Database of Company Files

The purpose of this page is to keep track of various Company employee's statuses, who's working on which project, and what's happened with respect to each project.

The tables under each entry give dates of major events, a summary of what happened, and whether or not other characters can be expected to ICly know of this event.

The last column can be labeled with:

  • General Knowledge — Company Agents and employees should know this, either through memorandum or the office grapevine (Level 2)
  • Public File — Not necessarily on the grapevine, but something any agent can look up. (Level 3)
  • Restricted — Only supervisors and other individuals expressly informed are aware of it (Level 4 or 5)
  • OOC Info — No one knows, ICly (except those directly involved)

Agents and Employees

This section is strictly concerned with the assignments given to and job record of various agents and/or employees.

Reminder: 'Partnership', with respect to agents, refers to the long-term pairing of Evolved and non-Evolved agents as a working team. Agents may be assigned to the same case without being official partners; these are temporary arrangements and do not constitute a partnership, especially if the agents in question are both Evolved.

PC Agents

  • Agent Corbin Ayers, clearance level 4
  • Non-Evolved
  • Unpartnered
  • Working undercover in the New York Times.
2000 Recruited by the Company straight out of University General Knowledge
2001 Partnered with Hokuto Ichihara and began work with the New York Times in spin-doctoring and source material. Public File
2006 Partner retired. Hasn't kept a stable partner for longer than two months since. Public File

NPC Agents

  • Agent Bryan Buckley, clearance level 5
  • Evolved (Venomous Saliva)
  • Officially partnered with Agent Hollingwood on paper.
  • Currently assigned to Dr. Knutson's retrieval, in collaboration with the Haitian.
09/08 Tasked with planning Agent Bishop's recovery, with information provided by Niki Sanders. General Knowledge
11/10/08 Assigned to retrieve the missing Dr. Knutson. General Knowledge
12/30/08 Assigned to the Kill Squad. Restricted

Deceased/Retired/Inactive Agents

  • Agent Casey Broussard
  • Evolved (Mnemokinesis)
  • Unpartnered
  • Currently no assignment

Other Employees

03/26/09 Healed the injuries of Officer Bolivar Rodriguez-Smith during a Central Park shooting, an incident witnessed by Agents Marks and Dahl. Taken in for medical recovery and study. Public File
03/27/09 Marked by Company employees. Public File
05/22/09 Currently employed as a secretary by the Primatech Paper front. Public File

Bag and Tag Operations

03/23/09 Brought in by Agents Linus and Kain for bagging-and-tagging. Public File
03/26/09 Released in the morning after requisite memory alterations. Public File
03/26/09 Later that same night, ran into Agent Bishop and tried using her puppetry ability on her, an attempt that was quickly discouraged. Recommendation made by Bishop to Company supervisors that Chloe be (re)taken in and evaluated for recruitment. Public File
04/26/09 Recruitment successfully secured by Dahl, though Agent Marks' life was lost in the process. General Knowledge

Concerning Specific Individuals

03/24/09 Subject displayed odd behavior in front of Agent Dahl, flinging an object from afar with repeated accuracy. Followed back to motel residence and collected name. Will put under surveillance to see if suspicion is correct. Public File
04/16/09 Subject bagged along with sister on Staten Island when opportunity presented itself to agents. Dahl and Collins Public File
04/17/09 Subject questioned and was not co-operative. Information about ability was eventually received through questioning the sister. Subjected was tagged, wiped back to first encounter with Agent Dahl and released back on Staten Island with sibling. Public File

Other Developments

9/19/08 Elle Bishop was abducted by the Evolved who escaped from Level 5. General Knowledge
? Agent Buckley was tasked with planning Elle's recovery, with information provided by Niki Sanders. General Knowledge
10/28/08 Elle was freed from her kidnappers and returned to the Company. General Knowledge
10/28/08 Suspected arson destroyed Elle's location of imprisonment, killing three people. General Knowledge (OOC Knowledge: the arsonist was Elle.)
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