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Scene Title Contact
Synopsis Raith engages in a rapid-fire conversation via text messages with an associate.
Date June 28, 2009

Jensen Raith's Safehouse

The "bing!" that comes from Jensen Raith's cellphone isn't unfamiliar, but it's not one he's eager to hear, either. Giving a quick glance around the once used apartment to make absolutely certain he's still alone, he unclips the device from his belt, has a seat on an old, wooden chair and, covering his phone under his coat to hide the glow from the screen, investigates.

ace_of_cups (8:04:12 PM): hello?

An unfamiliar name, sure, but Raith can still think of a couple people it might be.

KingofSwords (8:04:26 PM): Hello?
KingofSwords (8:04:48 PM): Nice of you to IM, but who is this?

ace_of_cups (8:06:22 PM): i'm sorry
ace_of_cups (8:06:24 PM): that was rude
ace_of_cups (8:07:27 PM): this is eileen

KingofSwords (8:07:31 PM): That's fine, I just wonder who this is? Came out of nowhere

Strike one, Ruskin. With a roll of his eyes, Raith formulates a, silently cursing the girl for not having much sense for keeping some things a secret. The delay between her addition and his reply didn't make things easier. Not harder, but not easier.

KingofSwords (8:07:50 PM): Eileen who?

ace_of_cups (8:07:59 PM): for fucks sake
ace_of_cups (8:08:09 PM): jensen

Strike two!

KingofSwords (8:08:47 PM): We'll talk about names later. What's up?

ace_of_cups (8:09:32 PM): ethan is back in nyc
ace_of_cups (8:09:40 PM): i thought you might want to know

KingofSwords (8:10:22 PM): That's good to know. I'll check on that, see what's up with him.

ace_of_cups (8:10:53 PM): no

'No' is not the reply that Raith was expecting. Or the one he wanted. He puzzles for a few moments, working out what just happened.

KingofSwords (8:11:14 PM): Okay, why not?

ace_of_cups (8:11:33 PM): please

KingofSwords (8:12:06 PM): Okay, fine. "no"
KingofSwords (8:14:41 PM): Anything else? Or just "no"?

ace_of_cups (8:15:12 PM): what do you know about fung daiyu

Instinctively, Raith glances around again. He would argue that he's not superstitious, sure. But he is, and he knows it. When Feng's (slightly mangled) name comes up, Raith pauses and has to make sure, once again, that he's alone. After a few moments, he slides out of the chair and crouches on the floor before moving to the wall, where it'll be impossible to be accidentally seen through the windows.

KingofSwords (8:17:47 PM): The look on his face when he comes home and finds you sitting on his couch? Priceless. Paranoid, overplanning, but otherwise professional. Kind of a short fuse, I think. Hides out on the island. Seems to be in our mutual past. The usual.

ace_of_cups (8:18:26 PM): he killed velasquez

KingofSwords (8:19:37 PM): I figured that out already. I'm not happy.

ace_of_cups (8:20:04 PM): were you friends?

KingofSwords (8:22:02 PM): Paisanos. One step better. What do YOU know about Feng Shui?

ace_of_cups (8:22:10 PM): is that how you spell it

KingofSwords (8:23:14 PM): Yes.
KingofSwords (8:23:21 PM): it also implies he's an interior decorator.

ace_of_cups (8:23:39 PM): this is not a joke
ace_of_cups (8:23:43 PM): i am not trying to be funny

Maybe Eileen should try to be funny. Taking everything seriously leads to ulcers. Raith's known plenty of agents that ended up that way.

KingofSwords (8:24:02 PM): Yes, I got that. Question still needs answering.

ace_of_cups (8:25:05 PM): not alot
ace_of_cups (8:25:17 PM): have bigger problems

KingofSwords (8:25:41 PM): Okay?

ace_of_cups (8:27:05 PM): do you still want sylar

KingofSwords (8:27:36 PM): Is he still mad at me?

ace_of_cups (8:27:52 PM): maybe
ace_of_cups (8:28:00 PM): yes

KingofSwords (8:28:22 PM): I'll buy him ice cream.
KingofSwords (8:28:30 PM): What's the "bigger problem" exactly?

ace_of_cups (8:28:32 PM): please stop trying to be funny
ace_of_cups (8:28:34 PM): you are not funny
ace_of_cups (8:28:57 PM): he's missing

KingofSwords (8:29:12 PM): Weren't you just talking to him?

ace_of_cups (8:29:27 PM): not just

KingofSwords (8:29:44 PM): Okay, so he's missing. We'll find him, then.

ace_of_cups (8:29:55 PM): i think i know where he is

KingofSwords (8:30:16 PM): Okay. Is that the only problem?

ace_of_cups (8:30:36 PM): sort of
ace_of_cups (8:30:39 PM): i am completely fucked
ace_of_cups (8:30:42 PM): nevermind
ace_of_cups (8:30:44 PM): not important

If it wasn't important, of course, Eileen wouldn't have brought it up. No matter, not right now.

KingofSwords (8:31:21 PM): I'll ask you about it later, then.

ace_of_cups (8:31:35 PM): what is this going to cost

KingofSwords (8:32:23 PM): A million dollars and three Hawaiian islands (the good ones, not the leper ones)
KingofSwords (8:32:28 PM): What are you asking about, exactly?

ace_of_cups (8:32:43 PM): if you do this
ace_of_cups (8:32:47 PM): what do you want from me

Now there's a good question. Raith actually turns the screen away from himself while he thinks about it.

ace_of_cups (8:33:34 PM): whatever you are typing
ace_of_cups (8:33:40 PM): think very carefully

It takes a moment before he's figured out how to answer it.

ace_of_cups (8:35:21 PM): hello??

KingofSwords (8:35:30 PM): How about a guarantee you won't double-cross me or anyone else who joins up, a guarantee that you'll follow orders unless you get information that would make them irrelevant or stupid, and a guarantee that you won't double-cross me.

ace_of_cups (8:37:30 PM): i want a say in picking targets
ace_of_cups (8:37:40 PM): is that acceptable

Again, it takes Raith a moment to figure out exactly what just appeared on the screen in front of him. What does that girl think this is, a club?

KingofSwords (8:38:36 PM): Sure, okay. I make no promises that I'll always listen, since this isn't a democracy, but sure, you get a say.

ace_of_cups (8:39:02 PM): i can walk away at any time

KingofSwords (8:40:23 PM): Sure.

ace_of_cups (8:40:36 PM): you won't shoot me in the back

KingofSwords (8:40:54 PM): I won't shoot you in the back.

ace_of_cups (8:41:04 PM): or in the front

KingofSwords (8:41:34 PM): Or in the front.

ace_of_cups (8:41:44 PM): ok
ace_of_cups (8:42:00 PM): thankyou

KingofSwords (8:42:12 PM): Is there anything else?

ace_of_cups (8:42:24 PM): no

KingofSwords (8:42:53 PM): Good. See you soon.

ace_of_cups (8:43:01 PM): goodbye

ace_of_cups has signed off at 8:43:05 PM.

Killing the backlight, Raith returns his phone to its belt clip. The good news, of course, is that everything is slowly coming together. The bad news is that he needs to step things up and roll out the planned communication system. There is no doubt in his mind that other entities, government included, have technopaths who can pick up conversations like these ones; radio silence is essential.

Time to go see Old Pete.

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