Conflicted Return


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Scene Title Conflicted Return
Synopsis Veronica returns from vacation, checking in with Len. He wants her to see the new shrink.
Date July 23, 2009

Fort Hero: Office of Len Denton

Vacation is over for Len who is back in his office. After meeting with Dr. Sheridan yesterday, he felt the need to get back in and see what's going on. As he arrived into his office, finally seeing that he has a functional computer. Well, that's both a blessing and a curse. Only because they're going to require that he use it. He had come by the week before to unpack his boxes, so all that's left is to find a way to get his big screen up here. His door is open, Kayla still has a day or two left of vacation, though he's heard she's been lurking around the facility as well. He should start hearing from those coming back from leave during the next week, then they will be getting back into business. He takes a seat and opens up his email.

Quiet footfalls sound as flip flops meet tile as Veronica isn't trying to surprise anyone. She appears in his doorway, reaching out to give a light rap on the door with a loose fist. She's in cut off jean shorts and a peasant-style blouse — the reason for the looser-than-normal top is clear — her left arm is in a sling. She also bears a tan. "Hiya, Boss. Thought I'd come in, let you know I'm back, and almost in one piece," she says cheerfully enough.

Len hasn't been sitting long when the knocking of his door grabs his attention. He gives a small snort as he sees the sling and he stands to move to greet Veronica. "I'd say you're looking good, but I don't think the sling is used for decoration. Come on in." he motions for the chair. "It's good to see you, Sawyer." He says, sinking into his own chair again. "You look rather refreshed. How was your trip?" he asks, flipping off his monitor and giving her his full attention.

She slides into one of the chairs across from him. "Yeah. After I tweaked my shoulder, I decided to just cut the vacation a few days early. They have crappy health care and sent me to some religious miracle woman when I asked about a healer, rather than an Evo with actual power," she says with a chuckle. "It'll be fine. Just a dislocation. Almost better already." So says the woman who jogs with broken ribs. "How's the homefront doing? Getting settled in here? Any news?"

"Well, we appear to be off the radar for now. We're still working through the new cover story. We should have something for everyone here shortly. So for now, continue with your 'vacation', but just keep your eyes open. Otherwise, everyone is going as well as expected. It shouldn't be too much longer before we're back in full operation." Len leans back in his chair, "Are you itching to get back to work?"

She gives a half shrug, careful not to hoist the injured shoulder. "Itching is probably an overstatement. I kept busy enough that I wasn't bored," she says evenly, her dark eyes on his face to see if he's looking for a particular answer. "But now that I'm not jumping out of planes or climbing rocks, I guess I'm getting a bit stir crazy."

There's a small grin that crosses Len's face. "Well, I don't doubt it will be long before you're back into the thick of things." Len has already gone through a few things himself, the first is the signing of his divorce papers. He did a few charity gigs, but otherwise his time was spent singing and drinking. But he hasn't done either in about five days, getting his stuff together. "Have you seen your partner since you've returned, or am I blessed with having been your first visit since you've come back?"

"Haven't seen anyone. Did he stick around Hero or did he take off on vacation? I don't even know, to be honest." So much for that special partner bond. "I figured I'd pop in and claim two separate offices for him and me if I could, and let you know I'm back all at once." She is not going to share an office with him this time around if she can help it.

Len gives a soft chuckle. "Surely he isn't that bad?" The office stories are legendary about the disputes between Sawyer and Lu, most of them involving chairs. "I'm certain you can get your own office. Though he has been around, doing some sparring with Ms. Reid here and there. So you may bump into him. Let's try and keep the bloodshed to a minimum."

She gives a little snort. "He's a cranky old man, not to mention I don't need him leeching off of me when I don't absolutely need to be within range of him," she points out. "How's Reid doing?" she asks, raising a brow. The last she saw the receptionist, the young woman was a bit shell shocked and Veronica's attempts to help went a bit FUBAR.

Well, this little transition in conversation will work out nicely for Len. "We have a new therapist that's working with us who seems to think she's heading for a meltdown. I tend to disagree, though I probably shouldn't. I think she can take care of herself just fine. She seems to have recovered and is as surly as she's ever been." Speaking of therapists, Len reaches out and tugs a card from his pocket and slides it across his desk. "Here. I need you to go see this doctor as well. Everyone is getting evaluated now that they've had some time to digest everything that's happened in the last few weeks."

Veronica takes the card, her brow furrowing as she looks at the name. "Really?" she says, in that sarcastic tone so often used with that word. "I'm fine. I don't really do the whole shrink thing." As if it's an option.

Yeah, well. It's not. "As soon as I hear from her that you've had your session, I can get you back out on the street. I wouldn't want you going stir-crazy any longer than necessary." He grins. "Fine or not, standard procedure so I expect that you'll follow through as soon as possible. Right?" Len flashes his charming smile. "How much longer before you can ditch that sling?"

A lofty sigh is followed by a "Fine," and the card is put in her pocket. "She around this place or do I have to wait another week to see her?" Veronica asks. "The sling… just a couple of days. Supposed to do PT after that, but I'm hoping I can find someone to heal it up for me quicker than that." Not Reid… she doesn't want to inflict her pain on her.

As if reading her mind, "Well, stay away from Reid if you can possibly help it. I haven't seen any of the other healers about, but I'm certain there's someone." Len rises. "If you feel safer, they are making rooms available here for agents who'd rather not live in the city. Just put in a request through proper channels and I'll approve the move as well as relocation expenses. Not a requirment, mind you. Just might make things a little simpler."

"Since when do I want simple?" she tosses back. "No offense, but I need some space from work. I'd rather be in the city, I think." She stands, and heads for the door, pulling out the card from her back pocket. Might as well get it over with. "Nice to see you, Boss," she says, glancing over her shoulder with a smile.

Len watches her disappear, returning her smile with one of his own. He sits back in his chair, putting his boots on his desk. He resists the urge to turn back on his computer monitor as he glances again at the doorway. He wasn't entirely sure she would return after all that has gone down, but part of his is relieved that she has. "Nice to see you back, Sawyer." he murmurs softly before finally reaching over to flick back on his screen and get back to work.

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