Company Deposit


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Scene Title Company Deposit
Synopsis Minea deposits her second and probably last batch of Hiro intel. Discovers just who her co-worker on the island is.
Date March 8, 2009

Staten Island - Tenement Housing

There are plenty of run-down places in Staten Island for one to hole up in and call 'home', but the one which Jesse Carter, bank robber and employee of Tuck's Pawn Shop has chosen is a small collection of crowded rooms in what was once an old brick apartment building. Structurally, the building is sound, but the burned out husk isn't much to look at, and brick isn't that great of an insulator, relatively speaking.

Carter's living space is smaller, but even more sparsely furnished than that of his counterpart pre-estrogen infestation. He sits on the only chair with a mug of some sort of seaming liquid as he reads the newspaper. Outside, the morning sun peeps in through the spider-cracked window, sending refracted light bouncing about the room.

The solid knock at the door, followed by silence, is Minea at the door. A small box in her arms, dressed in her currently usual work clothes. High class call girl chic. fuck, let him be in. God I hate this. Why the fuck do they have me on this There's another knock on the door, someone impatient.

Several minutes pass before the door opens, but so much is to be expected. After all, a man needs time to drop whatever he's doing, pick up his gun, and get to the door. That door is only opened once Carter is sure of the other party's identity. And when it is, Minea is met by Carter's smirking face even as he holds his gun. He glances from her face to the package, then lifts an eyebrow. "What's that?"

Jesus christ. The pedophile?! Minea expected the gun. Hell, that's how she answers her own door most of the time. "Drop off. Carter?" He's undercover?! "Pick up for our friends. Probably the last one" there's surprise on her face.

"You working in eight millimeter tape now or something?" Carter asks with a smirk and a suppressed chuckle, which is only aided by the thoughts he picks up.

Maybe I'd oughta be more careful about assumptions.

It's not wholly Minea's thought - just a whisper in the back of her head. Something to needle there. An irritating bit of sand or speck of dirt to be polished into a pearl, perhaps.

Carter reaches out a hand for the box, peering between it and Minea somewhat suspiciously. "Or have you decided to stick it to the man?"

"Got made. Fucked up and got made" not a pedophile. Thank God. Less of those needed in the world. Minea shakes her head minutely at the thought. "I'll leave it up to them to decide what to do. couple folders, some digital film" Inside the box is a couple manila envelopes, sealed for Goodman's perusal. the cups that Hiro drank from and anything else that was significant from his temporary hovel. "Just have them come pick it up soon, I gotta find a new place" Minea turns then, making to leave before she stops, turning around again. "Sorry. 'Bout the first time I saw you. I've seen a lot of perverts on the island. I didn't know you were one of ours"

Carter simply nods as he looks inside the box, then to Minea's retreating figure. That smile is soon back, and he shrugs his burly shoulders.

"Don't worry about it. Things aren't always what they seem."

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