's on me if you are ordering."

Ash turns his eyes towards Grim, and the man finally shifts to straighten up. His eyes dart towards Kaylee and he nods. "Nachos, big plate, spicey." He offers the girl a wink, smiling at the little thing he thinks of like a sister, then turns his eyes back towards Grim. "I'm not a nice, or even a good man Grim. It's why I make such a good soldier for the Boss man here. I have no compunction about hurting, maiming, killing, people that cross me, piss me off too much, or the boss man tells me to. Now, I'm not threatening you, so don't take it that way. But rather than let my… very sizeable temper get the better of me, i walked away. You could probably torch me before I could beat you to a pulp, but…" He shrugs a bit and then leans back. "Thank you for the apology though, means alot to know you can admit when you're wrong." He offers the man a smile, breaking the grim facade he was wearing. He tilts his head to either side, popping it. "But, I'm a damned good friend to those I like. Hopefully we can be friends Grim, Kaylee seems to like you .. more than enough, and she's a good judge of character."

Adam leans back in his seat a moment and watches the apology from Grim to Ash and is quiet throughout. Once it seems to be over, he nods. He opens his paper and says off handedly to Kaylee, "Just water." then, as if casually bringing up the topic of weather, he says, "Oh, Mr. Grimalkin, I meant to ask.." and then turns to Grim with a rather passive facial expression, "How does one use heat to turn dust into glass?"

Watching the apologies of the two men, Kaylee smirks. "You boys gonna play nice now?" She makes a couple of marks on the her note pad as she notes orders and glances at Grim. "What about you, handsome?" Adam's question, makes the blond pale a bit.

"Hope that everyone thinks she's a good judge of character." Grim says quietly though he does offer a nod to Ash in agreement to his statement of friendship. As Adam orders the water and opens his paper, Grim listens to that question quietly, thinking about the answer for a minute and then nodding. "I think that is a very fair question. Actually the reason I wanted to check in with you so soon. I lied and the whole demonstration the other day was a trick. I wanted to see just what I was getting in to. If I didn't like what I saw, I could just disappear without a trace, but what I figure you are doing is fairly important. Important enough for you to know that when I torch something or someone, I am not actually creating fire. Or even creating heat of any kind." he says before glancing up at Kaylee. "Better make it a scotch, Kaylee. Make it a double."

Ash turns his eyes back over towards Grim, and his head gives a slight nod. "For your sake." he winks at the man, then leans back in his chair once more, pushing it up on it's rear legs, balancing it once more. Oh… then Grim says he lied, and Ash's eyes turn towards the man, watching him and listening to him as he speaks. His arms cross over his broad chest slowly and his eyes narrow as he looks right at him, yep, there went the suddenly blooming friendly attitude.

Adam mmms a bit as he shakes out his paper for a few moments. His head tilts to the side for a moment as he listens to the rectification of the lie and the explanation for the lie. His lips purse a bit and then he hmms, "Is that all you were lying about?" he questions, attempting to get the full story before he decides to put in his two cents.

Catching her bottom lip in her teeth, Kaylee listens to Grim giving him an encouraging smile, as she writes down his order. Glancing at Ash and Adam first, to gauge their reaction before moving off with a murmur of, "I'll get this all for you guys,"

Door come open, helmet come off.

Holding his helmet in one hand, his free hand starts to unzip the biker jacket as his eyes search the room for. Pause. Oh hello. What a pretty little gathering. Grey eyes fix on Adam, his head cocking to the side ever so slightly. Glancing to Ash, then Grim, his gaze finally sets on Kaylee.

His lips twitch before his glance returns back to Adam. He steps in quietly, watching the exchange without offering anything as of yet.

"Easy there, Ash. It was looking good there for a second." Grim says as he holds up a finger without looking at Ash, keeping his gaze leveled on Adam even after Kaylee goes off to get the drinks. "Yes, that is all. Just the ability and the demonstration of such. Everything else was genuine. And for what it is worth, I apologize for the deception but I didn't want anyone to get harmed because you paid for something and got something completely different." he says evenly with a nod and then blinks up towards the man who is apparently listening in on their conversation before his gaze returns to Adam once more.

Ash turns his eyes upwards as someone makes thier way in and looks the group over. Ash's eyes narrow at him too, not recognizing him and wondering just why the man seems to be poking his nose into their business. But he lets his attention come back to the matter at hand. He grunts at Grim's little comment and turns his eyes from the matter at hand, ahh the boss can deal with it, his interest settles on the man being nosy and his eyes focus on him, just settling there.

Adam crosses one leg over the other as he listens and places the paper carefully on the table flat now. He looks up at Brian's entrance and his face does not change, but he does consider the man a moment. Speaking of liars, though Adam knows not what it is he thinks Brian is lying about. But then he turns to Grim, "I hope that's true, Mr. Grimalkin. I would hate to imagine that I come to later find out something about you that you failed to disclose once again. One might say, once a liar, always a liar." then his gaze returns to Brian with a brow arched as if to ask if the man has something for him.

With a tray of drinks and a plate of nachos, Kaylee looks surprised to see Brian. "Hey Brian." She offers brightly as she approaches, giving him a bump with her shoulder. "Haven't seen you lately." Drinks are set out in short order, and lastly Ash's plate. Then she drops into a chair next to Adam and offers studies her employer. "If its any help, I haven't seen anything weird in his head that doesn't match what he said."

Brian returns that arched brow gaze to Adam as if to ask if the other man asking if he has something for him has something for him. The answer to both their eyebrow questions are quite simple:Nothing. Not yet. Brian walks past the group towards the bar. Placing his helmet on it, he gives Kaylee a little nod of his chin. "Hey." He greets softly.

"What's going on?" He asks, glancing over his shoulder at Ash, Adam, and Grim.

"Such things I usually call trivial untruths. Suggestio falsi. So long as it is disclosed without harm to either party." Grim notes though he leans back in his chair and goes quiet as he sips on his drink on the table after it is laid out. He gives a slight smile towards Kaylee and nods. "You'd know better than anyone, I suppose." he says before going quiet at Brian's question.

Ash looks up as Kaylee sets his plate in front of him, and he gives her a nod of thanks, but the man isn't speaking. He's letting the boss handle everything as he looks around and glares at people. Rawr! Fear the muscle. His eyes focus mostly on Brian, since he doesn't recognize him, but since Adam and Kaylee both seem to… he relaxes, but only a touch, just enough to begin eating, slowly, methodically, eating his nachos, the crunch of chips a constant companion for those at thet able.

Adam frowns a moment, his chin wrinkling up a bit before he says, "You're right to a certain extent. Your lie was not huge, nor was there any harm in it outright." he tilts his head, "But it brings hesitation to my mind." he says, "A question of how much I can trust you. Is this the only secret you're keeping or is there more to Mr. Grimalkin than I cannot rely on. We have to trust each other with our lives, Mr. Grimalkin. Not because we are good people, but because the nature of our work demands it. And every dent in that trust is a peg down the ladder we go. Trust is earned, and you're starting behind the opening whistle."

Half hopping up onto her feet, Kaylee grins at the men at the table. "I better make sure Brian doesn't need anything." Moving around a the table she approaches Brian. "Just the new guy." She says answering his question. "Adam trust him about as much as he trusts you." She leans against the bar near him and arches a brow. "What can I get you? A Drink.. Something to eat?"

Watching Kaylee closely, he glances at the group. "What's his name?" Winters asks softly, leaning against the bar. Propping his elbows up on it, he looks over at Adam. A slow grin curls up his lips before he returns his attention to Kaylee. "Something to drink." He says quietly, and then even more quietly. "When do you get out of here?"

"I think we're all keeping secrets of one sort or another, but I can guarantee you that you can rely on me to help you and not bring harm to this little family you have got going here. You give me an order or a directive, you can consider it done because that is just my modus operandi." Grim says quietly to Adam before glancing up towards Kaylee and back. "You can even ask Kaylee to look and see if I'm mean harm or good to you. I won't resist."

Ash hmmms, and he leans in towards Adam slowly, whispering something softly to him, just for the two of them, then he leans back and continues to much away on his nachos, chips dissapearing at a steady rate between his lips. He looks around, his eyes flickering from person to person as he sits there. "Grim, don't take this the wrong way, but you fucking lie to us again and I'll fucking gut you. We understand each other? You seem like a nice enough guy when you're not being a prick, but I won't do with the boss being lied to." His threat is very real, he means every word of it, but it's obvious it's not something he'd like to do to the man.

Adam nods absently to Ash before he turns back towards Grim, he listens as Ash makes his statement and leans over, touching his forearm gently as if to suggest he stop. Then he turns back towards Grim, "You're right, Mr. Grimalkin, all of us have secrets. I can respect that. But if you say your favorite movie was the Godfather when it's really Tootsie, I can accept that without having any problems with that. But the secret you kept is at an expense of our operational efficiency. And if you have more of those, I hope you'll come to disclose them. As it stands, we'll put this little episode behind us as an error in judgment and move on. I hope you can understand, that I'll have you on a short leash, as it were until we're sure just how much you can be relied upon. But should we come through this and find that this was just just a one time thing, then we'll all laugh about it one day and go about our work, yes? And I like that you use that word, the family. Because in some ways, that's what we are. Most of us believe in the cause, some are in it for money, but most of us understand that there is a war going on that no one is safe from and our humble services are required, no matter our methods." he pauses, "I believe, Mr. Grimalkin, we'll be taking you on a little field trip. Kaylee can fill you in on the details that she has. You should expect to leave within the next few days. Alright?"

"Him? That's Seth. Found him here, came by." Kaylee casts a grin over her shoulder at Grim. "I helped him home.. Figured he'd be a good match for Adam's team. I like him." she reaches up and pats Brain's cheek, "Much like you. Now. I'm not going to guess what you want.. I'm too distracted and stressed at all the posturing. What do you want to drink." She gives him a pointed look and then glances back as she hears a mention of her name, but then she turns back to Brian. "I'm on double shifts till further notice." She gives him a lop sided smile. "I got caught out during curfew, almost got caught."

It's not hard to overhear. Seth Grimalkin. Brian gives a light shrug, turning fully to face the counter and peer at Kaylee. "Double shifts." He repeats flatly. Looking a little sad at that. At his drink question he gives a shrug, waving his hand dismissively. "Whatever. Water. Whatever." He says, a touch of irritation touching his voice.

Peering out at the group he purses his lips. "A few days." He frowns deeply. Then lowering his voice again, "Will you call me when you get off?"

Grim looks over at Ash nods solemnly. "That is fair. But only if I get the same privilege if I catch you in a lie. We might get to find out which one of us in more imaginative." he says, that solemn look turning a little lighter with a light grin that dims when he looks back at Adam. "I understand what you are saying completely. You won't have any more problems on my part. But as for my favorite movie, it's Boondock Saints. Watch it every Saint Patty's." he says before taking another drink of his scotch. He gives a glance over towards Brian and Kaylee before settling back in his chair once more and shrugging to adjust his coat about his shoulders.

Ash looks over to Grim, and his head shakes slowly, but he doesn't speak. He just continues to munch away on his nachos, eating them steadily and rather enjoying them too.

Adam leans back a bit and listens to Grim and then shakes his head, clearly never having heard of the Boondock Saints. There's 30 years of pop culture to catch up on and movies have been pretty far down on the list. At any rate, he nods and leans forward, "Good. Now, I don't think I need to tell you that the field trip is private, kept amongst ourselves." he then follows Grim's glance towards Kaylee. Then back to Grim. He look and tone is excessively paternal, "And I don't think I need to tell you that when it comes to Kaylee, I'm not as measured or rational to things that upset her. I hope she never has cause to be upset, by you."

Arching a brow, Kaylee tilts her head at him a bit. "Yeah, sure." She gives him a small smile. Leaning closer so that her shoulder touches his, she turns her back to the others and lowers her voice so it's only between them. "What's up?" She studies him, then looks at the bartender. "Mack. Get this guy a water?" Adam's words reach her ears and she ducks her head down and blushes.

Leaning in, Brian gives a little shrug to her. "Nothing." He says with a hint of defensiveness in his voice. Once his water is delivered he picks it up, and throws it back most instantly before placing the glass back down. Pushing against the bar, he gives her a look. "Just call me. I want to see you, before you leave." With that he takes a step away from the bar, going to grab his helmet once again.

Taking Ash's hearty eating as a good sign, Grim leans in towards Adam as he speaks a little lower and a bit more conspiratorial. "I will keep the trip under my hat. You can be sure of that. I like small crews anyway." he says and then blinks his gaze between Adam and Kaylee for a few moments before he settles on Adam once more. "Honestly, I think if I managed to upset her, I would be more damaged by what I'd do to myself than anything you managed to come up with. Boss." he says, trying out the title before giving a nod.

Ash doesn't seem to get the movie reference either. He turns his eyes over towards Grim at the movie and he shrugs. "Huh… musta been when I was in prison.." He leans back in his chair a little bit, his nacho plate empty and his belly full. He lifts his glass of water to his lips, washing the salt down from his lips and mouth, letting it all settle in his stomach with a soft and satisfied sigh. He looks over to Grim and hmmms. "I gotta throw my threat in there too. That's another thing I'll gut you for. Kaylee's like my little sister." It's a simple statement that holds alot of weight with it, but other than that, Ash is pretty silent.

Adam watches Brian for a few moments before he glances at Grim. He doesn't say anything to his response, nor to Ash's addition to his own threat. He's quiet for a few moments before he says, "Well, get yourself ready for the trip." he says, "Pack for a couple weeks." he doesn't say where the trip will be, when they'll leave or what they'll be doing and it's clear he's not going to. Neither Ash nor Kaylee are even aware of the full extent of what's to occur. At any rate, he says, "Alright, if that's all gentlemen, I will read my paper. It's a dying medium, you know. I learned that on CNN." he pauses, "And Michael should be here with my gnocci any minute." it's sort of clear that Adam is dismissing Ash and Grim for the moment for a bit of privacy.

"Fine.. Don't talk to me," she grumps. Finally, still looking confused, Kaylee nods and steps away from bar as well. "I'll call as soon as I'm off shift." She turns her back to Brian and moves back to her shift, a glance to the others at Adam's table. She gives Grim a wink, before moving off to a rowdy group of frat boys they just entered.

Gripping his helmet, Brian makes his exit by way of Adam's path. "You're leaving." He states plainly. "Are you going to wait until I get you your.." Stuff. A shrug replaces the word. "I'll get it to you by the end of the week." Winters informs him, watching Adam closely. "You didn't tell me about any trip."

"Newspaper? CNN? What's next? Perhaps internet? My God. Whatever shall we do? I'm all for duck and cover. - How 'bout you, Ash? Shall we sign you up for an AOL subscription or is that just going too far?" Grim asks as he pushes up out of his chair and walks around Adam to give Ash a slap to the shoulder as he takes himself and his drink to another booth. "Hey, Kaylee! I can see the bottom of my drink, I swear it." he calls to her even though his drink is only half gone.

Ash blinks as his shoulder is slapped like that. The man doesn't budge the slightest bit at the gesture. he looks over to Adam, and he slides from his seat, every movement liquid and graceful for a man of his size. He leans in, whispering something to Adam again before he moves on towards the bar, a grin spreading over his features. "Kaylee, how could you let your boyfriend's glass get empty like that?" He calls to her, teasing her, about Grim and about her work performance. "And why don't I have a beer in my hands?"

Once Grim and Ash stand up, Adam shakes out his paper to begin reading it. He frowns a moment and informs Brian who has approached him, "Did you know there was an earthquake on Staten Island?" he questions, "Is there no end to the disasters at that place?" then he puts his paper down and looks up to Brian, "In fairness, you haven't been around to tell." he shrugs a shoulder, "I'm not sure that would have changed anything, but.." he pauses and says, "I have some business to take care of and am taking some people to help me. I'm not taking you because you already have a mission to complete." he pauses, "The end of the week? That will be good." He watches Brian, "You seem to work fast."

"I'll get it for you, Seth, give me a moment." Kaylee says while jotting down frat boy order. A glare is shot at Ash and his tease. She points at the bar with the back of her pen. "After that little comment Ash…. Macks up there. Get it your damn self." She gives him a 'So there' look and goes back to the order, flashing the college boys a bright smile and even flirting with one or two.

"I take my responsibilities seriously. Never a dissatisfied customer, that type of thing." Brian explains softly, looking down at the paper. "You won't tell me what you're after? Or where you're going?" They are rhetorical questions, knowing they won't be answered he asks them anyway. "Perhaps I can offer some kind of support. I can get your stuff and still have time to spare for your.. trip." Brian explains softly.

"You told me I would get a bonus for getting to you quick. Good motivation earns good results." Brian glances at the exit. He lowers his voice. "I'll do what you want Adam, but after I get what you want, I want in." His eyes run over Ash, and Grim. "Even the new guy is deeper in than me. Give me bigger things. I won't disappoint." A little shrug.

"I'll go get your shit." With that, he steps past Adam.

"You're gorgeous, Kaylee. Never let anyone ever tell you different." Grim says by way of thanks for her agreeing to get him another drink. At Kaylee's rebuke to Ash though, he just shakes his head and gives a bit of a chuckle. "You gone and done it now, brother. The lady says to get your own damn drink. Think you better listen to her. Remember the words, Ash: I'd rather have this bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy." he seats himself finally at his booth of choice and sighs out the rest of his laughter.

Ash hmmms and turns his head. Fine, she won't do it, time to go tattle to Daddy. He turns his head, looking over to Adam. "Hey Boss, Kaylee won't get me a beer, I'm lodging a formal complaint about her work performance. She's discriminating against your customers." He grins as he turns back towards Grim, just about to say something when Brian goes over to the table. Ash turns on his stool, slipping down from it and approaching the table. He stands near Adam, he's the muscle after all, he's got to you know… do the muscle thing, bodyguard and all that.

Adam watches Brian quietly and arches a brow when Brian insists on wanting in. He frowns at that for a few moments and then says, "We'll talk when you finish your task." he says in reply, then watches the man leave. Then, he turns to Ash, Kaylee and Grim and grunts, shaking his head and picking up his paper again, "I feel like I'm in a Brady Bunch episode."

Catching Ash's words, Kaylee turns his way. "You… son of a…" She shoves her notebook to a passing waitress, before marching up to Ash. She hisses at him, "Screw you, Ash." She sends an irritated look to Adam. "Screw this.. I'm going home Adam, punish me further if you want.. I don't give a rats ass at this moment," she growls, untying her little apron and drops it on the table. She glares at Ash, "You know what I've been doing? Hanging out with you favorite guy Diogenes. Yeah.. fun guy." A low blow, but she's pissed. Really pissed. Beyond pissed. With that she turns on her heels and marches away. Mack is pretty quick to offer her stuff, as she passes the bar. "God.. men.. I swear." the mumbling goes on as she makes her way out the door, ignoring everyone.

Ash looks over towards Brian a moment, then back to Adam. Ash doesn't bother hiding his dislike for Brian's demaningness and he says as much to Adam, right within the other man's hearing. "I don't like his pushyness boss. He seems way to fucking eager to get inside of things…" he turns his eyes towards Brian then. "There something we should know about you Brian? Some other agenda you might have for getting involved with us?" His jaw sets as he peers at the man, then he's got Kaylee yelling at him and he turns towards her, blinking slowly at her outburst. "Kay… I was fucking kidding girl… chill the fuck…" Then she mentions hanging out with Diogenes, and a snarl rips from the man's lips. HIs jaw clenching up tightly, a low growl building in his throat. He's standing stock still, his breathing coming fast, heavy, the man's anger palpable, barely containing himself.

Grim quickly sees where all this is going as he assesses the situation and sighs, pushing to his feet once again. He tosses back what little is left of his drink back. Walking backwards after Kaylee, he looks at Ash. "Easy now. Easy. She's had a long day with college boys ogling her and old men trying to cop a feel and everyone's just expressing themselves wrong." he says trying to patch things as he goes, turning on heel to follow after Kaylee. "Kaylee, he didn't mean it like that. He's had a couple and he's a big dumb monkey just trying to have a little fun…"

Adam puts his paper down and frowns, "Ash, that's enough." in response to Brian. He'll get to the bottom of Brian soon enough. Then he looks up at Kaylee's angry tirade and frowns and sighs. One usually expects that criminal masterminds of terrorist organizations don't go through this. He looks up at Ash and says in a firm and stern voice that indicates he's quite annoyed, "Go apologize."

Ash set his jaw as Grim tells him to relax, and then calls him a big dumb monkey as he follows after Kaylee. Ash turns his eyes on Adam when he's ordered to go apologize, but he ignores Adam, instead the man moves towards the back door, heading through the kitchen, each and every movement showing his barely contained anger in the murderous grace and strength that the man moves with. Kaylee and Adam have both seen Ash kill, they know he's more than capable of it, and right now he's all kinds of pissed off, probably quite capable of doing that, but hey, he's heading for the back door instead of following people.

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