Cong Medical Clinic
Owner Doctor Cong
Employees Adoptable NPC Nurse
Hours of Operation 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM; Other times by appointment or on-call
Current Status Closed indefinitely; Patients may contact office for referrals
People Come Here For… N/A

Tucked in a sidestreet of Chinatown, the presence of the clinic is somewhat deceiving in that it possesses an old shopfront as the entrance instead of the usual single door. The large, single window is blocked from the sidewalk by white blinds, and the lettering emblazoned upon it reads the name of the clinic in Mandarin Chinese and English text; Doctor Cong's name is written below in a similar fashion, and below it is the Rod of Asclepius.

Inside, the front room is the waiting room, with a row of chairs along the sides, all of which more or less face the nurse's station behind a low wall and a windowpane. The trained eye will recognize it as very high-grade bulletproof glass.

To the side of the nurse's station is a hallway; there are two smaller exam rooms on the right, and a larger one that includes more major equipment on the left. Further down on the left is a locked door, only accessible by the doctor or his aides that leads into the fineries and inner workings of the office; important files, equipment, a small clinic lab, et cetera. At the very end of the hall is a heavy, often locked door, which opens to an elevator-sized room with three exits. One is a plain staircase leading up, and parallel to this is a inconspicuous door that leads to a staircase aiming downward. At the bottom is another door that looks like something straight out of a high-tech bank vault, though considerably more intimidating. Unless you are supposed to, you will not get in.

As for the door straight ahead of the main hall in the clinic, the heavy door leads into Doctor Cong's personal office. It is a rather picture-perfect physician's office, complete with a hardwood desk in front of a duo of chairs, framed documents, a large bookshelf, and only one window that offers a view out into another Chinatown alley


  • Contrary to popular Chinatown rumor, Doctor Cong does not have a secret lab underneath of the building. But of course, that does not discount for it being somewhere else.
  • While he is a man of modern medicine, Doctor Cong does happen to also prescribe and keep alternative methods of treatment, due to his position in the ethnic community.
  • Since the winter of 2009, the clinic has been boarded up and locked down.
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