Consider Us Squared


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Scene Title Consider Us Squared
Synopsis Liz takes time away from being FRONTLINE to pick up Abby, clothe her and get her home and away from St. Lukes.
Date May 19, 2010

St. Luke's Hospital

Unhooked from this, unhooked from that, teeth brushed, showered and hair dry in anticipation of going outside where wet hair would be a detriment even under layers of clothing, all that's left for Abby to be discharged from St. Lukes and go somewhere else where she'll feel more comfortable and safe is … clothing. Clothing and winter jacket, boots and everything else. When everything you wore incinerated in manifestation all within the bling of an eye, you need to rely on friends.

One friend in particular when Francois wasn't able to do the driving. He needs both arms and he did indeed get shot like she remembered. But Elisabeth to the rescue, with a phone call that got through and a request for clothing, a throw away cellphone - of which, she was sure, there were in abundance - and anything else the other woman could think that Abby would need.

So while waiting, standing up, walking around carefully to get used to the feeling in her lower back and test her current limits, she's craning her neck to look at the news and see how bad it is. Elias, and going down south to nurse wounds with Francois and possibly Teo since the Russian issue seems resolved, is looking more and more endearing as the minutes tick by.

The trip to the hospital again made, Elisabeth arrives much the same as she did the first time — although this time, at least, she knows what to expect. And she's carrying arctic weather gear for Abby to wear, along with some pants and shirts and other things from Francois's apartment. The arctic weather gear is stuff Liz appropriated from her own work stash — it's the only place she could locate extra coats and pants for the cold. She knocks three times on the door, nodding at the HomeSec agents outside the door, and then pokes her head in. "You decent?" she calls with a grin. "Clothes fairy!"

"Oh sweet heavenly lord, thank you, cause as much as these johnnies are fashionable in all of new york, I think if I have to wear it one more day, I'm going to.. just loose it" Abigail thumps over towards the door, hair back in a ponytail and swishing the curtain back, a gesture for the woman to come in and close the door.

"Just want to get out of here. So afraid I might just…" FWOOSH. But she doesn't. Hasn't. Thank the god above. "Parkman was here. Ignore the funny acting nurses" Once the door was closed, heading back to the hospital bed and letting herself sit down carefully on the side. "Did you bring a phone? I need to leave a number for Robert and the one he has is to a puddle of plastic"

Elisabeth snickers. "Yeah… Parkman being here definitely explains the rather nervous-looking nurse at the desk. Although the floor nurse looks like she could take him." She grins at Abby, closing the curtain between the bed and the door behind her so no one can accidentally see anything, she sets the two overnight bags she's carrying on the floor near the chair. "Yeah, I stopped off at Cat's to pick up one of the ones from the stash of secured ones. We're down to the last few, I think." What with having destroyed several of the secure phones. "New sim card, new number, should be reasonably untraceable… assuming the cell towers ever actually come back up," she says grimly. "Once you're out of the city, it'll work just fine."

Liz got her a reasonably secure phone. That was much more than she'd expected. "Not going out of the city. Just to Francois's. Until I figure out what I'm going to do. Listen Liz" She starts to carefully dig through the bags, looking for stuff that will be easy to pull on with Liz's help and some maneuvering. "You can't tell Kershner. What I can do. That it was me that set the building ablaze. That I took the formula. None of that. The evolved test they did on me here, it's come out negative and will stay negative and everyone believes that it's negative."

Serious time, that's what time it is as she brings out a plain white shirt, a sweater and grey woolen socks. "If it didn't, I'd never have made it out of here." She looks up and over to the other blonde. "Seems stupid, I know, trying to hide it, given that I mean, any second I could possibly just, you know, flame up but…"

"I'm not telling anyone except Richard what you can do," Elisabeth replies grimly as soon as the words come out of Abby's mouth. Though she does look… a little surprised. Parkman covered Abby's ass. Thank God. There's some kind of irony in the whole situation. Abby's now back on the illegal list, sort of. Heh. But the amusement is a bare spark. "I do recommend that you and Francois take the opportunity to get the hell out of this cold — go somewhere for a while, practice with the ability. Make sure you know what causes it to flame out of control and get to where you're comfortable with it. As much as you can get comfortable with something like that. I'd send you up to my parents' place in the Poconos, but I'm pretty sure that place is not inhabitable at the moment. South is a good plan."

"I'll think about that Liz, I promise. Going somewhere. I'll have to, go somewhere to try and figure out what's the trigger. Huruma visited, she was here already. Guess she took shelter here but, she'd heard about the bar and she's offered to help when she's around. I got three months at the most, I need to find someone who can help me. Peter, I figure I'll ask him for it. He already knows it was the formula, he took it himself. He can copy it, if he wants to, can figure out what the trigger is, and help me. I mean, worst person to go to would be.. Gabriel I guess. But he'd.. he'd be a last resort I think."

The pants are passed over to Liz, wide in the leg and look like they'll fit over the air cast. "Need your help, bending down's pretty much a no no for at least the next week. Just to get it past my knee's" She offers an embarrassed smile to the other woman. "How's… you haven't told Richard yet? Tell him Peter has healing. Peter has Kozlow's healing and I can get him to try it. Peter, with Gillian, it might not be pretty, but…" But the chance for Liz and Richard to actually touch each other again. Liz of all people could look past a little scarring right?

It's not as if this is the first time that Liz has helped her get dressed. She grins slightly and takes the pants, moving to help slide them over Abby's feet and up her legs far enough so that the ex-healer/now-pyro can pull them the rest of the way up without help. "I left him a message last night that I needed to see him, and I'm hoping he'll come by the barracks today sometime. I didn't want him to think it was an emergency, you know?" Her tone when it comes to Richard is subdued. "I'll tell him about Petrelli, but…. I don't know if he'll go for it, honestly. He asked for Petrelli's help before — when Richard let him know that he was still alive — and Petrelli wouldn't do it." There are reasons that Liz's opinion of Peter Petrelli are low.

She steps back and looks up at Abby. "Things will work out as they're meant to, Abby." It's the one belief that she has to hold onto. Whether she likes the outcome or not, she has to believe that there are reasons for everything. Even The 35. If she didn't believe it, she couldn't keep on doing the job she's taken on. "But I'll let him know."

"Peter's not going to have it for long. Richard can't wait too long or…" Or he might not get another chance unless Peter can get to Linderman. But this is between Richard and Liz and other parties. Her part in trying to get him healed, is finished and done with. There's a gesture for liz to turn away, so she can start putting on the layers of shirts, finish getting dressed and out of the thin hospital gown. Naked she may have been found, she still has her modesty.

"Hows things, other than Richard and, you know."

"As well as can be expected," Elisabeth says as she complies with the gesture asking her to turn her back. She keeps talking as she faces the wall. She ignores the 'Peter won't have it for long' because the man already refused to help Richard. She'll pass it on, but that's all she can do. She can't make Richard go to him. "I don't know how much longer people in this city can survive this cold. I don't think the death toll will ever be really known, much like Midtown. But it's getting bigger by the hour, it seems like. Relief supplies are having a harder and harder time getting through because other places are starting to be affected as well. It's… bad, Abby." Elisabeth shoves her hand through her hair and murmurs, "I'm just doing the best I can to help whoever I can get to. And hoping it's enough."

"If you need meat, or other frozen stuff, there's the ba-" Wait, no, there isn't. That all burned. That gives her a pause and the stress of everything causes a giggle to burble up in her chest and escape. "Nope, no food in the bar anymore" The fine art of getting a bra on under a t-shirt is shown, the two women roughly almost the same in chest. "It's enough, I'm sure Liz, whatever you're doing. If uhh, if Kershner asks, the bar burned down from Dreyfus. He was trying to trap us. Burn in it. Someone shot him in the head though, before.. before I could burn him. I don't know who, I couldn't see properly, okay, I can't do this strap by myself, I need your help Liz. Then it's socks and everything and then we can go. I'll deal with the phone at Francois's place" Hope he didn't turn her away at the door for fear of her burning up the place.

"I hope it ends soon, or I'll have to go walking through the city melting snow" There's a joke, small one. "Hey, Parkman told me I didn't look so hot. Even grey as he is and tired and stressed, he made a joke."

Elisabeth's own grin at the fact that Abby can chuckle is sort of rueful. "Nope… pretty sure it's charcoal now. And of course Dreyfus burned down the bar — that's just crazy talk," she asserts mildly. She turns around when Abby asks for help with the strap, coming up behind the other blond to help her clip the straps very carefully so as not to hurt the bullet wounds. "There you go," she says. And then she snickers. "Well, damn…. maybe he's not so bad after all," she replies tartly. "Kay must see something in him."

"I can see what she see's in him" But Abby can see the redeemable in most everyone. That's done, two small squares of gauze and medical tape covering her lower back, beneath are stitches, one of them effectively clipping one of the wing tips. Same for her side, only bigger. She might just have eased into competition with Francois and tied, for scars on former healers. Probably not.

"He's a good man Liz, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I'd trust him with my life, I am trusting him with my life, like I do you and the others.I just hope I don't disappoint. Okay, let get me finished, so we can go out to Antarctica and get me back to Francois and… Teo"

Liz nods and then tilts her head. "Why'd you say it like that?" she wonders aloud, waiting for Abby to sit back down so she can help with socks and boots. Parkman being a good man…. Liz is willing to believe. He has never once given away what he knew about her being at the library waaaaaaaayyyyyy back when.

"Say what like what?" A foot offered to Liz, letting the woman help, feel useful, taking advantage of Liz like she did for her hair.

"You hesitated when you said Teo's name," Elisabeth replies as she assists. "I just wondered if there was a problem or if you just got derailed midsentence by another thought, that's all." The boots slide on easily enough — they're loose. They have zippers in the front, so they will be easy to slip on and off once Abby can reach the zippers.

There's silence, the younger blonde unsure if she wants to delve into the topic that is the rift between her and Teo while the aircast is removed, tossed into a the duffle bag to be put back on when she's wherever she's going to end up staying. Socks, boots, careful handling. "I'm dealing with it. Just.. I'm dealing with it, with him. It's over Kozlow" Which should be explanation enough. "I need to deal with him" For Francois's sake. For the sake of all human Switzerland's around the world. If she was going to stay there, she needed to make peace with the Sicilian if he'd even let her.

"But that's, between him and I. How about, we get a nurse, get this forsaken wheel chair deal done with while you make sure the car is heated and by the time I meet you at the door, I will be suited up, and we can limp to the car, deal?"

There's a pause over the information that it's over Kozlow. Elisabeth has her own responses to all of that, but they have taken a back seat to the fact that the next time she saw her friend, Abby was hurt. "Sounds like a deal," she murmurs to Abby as she finishes with the boot. And she pauses to look at the other blond. Reaching out a hand, she clasps the back of Abby's neck and draws her in for a quick kiss dropped on the other woman's hair. "Sometime — some other time, way after all this is over, I wouldn't mind hearing about what drove you to that. But frankly, I have too many other things on my plate to even be upset at this point," she says softly. "You straighten it out with Teo and consider us squared on the whole topic, okay?"

Abigail nods in that grip, one lip sucked in behind the other and looking up at the frontline officer, bobbing her head again in the affirmative. Some day she'll tell the other woman why she did it. Maybe she'd understand, maybe Teo would, maybe he wouldn't. Maybe it would be Kozlow that would finally come between them where Francois and Robert hadn't and who knows what else.


Elisabeth blue eyes are shadowed, but she smiles for Abby. In the grand scheme of things… Abby's actions are just sort of a blip on the radar — and Liz is not a stranger to how badly Abby thought he was being treated. So that she'd rescue him? Not a huge surprise, really. "I'll get the car," she tells Abby with a smile. "C'mon, let's get you out of here."

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