Congratulations, It Turned Red


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Scene Title Congratulations, It Turned Red
Synopsis Thomas and Elisabeth have a conversation with Cardinal as he becomes the first person tested in the NYPD interrogation room for Evolved status.
Date March 9, 2009


The ride to the precinct was relatively uneventful. Although Cardinal's constant chatter from the back seat is mildly annoying. Elisabeth actually turns at one point when he asks her for a third time to get a drink with him and gives him a faint grin. "Do you ever shut up? You do have the right to remain silent, you know." When he's all duckwalked through to an interrogation room, Elisabeth remains somewhat amused. "Boy, did you pick the wrong lady to rob, man. So how'd you like to save me a little time viewing video footage and tell me how you got in?" He hasn't lawyered up yet, so hey…. she'll at least try.

"I also have the right to free speech, unless Petrelli's repealed that when I wasn't paying attention, don't I?" A grin from the back seat, and Cardinal merely continued to chat with the officers, whether or not they really seemed to be paying much attention to him.

Once he's walked along into the interrogation room, the question stirs a faint snort of amusement from the criminal. "I didn't touch a thing in her place," he observes casually, "Well, I had a sandwich, if that counts. What's that, ten bucks? I can pay that out've pocket if you like. Hey, you got any donuts?"

Thomas remains silent himself as he drives the car back to the station. He doesn't seem to really react to the chatiness of the back-seat passenger aside from the occasional glimpse in the rearview mirror.

When they arrive, Thomas is ever vigilant in his transporting of the prisoner. Eyes everywhere, attention constantly shifting in cycles from Cardinal and their current path. Thomas remains a silent guard, stoicly transporting the captive.

Shaking her head, Elisabeth glances at Thomas. "Nope, no repeal of that one yet. So tell me, Mr. Cardinal," because she heard Nalani get his name quite well when she instructed the man to stay seated, "~what exactly were you looking for in Ms. Hollingwood's place?~" She can't do what Nalani Hollingwood does — Elisabeth's power is more of suggestion, hypnosis — but it works real well in a good number of cases cuz criminals do love to brag.

It's a name that'll be sure to bring up a lengthy record in the database, when it's checked, assuming he is who Nalani said he is. Burglary, robbery, grand theft auto. Escaped from Riker's Island in two-thousand and four by virtue of simply not being in his cell one morning. Numerous thefts in the years since that he's suspected of being involved in, if not solely responsible for.

And he doesn't seem at all worried about being here in chains.

"Mind if I take a seat? I don't believe I've caught either of your names, yet, officers…" Cardinal rolls his head on his neck, wincing as a vertebrae pops, a cocky smile offered back to Elisabeth, "…I was just there to ask her a few questions about her little article, actually. She'd barged into my part of the world without invitation or welcome, so I decided to barge into hers. Only fair, in my book."

Thomas shakes his head in a rather specifically arbitrary fashion to Cardinal's speech. "That isn't how the law works. Retribution is not an excuse. At the moment however, I'm more interested in your more distant history than this most recent activity." He pauses, eyeing the man across the table. "You did not seem surprised to see what I can do, Mr. Cardinal. Why is that?"

Liz herself was …. well, she didn't show it much, but that form? More than a little impressive. She kept her distance while Thomas used it. She doesn't seem in any way bothered by it or him, however. "Harrison and Keown," she says, gesturing to herself and Thomas respectively. Can't hurt to be polite. "If all you wanted was to ask some questions, why not make an appointment? Seems to me a man with your history was more likely looking for something."

"I do read the paper," Cardinal observes with a brow's slight raise and a twitch of his lips wider at one corner in a sardonic smile, "Officer.. Key-something, isn't it? Ah, Keown, right. They gave you a glowing review in the paper, although I seem to recall some argument about whether or not you should be allowed to use that ability on the job." He leans forward a little, bloodshot eyes squinted against the light of the interrogation room in discomfort he's trying to hide meeting Thomas's own, "I guess I was just that threatening looking sitting there unarmed on the couch, immobilized by an unregistered ability, though. I'm sure those're extenuating circumstances." He leans back, then, slanting that smirk towards Liz, "You can think what you like. If I wanted something from her apartment, she never would've seen me."

Thomas listens to the man with little reaction to his words. "You can file a complaint after the test kit arrives and we've checked you out." He glances at Elisabeth for a moment, "What do you think the test will reveal, Officer Harrison?" Without waiting for an answer, Thomas looks back to Cardinal. "I think, based on your history of thefts, escapes, and that rather cocky belief that she wouldn't have seen you if you didn't want her to. Not to mention," the officer studies Cardinal rather closely here, "How absolutely sure you are at this moment that you will not be here the moment you don't wish to be." He leans forward and his voice lowers to grave tones, "Whatever evolved tricks you can pull. I promise you. If you do escape again… I personally will lead the hunt to track you down. I /will/ find you, and you /will/ stand trial." Thomas stands up straight again, "Now answer the question. What were you looking for?"

Elisabeth doesn't give away that she had no idea the man was planning on testing Cardinal. She hasn't yet brought one into an interrogation, and truthfully? Has no plans to really start either. But she keeps all of that to herself and watches Cardinal closely. "Nalani Hollingwood's unregistered ability — that you *claim* she has — is certainly something for you and your lawyer to make public as you like," she offers calmly. "It is, now that you've made the allegation, something we'll of course look into. But we're not in the business of just running about checking law-abiding citizens for an ability. Yet." She shakes her head. Cardinal's clearly leading them around and around, we need a new angle. But she's not really expecting to find one. Theft? Hollingwood probably has any number of things to steal. She'll wait and see what he offers now.

As the big man leans forward, Cardinal leans back just a bit; regarding him with those bloodshot eyes for a few moments before a smile tugs up just a bit at one corner of his lips. "Anyone ever tell you that you's a paranoid sonuvabitch, officer? You can feel free to make me your hobby if you like, although I'd think you had better shit to do," he observes, before his gaze flickers to Elisabeth once more. "Did you read her article, by the way? You should. Maybe it'd give you something to do with your time rather than jumping to the calls of selfish bitches in high rises."

Elisabeth sighs heavily. Hell, theft? Against Nalani Hollingwood? Liz would have rathered take ANY call, including another jumper, than this one. But she can't say that. "Oh, I read it," she comments mildly. "What was it that you wanted to know from her about it?"

Thomas tilts his head ever so slightly and nods. "Miss Hollingwood was rather concerned about the state of Staten Island, yes. I don't care much for fashion, but I do keep up with public discourse on the Evolved." He looks at Elisabeth and then back to Cardinal, he nods for him to proceed to answer the question.

"Aren't you?" The question's directed to the big man, a single brow arching upon Cardinal's forehead as he regards him, otherwise silent for a few moments. Then he shrugs one shoulder, "Anyhow, you're convinced I was there to rob her - and who can blame you? - although you've got shit for evidence, really, and I'm not coppin' to something I didn't do. Still, my record speaks for itself." He grins, briefly, though it doesn't touch his eyes, "Might as well toss me in lock-up while you all decide what to do with me."

Elisabeth shrugs easily. "Even without theft on the books, we've still got you dead to rights on breaking and entering, Cardinal," she says. "I'm quite sure Ms. Hollingwood will be pressing charges. She always does." She glances at Thomas, a querying brow raise. He have any more questions? It's obvious to her that Cardinal's just going to jerk their chain some more.

Thomas shakes his head at the 'request'. "You're not going anywhere until the test arrives. It was requisitioned the moment we arrived. Should be here within the next five minutes." He narrows his eyes towards the captive, "Besides, you do not get to make any requests except for two, Mr. Cardinal. You are charged with Breaking and Entering. You have the right to a phone call and a lawyer. If you have a private lawyer that phone call should be to get him or her here. If not, the Public Defender's office will send one along and you may use your phone call for any other purpose you require."

"You really want to open that can of legal worms, Officer?" Cardinal narrows his eyes at Thomas, "I know my rights. You come near me with a needle and I'll raise unholy hell with every human rights violation in the book, unless you've got a warrant in your hand from a court demanding I get tested. You don't have me for anything other'n breaking and entering, and you've got no proof or evidence that I'm Evolved." A smirk, "I'll get out've every motherfucking charge you might throw at me, and I'll get a fucking book deal out've it."

Elisabeth raises her brows and says quietly, "Actually, Mr. Cardinal, in this instance, you *have* no rights." And damn does it GALL her to hell to say it. "Any criminal picked up on valid charges can be tested at the time of arrest without consent." She looks sympathetic. "But I truly hope you *do*, in fact, raise every civil rights argument in the book. Unfortunately, we are within our rights; we're doing our job. But maybe, just maybe, your lawyer will be able to make a big enough stink to change the law. Due to the nature of your escape from Riker's several years ago, we have sufficient cause to believe you to be possess unregistered Evolved ability. And that's all we need to prove now."

Thomas gives a huff of a laugh, the first moment of any humor that Cardinal or Elisabeth have seen from Thomas. This is almost instantly swallowed down and the Officer's expression returns to true neutral. "You're absolutely right. Breaking and Entering with no further activity may not perhaps be considered a major crime." He gives a pause to let Cardinal enjoy those words before adding, "Escaping from a State Prison however… is. Not to mention the amounts of crimes you are simply /suspected/ of that are being added to the charges against you as the DA looks over your file." Thomas crosses his arms, "You will be tested, Mr. Cardinal."

With that, there is a knock on the Interrogation room door. Thomas gestures for Elisabeth to open the door.

"You're the one who called me that, actually," Richard points out, rather scathingly, "I don't have any identification on me. I suppose that I don't get the right to have my identity confirmed, either…" A derisive snort of breath, "Must be nice to be the gestapo, officers. Now I know where Ivanov gets his god complex from."

Elisabeth moves to allow the medical technician entry, her expression hidden from Thomas. There's genuine regret for this, because well, she doesn't agree with it. Ivanov's name brings her head around, though, narrowed blue eyes on the man. Crap…. this is not going to become something more complicated than it has to be, is it? *sigh* "We've already confirmed your identity as one Richard Cardinal. Onboard terminals are standard to all cop vehicles, you know. I'm sorry, Mr. Cardinal." She gestures the tech forward.

Thomas steps up behind Cardinal as the tech comes forward, he has a simple kit that looks like someone is testing their bloodsugar. A finger-prick pen and a strip of paper with a yellow tip. Thomas orders, "Present your left hand, Mr. Cardinal."

With this, the tech looks rather apprehensive until waved forward from behind Cardinal by Thomas. He nods and brings the pen towards Cardinal, waiting for the finger to be available to draw blood.

A rough snort answers the 'apology' from the female of the duo, Cardinal's still-cuffed hands raising with a clack of the chains and the bar attaching them to his feet as he observes rather flatly, "Can't exactly not present it, can I, Keown? And save your fuckin' apologies, Harrison. You know s'well as I that they aren't worth any more'n that shield you're wearing, these days." The criminal's bloodshot, reddened eyes - not from drugs, but more what you see in someone who's been staring into bright lights for too long, eye-strain - fall to the technician's face, lips pursing in a tight line. "Go ahead. Stick me. Let's see if I get rights under the Constitution, or under Petrelli."

Elisabeth stands back to make sure that Cardinal doesn't make any kind of attack on the tech, and she keeps a neutral expression. This is her job — she doesn't always agree, and she wouldn't have made the call. But Thomas did, and she'll back him.

The technician takes the pen to the pointer fingertip and it pricks the skin there. A single drop of blood pushes out from within, which the Tech touches to the yellow part of the strip. "It'll take about half a minute to change. Blue for normal, Red for not."

Here, Thomas steps around, clearly angered by the caustic words from Cardinal, and grips him up from the chair by his shirt lapels. The officer growls right into "You dare claim you have been the one wronged here? Burglary, Robbery, Grand Theft Auto… who knows what else you should be accused of? If I had my way, every last Evolved out there would be registered and integrated into society. I may not like what is going on out there… but I, like you wish to be, will not be part of the problem. I will be part of the /solution/!"

Here, the camera zooms in on the strip held by the Tech next to where Thomas holds up Cardinal, within their sight if they just turn their eyes to look… and it fades to red.

There's a grunt of surprise as Cardinal's manhandled to his feet with a clack-clatter of chain and metal, his fingers curling into impotent fists on the other side of the thick cuffs locked about the criminal's wrists. The man's lips curl into a derisive smirk, a hint of teeth bared in a soundless snarl. "Nice jackboots, officer," he casts back at him, "I've heard of another guy who had a 'solution' in mind. A final one. You must be a big fan."

"Keown!" Elisabeth barks. "Put him *down*." She wasn't in time to keep Thomas's hands off Cardinal, but she'll be damned if the man will put egg on the department's face. "Cardinal, *shut up*." She looks at the tech, glances at the strip, and says, "Get out. Send in the guard."

Her hand on Thomas's arm, she says, "You're being taken to lock-up, Cardinal. And congratulations, you just made the top of the list of people being transported to Homeland Security this week. Let him go, Keown. Now."

Thomas remains with hands on Cardinal after the strip shows him for who he is. At the second order to release the man, Thomas just lets go of Cardinal and takes a sure and angry step away from the man. "I won't justify that except to say you are wrong." As the two Guards comes in, Thomas looks their way but still speaks to Richard, "I don't suppose you'll cooperate and just tell us what your ability is now?" Thomas sounds rather calm and neutral again, at least, as the officers start to escort him out of the room towards his holding cell.

As the other man releases him, Cardinal stumbles a half-step as his heels hit the floor once more. "I guess it's Petrelli, then, and not the Constitution after all," he replies scornfully, giving his head a toss as if to shake off the touch of the larger officer, adding flatly, "As for my 'ability'? Didn't know I had one. I hope it's as fun as your ability, Rockhead."

Elisabeth sighs and just tells them, "Put him in a cell on his own. And make sure he gets his phone call." And then she waits until they lead him out before saying to Keown in a low voice, "I know I don't have to tell you not to put your hands on suspects, right? given that the department is facing a lawsuit over a consultant who put hands on a witness, they're going to be *real* big sticklers. Just…. seriously. Don't. Not when they're not a verifiable, physical threat in that moment, okay? I don't want you booted outta here before you even have a chance to do your job." Not that she appreciates his viewpoint, but we'll leave that alone.

Thomas gives Elisabeth a rather steely stare at her words. At the end of them he only replies with a gruff, "It won't happen again." Here he turns to head out the door.

Elisabeth looks at the ceiling and just…. shakes her head. Some days it does not pay to get out of bed. Today's already shaping up to be one of those….

"I'll catch you later, then, Harrison," Cardinal's voice drifts back, a hint of black humor in it as he's guided away by the guards, "You still owe me a drink. You too, Keowne…" It trails off into a low chuckle, countered by a gruff demand to keep quiet from one of his escorts. Then they're gone, and he's presumably being given his phone call, and his cell.

Of course, in about ten minutes he won't be in it anymore.

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