Coming Out Of The Evo Closet


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Scene Title Coming Out Of The Evo Closet
Synopsis Tracy registers
Date October 2, 2009

NYPD Headquarters

High heels. A blazer. A pencil dress. A pony tail. Pearls. These are the things that make up Tracy Strauss as she walks, proudly, head held high and a female-briefcase under her arm. Her heels click on the pavement as she walks past, expensive perfume wafting through the air. She has a confident, pearly smile upon her lips. Not overly so, but enough - with her walk and her poise - to give others a sense of power and self-security when concerning this woman.

Tracy pulls open the door to one Police Plaza, stepping inside easily and breezing through the room, looking for an open desk. The point of all this is, however, to look like she knows exactly where she is going. Which she doesn't.

Aude's desk unfortunately is devoid of anyone on the other side as she slogs through the paperwork at the end of her shift. half an hour till freedom, Patricks is still out thanks to the bullet he took, but should be back soon and so she got a temporary partner. Another newbie. At least this one wasn't evo and wasn't trying to assure her at every turn that he was just like her, wasn't going to use his ability, etc etc. Or try to make her lower her gun.

So, when Tracy ends up at her desk, Aude ignores her at first. Go away, go away, go away god, whatever you want it's going to take two fucking hours.

"Hello," She says, in her pleasant, even upbeat tone. It's all about selling it now, it's all about pretending that you have absolutely no reservations about what you're about to do. Tracy, thank god, can pretend like the best of them.

Of course, her next words are probably the last that Aude possibly wants to hear. "I'm wondering what exactly I have to do to Register as per the Linderman Act." Very courteous, very professional, very to-the-point.

'go jump off a bridge onto some very sharp rocks and spare the human gene pool your freaky mutation' That's not actually said but Adue conceals the sigh as it seems she's getting yet another Evo. And what an evo it is as the African American lifts her head and then her eyebrows. "Lady from the presidents office, is Evo. You realize right, that the tests were done on all government employee's like, half a year ago. How the hell did they miss you?" She remembers the woman who came in demanding files and wanting to skip all the bureaucracy and red tape that came with it.

Tracy shakes her head, gesturing vaguely. "I really have no idea, but all of my tests are on record. In fact I haven't yet taken another test since then, but certain…revelations have made it quite obvious," She offers her hand over the desk, a smooth, lithe, well-manicured hand. "Tracy Strauss," she offers, trying to be as cordial as possible. Imageimageimage!

"Well, nothing in the world is perfect, take a seat" Aude doesn't take the outstretched hand and gestures to the seat opposite her desk as she rises. There's a closet she has to visit, get everything needed to register as an evo. "I'll be back in five minutes, have to get your stuff and someone to witness the test"

And with that, the black haired woman takes off, walking across the floor and towards the back of the precinct to locate the paperwork, sign out the Evo unit that gives the blue or red, warn someone else that the Camera would be needed soon to take a picture for the woman's registration. All in all, leaving Tracy alone and to the looks of others that overheard why the woman is here.

Tracy lowers her hand, settling into her seat and letting her case rest over her lap. Five minutes time is plenty of time to get some work done, and soon her blackberry is out and attached to her ear. "Yes, schedule my meeting for tomorrow. No, I'm taking a personal day today. Yes, that will be fine," So on and so forth, the mindless hum-drum of a Washington insider. But even this too is an image projected - Evolved or not, Tracy Strauss will continue to do her job, and do it well.


Down goes the folder, and down goes the container with the reader and the strips. "Please hang up the phone and give me your hand please" Indifferent, impersonal. Like Aude could care less who the woman is in front of her - Not that she did before - or the air that she's trying to give off. She's just another person here to do what she's by law supposed to do. The case is unlocked, the device the size of a blood sugar reading machine. It's laid down and latex gloves plucked out from the box and snapped on so that there's no 'cross-contamination' of DNA. "If the indicator turns blue, you are non-evolved. If the indicator turns red, it indicates that you are evolved, do you understand what I have told you?"

"Yes Anita, I'll talk to you later. Goodbye," She hangs up the phone, tucking it away. "My apologies - I'm sure you know how work can keep you busy," One professional woman to another, of course. Tracy has no idea the feelings Aude will or will not have toward her when this test result comes in. Removing her blazer, Tracy offers up her hand and arm, palm up. "Yes, I understand."

Swipe with an alcohol pad, press to forefinger, held in one of Aude's hand while the other presses the injector button. out flashes the tiny needle, barely felt if at all and a drop of blood well as it's pulled away. That's promptly pressed to the strip that's been placed on it to soak up the drop. Another alcohol wipe passed to Tracy as Aude busies herself with sticking the strip into the machine and waiting.


Before finally, after a few seconds it's done. "Red" She turns it to show Tracy, and show another officer who's sidled over to be witness to the test and it's results. "Red" He agrees, grabbing a pen to sign off that he'd seen the results before he walks away. All in a days work at the NYPD. "What is it that you think you can do Ms. Strauss" The strip is bagged, sealed, signed with pertinent information and put to the side to go with the file. machinery returned to where it came from by the other officer to leave just paperwork.

The alcohol wipe moves over the pad of her finger, cleaning it while she watches. Inside of her, there's a flutter, and when it turns red, some sink. Ah well, it's not like she didn't know. But still. "As I expected," Tracy decides, looking down at her finger a moment. What is it that you think you can do? "It's not a matter of thinking, Officer, it's a matter of knowing." Very nonchalantly she sets her open palm on Aude's desk. Aude and Tracy both will be able to note a drop in temperature, perhaps catch sight of breath as frost begins to radiate from Tracy's hand, the metal of the desk creaking a bit. But she lets go, only a light imprint of her hand marking the slightly-warmer ice from the rest of it. All in all it's only a few inches in diameter, and starts to fade as the warmth of the room coaxes the ice to melt. "Fairly simple, really."

"Ma'am, please don't use your ability inside the police station. For your safety and for the safety of others who are working here. I only asked you what you could do, not for a demonstration. Homeland Security will ask for your demonstration when you set up your appointment with them." Aude's voice is curt and it took a moment for her to keep her hand from going for her gun when Tracy started putting her ability into play. Paperwork is slid over, in triplicate it seems.

"Please fill out the information below. Take the fourth sheet with you to processing and hand it to them, they'll take your picture. Bring it back, and Johnson over there will set up your paperwork the rest of the way. Please be truthful when answering all questions, as we do follow up on details. You're registration card will comes soon in the mail. Please keep it on your person and present it to law enforcement when asked for it." THe papers are pointedly indicated and with as nap snap, a pen produced as well.

"Congratulations Ms. Strauss, you are now a registered eolved"

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