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Scene Title Confidentiality
Synopsis Audrey calls in the owners of Redbird to lay down some rules and put them on notice before making them sign.
Date July 15, 2010

Audrey's Office, Federal Plaza, Financial District.

"What do you mean she turned into smoke?" Cardinal and Peyton can hear Audrey in her office, the door open enough to shed light and sound on whatever is going on in the office when he shows up and is escorted to the umpteenth floor where the windowless office resides that belongs to the dark haired homesec agent.

The blonde male agent in his grey suit stands opposite her, file folder in hand. "We followed her, just like you asked. She returned to her place of residence, Donnar thinks she slept, he saw not much movement at all, when she left a few hours later, she headed for Staten Island. We think it was Staten Island. She changed."

Define changed Jacobson" Cardinal and Peyton aren't privy to actually seeing her face, but Audrey's hand are as she turns, presumably to park on a chair from the sound of the furniture creaking.

"As in she became smoke, like the copy of the midtown man at the Lighthouse when he turned into the Asian individual. Turned into it and went into the water. We couldn't see sp-" He cuts off, at the knock on the door from the lackey who had human fed ex duties to bring Audrey her requested appointment. "Later Jacobson, come after this" Knowing what's outside the door. "Go write it up, Now. Christ"

It's definitely a rather interesting conversation to hear parts of, Cardinal's brow lifting a little behind the edge of his shades, head turning a bit to look to Peyton before he looks back to the door. "Busy woman," he quips idly, seeming quite casual about things. He's dressed nicely for the meeting; a grey suit, not tailored but of a good cut on him, a striped grey-and-black tie slicing down over his chest.

A "Sp" with business in Staten Island, Peyton can think of, but she's pretty sure that particular woman doesn't have metamorph abilities. She exchanges glances with Cardinal and gives a half smile. She's nervous but trying to look grown up and business-like herself, dressed in a pale gray sheath dress, her hair up in a chignon, a pair of Jackie Onassis style sunglasses pushed back on top of her head. "About as busy as you, probably," she teases, since she knows he rarely sleeps, always works.

Yup. Cardinal and Audrey probably sleep about the same amount. Johnston leaves the office, holding the door open for Cardinal and for Peyton when he see's them there. Audrey's standing up by her desk, folders in small piles here and there, two on the top with their respective names on it. "Mister Cardinal, Miss Whitney, welcome to Federal Plaza, my name is Audrey Hanson. This is a formality really, but given that someone whom we contract out with has suddenly become employed with you, and has stated that anything she does will be reported and shared with your office, I needed to bring you both in, to get a clear picture and have you sign some things"

around the desk Audrey walks, Grey the color of the day it seems, pointy heels, pencil skirt, light blouse as she offers her hand to Peyton first, then to Cardinal. "How is Miss Nakano? Rested up after her latest job with us?"

"Agent Hanson," Cardinal greets in casual tones as he walks along within, an easy smile curving to his lips, "I understand completely, of course; there's always complications with current clients when you move from one employment to the other. And she's just fine, just fine, she's a trooper."

Stepping forward to shake Audrey's hands, Peyton smiles and nods, content to be quiet and let Cardinal speak. After all, she's just the secretary. She also doesn't know Rebecca well enough to speak of her recovery — she's only seen her once in Endgame capacity. Her eyes then move to the walls, tracing the strings where they lead. She's never seen Samson Gray, but it's obvious quickly enough just who he is and why he's important.

Her brows furrow, as her dark eyes alight on the picture of Wendy Hunter, tears pricking her eyes. Only then does she realize where she's met Audrey Hanson before — at Wendy's funeral. The name and voice on her voice-mail didn't click. She blinks hard to keep the tears at bay and moves to one of the seats.

"The difficulty is that the case that we have her work on, is one that is sensitive in nature, and her help has been invaluable is discovering aspects of the crime, where otherwise we might never know what happened. Not that any of it could, in all likelihood be used in court due to the nature of only she being able to see the events unfolding. But it helps. That too and her past would in all truth, come to rip her credibility to shreds on a stand. But I'm not here to discuss that. Please, have a seat"

There's a difference in Audrey when she's dealing with a witness, with a suspect and when she's dealing with two individuals who might in all truth, fuck her over. "Tell me Mister Cardinal, Miss Peyton, why I should keep Miss Nakano on retainer. By all accounts, I'm looking at a ex con with a recently issued pardon, and a socialite that up until last year, made the scene and page six with alarming frequency that would put even Paris Hilton to shame. Why should I trust Redbird" Not why should the government trust it.

There was a brief glance at the walls holding pictures of Gabriel, of Samson, and their victims from Richard Cardinal, but only a brief glance before he steadfastly focuses instead on the woman they're speaking to. "Her ability's invaluable in any sort of investigation," he admits as he eases himself down to sit, leaning back, "That's exactly why we brought her on, of course."

A smile tugs up a bit at one corner of his lips, head tilting slightly to one side. "I'd say that you should because we're trustworthy, but I doubt that my word'd be enough for you. I can provide you with a list of references, if you like, including my arresting officer and federal operatives from FRONTLINE to the FBI if you need to call them in and inquire. There's no more discreet agency in the city, Agent Hanson, that I can promise you."

Peyton's brows disappear under her thick bangs at the mention of Paris Hilton and Peyton's "page six" notoriety. She glances at Cardinal when he speaks, then back to Audrey. "We're not going to spread anything we learn from any investigations outside of a very tight, very small group of trusted individuals, and even those on a need-to-know basis. I know that there are things that I don't know because it's not necessary for me to know them, or possibly safe for me to know them. We're discreet even within our own little agency, Agent Hanson," she offers, more as validation of Cardinal's words.

"If you're suggesting I'm not capable of keeping a secret because I used to be a party type, I assure you that I can." Even then, she was capable of it; the truth behind the car accident that Peyton took the blame for at 16 — that sent her to rehab and ruined her parents' marriage — was never revealed.

Audrey falls silent, solemn, listening to what's placed before her. She's listening, quite possibly judging if she hasn't already. Might seem like she already has but she chose her words specifically, to see how they'd react.

If it was a test, they seem to have passed. "I'd like those references. Any and all who might come across the information that Miss Nakano disseminates, needs to come, sign a document signifying they will keep the confidentiality of whatever she witnesses when called in to aid in the course of my investigation. I'll do background checks, as is standard. If they break it, they will be prosecuted Mister Cardinal, Miss Whitney. I called you both up here first because you are the owners, with Miss Nakano, and therefore responsible for your employee's"

The folders with their names are pushed across the table with her fingertips, pen's place on top of either. Inside is backgrounds on the both of them, whatever Homeland has on the both of them, as well as clipped to the front side of the folder, the confidentiality agreements.

"Are you comfortable with signing?"

"The only people that'd have access to that information are myself and Miss Whitney, aside from Miss Nakano herself, of course," Richard says with a slight shake of his head, "We're not in the habit of giving everyone involved access to every single case we're working on - need to know, after all."

As the folders are pushed over, he lifts his own up to page through it for a bit, gaze flickering up from the papers to fix a steady gaze on Audrey, "I couldn't help but notice what you have on your walls, though, Agent Hanson. I do expect you to ensure that Miss Hanson's protected to the utmost while she's working with you? Not only physically, but psychologically. Having to view that sort of… replay can be emotionally traumatizing, and if you push her, it could drive her to a breakdown."

Having been witness to enough horrifying images to fill a few people's nightmares, especially of late thanks to the Institute, Peyton nods, eyes downcast as she flips through the folder, eyes narrowing at the images taken from video of her on the day of her manifestation and from the Humanis First kidnapping. She is not that girl anymore — as is evidenced by this meeting with a DHS agent, asking for her to sign a contract because of her partial ownership of a investigative agency.

Things have changed so much in a single year.

She glances up at Audrey, not picking up the pen — she'll sign if Cardinal signs. She won't sign if he doesn't. That is probably clear to Audrey as the brunette waits for her to respond to Cardinal's query.

"I only call her when It's necessary, when I'm at a dead end and I need to see what happened. Because of her, I was able to inform a woman that we ascertained who murdered her husband and have given her some closure. Counseling services have been made available to Ms. Nakano, and if she cannot continue on at a crime scene, I don't push her Mister Cardinal. I'm a human, not a robot contrary to some beliefs that those in the general community might hold."

Audrey folds her hands in her lap. "We have taken her comfort and security into consideration each time and have made ourselves responsible for her transportation to and from our offices in order to accommodate her needs before and after the use of her ability. You can ask Ms Nakano, we treat her with the utmost respect and don't push. If she has any complaints about the jobs that she does for us, I encourage her to come forth and let us know."

She glances behind her to the wall, the pictures and maps, little strings connecting to push pins. "She has been instrumental in helping us, and without her, we wouldn't have known who to be looking for in connection to the copy cat murders. I am eternally grateful for her help and I am sorry that I even need her services in the first place and am working hard, as well as those under me, to bring this killer swiftly to justice"

"I haven't heard any complaints," Cardinal admits with a slight shake of his head, "But I take care of my people, Agent Hanson, and their well-being comes before everything else, as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure you can appreciate that. As much as I'd love to hear that you'd caught this… 'copy cat killer'…" A brief tension to his voice when he mentions Samson, gaze slanting to that wall, "I don't want her to come to any harm because of it."

The pen's lifted up, and he scans the agreement for anything other than a standard NDA.

The shadow's shadow, Peyton picks up her pen as well, still waiting for Cardinal to sign first. Her eyes skim as well; thanks to having made a will recently and all of the various estates of her birth father and adoptive parents bequeathed to her, the legalese is not too hard for her to make out. Her eyes drift back to the picture of Wendy as she waits for Cardinal to sign first. They may be legally partners in their little venture, but it's obvious he's the "boss."

Standard, right down to the massive amount of prison time and guarantee to bleed you dry financially if you choose to snitch on uncle sam. All that's required is to apply a John Hancock to the signature line. Audrey waits, expectantly since there's no objections, for both folders to be signed and she can get on with her day. 'Regardless, if there's any others within your established business who end up being privy to details, you will be required to send them on down. If you want to, I can see that an agent is sent down with a number of agreements for your work force to sign, just in case"

When they are signed, she's up from her chair, a sure sign that everything that needed to be done is done and her hand is offered out again to shake. "Thank you for taking the time out of your day to clear up this minor matter, I won't keep you or take up anymore of your time"

Once he's finished going through it, Cardinal signs, then sets the folder down - brows raising a bit, he asks, "Do you still need those references? You might already have one of their number's… I know he was working on the same case. Felix Ivanov?"

"I Will, but I trust that you can write them down and forward them to my office" Ivanov. Why does that not surprise her. "I am acquainted with that individual. A liaison assigned to the NYPD to facilitate easier exchange and cases between them and the Federal Bureau. I'll be sure to inquire with him. I'd like some from you as well Miss Whitney, if it's no bother. Can't discriminate"

"I can assure you Mister Cardinal, Ms Whitney, that we are trying everything within our collective power to bring him to swift justice. If you should come across anything in your firm that might be of use, no matter how small you think it is, I'd appreciate you letting us know. It may be just what we need"

"I doubt we know anything that you don't," Cardinal admits with a brief grunt of breath, gaze sliding to the pictures on the wall - lingering here and there on familiar faces - and he grimaces, turning to lead Peyton back out, "Good luck."

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