Company Investigations Department

In 2010 under the auspices of then assistant director Martin Crowley the Company performed a trial run of a specialized investigative department of the Company that abolished the decades old "One of Us, One of Them" rule within the organization. The Investigative Department performed duties from February 2010 to May of 2010 during acting assistant-director Crowley's tenure.


When senior agent Benjamin Ryans was appointed to the position of Assistant-Director on May 21st, 2010 an act by both Director Sabra Dalton and Bob Bishop gave the investigative department an official position within the Company as a department branch, appointing Martin Crowley as administrative head and Benjamin Ryans as field lead, with agent Veronica Sawyer as assistant field lead.

In the wake of the attack on Fort Hero by Akado Ichihara and the betrayal of Albert Paulson the Company has also come under scrutiny by the United States Government, whom have appointed Desmond Harper, a member of the President's Evolved Tactical Advisory Bureau, as oversight.


The Investigative Department is a branch of the Company that responds to local, state and federal law-enforcement for criminal investigations involving Evolved individuals. They typically assist organizations such as the NYPD under the guise of the Department of Homeland Security's "Special Investigations" branch, taking control of cases where an expertise on dealing with the Evolved is necessary.

Due to administrative arrangements made in 2009, however, the Company no longer handled "Bag and Tag" operations. If any Evolved individual who would normally have qualified for a Bag and Tag is apprehended by the Company, they are turned over to operatives from a Government-sponsored research organization known as the _institute.


The Investigative Department
Character Position Details
martin_icon.gif Administrative Head Senior Agent Martin Crowley, former Internal Affairs investigator, is the administrative head of the investigative department, serving as lead organizer and executor of the team. Crowley also has the authority to appoint or fire members of the investigative team at his discretion.
ryans2_icon.gif Field Lead Assistant-Director Benjamin Ryans is the field leader of the team. He has final authority over the team while on assignment in the field and acts as a tactical advisor to his team members. Despite his appearance, Ryans brings to the team nearly thirty years of experience as a Company field agent.
veronica3_icon.gif Second Field Lead Agent Veronica Sawyer serves as the secondary field lead, assuming full control over the team in situations when Assistant-Director Ryans is not available for an operation. She holds authority to appoint temporary command to any agent beneath her in this heirarchy equal to herself.
corbin2_icon.gif Intelligence Company Archives Manager Corbin Ayers is the department's intelligence specialist, handling all requests for case files, dossiers or information searches pertaining to case work.
lee_icon.gif Intelligence Agent Gracie Lee is a criminal psychologist and behavioral analyst, offering her services in profiling and behavioral patterning to the department.
fitzpatrick_icon.gif Intelligence Agent Grant Fitzpatrick is an NYPD forensics specialist focusing in fingerprinting and blood-spatter analysis, his intelligence is often applied in cases of Evolved homicide and works in collaboration with the Company forensics department.
lashirah_icon.gif Intelligence Agent Lashirah Lee is a forensics specialist who primarily performs lab work within the confines of Fort Hero. Her expertise with forensic pathology is an invaluable asset to the team.
allison_icon.gif Intelligence Psychologist Allison Richards is an information retrieval specialist, utilizing the ability of hypnotic suggestion to compel confessions from interrogated individuals.
henry_icon.gif Field Agent Agent Henry Webb, former United States Marine Corps, is valued within the department for his critical thinking skills and combat expertise. Webb is one of the department's most highly trained agents in areas of urban combat and hand-to-hand combat. He (along with agent Delgado) is an accomplished sniper.
maria_icon.gif Field Agent Agent Maria Delgado possesses a master's degree in biotechnology and is a critical reference point in the Company for matters pertaining to biological research. As a former Navy officer she also possesses a rigid discipline and commendable combat expertise. Her Evolved human ability of flight allows her to perform reconnaissance operations most agents cannot.
rain_icon.gif Field Agent Agent Rain O'Niel is a valuable field agent with a specialized Evolved ability that allows him to generate barriers that reflect kinetic energy, allowing him to protect the lives of agents in the field during hostile situations. He has a reputation for insubordination, however.
bianca_icon.gif Field Agent Agent Bianca Karina possesses a master's degree in psychology and has served with the Company for five years. She is a fully-trained field agent whom has led several bag and tag operations in the past.
deckard4_icon.gif Field Agent Flint Deckard is field agent for the Company capable of seeing through several meters of solid objects with a form of X-Ray vision. His skills as a sharpshooter are an asset to the team.
dante_icon.gif Field Agent Former NYPD detective Dante Lupinetti brings an exceptional eye for detail to the Investigative Department by way of his Evolved human ability of super intuition, allowing him to discern even the smallest details from a crime scene. His analytical capabilities are a considerably boost to the department's capacity for solving crimes.
isabella_icon.gif Field Agent Agent Isabella Dawson brings a degree in forensics and a background in the NYPD to the investigations team.
rossling_icon.gif Field Agent Agent Albert Rossling serves as a field agent within the department, adding twenty years of experience with the Company to any assignment he is a part of. Rossling's specialties lie in problem solving and tactical assessment.
flora_icon.gif Field Agent Agent Flora Anderson is primarily a field agent with the evolved ability of illusions which comes in handy in the past. (NPC)
liza_icon.gif Agent Trainee Agent-Trainee Elizabeth Messer is an understudy of Agent Rossling, staying on with the Investigative Department to learn the ins and outs of Company procedure for when she becomes a full-fledged agent. She has a background in criminal justice and computer science.
harper_icon.gif Oversight Desmond Harper is a government liaison to the Company, serving as oversight to Company procedures and occasionally rides along during investigations to observe and report his findings.
gael_icon.gif Oversight The Company's administrative assistant, Gael Cruz acts as a second degree of oversight for the Investigations Department, serving as an intermediary between the department's administration and Company Directors.
rene_icon.gif Field Agent "Rene" is a valuable asset to the Company's investigative department. Rene's abilities of memory manipulation and ability negation are fearsome and his presence is in high demand by the Company, making him often times unavailable for every assignment.
elle_icon.gif Field Agent Daughter of Director Bob Bishop, Elle Bishop is a part-time member of the investigations department, lending her years of expertise and lethal electrokinesis ability to assignments on request only.
bryan_icon.gif Field Agent Senior Agent Bryan Buckley is a part-time member of the investigations department, offering his years of experience and commendable hand-to-hand combat expertise and stealth applications on request.
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