Company Training Center
Company Training Center
Owner The Company
Hours of Operation 24/7
Current Status Open for Operation
People Come Here For… Company Agent Training

On the surface, an abandoned lamp manufacturing factory blends in to the urban landscape of Chicago, Illinois. However, like most Company holdings, what lies beneath this particular facility is far more revelatory than what rests on the surface for all to see. Beneath this factory rests the Company's second largest facility, a headquarters where all agents in training receive the specialized education that all Company agents receive.

Sprawling four square city blocks beneath the streets of Chicago, the Company Training Center is a labyrinthine structure housing residences for agents in training, firing ranges, parking garages, laboratories and classrooms where all agents of the Company cut their teeth, learning from the best of the Company's best in how to handle the Evolved.

Every agent spends at least some time within this facility's walls depending on their prior experience before joining the Company, while some senior agents return to the CTC after retiring from active duty to continue training new agents.

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