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Scene Title Consult
Synopsis Kaylee visits the address given to her by Dr. Odessa Knutson and makes a plea.
Date September 29, 2009

Speakeasy Hotel and Casino — Room 201

It's been a rather unexpectedly long day for the blonde telepath. When she woke up this morning — no yesterday morning — nothing in the world would have made her suspect she'd be where she is now. A trip to see Doctor Lynwood, to get stronger medication, ended with her standing in front of a door in a rather an old sleazy casino.

Kaylee glances down at the crumpled piece of paper, which trembles with her hand, muscles weak from whatever is afflicting her. Twisting her wrist, she slowly draws the back of the hand across her forehead and sighs. Leaning against the wall opposite of the door, all she wants to do is sit down… her body is just that bad off, who knows how much cell death would be found at this point. "What am I doing here?" she mumbles to herself, suddenly unsure about what she's doing, a flash of fear overwhelming her senses for a moment. Adam will not be happy with her, but if she went home now….. Her stomach twists with pain, making her grimace.

"No… " Kaylee hisses out loud to herself, "I have to do this." A hand dips into the pocket of her leather jacket and draws out a red apple, "This is so stupid." Stepping up to the door, the young woman, raps on the door with her knuckles, paper still held in her fingers.

The door cracks open, the space between the door frame and the door filled up with a stout muscular body and an unshaven face. "Whot th'fuck d'you want?" Comes the growl from the man. Dressed in a green t-shirt and a pair of jeans the stubbl-y man frowns down at the girl standing in front of the door. Eyes searching her, they pause for a moment on the red apple.

Ethan arches a brow before one hand reaches through the crack of the door and snags that apple. "Thanks." Says the Wolf as the door gets slammed shut. Turning his back to the door, Ethan sinks his teeth back into the apple as he walks in. "Girl gave us an apple." He announces.

"Schneewittchen," says another voice, smooth as goose fat in comparison to Ethan's hoarse snarl. "Didn't your mum ever read you that one?" The sound of footfalls is muffled through the door, bare feet on carpet, and a moment later it opens again, this time to admit a slim woman into its wooden frame. Clothed in a black slip and a cotton bathrobe fastened at the hip with a sash, she looks as though she either just rolled out of bed or intends to soon climb into one. Mussy hair the colour of an oil slick suggests the former, but also contradicts the sharpness of her stare as pale eyes search Kaylee's face with the shrewdness of a small, whiskered predator.

"Can I help you?" Eileen asks, and while her tone is kinder than Ethan's had been, it possesses the same quiet urgency and poorly disguised desire to get back to business — whatever that business might be.

Her hand still out, though now missing an apple. "The f—" and the door is shut again, leaving a blinking Kaylee. Blue eyes hood slightly as her hand drops to her side, a small amused smile touching her lips. "Okay… " The word is drawn out as she eyes the door, waiting for it to just maybe open again. When it seems like it isn't, she's gets ready to break her own rule and have a few words with him, in her special way….

Luckily, the door opens again and Kaylee is faced with someone new. Giving the other woman a smile she asks curiously, "Eileen?" Her tone is hopeful, "Dr Brooke Lynwood said you could help me." Glancing past her to the room beyond, the telepath smirks, her mouth tugged to one side, "I know it's gonna sound stupid, but she said to give you the apple Scruffy took."

"I didn't have a mum, asshole." Ethan roars at his own daughter as he makes his way away from the door. Eating the apple he pauses when he hears the name. Taking a few steps back, his head pokes back over Eileens, chewing on the apple. "Brooke Lynwood. Dinnut you say that was…" He trails off, confirming his own question without an answer really. He looks down at Eileen. "Told 'er where we are?" Ethan nigh-snarls. He delivers another harsh look to Kaylee before storming back into the room. The F word is heard a lot.

"You'll have to forgive him," Eileen says to Kaylee as she steps out of the frame, making room for the other woman to come inside if she so desires. "He's not usually this brutish." It's a lie, of course, but it's the type of lie that women tell themselves all the time. Wife, lover, daughter — it isn't immediately clear what her relationship is to Ethan, only that one exists courtesy of the grudging affection with which she addresses him. "Put your ass in a chair, Holden. I don't give two shits whether you had a mum. You've got me and that's bloody well enough."

To Kaylee: "Tea?"

Kaylee might feel like crap on the bottom of a shoe, but she still manages to counter the harsh look with a bright smug little smile. It fades into a small smile, as she look back down at Eileen. "She said I should tell you everything about why I'm here." Listening to the many uttering of the f-word in the back ground, "Quite the charmer isn't he?" is murmured as she eyes Ethan with amusement when she enters the room, but then turn back to Eileen offering a trembling hand. "My name is Kaylee and tea would be great. I'm… behind on my medication." She looks a touch embarrassed to admit that, but she has been rather busy.

"Fuck you!" Is yelled out somewhere from inside the room. Coming back to join the two, Ethan is just now finishing the apple. "Tastes funny." Kaylee is given a scrutinizing look for that. "Don't like pesticides or anything used on my fruit. They use pesticides on this?" The Wolf asks, holding up the apple core. Smirking at her hand, Ethan visibly softens just a fraction. Just a smidge. "Oy Kaylee. Whot th'fuck she send you 'ere for? Need 'elp with somethin'?" Turning the Brit motions. "Go 'ead take a sit."

Eileen takes Kaylee's hand in her own, skin porcelain smooth and cool to the touch, and gives her fingers a tentative squeeze. "You know the saying all bark and no bite," she says, mirroring the smile with lips that curl feline at their corners. "That's my Ethan." She shuts the door behind Kaylee and slips her other hand behind their guest's back and places it just above her tailbone, steering her toward an unoccupied armchair with a leather shoulder holster and pistol hanging off its high, stylized back. Footsteps then carry her across the room, past Ethan, to the windowsill where a kettle of water boils on a hotplate plugged into the wall. The first thing she does is finger the curtains and draw then shut, obscuring Kaylee's view of the street below and the parade of yellow cabs parked on the curb outside the hotel.

A cursory glance ensures that no one is loitering beneath the Speakeasy's awning. It would be unfortunate if Kaylee had been followed here. "Leave nothing out."

A glance goes to the apple core and then back at Ethan. "Somehow I think the relevance of that question is kinda moot at this point, don't you think?" A blonde brow quirks up a bit as she grins at him as she passes guided by Eileen, "I imagine we'll have the answer if you get sick." Normally, Kaylee would flop down into the offered chair, but instead she places her hands on the arms and lowers herself slowly. Leaning back, she sighs with relief. "Thank you." And she means it.

At the question she closes her eyes for a moment gathering her thoughts, then she slowly opens them, looks suddenly worn out. "I don't know how much you know about an Adam Monroe?" She glances between them both and starts, "Well… I'm in a sense running away from him. God, he'll probably kill me for telling you all this, but Dr. Lynwood said I should tell you all. I'm… a telepath." she trails off looking at them both, she holds up hands quickly and adds, sounding like she's said it a million times before… "And I know.. 'Stay the fuck out of your heads.' I have no plans to.. it's rude."

"I'll fuckin' make you 'Vander fuckin' 'olyfield right now." He growls, making a biting motion at Eileen's ear as she brushes by. "No fuckin' bite. Bull fuckin' shit." Ethan growls as he goes to the kitchen to throw away the apple core. When Kaylee says how the answer to the question is moot, Ethan turns around with a grunt. "Don't y'fuckin' sass me." The Wolf growls. "Y'b'careful or you'll get sass right back up your ass." Going to sit across from Kaylee, he lets out a harsh laugh.

"Adam Monroe. Running away from that fuckin' idiot? I told 'im I'd work with 'im a bit, after the old man went down. When I realized 'e didn't 'ave a brain I cancelled my contract." Ethan explains matter of factly. Even though everything has been abrasive so far, Ethan glances over his shoulder to Eileen before looking back. "If Adam's lookin' for you, then you're safe 'ere love. We'll look after you." And just like that Holden has spoken.

Glass tinkles against metal, metal against china. Eileen's body blocks Kaylee's view of the tea's preparation. "Monroe and our former employer used to work with one another, once upon a time. We met a handful of times last winter, but I don't know as much about him as I might like." One hand steadying the kettle, the other pours steaming water from its spout into a small cup designed to fit a dainty fist. Ethan's declaration earns him a sidelong look punctuated by an arched eyebrow. They will, will they?

"She'd be safer at the Garden," she reminds him in a low voice as she uses a cloth to wipe the excess fluid dribbling from the kettle's lip. "Or at the Hangar with Harkness and Matheson. Even Chesterfield's is a better option."

There is a small chuckle at Ethan's threat… yeah, Kaylee's not exactly scared. "Yeah I am running from him.. to save my life — I hope. But I don't see him just letting me leave either…. Dr Lynwood said the same thing." She glances from one to the other, "You could say we see each other as family. He's saved my ass a few times and has been protecting me like I imagine a father would… well… over protecting me… " There is actually a touch of affection for him there, but it ends with a hiss of pain, fingers curling into the arms of the chair, as whatever has her, tighten it's hold on her a bit more. Bad Kaylee. It takes a moment for her to finally relax, swallowing back the bile. After clearing her throat she continues, "He — he put Huruma to training my ability to make me, more useful to him. I just can't see him doing that and taking my leaving well. In fact, the Doctor got really freaked out when I mentioned her."

"I meant we'd take 'er in, in general. Not in this specific fuckin' spot." Ethan growls in response to Eileen's sidelong look. "Jesus fuckin' Christ. Not like she would make you cut down on your Gabriel fuckin' time anyway." He glances back to Kaylee and gives a sweet smile before falling silent and listening to the rest of Kaylee's story.

Glancing over at Eileen, he arches a brow at the name Huruma. Giving a bob of his chin before looking back to Kaylee. "So y'don't want to be round 'im."

Ethan's mention of Gabriel causes Eileen's back to stiffen and the muscles around her shoulder blades to pull taut beneath the fabric of her slip. Her jaw clenches. There's an argument somewhere in there between pursed lips and a knit brow fraught with emotion. "It's not your decision to make," she says instead, voice suddenly very coarse. Plunk goes the teabag into the water. Colour bleeds out into the drink, infusing it with a deep, rich, robust flavour. "You stopped being in charge when the Narrows came down. We put things to vote, now." As she speaks, she carries the cup across the room to Kaylee, sets it down on a squat table beside the armchair and fishes her phone from her bathrobe pocket. "Stay here with her. I want to bring in a consult."

"I can't be around him. We think, Dr Lynwood and I.. Couple others in the gang as well think that being around him, might be what's killing me." Kaylee glances between them, curiously at the pair, as she dives into what could get her into some serious trouble. As Eileen sets down the tea, the young woman offers her a small smile, "Thank you." A pair of pill bottles are taken out of her leather jacket, which she's left on. With Eileen walking away, it leaves Ethan to listen to the rest of what she has to say. "He's on this kick to kill these people from his past… From this group called The Company. I dunno.. if the news over the death reached here. He mentioned to her about being responsible for putting away for thirty years. The one in LA might have done something to me… mentally, fucked me up." She goes quiet, watching the other woman, while shaking out a pair of pills from one bottle and a single pink pill from the other.

"I'm in charge o' you." Ethan says sternly without really believing it. Even when he was in charge she was the only one who would disobey. A little smile flicks up his lips as he gazes at the young woman. Then he's snapping attention back to Kaylee.

"Inneresting." The kind of interesting one says when one is not interested. He nods politely and even gives an 'mhmm' now and then to encourage her story to go on. Every now and then he glances back into the kitchen to Eileen. When the bird girl disappears he's forced to focus one hundred percent on Kaylee. "So wot are y'gonna do. Just 'ide from 'im forever?"

And she does disappear, the door creaking shut behind her on poorly-oiled hinges.

Tossing back the pills, Kaylee sips at the tea with a bit of a grimace as it doesn't exactly agree with her stomach. "Truthfully…" She sets the cup back down carefully, it rattles a bit due to her tremble, "I don't know. This woman.. when I got into her head, said I couldn't trust Adam.. that I needed to knows the real reason why he was locked away.. and something about the truth about some virus.. Shanti Virus?" There is a slow shrug, "I know her ability was persuasion. But nothing like what I can do that's for sure." She frowns a bit in thought, and shakes her head, looking back at Ethan, her expression like someone lost. "I just don't know. I hope I can find a cure for this, I guess.. But for now I just need to keep away from him, cause I really don't want to die this way."

"If you're plannin on goin' to Adam Monroe after you're 'fixed'. I should probably just put a bullet in your brain now. I don't want that fucker findin' me. 'e'll come knock on my door all day wantin' me to go do 'is fuckin' laundry or some shit." He frowns deeply as he watches Kaylee. "Shanti Virus is wot Kazimir Volken wit' th' 'elp of Adam Monroe concocted to severely fuck up the world. Kill out, everyone. First it would kill th'evolved but eventually it would kill ninety percent of the world's population, somethin' like that. I wasn't really payin' attention when they were talkin' bout that shit."

"Kazimir Volken is the most evil and dark man that 'as ever walked this earth." Ethan explains quietly, tapping his fingers on the arm of the chair. "And from wot I 'ear Adam Monroe was something like his mentor. Old buddies." Holden says before smiling. "Enjoying your tea?"

Brows lift a bit at the threat and her head tilts slightly as Kaylee considers the man. "I'd rather you not put a bullet in my brain and there is no guarantee I can get fixed. I may ave to learn to not trust the man I've come to think of as a father." Bitter much? Well, she is. Her life has been turned upside down. When he starts talking about the virus, she slides forward on the chair and rests her elbows on her knees. "So you know all about him? You can tell me about all this crap this woman wants me to find out?" Again there is that note of hope in her voice. "I've been trying to find out these answers without going to him," She reaches up and taps the side of her head, "I can't get into his head and know if he's lying to me or not."

Hands come up to scrub her face in exhaustion, when they drop she glances at the cup and nods slowly, her voice also sounds just as tired, "Yeah… the tea is great." She turns her head to give him a small smile, that doesn't reach her eyes.

"She used to be a 'orrible cook. Burn everything. Even tea. Burnt tea is not somethin' you wanna be fuckin' drinkin' believe you, me." Ethan insists, giving a firm nod. He lets a smile play over his face. "Didn't say I knew all 'bout 'im love. I just know 'e's not a good man." He shrugs a bit. "And either am I. Only difference is 'e's 'ad a lot longer to curse th'fuckin' world with 'is evil and I've only 'ad… fuck. Almost forty years." He frowns. He's getting old.

"I can tell y'as much as I know love. But it won't be enough if lookin' at you serves me right. But I'll tell y'one thing. You want to find out wot Adam doesn't want you to know? Y'ask 'is enemies. Adam's killing Company founders, I would suggest y'talk to Company founders."

Sitting up straight, Kaylee looks at the scruffy man like he's crazy. "I just said I want to live, didn't I? I also don't want to be thrown in a cell in the bowels of whatever place they got going. I kinda like living my life, " Obviously, she's been hearing all about them. She gives a little shake of her head, eyes rolling to the ceiling and sighs softly, "I'm so fucked."

"Oh I'm sorry. Did you think I said active agents?" Ethan asks with a condescending tilt of his head. "No I said fucking retired senior fucking citizen founders." He gives a little snarl to the girl. He gives an irritated sigh as he goes to push himself up from his chair. "Cheer up, love. You've got plenty more miserable years to come."

There is no clock mounted on the wall with which to keep track of the time that elapses between Eileen's departure and her return. Less than an hour later but more than half of one, she emerges from the hallway in the company of another man some twenty-odd years Ethan's junior. A lit cigarette dangles between two knuckles in her left hand, though the smoke detector in the suite fails to so much as chirp a warning when she passes under it, moves behind Ethan's chair and returns to the warming kettle by the window. It's a bad habit, but it's also a way of occupying her hands, and even though she no longer has to entertain herself while waiting for her consult to arrive, she neglects to snuff the cigarette out before she begins fixing her own cup of tea.

She'll let the newcomer introduce himself.

He does so in Italian: "Buona sera." At six feet's height, broad-shouldered, humbly functional in his dress, stealthily armed, blue-eyed, blond in a dirty dishwater clot of shade in the porcupine resultant from the overgrown buzzcut, and—

—entirely recognizable, to one Kaylee Thatcher. Shooter's. Dragged a lanky, stuporously-intoxicated old lecher home with him with one hand, another fellow hovering at his elbow. He recognizes her the instant she registers his features, his eyes closing and opening once, twice. "Hey," he says, glancing at Ethan, second, almost on reflex; the Wolf warrants that much acknowledgment, at the very least. "I take it she wasn't 'just' waiting tables at Biddy Flannigan's."

Fingers tap on the arm of the chair, Kaylee has fallen silent deciding not to taunt the older man, but she watches. The medication has been given time to settle in and so she seem much more relaxed, even if she still looks like crap. When the door opens, her head turns that way, followed shortly by her eyes. There is a flash of recognition when she sees the man with her, a smirk tugging at a corner of her lips. "Fancy meeting you again. You get 'Mike'…" She actually makes quotes with her fingers when she uses the name, "Home okay?"

His question gets a strained smile, from the telepath. "Not just no.. But the double shifts he gave me constantly for going to Staten Island were a killer on the feet." She glances at the others and offers to answer the question herself. "I also work…" She pauses and corrects herself, "..worked, for Adam Monroe."

Going to stand, Ethan bobs his head in greeting to Teo. "Bonjour." He mutters before brushing by the man. Though a hand comes up and briefly pats him on his shoulder. Then he's moving over to Eileen. Grabbing Eileen's un-snuffed cigarette he tosses it out the window with over-exaggerated throwing motions before grinning broadly over at Eileen as if expecting her to be happy over him being an ass.

She isn't happy about it, but she doesn't exactly pitch a fit either. Her face goes cold, lips pressed into a thin line, and she resumes pouring water into her cup using hands that quake with visible fury. First Peter, then Gabriel — and now Ethan? The next thing she knows, Felix will be telling her it's bad for her health—

"Kaylee needs a place to stay for a little while," Eileen tells Teo in a flat voice, much flatter than the one she'd used to speak with him and outline the situation over the phone. She does it again now, this time for the benefit of the other two individuals in the room. "Ethan's volunteered to keep watch over her and keep Monroe's dogs at bay if they start scratching at our door, but I don't know where the best place is to keep her. Any thoughts?"

Lovely. French. Stuff. Teo takes a deep breath, long and loud enough that it pinches a little before he's done with it, a rough palm scrubbed up the flat of his torso. His first answer was going to be about Midtown, the speckled constellation of relatively sound locations that Deckard had plotted out, except that Deckard's hard to think about tonightttt and in the context of Mike, particularly.

"Yeah." Discomfort comes. Passes. Eileen's provides sufficient distraction. Nothing helps a shitty mood like passing it around, and that isn't the slightest bit malice.

"Garden would work pretty good, though I'm not sure how comfortable everyone would be with having the Remnant staying there again, including Mr. Holden himself." Pale eyes flick at Ethan. Turn over the brief consideration whether or not there was anything in the world that would make Ethan specifically uncomfortable. "Other satellite locations on Staten. The hill site, or Connaught Road." McRae's people rotate through Connaught; doubtless cause for the momentary lift of brow Teo sends in Eileen's direction. Slightly higher chances of mobility, but also of civilians caught in the crossfire. There's been nothing particularly freakish about their lot circulating the rumor mills anyway, neither fantastical criminal history nor titillating religious aspirations. "Or Phoenix.

"How badly are you concerned about Monroe?" In tandem, those two sentences leave considerable room for interpretation. He scores the heel of his hand up his cheek, rasping stubble against calluses.

Ethan reaches into one pocket, and pulls out his own cigarette. Waving it in front of Eileen he goes to poke the thing into her mouth before bringing his lighter up. Not that he's opposed to smoking, just that he really wanted to see her get mad. Lighting the end of it the man gives a rapid exhale before tucking away the lighter.

Turning to face Teo, he throws his arms up in a 'what did I do' gesture. He lets out a little laugh at the end. "Yeah feed 'er to the birds." Holden calls out as he moves back in to take a seat once again. "Fuck me, I can go to one of the satelite's not like this one" he jerks his thumb at Eileen, "Wants me 'ere anyway."

The mention of Pheonix grabs Kaylee's attention. "Scooby gang?" She uses Adam's term without thinking and shakes her head. "If that's who I think it is… I'm not sure. I mean.. Last time I saw them they were not happy about me. Adam had me trying to get into their heads.. Abba Girl especially seemed pretty upset." No, she doesn't know the Pheonix leader's name.

Licking her lips Kaylee moves to lean against one of the arms of her chair, leaning on her elbow. "Like I told them…" She starts, looking up at Teo, "I don't think he'll let me go so easily… even if he knows I'm possibly dying cause of him." Her head turns to regard the others. "I'm an asset. If you will excuse my language.. one of his gang called me, Adam's Little Mind Fucker. He's claimed me as a daughter. " Her hand lifts her rubs against her upper chest, as if something is missing. "He even gave me a necklace stating that it was like making me an heir… well, until it was taken. I don't think he'll take my leaving well."

Eileen clamps her teeth around the cigarette's filter and lowers her brow, pointedly avoiding Ethan's eyes when darts a gesture in her direction. Smoke curls, tickles her nostrils and causes her nose to snuffle, twitch. She wipes at it with the back of her sleeve and shifts the cigarette from one side of her mouth to the other as she goes through the practiced motions of selecting a teabag from the silver tin she keeps them in.

"McRae could be a good fit," she concedes. "If you keep your head down, there's no reason Monroe should be able to find you. Government can't sniff us out, he won't either."

That choice of dire consequences sounds no less surprising from the telepath's voice than they had from Eileen across the phone. Harried and panicked, maybe, but Kaylee isn't gushing blood or weak on her feet like most of the dying people Teo tends to meet in the course of his days.

He manages to keep most of his skepticism off his face, in case that's rude. Subjects to a brief stare of consideration, brow furrowed. Concern, scrutiny, myopia, something in his eye. Maybe all four. Last comes the grin, small because it's earnest, no exaggerated proportions of Crest commercial whiteness. "Eileen's right. Once you're in, we should we able to cover you— it's our modus operandi. Though, far as tracking goes— I guess we might as well cover the only base we have.

"How'd you two meet?" There's a belated glance back at Ethan, a shaded squint like a smile, a haphazard effort at being polite. Family drama is one place any Sicilian knows better than to insinuate himself. Not to say that Teo is 'any Sicilian' or has exhibited prior difficulty with insinuating himself.

"Adam had hired this Doctor.. Brooke Lynwood." Kaylee starts simply. "When she realized this thing, with my brain shutting my body down, was probably related to my relationship with Adam. She gave him this address and Eileen's name. Told her I should bring an apple. She seemed freaked enough when I mentioned Huruma.. She thoughts were something about her having my scent or something.. it was weird. Anyhow.. She was freaked out enough to insist I come straight here."

Eileen leaves the teabag to steep in the water and turns just enough to direct a sidelong look at Teo from where she stands, one half of her face obscured by dark curls of hair, the other by cigarette smoke. With no ashtray at her disposal, she removes it from her mouth long enough to discard the cinders out the open window with a swift flick of her wrist and two tapped fingers. "Lynwood has a flair for the dramatic," she says. "The apple really wasn't necessary, but I'm sure Fenrir here appreciated it."

Lynwood has a flair for a lot of things, few of which Teo has much faith in or derives much comfort from. His eyes flit up to meet Eileen's gaze halfway, before circling back to Kaylee thoughtfully, brow notched in a manner that is thoughtful or troubled. Quite possibly both. He squares his shoulders. "Never heard of regeneration causing issues for telepaths. We should probably come up with other theories on what happened to you— second opinion, no discourtesy to Doctor Lynwood. See if your symptoms stop flaring up when you're away from the man.

"Should probably get you a different name and ID before introducing you to anybody else in the network," he adds, after a moment, tersely. His fingers jack-knife in, flexing shut once, an idle fidget to go with the tedious process of thinking professionally over the droning engine of personal angst. "Do you… feel enough for your 'old man' and his friends that you'd consider giving them a call some time within the next couple days? Explain? See how big a knot they have their panties in?" He hazards a glance at Eileen. Second opinions are a valuable correlation in many areas.

"Not regenerators.. But Company founders with persuasion, yes.. There is a chance one did this. It's only a theory.. but there you have it. Have anyone you want look me over if you doubt my words." Kaylee gives him a small smile and a one shouldered shrug. "There are one or two within the group I might feel comfortable enough calling to ask, mostly those that insisted I leave. I… really would rather not call Adam if I can help it." The guilt for what she's done pretty plain on her face.

"As long as she does it from a payphone or under Wireless' supervision, I don't see how that would be a problem." Eileen likes her tea strong, and shows no inclination toward removing the bag from her cup any time soon. The water has turned a deep red colour, darkest toward the corners of the cloth. There are a few packets of sugar and honey on the sill that she pocketed the last time she was at the Night Owl but she ignores these in favour of the conversation as well. "I'll talk to Flint about drafting up a fake ID, paperwork. He knows people outside the network. It's less of a strain on our resources, and I can pay for it out of my pocket."

'Tell him I said hi' sounds inappropriate particularly in conjunction with Ferry work. Teo's face changes slightly, because of unbidden sentiment and because he lets it. "That's a good idea. Let me know if you need cash to cover anything else in this, si?" The question goes without real expectation that Eileen would. Like guilt, kindness is not generally characterized by its limits.

He rests another brief glance on Kaylee's face, his own a miracle of opacity, this time. Subliminal persuasive programming isn't a subject he's made the most in-depth of studies on, but he knows enough about it that it's what keeps him from suggesting, albeit in not so cruel words, that she sell further information to Phoenix in exchange for a little help, perhaps a new mission. Not yet, anyway. God knows, he's seen relatively innocuous young women puppeteered to do everything from murder to die.

"If you really want to find out if someone left behavioral conditioning shit floating around in your head, we might know another guy who could have a look at where you've been. He'd probably see more than you'd want him to—" another glance shaded at the Englishwoman this time, from over the curved rim of her teacup. "But I'd trust him to do it, if I really wanted to know." There's a hedging beat's silence. "Either of us can take you. Whenever you're ready."

"I can pay for it." Kaylee says with confidence to Eileen, shifting to sit up on the chair. "Or can…" she murmurs realizing Adam might think to keep on the bank she keeps her money. "Well.. when it's safe anyhow, I can and will pay you back." The idea of using her deadbeat daddy's little gift being used for something like that, secretly pleases the young woman.

Teo is studied silently for a long moment, before her head starts to slowly nod. "I am at the end of my rope here.. I am on the most powerful painkillers I can handle without landing me in the hospital.. and I'm nausous all the time. I need to know. If this guy can give some kind of insight.." The thought of someone actually being able to see if this is what her and others have been thinking, it would be a break through. "Then lead the way." She makes a sweeping motion towards the door with a hand and gives Teo a hopeful smile.

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