Continuing Troubles in the Capitol

WASHINGTON — The man who is expected to be inaugurated as the President of America next Tuesday, Richard Sadler-Matthews, was unexpectedly rushed to the hospital this morning. His current condition, and even the reason for his trip to the hospital, has not yet been released. In the wake of Rickham's stunning resignation four days ago, and other recent upsets on Capitol Hill, this turn of events can only be described as 'terrible'. Several wits have drawn comparisons between Capitol Hill and a quickly sinking ship, as the count of Congressmen who have declared their own resignations is up to three, and an additional two have been indicted for corruption, all in the past week.

In the unfortunate event that Sadler-Matthews' condition should prevent him from taking on the mantle of President, the burden falls next to the President pro tempore of the Senate, 91-year old Senator (D) Robert Byrd. The current Speaker of the House, Miranda Groves (D), is a naturalized citizen of the US and therefore not eligible for the office of President. Byrd, due to his age, is not expected to accept the office. According to the Act of Succession, next in line is the Secretary of State, though the Act does not address whether this would most appropriately be the current incumbent or the appointee designated by the former President-elect.

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