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Date October 6, 2010
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Terrorist Attack at DHS Headquarters

AP Wire
October 6, 2010

Authorities alerted to the possibility of a terrorist assassination plot against Department of Evolved Affairs Secretary Raymond Praeger were able to blockade the street surrounding the Department of Homeland Security operations headquarters in New York City earlier today when word reached them of the potential attack. Praeger, who was meeting with heads of the Department of Homeland Security in a closed-doors meeting. Members of New York's FRONTLINE unit were present on scene for what turned into a full-scale battle with at least two if not more Evolved terrorists.

One blonde woman seen at the altercation was reported to be producing a massive electrical charge from her body, while a masked man who may or may not have been Evolved was in direct confrontation with two fully armored FRONTLINE officers and DHS emergency response teams. Raymond Praeger was the target of a failed sniper attack, thwarted by a Department of Evolved Affairs security detail.

Details are scarce at this time, but it is believed that Raymond Praeger's life may have narrowly been saved due to the heroic efforts of a Department of Evolved Affairs agent and a member of FRONTLINE. Their names have not yet been released to the press.

One arrest was made and the Department of Homeland Security has identified wanted fugitive Edgar Smythe as the detainee who directly perpetrated the attempt on Secretary Praeger's life. He is currently being held for questioning and has been charged with attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder, other charges are pending. Department of Homeland Security Operations Director Jason Pierce stated in a brief press release that, "We are actively pursuing leads involving the terrorist group Messiah but can make no further comments at this time."

Secretary of Homeland Security Matthew Parkman was unavailable for comment at the time of this reporting attending a security conference in Washington D.C.

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