Company Policies

This page documents information that players of Company employees and prospective employees should be familiar with. If there are any questions, comments, suggestions, or other feedback, please bring it to Rose or Len.

Recruitment Protocol

Individuals who are believed to 1) have skills, talents, and/or powers useful to the Company and 2) a mentality compatible with Company ends and means may be approached by a pair of agents and recruited into Company service. By and large, this translates to 'a desire to keep the Evolved population in check', although sufficiently impressionable youths (college-age) are also valid recruit material. Frequently, bag-and-tag targets are given a summary introduction and offered an opportunity to join; those who do not are mindwiped as usual. Recruits who do not actually join may be mindwiped, or they may be left with memories intact provided they do not pose a security risk to the Company.

The approach may be conducted in any fashion the agents believe will succeed.

Notable examples for OOC inspiration include:

  • Mohinder was partially mislead and partially mousetrapped into working for the Company
  • Hugh and Gwendolyn Wickham were recruited in the wake of a joint SAS/MI-6 operation involving an Evolved target.
  • Rami Hollingwood was recruited after he was demoted from field operations in the CIA.
  • Gavin Montag was recruited effectively with the promise to teach him control and use of his Evolved ability.
  • Hana Gitelman was recruited and trained by Noah Bennet posing as a CIA agent. For the duration of her affiliation, she believed she was working for the CIA. However, this backfired later on.
  • Colby Martinez was recruited after killing her wife's Evolved murderer, with all charges for that murder being dropped under the Company's influence.

Employment Opportunities

Support Personnel: the scientists, technicians, doctors, nurses, and everyone else who knows what the Company does and why, but are not agents. They run the machinery, perform the analyses, keep everyone in good condition, and do all the specialized technological tasks an agent can't hope to keep on top of. Support personnel often have a cover job with one of the Company's front organizations.

Examples of support personnel: Bella, Kayla, Mohinder

Specific positions wanted:
Bioscience Research into the genetics defining Evolved, biochemical markers and interactions, improvement of the Haitian pills and neurotoxin suppressant.
Computers Software development, maintenance, operations of specialized systems, tech security.
Medical General care, nursing, surgery, trauma.
Psychology Crisis counseling, interactions between Evolved abilities and user's personality, psychiatric therapy.
Security Self-explanatory.

Other roles include custodians and building/equipment maintenance, secretaries, lab technicians, though these are expected to have relatively fewer RP hooks.

Relationship with Law Enforcement

In February of 2007, following Senator Petrelli's famous announcement, Bob Bishop made the difficult decision to step forward and make the Company known to the U.S. government. In exchange for immunity against Homeland Security, Bishop assured Nathan Petrelli and others that they would receive full cooperation from his people — they, after all, had almost thirty years of research that might help HomeSec in its crusade against dangerous Evolved individuals like Sylar.

The Company is spearheading the development of tests for identifying Evolved. The Company designed the holding facilities Homeland Security has had built. Agents of the Company are the primary recourse for identifying, tracking, and capturing high-powered and/or criminal Evolved. Homeland Security keeps an eye on them, doesn't get in their way as long as they and the Company are working towards the same ends, supplies their own agents for training, and provides the official covers under which field agents work.

Although the Company has been working closely with Homeland Security since May of 2007, it has retained its independence. Additionally, just because the Company and HomeSec work together does not mean the Company ascribes to a full-disclosure policy with respect to HomeSec. In fact, most of the Company's records and investigations have been withheld towards its own ends. Similarly, HomeSec regards the Company with some suspicion — they hid themselves for almost thirty years and have who-knows-what ulterior motives now — but works with them as a necessary evil, HomeSec still being in the position of playing catch-up when it comes to dealing with the Evolved.

All agents of both organizations have access to a list of their "colleagues" in order to avoid potential conflict should they happen to run into one another in the field. The New York Police Department, on the other hand, knows nothing about the Company or its operations — Bob Bishop and the higher-ups at HomeSec would like to keep it this way.

Employee Covers

Biomere Research, Inc. is a small genetic and biotechnology research firm based out of Morningside Heights. Most of its employees are not aware of and have no part in Company matters, but several of the firm's administrators are, and they deftly steer its research in directions the Company finds intriguing.

Employees in biological and biotech professions may work at Biomere, or have paperwork saying they do.


Agents have partners. They are always paired one Evolved to one non-Evolved, without exception. These partnerships are permanent until and unless circumstances dictate a reassignment. All effort is made to ensure the agents paired up are of compatible and complementary personalities, so they actually work together and not against one another. Agents who are not partners may be assigned to the same task, but that does not make them partners; it is a temporary association. Evolved may work with Evolved, and non-Evolved with non-Evolved, but not permanently.

Security and Clearance Levels

Level 1 clearance is usually associated with peripheral employees who have sanctioned knowledge of the Company, and may be tapped for specific purposes, but are not involved in its core operations.

An example might be a scientist who assisted in the development of the Evolved test kits at an out-of-state research center; they would report to the Company, but generally pursue their own day-to-day business and are only occasionally impacted by the Company.

Another example would be Nalani Hollingwood, the sister of deceased agent Rami Hollingwood; she was given access to suppressant pills in exchange for using her power at the Company's request and towards its ends.

Agent Operations

Part of an agent's everyday role is to identify Evolved individuals, particularly unregistered ones. Any individual suspected of Evolved status is to be monitored however possible, and the nature of their ability ascertained, preferably by non-invasive and non-hazardous means.

OOC Protocols

  • Communication: If you do anything on Company time, anything at all, note it somewhere appropriate on the Assignments page and/or the Company bulletin board. Preferably on the Assignments wikipage with an 'I updated the assignments page with such-and-such' note on the board. Memos that would go around to most agents/employees should be summarized on the board. If you're not sure what to do with a piece of info, ask Rose. But try and make sure all relevant information makes the rounds.
  • Odd Jobs: By all means, if someone says 'I want to be tagged', or if some IC lead comes up, pursue it; you don't need to get supervisor permission to do every little thing. (That said, be prepared to face the consequences if you do something they ICly disapprove of.) However, as a matter of courtesy, if a case has been assigned to particular agents, don't charge after it yourself without at least their OOC approval (or the IC direction of a supervisor).
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