Como Curar a un Hombre Loco



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Scene Title Como Curar a un Hombre Loco
Synopsis The arrests of the Loco's happens across New York City on a less than bloody sunday.
Date November 7th, 2010

Across New York the culling of the Loco's started. Mostly visiting people's homes given that it was a sunday. A few businesses. The briefing, passing out of names, the few small teams dispersed to parts of the city to start hauling in the men with the numbered helmets.

Brooklyn 7:43 am

The rap of knuckles on a door, the lack of a doorbell necessitating this, brings about the woman of the house who peeps through the window first and is surprised at the three people on the doorstep. One woman with severe blonde hair flanked by two men in vests and guns, all with identifiers of Homeland across their vest.

She opens the door, a surprised "Hello, Can I help you?" Offered up as she looks confusedly between the three and the vehicle that waits at the curb. likely no older than thirties if even that.

"My name is Audrey Hanson, Are you Mrs. Anita Caperson?" AUdrey offers up her ID to be glanced at even as the two with her are keeping an eye out.

"Yes, I'm Anita Caperson, what is this is relation to?" Her fingers are tight on the door, knuckles turning white. From within the house, a male voice calls out. "Who is it Anita? If it's salesmen, tell them we're not interested"

The light in Audrey's eyes the moment the voice is heard, it becomes clear what they're here in relation to. "Could you please ask your Husband to come to the door please ma'am. We need to have a talk with him"

"o..o..okay…" She turns. "Frank, It's for you" She calls out, opening the door a bit as she turns. Half a minute later a dark haired man is coming to the door, his footsteps faltering as he comes up behind his wife, hands coming to his hips. "Can I help you Agent?"

"Frank Caperson?" Audrey inquires, waiting for confirmation. "Works for Tippert Architecture?" She wants to make damn sure she's got the right one.

"That's me, has something happened at work?" He asks, puzzled.

With a signal from Audrey, the two men with her move forward, guns put away since there's no running or production of any weapons. They move to take Frank, even as Audrey's explaining. "Frank Caperson, you are under arrest for acts of domestic terrorism and other charges pending. Mrs Caperson, Agent lands here will tell you what is happening, I need to take your husband in" She gestures to a more rotund female agent who's coming up the walkway.

Flushings, Queens - 8:23 am

This one was tricker. A lawyer. You had to be extra careful when it came to lawyers. Every little thing you did could be brought up later and bite you in the ass. Especially when you were confronting them in their proverbial den. She wasn't at home and that had brought them to Finster, schuster, Garret and assosciates in queens. Big name for a small building but that didn't stop them from walking in the front door, Audrey with two agents in tow. Still in suit and flak vest.

They found her in her office, lacking a secretary to introduce them, just a knock on his office door after checking out and ushering some others out of the building. Just in case. One of the other teams already had a runner, and another had a shooter. They were getting mixed results and hoped that this individual wasn't the same.

When they reached her office, the door open, the lean looking woman looked up from her papers to the sudden appearance of the Homesec Agents in her doorway, dropping the file he was looking over down to the table.

"Oh" He mumbled.

"Ms Garret? I'm Agent Hanson. Please stop what you're doing and come with us, we're here to bring you in for your involvement with the Loco's" Audrey steps forward, handcuffs coming out and giving her the chance to come peacefully.

"I'll need to call a Lawyer" Standing up from her chair, She grabs her suit and her purse. Perhaps she knew some day it might come down to thiss.

"You can call for one when you're downtown, thank you for your co-operation" The handcuffs are passed off to one of the two flanking and eventually the quartet are heading down to the SUV to pass her off to people waiting so they can keep on.

Columbia Campus - 10:39 pm

Larry Romita, is early for his class. This one wasn't home, he's on his way to a supplemental class at Columbia. Around 5'10 with a brown backpack, a dark blue buttoned up shirt, some blue jeans, and a pair of nice leather shoes, this twenty-something student is just about to enter the doors. The campus isn't very crowded right now, and this student, .

What Larry Romita don't know, won't kill him. There's two other supposed students who have been following behind him, looking very much convincingly so like they're heading off to class too. Only they don't carry student ID's so much as Homesec ID's. Inside the building, Audrey waits in suit, weapon safe in it's holster, listening to a fourth agent who's watching from afar and relaying Larry's movements. A couple had been violent, but not to the point where guns were needed and across the city, there's other Loco's who are being arrested. Acts of domestic terrorism, brought to light in every corner of the city in the wake of the news article about Moab and the attempt - opinions differ on successful or not - to bring down Messiah. "On my count, when he comes in"

Larry yawns, one hand on a backpack strap once he opens the door. He looks like any other college student, as normal as he could be. His cellphone suddenly rings as soon as he gets through the door, reaching down to answer. "Yeah? Look, Gail, I keep saying I'm busy on Saturday. No, it's not another woman. Come on…"

Too bad Gail, he's going to have to hang up on you. "Larry Romita?" Audrey flips open her badge, showing him the ID that goes along with her next sentence, interposing herself between him and the rest of the hallway. The two plainclothes are coming in up behind him, ready for him being a runner. "I'm Agent Hanson with Homeland Security. I'm afraid that you're going to have to come with me. You're being brought in with connection to the Loco's gang and suspicion of murder on multiple counts"

"Yeah, I'm Larry Romita, and I have no idea what you're talking about, lady." Larry starts to back up, then tosses his heavy bag of books at Audrey, immediately turning around so he can try to make a run for the door.

Innocent people don't run, and by virtue of Larry running, Audrey's hands flexing to grasp the bag as it's tossed at her in the vain hope that he might get a head start and turns around, Larry runs bodily into agents James and Blomkvich. Both of whom aren't gentle in their grasping of Larry's arm's, twisting them behind his back in preparation for someone to cuff him and even lifting him up just a fraction so that he can't get traction on the floor to run again. Audrey doesn't look happy at Larry. Bag put down to the side, Cellphone kicked to the side as well. "I guess, Mister Romita that you want to tell me now, or will you still deny you're a member of the Loco's?"

"I thought you were just after me for my pot, I don't know a damned thing about any Locos!" Larry struggles, but in the end, they're simply stronger and well-trained. "Fucking cops, just pissed 'cause I'm getting a college education, and you fuckers are stuck eating doughnuts and doing paperwork for the rest of your lives!"

"Tell that to the judge and your lawyer which you can ask for when you get downtown." The fourth agent is coming in now, scooping up the bag and phone, tucking the one inside the other for safekeeping after making sure the call was disconnected. There's some gapers, people watching what's going down as Larry is summarily frog marched out the doors and back into the cool November air. Resisting arrest, added to any charges that may end up actually being placed on Larry here, he's just one of many this day who's extracurricular activities have finally caught up with him.

"I'll walk right out, it's all in the plan, you can't hold me!" Larry apparently forgets to remain silent, a bit too pissed off to keep quiet now. "Fuck, I'll do better, I'll hire a goddamned lawyer!"

"You do that Mister Romita" Audrey murmurs, starting to read him his rights as they head out. It's the start of a long rest of the night for Larry, yes it will and the moment he's in the vehicle, the list is consulted as to who, is the next one to get a visit from Homesec this day.

Chelsea - 2:48am

A bullet whizzed over the hood of the SUV. Audrey hunkered behind the wheel with a snark, hand on her gun and peeking around the corner to the Loco who'd run and had turned down an alley that had no exit save for what he'd come in.

So he'd taken up behind a dumpster and was shooting at them, cops supposedly on the way. Why couldn't this have gone easy. Why did it have to be a shooter. She didn't suppose that she could complain, this was her first shooter. Few resisters but not a shooter.

"I want him alive Sudonsky. No kill" She hissed to the agent hiding behind the vehicle as the guy fired off more bullets. At some point, the idiot was going to run out. Ping went a bullet off the body of the car, leaving a dent in it's wake. Audrey was trying to keep track of the bullet shots, counting the rounds that might be left in the clip. Three more, she was sure of it. Three more and then they could go in.

The three more came, and with that, they peeled from around the vehicle to the frustrated curses of the man now out of bullets, scuttling forward with weapons out and up, bellowing for the man to put his gun down as they swarmed the alley.

DHS Facility - 6:14 pm

The book that had gotten them all this far. There was no pattern, no outright link between them all outside of the gang. Teachers, lawyers, retail workers, you name it. So far, most of their family had been oblivious to the fact that their loved one - if they had a family - was part of a gang. Were terrorists.

But isn't that how it always is. Those closest are the last to know.

Audrey looked at the list of names of the individuals who had been brought in. Three missing, unfindable. The supposed new leader gone and no name for him. Audrey flips a page, looking at the second page and the names and details the continue, the corresponding folders on her desk of those who were in holding, awaiting their chance to be questioned and interrogated and figure out what beyond the whole charge of terrorism would be laid to them.

It was going to be a long night, on top of a long day. Tomorrow promised to be even longer. But at least tomorrow, the Loco's wouldn't be a problem within a city that would be filled with many problems.

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