Isotope Tracking
The Mark

The Company has long had a practice of locating Evolved indivduals, capturing them for brief study, wiping their memories of the encounter and (usually) letting them go again. Those who have been 'bagged and tagged' by the Company are injected with a radioactive isotope, which leaves two short parallel lines on their neck ("the Mark"). This isotope can be detected by a satellite, allowing the Company to keep track of those they mark.

The satellite is in a polar orbit around the Earth. In a twelve-hour period, it is able to scan the entire Earth's surface, which means every Evolved who has been marked is 'seen' at least twice each day. This allows the Company to keep track of their location and movements — to an extent.

Unlike radio tracking, in which each individual is assigned a unique frequency, the isotope used is the same for all so marked. Thus, the satellite cannot explicitly record 'Hana is here', only that 'A marked individual is here'. Identity can be extrapolated with assistance of other records.

Additionally, as there is only one satellite in orbit to monitor the isotope traces, the system does not pinpoint locations with great precision. Under ideal conditions (more polar latitudes, high quality signal), it can resolve to the level of a large city — i.e. 'There are four traces in the area of New York City'.

Cross-referencing this data with other information (home address, place of employment, habits) does enable the Company to keep fairly close tabs on each individual.

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