Concerning Miss Childs


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Scene Title Concerning Miss Childs
Synopsis Beginning his assessment of the theater of conflict, Ethan goes over some intelligence with Amato.
Date October 20, 2008


Though it's less than two miles square, Chinatown is home to some quarter of a million residents. Cramped, ancient tenements are the norm, though the fourty-four story Confucious Plaza standing at the corner of Bowery and Division does boast luxurious accommodations by comparison. Mulberry Street, Canal Street, and East Broadway are home to streetside green grocers and fishmongers, and Canal Street also boasts an impressive array of Chinese jewelry shops.

There have been many people who have come to see the vandalism left in Chinatown by the terrorist group known as PARIAH. As far as graffiti goes, it's rather artful, and with people comes money — money that can be spent to help support the various small businesses, legal and less than legal, that thrive in this small but dense district of New York City. In the dying light, the wall is lit only by various street lamps and shop windows that casually throw their illumination on the surface.

Amato walks with one gloved hand deep in his coat pocket, his crimson scarf wrapped tightly around his neck and tucked into the garment. The other hand holds a copy of today's paper, He nods when he comes up to the wall, his face hardening until it is nigh-unreadable. "There it is," he says in a deadpan before he averts his attention to the paper, turned to a small article regarding lions and lawyers.

Walking alongside Amato, is the larger form of the Wolf. With his gloved hands tucked in both of his long back coat pockets he casually glances to all the graffiti. Rolling his head back to look straight up, he rotates his neck from side to side, emitting a light cracking noise. "You know," The British man starts with a long exhale as he looks back down to Pariah's mural. "That's a cute scarf, Amato." Ethan ends without any hint of a smile. Striding forward the man goes to inspect the scene further. "How does one join PARIAH…?" He muses to himself, scanning the scene quietly.

Taking his hands out of his pockets he places one fist into another palm and cracks his knuckles, turning his hands over he cracks his other hand. Spinning on one heel, Ethan kicks a stone on the ground, over emphasizing the motion. "What are you reading, Amato?"

"«It keeps my neck warm,»" Amato answers in French without missing a beat and without any inflection in his voice outside of what comes naturally with a perfect French accent. It hasn't taken him long to get back into the groove of ignoring a lot of Ethan's quips regarding his personal appearance and mannerisms. "«I am reading the newspaper,»" comes his second answer, but before Ethan has a chance to comment, he continues. "«A man named Paul Heart, who is on the government's list of…individuals, saved a boy from lions yesterday. It is not specific how he did so, but the way this is worded…he may be like our Munin, only much more dangerous.»" Not that Munin is a pushover, in any way, shape, or form. "«But he is listed as Tier 0. Either the government doesn't see such a thing as harmful, or he is a demon of an entirely different sort.»"

"«Well good, I'll just get another color for your birthday. Maybe a bright pink would suit you well."» Ethan responds in French in kind. His accent may not be as perfect as Amato's, but its certainly not bad. Likewise, it hasn't taken him long to get back into the groove of starting a lot of Ethan's quips regarding Amato's personal appearance and mannerisms. His mouth opens as Amato states the obvious, but he doesn't have the time to speak. "«Made himself known. Saved a boy from the lions den, but put him in the wolf's… den.»" Ethan ends, trying to make his statement poetic, though his delivery isn't the best. «"What else does it say about this Paul Heart? His address maybe?"» He asks with a smile, bending over the man picks up a stone and casts it lazily into the darkness.

The utter failure at poetics on Ethan's part pulls a smirk from his compatriot. "«No, no address,»" Amato answers with a shake of his head. "«But it does say he is an activist. An outspoken one at that. Perhaps he knows this Pariah. Even if he doesn't, he is already on the List. He may have bumped himself to the top, however.»" Amato looks up at Ethan then, one eyebrow quirked with mild curiosity. "«Or are we not to target the demons of…a higher classification?»" More old biddies and the like?

"«An activist.»" Ehtan muses quietly, «"An activist for the Evolved. Puts his life in danger for a boy. We have ourselves a hero."» The Wolf says, putting his hand into one of his coat pockets pulling out a pack of cigarettes. Pulling out a single, he drops the pack back in then takes a lighter out and sets himself up. "«Perhaps we bring a poor persecuted Evolved to this Paul Heart, we desperately plead for his help. We gain his trust.»" Taking a deep pull from his cigarette, he pulls it away from his mouth, exhaling. "Then we milk what we can out of him and fuck him over. Royally." He adds with a bit of a smirk at the end. He regards Amato for a moment. "«A kill is a kill, Amato. We'll get them all, doesn't matter who we find first.»"

Amato is silent for a moment before he folds his newspaper and tucks it under his arm. Both hands go back into his pockets then, and he turns to walk away from the wall, down a street and passed several booths of fruits and other produce. "«This is why you are here — to come up with such plans. Who shall we use? Munin?»" Amato stops walking then and turns to fix slightly narrowed eyes on Ethan. "«How do you know that he is incapable of causing her harm of some sort?»"

"«I did not suggest Munin.»" Ethan mumbles. "«You did.»" He rolls his neck around. Taking another deep pull of his cigarette, Ethan lowers his hand to his side as he walks alongside Amato. "«If we absolutely must use Munin, very well. But there has to be someone out there. A desperate youth, scared of his abilities. Terrified that he is different. We could find someone.. Manipulate them into thinking we are their best friends. Convince them that the world is after them.. Perhaps make it seem like people are after them."» Ethan pauses scratching his chin with his free hand. "«I know how you love to quote your bible."» He almost says it as if it is derogatory. "«Try this. In the movie the Count of Monte Cristo, the Count needs to use a boy to a certain end. How does he do this? The men who work for the Count attack the boy. Then he single-handedly rescues him. Trust. An instant relationship.»" Ethan explains casually as he smokes, gesticulating with his hands as he speaks to the other man.

"Gillian Childs," is the name Amato offers. "«"And The Count of Monte Cristo was a book before it was ever a film, Ethan. Gillian…she is an amplifier, I think. But I have been unable to find her on the list." Amato ponders, shaking his head as he thinks. "«But she was afraid of me once I triggered her. And the chances of finding one young girl in a city this size can't be on our side without God's direct help, unless you have some strange new tricks up your sleeves I am unaware of.»"

Snorting, Ethan clears his throat. "«It was better as a movie.»" Ethan scoffs. "«Can you tell me anything else Amato? Besides her name, though trust me, if I wanted to, I could find her with just a name. But anything else you could tell me, where did you meet her, does she have any friends, who do I have to beat the shit out of to find her? Anything Amato, pump your brain.»" Ethan commands, stopping in the easy stroll he turns to face his co-worker. Placing his cigarette in his mouth he lowers his hand, puffing on it.

There is certainly more to tell. "«A park in…Queens. With more pavement than grass. And she looked troubled. Lot of makeup around her eyes, and tattoos on her legs and wrists. Roses and thorn-like lines.»" It has only been a couple of weeks since Amato had his singular encounter with the teenager, and even with all that has happened between now and then, Amato's memory is one of his greatest assets. "«She was drawing.»"

Ethan's eyes widen as he looks to Amato. He opens his mouth and the cigarette falls out of his mouth and drops to the ground. Ethan's facial features express complete shock. His face looks rather comical though it is agape with amazement. Raising his hands up, the man shakes his head. "Wait.." He says in English. "Are you telling me, this woman draws?!" He says rather loudly in astonishment. "Well fuck Amato! Why didn't you say that earlier! Now all we have to do is find the woman in New York City with a fucking sketchpad!" The last bit isn't so much astonishment as admonishment. He lowers his hands to his sides then stomps on his cigarette, with much force.

Amato's already narrowed eyes close to slits, and while Ethan is stomping out his cigarette, he pulls out the newspaper to smack the larger man in the arm. It's not incredibly forceful, but it's a definite strike. "Remember yourself, Ethan Holden," he says with a frigidness mastered by few, the majority among which wear stoles and robes at least weekly. "You asked for information. I have given some." Taking a deep breath and replacing the newspaper under his arm, Amato takes a moment adjust his gloves with a pair of undeniably prissy tugs. "«Her sister is registered — her sister is on this list, and controls water in the atmosphere. It was this girl who turned on her sister-demon and brought her harm by the government's authorities. She is a practiced liar, not unlike yourself.»"

Ethan makes no move to defend himself. He allows himself to be swatted, and only grins back at Amato in response to the strike. He watches Amato tug on his gloves, but doesn't say anything. Did the reprimand teach the man his lesson??? Most likely not. "Now that is some information I could use. Do you know her sisters name, Amato. Something Childs?" To Amato's final cut, Ethan feigns embarrassment. "Amato. You're making me blush."

"«She was young,»" is Amato's only verbal answer, though Ethan's reactions gain him an unamused pursing of the Italian's lips. "«Her sister is close in age, and so I can only assume that she is still unmarried, and yes, a Childs. If she is Tier 1, she is on the list, but my time to inspect our copy has been limited as of late. I presume your presence and equipment will rectify this discrepancy.»"

"«Good.»" Ethan says softly, sticking his hands in his coat he looks up towards the sky. "Paul… Gillian… Sister." Taking a moment, the man smiles lightly. "«We're going to be friends.»" Taking a few steps back into the stroll Ethan's smile turns into a full on grin. Taking one hand out of his pockets, he lays a beefy hand on his associate's shoulder. "«Think you could manage looking scary if I gave you a gun?"»

Maybe, Ethan.



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