Commissioner Irons Sworn In

MANHATTAN — In the chaos of the Great Storm one piece of tragic news may have fallen to the wayside, but certainly hasn't left the mind of New Yorkers. The tragic murder of police commissioner Karen Lau had left a void that needed to be filled in the NYPD, and up until today it was the job of interim commissioner Samuel Irons to perform that duty. Irons, the 1st Deputy Commissioner has been administrating the NYPD through the very difficult transition and the struggle presented by the storm that ravaged the northeast.

Today, in a private swearing in, New York City Mayor Sylvia Lockheart officially promoted Irons to fill Lau's seat. It was under debate whether Irons — a very politically charged candidate — would be promoted to the position given the political climate of New York post-bomb. However, many detractors to Lockheart's administration cited that it is "unsurprising" that she chose an individual who is hard on Evolved crime and a vocal supporter of registration to work by her side.

Shortly after his swearing in, it was announced that Irons would be appearing on the Glenn Beck program alongside mayor Lockheart in July for an interview regarding the state of the Evolved in New York City.

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