Completely Wiped


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Scene Title Completely Wiped
Synopsis One of the operatives in Prospect Park steps up to allow Kaylee to check their memories.
Date June 14, 2010

Prospect Park

Prospect Park is a 585-acre public park sitting square in the heart of Brooklyn. While the borough around this verdant region of lush foliage, tall trees and rolling hills is prospering, Prospect Park has become something of a ghetto within the city's bowels. Brooklyn has grown steadily following the destruction of Midtown, but not everyone in New York City can afford to live in Brooklyn, and those that cant have resorted to vagrancy across the city. Some brave the southern edge of Central Park on Manhattan, but the lion's share of mainland New York's homeless are here in Prospect Park.

Where once was a blossoming park pulling itself up from a nadir of abandonment and disuse in the seventies, Prospect Park has sunken back down into a state of disrepair and squalor. Tracts of forested land are laden with blue tarp tents, fire pits and makeshift shanty towns. The park is no longer officially maintained by the state of New York due to budget constraints, so the park's once pristine boat house and other facilities have been made into a makeshift homeless community, such as they are.

The Prospect Park Zoo, which once featured over seven hundred animals, was closed shortly after the bomb and the facility rests in decay in the park behind rusting iron gates and sturdy fence.

With the snow melted and the weather warm again, Prospect Park isn't perhaps so bad. It didn't take long for vagrants to move back in, the landscape once more dotted with blue tarps, tents and even hastily-built shanty houses. When you have nowhere else to go, you make do with what you have.

The recently turned up Ferrymen operatives are presently among those with nowhere else to go, waiting in Prospect Park as the afternoon sun strolls across the sky for someone to figure out what happened, and perhaps more importantly, what to do about it. Their location inside the park is not a very closely guarded secret, and they've kept together in case any sudden revelations might jar all of their memories back to life. So far, this isn't seeming any more likely than it did in the past.

The day is drawing to a close, and the inhabitants of Prospect Park have come out to build fires, cook their dinners, and chat with their neighbors to pass their time. It's not so bad, after all, if you manage to look past the fact that, yes, it is pretty bad.

Least they're not burning anymore bodies therefore the smell isn't so bad. Bags of fast food, a few grocery bags too and things to make life here at Prospect Park more bearable for the displaced ferry folks, Abigail and Kaylee parked and made their way so that they can try and fulfill the errand that Eileen has set before them. Daunting really when you take into fact that most folks don't like a telepath meandering through their mind, and therefore might vehemently object. But then again, if it's for the ferry, perhaps they might, if it will get them home faster and sooner.

Boots pick through the mud, Taser kept close but discreet, worry that someone might accost them for the supplies that they have on them. Supplies that may or may not be shared with those beyond the Ferry's persons. But the tents are located, and the cotton candy haired EMT levy's a smile as she calls out the name of at least one of the known resident. "We come, bearing gifts and comfort, it's Abigail and Kaylee"

Hair pulled back into a loose ponytail against the heat, Kaylee follows after Abby, bags held in the fingers of her good hand, the other rests across her middle for something to do with it. As much as she hates the reactions she gets from people, the telepath is use to it. She doesn't exactly go traipsing into people's heads on a daily basis, so one would hope that would help a little bit.

Never easy being a mind reader… Damned if you do, or damned if you don't. Kaylee at least can take comfort in those that trust her. Something that's she's thankful for. Her wrapped arm is lifted gingerly in greeting to those there, triyng to give them a reassuring smile.

It's not hard for Abigail to draw attention to herself and Kaylee, between the call of a name and her pink hair. The extra good news is that at least one of those names is familiar, because it's initially met with a notification that the group around the mix-match of camping tents by the water should look lively: "Hey, we got visitors!"

One, two, five, eight are up and standing and then moving to meet them halfway, every one of them looking extra happy to see the pair. "Welcome to Chateau Prospect, ladies," says one, the same that announced their arrival and took the lead in ushering everyone else over, "Brought an awful lot with you there, need a hand with any of it?" It's not just that they're happy to see the food, though. Their genuinely happy to see someone that they know is watching out for them, even if it's just some food and company. Their day has just been brightened considerably, evident in their smiles and the way they carry themselves when they walk, standing just a little bit tall.

"It's all yours to dispense with as you see fit. Hopefully, we can get you back to your houses soon enough. Company and food isn't the only reason we're here, but one of the main ones" Abigail gives up bags after the ones are taken from Kaylee, moving forth to the fire. Wings, cross and latin tugs visible under tank top straps, hidden sometimes by pink curls let loose. "Eileen and the Ferry have a request. you're free to refuse and none will think any the less of you if you choose to. Not many people done really enjoy what is being asked"

There's a glance to the blonde with her. "Would any of you consent to letting Kaylee take a tiptoe through your recent days" Abby taps at her own temple. "See if either memories of what you went through were just blocked and still there, so she can see what was done, or whether they're just flat out erased?"

There is a look of thanks given as Kaylee is relieved of her bags, giving the man who gave it a small smile, before she moves to follow Abigail. The telepath hasn't fallen to tank tops yet, but she's wearing a Harley t-shirt and jeans, along with her boot.

As Abby pleads the case, Kaylee is silent for the moment, until the pink haired one is done. "I know how frustrating those missing memories are." She offers, looking at everyone present. "The took some of mine too, but unlike you all, I can't exactly get help to get them back." She glances to Abby, before Kaylee takes a step forward.

"I am Ferry, some of you probably recognize me. Like Abby said — and I promise you — all I plan to do is look at the more recent memories starting with the last one you have before you woke up here. In fact, that is what I'll be having you think about." A smile tugs her at her lips. "I'll see what I can do from there… no guarantees tho. Besides, even if I wanted to do more then that, Grace and Scott would flay my hide." And lord knows Scott is scary enough. Both her hands lift, as she adds, "I promise, won't do a thing if you don't want me, too."

Smiles did and some fade, as the operators with gaps in their memories share glances among each other. After a moment, the group's leader raises a single finger to indicate, 'Just a moment,' and all eight disperse back to their tents to hold a whispered discussion among themselves. Whether Kaylee is trustworthy or not, this is still a big deal, not something to be rushed through.

They spend a good minute in discussion, and if there is any one good sign, it's that the entire discussion appears to remain civil. Finally, they break and return to the duo, exchanging a few more glances before, at last, "Just mine." It's a place to start, at least.

"We'll see what happens," the lead amnesiac states again, "And if results are good, maybe more. But we're still ready for dinner, and all that."

There's a bit of a worrisome look when they all decide to scurry back and caucus, a nod for their request to wait. Fair enough and understandable. None are so liberal as she when it comes to a telepath romping around in ones mind. She waits with palms clasped in front of her, treating the campsite as if it were their brick and mortar home.

It is a place to start, one persons and the smile and glance shows a very appreciative Abigail. "It's is a start. Baby steps yes? Kaylee's the one with the thing" A tap to her temple again. "How about… you both sit and do that thing that she and you will do and I will go with the others and I will help em make dinner. I'm pretty fierce at a campfire, let me tell you. My Daddy done took me camping all the time"

When they are asked to wait, the telepath gives an understanding nod, and gestures to them to do so. She's not stranger to all this, so she gives Abby a glance and a bit of a smirk as if to say ' Not the first time.'

When they head back, the young blonde gives them her full attention "One is all I need to try." Kaylee says with a short nod of her head, giving him a small smile. "And if I can't get the one, then there is no chance on the others." It's straightforward, but what is she gonna do? Lie.

"Lead the way, better if I sit for this, cause chances are if it's just a block, it'll take some work." Kaylee says while motioning to the man. Not the first time she's dealt with something like that.

The Leader gives a slight, and slightly theatrical bow, arms raised just so as he does before he slides off towards a drier spot- relatively drier, at any rate- while another of the eight offers to take the bags that Kaylee is carrying so she doesn't have to wrestle with them and stray thoughts at the same time. While the rest of the group heads back to the tents with Abby in tow, Kaylee's 'client' finds a small mound of rocks that ought to keep them out of the mud and, with a dust-dust from his hand, takes a seat. "So," he says, "How's this work? I need to, uh, close my eyes or anything?"

Settling close to the man, her leg folded under her so that she's sitting to face him. Both hands lift towards the leader's temples, Kaylee chuckles softly. "You don't have too. Unless it's easier for you." Her head tilts just a touch, brows lifting a little in a silent question. "However… I do." She gives him a smile, before her eyes slide shut and the tips of her fingers touch his temples.

"Just… watch out for the arm. I'd rather not have to get all those stitches done again." One eyes cracks open to relay that, before she shuts it again. "Okay… I need you to think of the last thing you remember before waking here. Gives me a point of reference." The words are spoken softly, he won't feel the gentle pressure until he thinks of that moment. That is when she'll dive into to look at that block of missing memories.

Okay. Let's see what we find.

"Gotcha." Both of them with their eyes closed, The Leader thinks back, back, back to what he does remember. Which, from his frame of reference, isn't very far. But for Kaylee, it's enough to get started, and it's not much of a fight to get started, in fact.

What he does remember is Midtown, the safe house that used to be there, what he was doing. No gunfire, or panicked shouts or anything. A quiet day of keeping things in order. And then suddenly, he opens his eyes and he's in Prospect Park. No jumble of thoughts, no blurred images, no black bars covering up the details. It doesn't matter what hidden details Kaylee looks for, or how many times she reviews the memories, be it two times or two hundred times: There's nothing to review. It's as if the motion picture that is his life has had a strip of it neatly excised with an X-acto knife before it was carefully taped back together, the Midtown Safe House abruptly ending mid-scene and Prospect Park beginning with the transition leading to it taken out.

Whatever he- and likely the others- had seen during their absence, it's gone now, and most likely, gone forever, left on the floor of the cutting room.

Brows furrow as Kaylee's head turns slightly as she reaches that point in his mind. When it completely skips to the next moment, there is a frustrated huff. She does try to look at it, examine it, but finally… she has to admit defeat. Slowly the pressure lessens from his mind and Kaylee's eyes snap open, looking not happy at all. "I — I'm sorry. Completely wiped."

Her hands drop away, after the press apologetically to the sides of his head. Finger's move to pinch at the bridge of her nose as her head has it's own pressure now. It's never easy to fiddle with mind, but at least it's not a headache. Both hands now fall in her lap and she shakes her head slowly. "Nothing I can do about a wiped mind. If it was blocked yes, but it is literally all gone."

Kaylee isn't the only one feeling the sting of defeat, as evidenced by the now-crestfallen The Leader. This had seemed like such a good shot at uncovering what happened.

"Well," he says, before his expression suddenly brightens, "Don't worry about it." Standing up and dusting his pants off, the man extends a hand down to Miss Thatcher, offering some help up. "Hot food sounds like the order of the day, this time without a boot in it for flavor." He's kidding, right? "You two can catch us all up on the news of the day." He sure looks awful serious. He was kidding, right? Right??

'Nope, just a hot stone in the soup!' Comes from Abigail who's been helping with things around the fire. These are their people and while the flavor of tonight is disappointment with a side of defeat. "Hope it was a leather boot and not a pleather fake one." This wasn't good news to bring back to Eileen and it meant that uncertainty was in these peoples future.

"Maybe it's good that you don't remember. A blessing in disguise. So that you don't know what happened there to you. You can't have any nightmares if you don't remember" She's never had memory modification, though she's fixed it sorta in the past.

The hand offered to the telepath is taken, brows lifting a bit. "Taking it pretty well." Kaylee observes as her hand slips out of his, once she's on her feet. "Hopefully, we can figure something out for you all." She observes with a soft sigh."I know I hated having to wait around like this."

She turns towards the fire, intent on helping Abby get those people fed. Glancing at the leader, Kaylee gives him a smile, "Come on, food awaits at least." For Kaylee what Abby thinks is a possible blessing, the telepath thinks as a curse. She may have had a chance to see her father and the Institute took that memory away.

Kaylee would rather have those memories back, no matter how bad.

Good, bad. Maybe it's the memories they do have that count more than the ones they used to have. What makes for better memories, after all, than a good dinner with friends around the fire? Stew, stories, and even, Shakespear? Sure, why not? Stranger things have happened.

The eight keep Abigail and Kaylee as long as they can, before they must go back to their own lives. Maybe they didn't get their memories back, and maybe they have to stay in the park a bit longer, but it's not so bad if they can have the occasion get-together like this one. It reminds them they are Ferryman and, more importantly still, reminds them they are not, and will never be alone in this war.

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