Coming Full Circle


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Scene Title Coming Full Circle
Synopsis Satisfied with the status of his agents, Len puts teams back together again.
Date May 30, 2009

The Office of Len Denton

The revelations and incidents of the last month, including the intel he received yesterday have really given Len quite a bit to think about. Having gone through his ever growing roster of agents, he's realized that this team is probably the very best at this moment. So, he's decided that some reunions are in order and it's time to put teams back in place now that most of the initial intel has been gathered.

He has one team going into Humanis First, and he's teamed himself with Agent Knight to go after Adam Monroe. With Winters on extended assignment, he's going to team Veronica up with someone new coming in, but he'll address that with her at another time. So, to get this plan rolling he's brought in Minea Dahl and Carrie Castillo to reissue assignments.

The two agents are already seated and waiting as Len walks into the office and takes his seat, pulling himself up to the desk, rather than kicking back as he normally does. Things have been weighing heavy on his mind as of late.

"Thanks for joining me here today. First of all, I want to say that you've both done a hell of a job so far on this Robin Hood case. And before you protest, let me say that your Blackberrys have been reloaded and are waiting to be picked up." Good thing data is backed up onto a server at decent intervals. Only a couple hours worth of stuff would be missing when they receive their issued PDAs back.

"Regardless of that, this was bound to be a near impossible case. Not impossible, but close to. We still need to get a handle on this technopath and we're batting two and zero on getting assistance from other technopaths to help us hunt this som'bitch down. But, you've done everything you could possibly do in the short amount of time I've given you for this case, so don't consider this a failure yet. Regardless of the outcome, the experience you are gaining is invaluable. Understood?"

His eyes drift from one agent to the other.

The whole event from the other day has been bothering her, Carrie felt she did horrible and was embarrassed by some of it. So much so that when he mentions them having done a hell of a job, she snorts her disagreement before before she can stop herself. She gives him an apologetic smile and nods to the rest of his words. "Thank you for the kind words." Her tone is devoid of any emotion.

She hadn't a single doubt that they wouldn't be getting help from Mallory or from Wireless for that matter. Both had attitude that stunk to heaven and back. Minea stood up though when Len entered, then eased back down when he was taking his seat. Job well done, PDAs restored go pick them up etc etc. "We could just frankly lay trails for him, without even getting the help of the technopaths. We really could set up some sort of path or temptation for him, that leads straight to a serve or a CPU and a power source into a Faraday cage. We can do that, we can trap him. It'd just be a matter of how to get him into it really that is the issue"

No apologies for the inability to get Mallory to help. That's life, not all cases are going to go as you want them. Shit happens. "The IT techs and our Technopath might be able to think up something, I'm sure to tempt him"

"I'm glad you think so Agent Dahl." Len glances to Castillo. "Effective immediately you are off the Robin Hood case. And before you panic or consider this some sort of reprimand, it's not. I've decided to put you back together with Agent Grim and you two will work his case together. A memorandum has already been sent to him and he will explain to you the technicalities of his particular case. Unlike the Hood case, I expect results. Your targets are two living breathing human beings. I want them found and returned to our custody. You two are used to working together, so I expect far better performance here. Understood?" he asks Carrie as he glances across his desk at her.

Probably not the reaction the senior agent would expect, relief. A subtle shift of her shoulders downward says Carrie is relieved. "Thank you, Agent Denton. Hopefully, my actions will be a hell of a lot less disappointing. " She glances at Minea and then adds. "And thank you again Agent Dahl for being there to back me up, I think it would have gone much worse if you hadn't." She's pretty convinced of this.

A smirk comes across Len's face as he responds. "As I said, the Allistair lead was bound to fail. And I got about as far with Wireless, so don't worry. There are still a few more leads to follow.." and now he addresses Minea, ".. that you will follow. You are back in the field effective immediately. You and Agent Cook will continue on with the Robin Hood case. Agent Castillo will hand over any intel that was gathered during the course of this investigation. You can pick up your issued weapon from the arms room. Understood?"

Back with her partner. It'll feel so good. Poor guy was probably getting neuroses without her there to understand his.. quirks. "Understood Agent Denton." She could pick up her weapon too. Not that Minea minded not having it, but carrying around her own on the job was feeling wrong to her.

"Meant to fail or not.. doesn't make it feel less so." Carrie comments blandly. Minea isn't the only one to be glad to be with her partner again, Carrie will be glad to have someone at her back again even if he is a bit weird… Like illusions of being sucked out of a plane. Not to mention evolved which still makes her skin itch a bit.

"Well, Agent Castillo, make this one a success then, if you feel so strongly about it." Len is about to dismiss then when he recalls something. "Oh, speaking of — " whatever it was they were speaking of, which this has absolutely nothing to do with. He hands out a flyer to both of them. "I am trying to find information on this woman. I met with her and Detective Harrison from the NYPD, though the identity of this woman here was kept a secret. I don't like secrets." The sketch on the flyer is definitely female, brunette hair, long face, with a pronounced chin. Her eyes, however are obscured by the Yankee's baseball cap that she wears. It's fairly detailed considering it was sketched from Len's memory by the Company Sketch artist. "I'm going to be passing around this picture. You don't necessarily have to show everyone, but if you come across some law enforcement, feel free to inquire — everyone except Harrison, of course."

"You won't need to" Minea shakes her head as she passes the piece of paper back after studying it. ""Catherine Chesterfield. Pretty sure. I got a picture of her on my computer, and ISA should have all their pictures. They were wearing ski masks but Dr. Edward Ray saw fit to flash everyone's name and picture up during a preparatory meeting for the January 28th incidents. I don't know if she has ability or if she does, what it is, but she's one of their players. I can get the pictures for you and the list of everyone who was at that meeting."

"I can assure you Agent Denton, Grim and I will do our best." Carrie takes the flyer and considers it and then shakes her head a bit not recognizing the face.

Listening to Minea explain, Len gives a puzzled look. Chesterfield? That name rings a bell from somewhere. "Get me that picture the moment you step out of here. Send it signed and encrypted to my terminal only." He wants to verify via photo to see if that truly is her or not. Not that he doesn't trust Agent Dahl, but she did recently have her brain sculpted. "Unless there are any further questions, I'm done." He tells them both. Dismissed, apparently.

"I'll head to my place, see if I can find it and print it out. I wouldn't put it past Wireless to be monitoring everything between you and I. I'll bring it right over" Minea relays to the senior agent. "I'll bring up the rest of the present members at the meeting and their names.. Try and remember their abilities too. They all went a little haywire at one point"

Standing finally, Carrie gives a nod to the two agents. Her attention is turned to Agent Denton. "Thank you." She moves to the door and pauses letting Minea proceed her out of the door. She glances back at Len and then out the door, before leaning further into his office. "Question, Agent Denton.. and I think it's only fair to ask." She waits a moment before asking a rather important question.. "Do you like bowling?"

Len grins at that. "I'll have you know, Agent Castillo, that I was the bowling champeeeon of Sweetwater Texas. Of course, there were only four of us in the league, but that's beside the point! If you're issuing a challenge, I'll have to accept just on general principle." Seems the cowboy has a competitive streak in him.

Carrie chuckles and grins. "Bowling alone isn't fun.. And Grim.. well.. He does that illusion thing. So someone normal to bowl with would be nice. " She gives her boss a knowing look. "So yes.. I issue a challenge.. even though I am fairly certain you will kick my ass. As I've never been a champion." She gives him a salute. "Off to give Grim the good news."

"If there's nothing else." Which is code for 'get the hell out'. After both agents leave, Len turns his attention back to his computer where he begins to look up any information he can find on Catherine Chesterfield, while he waits for his next appointment.

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