Company In April


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Scene Title Company In April
Synopsis Uncharacteristic actions by April cause Minea to go looking for her. Kat is just coming back from leave and has no clue.
Date April 25, 2009


Minea's flitting through the halls, making for the office that she shares with another agent. She's not been active long enough to warrant her very own. There's files in hand, the blackberry coming to rest with a click against her belt, licking her lips in thought. It's the day after the Brooklyn capture and Minea's had more than a few words to say about useless HomeSec agents who crouch and do nothing and federal agents who just zoom zoom and find nothing. Coffee is in her other hand.

Katherine Marks. Well, Kat has been up to just about nothing. After a couple of weeks of leave, with the exception of one set of interrogations she filled in on because she happened to be at the office, she's done absolutely nothing for the last two weeks except stay home and drink, or go out and drink. Toss in the occasional meal now and then and you've got yourself one fun girl. Or not.

Finally back as work, she finds that she has no current assignment, so she sets about strightening her office. Then filing some files in her file cabinet. Then cleaning out her desk. Then.. oh for crying out loud. The girl is bored. She gets up and makes her way towards the break room to get a soda as mutters under her breath of her current state of boredom.

"Marks!" It's not yelled just, it's a familiar face. "Have you seen Agent Bradley" You know, April Bradley, pretty thing, brown hair, sating a guy named silvers. Force field maker. Minea quickens her steps to fall in with the brunette. "I'm looking for her, do you know if she's in today?"

Marks turns as her name is bellows. Ah. Things are starting to get back to normal. At least it isn't Goodman bellowing her name — at least not yet. She turns around and hms? "Bradley? No. I haven't seen a soul except you. Seems that everyone has an assignment except me." she shrugs. "Why? What's up?" she asks a curious furrow to her brow.

"We had that take down out in Brooklyn yesterday. Don't know if you heard about it. But she was there. Only, get this. She just tosses one of her shields, knocks the subjects over.. then walks off. doesn't even stick around to help try and grab the one that escaped, just in the middle of it all, walks off"

Kat blinks as she listens and narrows her eyes. "Are you certain it was her? That doesn't sound like her at all. Could have it been someone who looke — Wait, she put up a shield? Could it be she didn't know it was a bust?" she asks as she turns to lean her back up against the hallway wall.

"Everyone knew. Fuck, even Felix Ivanov showed up. Homesec pull out a call for help with a bust they were doing when they had runners. Bunch of us are in the area. How can she not have heard? But it was her, she looked like her, and she booted up that ability of her just like her. If it walks talks and looks like a duck"

Katherine frowns at that. "That doesn't make any sort of sense." She taps her fingers against the wall as leans against it. "Why would she do that?" Kat pushes herself off and flicks on her own Blackberry and hits the dial button after scrolling down to April's name. "She's not answering." She puts it back on her belt. "I mean.. don't we have a shapeshifter running around? There has to be some sort of reasonable explanation. April Bradley is a pretty dedicated agent."

"Thing is, i really don't think it was a shapeshifter. She even walked like her" Minea waits for Katherine to dial and no answer. "She might be out with her boyfriend. I left a message for her. I'm sure there was a good reason. You just don't walk away from shit like that. Even you didn't walk away and you were on vacation"

Kat merely shrugs. "Dunno what to tell you except it doesn't seem like that was her. I just can't wrap my brain around the fact that this stuff was going on around her and she did nothing. Even if she was on leave, or off duty, she would have been there getting all up into this crap. Hell, your perp probably would never have gotten away if she actually got involved."

"Yeah, my thoughts too. She doesn't seem the kind of agent to.. freeze. She's not wet behind the ears like me" Minea shakes her head, chewing on the inside of her lip. "If you see her, tell her I'm looking for her. Your the only one Is poke to so far about it. It's just.. something's not right. Like with the Alistair kid. Just something off, a hunch you know" Minea taps her files against her own upper leg. "Don't let me stop you, I just wanted to pick your brain"

Katherine waves it off as no big deal. "Just got back. Waiting for an assignment really." Kat seems to be a little off herself, not as — enthusiastic about her work as she had been prior to her taking leave. That — desire appears to be missing from her eyes now. She shrugs and moves to go on to the break room. "If you need any help, just ask." she offers, though the offer itself doesn't seem as genuine as it had been before. She starts down the hall.

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