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Scene Title Connect The Dots
Synopsis Using the info gained from a credit card number, Carrie has followed the clues to a PO Box shop. That leads to her spending a few days in taxis and now she's connects the dots.
Date July 14, 2009

Empty Office at Fort Hero

Through the graces of Carrie's Home Sec badge, her spare time a a couple really bored company agents more than willing to help Carrie find "Danica Stevens" the credit card was traced to a mailbox store out in queens. Catered to the usual, PO boxes that had a 'street' address. But that was a jackpot as Minea was seen, on surveillance tapes stopping in to check the box that belonged. At least that's what professionals dictated. The edges of her tattoo and despite the baseball cap, a side profile matched.

But she might have his a snag as Minea was being smart. Lots of taxi's. She never went straight back to where she was staying.

Bored /male/ company agents and cleavage go hand in hand, and Carrie hadn't been afraid to use that to her advantage. Not the first time she had used her gender either for her own gain. Course it had only gotten her so far and she was stuck again. Stepping into one of the empty offices at Camp Hero, she wasn't looking too happy. Digging tape out of the draw she worked to place a map on the wall. Stepping back, she pulls out some markers out of her back pocket. "Okay.. so.. "

Stepping up to the map, she marks off the spot in red Magnes had been attacked by a /walking/ Minea. Of course, she could have just arrived.. or she could have been moving to get a taxi. Tossing that one on the table she pulls out a small note book with destinations. She had spent a couple of days hopping in and out of taxi's seeing who remembers Minea by the photo she flashed…

There's stops everywhere. Broken up by pick up and drop off, one has to wonder why they're even doing this. How they are going to to do this. It seems round about, every third or fourth day, she's gone out. At least, as Danika Stevens. The mail box place has her picking up items at least twice. What she picked up, was hard to know. But the records indicate clothing, essentials.

Brooklyn, Little Italy, Queens, central park, those are the main concentrations. pick up and drop offs. People and security camera's who managed to pick up the brunette in question.

As Carrie reads through her notes, she makes marks on the map. Orange pick ups, Yellow drop offs. When done, she steps back to look at the map and sits on the edge of the empty desk with a frown. "Why…?" she drones out. "Girl, if I were you I would have cleared out long ago." She still felt stuck..

Reaching over to pull out a ball point pen left in the desk by whoever had been there before, Carrie moved to draw lines from drop-off to drop-off. Lines drawn across the area. A steady frown on her face, cause she was pretty sure she wouldn't get any better an idea where the rogue agent was laying low.

But Carrie isn't Minea and Minea has a need to stay in the city. The line connecting though, would make one Edward Ray proud. All Carri's need is a 3-d map and string and they'd be nearly the same.

Eventually though, the lines laid out. there does become something clear, Central park and little Italy, there's two blocks within each where hte rogue agent seems to favor getting picked up. Consistently.

A circle is slowly drawn around each with her ball point pen and a smile spreads across Carrie's lips. "Feel the noose tightening Minea?" the agent mutters softly to herself. Moving away from the map, Carrie again sits on the edge of the desk, her eyes focusing on those two areas. Then her eyes drop to that area in between the two. No.. could she be? The Midtown ruins? What was left down there?

A lot of empty buildings that no one ever goes to. Not authorities or anyone legal. There's been a few raids into the ruins before too. Meth labs, PARIAH hideout, Phoenix hideout.

Glancing at her watch, Carrie gives a heavy sigh. No more time she had to get back to the kid. Sliding off the desk, she carefully pulls the map off the wall. Tomorrow she's get off work early and head to to Little Italy and check out the cameras in the area and see if she does indeed make her way into the ruin. She carefully folds the map back up, taking care that it folds neatly. "If she goes there… well, I'd say next step would be to lay low… and wait." Map tucked under her arm, the agent moves for the door and switches the light off. "Soon… very soon."

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