Commonwealth Institute
The Commonwealth Institute
Owner Department of Defense
Employees Jean Martin Luis and Mohinder Suresh
Hours of Operation 24/7
Current Status Open
People Come Here For… Scientific Research

The Commonwealth Institute is situated in the center of metropolitan Cambridge Massachusetts on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus just east of the Stata Center. The Commonwealth Institute employs bright minds from MIT and universities across the country in government sponsored scientific research and development regarding the Evolved, including think-tank sessions for global Evolved-related issues.

On the outside, the Commonwealth Institute is a stark representation of modern architecture, composed of several sharply angled complexes connected by a center "spine" of the building that rises up in a sweeping arc through the center of the facility. All of the Institute's exterior walls are iron-laced concrete plastered white and fixed with cage lighting. The Institute boasts state-of-the art defense technology in its exterior that sends a moderate electrical pulse at irregular intervals through the metal wiring in the walls that prevents intrusion by phasing, a development by some of the bright minds at the Institute and a showcase of some of their Evolved-focused developments.

On the inside, the Institute is a sterile and white environment with open lighting through reinforced glass windows that possess the same phasing-intrusion wiring moving like tiny silver spiderwebs through the glass. The upper floors of the facility are open to the public from 10am to 4pm weekdays while student researchers typically are present within the Institute's many medical and scientific facilities at all hours.

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  • The Institute's architecture is based on the Arken Museum in Copenhagen.


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