Continuity Error


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Scene Title Continuity Error
Synopsis wHOopS
Date January 2, 2020

Cat's Cradle - The Oracle Room

"So, what happened when you were hit with that car?"

The lone, small window in the Oracle Room is propped open. Cats heard meowing in the alleyway just outside. It also allows a refreshing breeze to drift in. There is barely any light in the place this afternoon save for the ambient filtering in from outside.

Smoke curls and spirals as Eve moves and resettles in her seat on the floor. "I waited for you to tell me more about yourself. Fate plays silly games, Kara." A pale hand goes to drag itself through raven hair, sparks collecting and fizzling off into the air. "I knew your name and your face the moment you asked me for a job."

Kara has her own joint that Eve threw to her. The former seer raises an eyebrow and tilts her head.

She knows better than to let the joint slip from her fingers and fall to the floor, but Kara has no intention of lighting up. It remains delicately sandwiched to her chest as a result, its precise location determined by touch alone as she looks across the dark room. She can barely see, save for Eve’s sparks in the dim light, but she pushes the door shut behind her anyway, ignoring how it doesn’t quite make it all the way closed. Ignoring, or—

“Eve.” Kara says calmly. The owner’s use of her actual name definitely hasn’t gone unnoticed, and is responded to in kind.

“What are you talking about?”

"Hello my name is Eve Mas and I was formerly a seer. Someone who had ways of knowing things that they shouldn't." A wink follows that and Eve leans back on the pillow, skirt rising up but miraculously her ass doesn't fall out. "What I'm on about Kara Lady, is the time you almost got hit by a car. Has it really been that many times?" Eve tilts her head.

"You were in a vision in my head over a year ago, I saw your face but I don't think it was a vision. I think they were memories, some memories that I shouldn't have access too. And wouldn't you know it, there you are walking into my place. It's like it was designed." Smoke wafts around her fingers. "Given what I now know about the Dragon and my vision states. The question remains, why are you important enough to be apart of that series of unfortunate memories, hmm? Oh yes Kara, we've got ourselves a real mystery." Eve's tone is pointed but she retains that entirely too wide, devilish grin.

"Come, tell me the story. Every piece matters, every piece has its place. We are all branches, connecting in various and unexpected ways."

Kara takes all of this in with an intent expression, listening while giving little away. It’s about the time you almost got hit by a car, Eve says. Kara heard her the first time.

Except she didn’t almost get hit by a car. The same way she doesn’t almost decide to stay in the room and discuss all of this the moment that it’s brought up. There’s a short-list of topics she never discusses and this falls firmly on it. “No, no, Eve,” Kara tells her with flat, polite insistence. “Sounds like you know all about it already.” The joint does slip through her fingers now as she steps back to the door.

And it nudges open back into her.

Before Kara can make it all the way out into the solace of the darkened hallway, her path is very squarely blocked by a featureless shadow exactly the size and height of Yi-Min, and the clink-clinking of the two whiskeys from the bar upstairs that she had promised she would be returning with.

"Leaving so soon?" Yi-Min's voice inquires quite blithely from out of the gloom, even as she presses her small form into the space of that inviting, conveniently-cracked door right beneath Kara's nostrils. She hands off one of the glasses in her possession to her partner as soon as she settles herself into the entryway of the room, regardless of the fact that she can see the other woman is already clutching an unused joint. "Here. You may be wanting this, instead."

Other than that, she shan't be interrupting.

The door drifts gloomily shut again behind her, cutting off Kara's escape.

"No.. no. That simply will not do," Sucking her teeth and shaking her head. "Perhaps I'm remembering wrong, let's see!" Closing her eyes and tipping her head back with mouth partway open. "There… was a forest all around you… a color it's brown- no wait. Rusty. Yes. Blood on your face… hair… oh wait! You got hit! Ha ha, I'm sorry. I hope you're alright." Clearly the blonde woman was.

"Ran into the middle of the street. Yes you did, hit by a car. You know your name, it's Kara.. but you didn't know where you were," Drawing the last syllable out with a shudder running through her body. Eve's head falls back down and she stares ahead at Kara. "The Apocalypse is being served six different ways, there is no time for secrets. What if yours holds the key? Did you not say to me you were looking to do good in this world Lady!" Eve is persistent and especially because Kara is adamant.

Her feet are planted just as firmly, "I've given my life for this world. You can give your story."


"Oh hello Yi-Min! Why thank you!"

The glass is taken from Yi-Min's hand, Kara wearing a blank expression. Something about the way she's carrying herself— she knows the Taiwanese woman has not come to her rescue at this moment. She will not save her. It brings the grip around the glass she's been brought to tighten. A shade tighter and higher and it might even start to give under that pressure.

"Eve," she tries to insist. "You saw all there was to see. There is nothing more I could tell you."

Kara angles a look back to Yi-Min. She's not pleading, not exactly. But there's no doubting there's something silent and plaintive in her gaze as she asks her to move from blocking the door. This isn't a story she wants to discuss, much less for Yi-Min to hear and pry into as much as Eve would.

The two of them in one room might be the death of her, she thinks dimly.

"Hello, Eve."

There is an apologeticness to the way that Yi-Min returns Kara's look, unmoving. That's a look she knows well. And in response she slants her gaze downwards away from it, giving her head the tiniest of shakes. "Kara— I have always wondered about this, as well. I know you have never wanted to share anything about it, and I do not doubt that this is not the time and place that you may have wished for."

But then, when would this appointed time and place have actually come? Never, Yi-Min knows, if Kara had her stubborn way.

"With all the madness that is happening around us… that I fear will happen to you, what if this does become important?" Yi-Min’s presence in the center of the two of them itself feels like an intercession. Eyes never leaving Kara, she tilts her chin upwards in a minute, equally plaintive nod at Eve— just so. Go on.


"Your amore is correct Lady." Eve is grateful for the help and she makes sure she doesn't forget that Yi-Min has earned free drinks at Cat's. "It's like… doctors and medical histories. You could really end up hurt if the docs don't know the medical history." Huh huhhhhh, you see what she did there?

Nevertheless, Eve takes a moment. Stares at Kara, gives Yi-Min a look as if to say: girllllllllll. And then puffs on her joint. "It's almost like you dropped right out of the sky," Eve knows a few ways that could happen. Flight? Nah Kara didn't seem the type. Escaping a kidnapper and having PTSD memory loss from the whole encounter? Nahhhhh. Eve goes down the list. A traveler! Hmm? Eh? The pale woman squints at Kara. It's rather unfortunate for the blonde that Eve likes to sniff out answers. "Your secrets are safe with me Kara." Maybe she was on the run for murder.

In this moment her smiles wipes away and Eve drums her fingertips on her kneecap, "If you would rather I just say what I think and you tell me if I'm warmer, that works too."

Somewhere in the midst of being cajoled and peered at, Kara lifts her glass to down the whiskey she's been provided in a single burning gulp. She spends her time after that peering at a point on or near the ceiling, perhaps trying to will one of the staff upstairs to suddenly come up with something that absolutely needed Eve's attention.

No luck.

She lets out a scoff of a laugh, shaking her head when Eve tries to entice her into gamifying the pursuit. Something cold glints in her gaze as she looks the former seer's way, then down at her empty glass. Her jaw twinges as she does her best not to level that look Yi-Min's way, limiting it to a glance.

"Before I dropped from the sky," as Eve had put it, "I was missing years of my memory. The last clear thing I remember was being on Arthur Petrelli's security detail at Pinehearst. We were at a facility in New Jersey when he lost patience with a doctor there. He'd ordered Stevens to use his ability on a corpse to bring it back from decades of death. First he insisted he couldn't, and then that he wouldn't, because it would just unwind in short order."

"For his display of ethics," Kara recounts with a sudden dryness. "First Petrelli pulled a goddamned Darth Vader," Her eyes shoot across the room as she recalls where she was, where they were. "And then he pulled the doctor's… ghost straight from his body. He killed the body after. I went for my sidearm."

She lifts her glass to drink from it again before remembering it's empty, leaving her standing there with it half-raised. "He didn't kill me," she points out in a statement of the obvious, her attention still on the memory. "He needed me."

Abruptly, she glances to and away from Yi-Min, a flicker of something in the dark of her eyes. "He resurrected the woman on the table. Mrs. Price. Her ability— whatever the hell it was— allowed her to do, among other things, take host in others. She woke up, she screamed about her missing baby, Petrelli told her to move. Her body began to disintegrate. I had a pretty good view of it, pinned to the fucking ceiling."

"And then—" Kara's eyelids flutter and she shakes her head. She moves from her spot to begin pacing the floor in quiet agitation. "Haze and nothing, until November 8th, 2011."

"When I got hit by the fucking car." she clarifies, in case it weren't clear.

For all her interest in hearing Kara finally unearth the buried account of her past, Yi-Min casts a sharp look over at Eve at her flippant treatment of the subject matter, as though to warn don't make light of this. Kara's reticence before them is already palpable, and it doesn't need to be drawn out further.

The naming of Pinehearst doesn't evoke a surprised reaction from Yi-Min, exactly, but it does prompt the visible furrow of a slightly darker emotion. Worry, coupled with speculation. This is something that only grows as more of the details emerge. As she quietly watches Kara pace across the floor.

"The date of the explosion," Yi-Min says softly under her breath. She would say she is sorry for what had been suffered— but one thing Kara does not need, and had never needed, is her pity. A moment of silent consideration is what she offers instead, her own whiskey left untouched in her hand. "And so, this is the cause of your missing years? This woman… Price, with the ability to 'take host in others.’” Years. It sounds almost too large of a thing to be true. Too much, all at once.

"Why I nev-" Eve hops up, eyes wide. Looking between the both of them. "Oh oh oh," Tears Well up in the pale woman's eyes and she staggers backwards. Kara was a traveler but the thing that hit her the most was, "Aunt Rianna?!"

Eve howls in sorrow just thinking of the poor woman's fate all over again. "Yo-you we-were," Eve hiccups as she sinks to the floor, cradling her face in her hands. "Aunt Ri-Rianna's host!?" The woman stops and looks up at both women and just as suddenly falls on her face. "How tragic!"

What Eve felt in that moment is something that Rianna had probably reconciled with, guilt. Kara had lost time of her life thanks to her family even if it was unavoidable. "You're fro-fro-from the same world? The o-one with all the shiny things? And now you're lost in a strange world with strange pe-people?! OH YOU POOR THING I’M SORRY," It is utterly safe to say that Eve is not taking this well at all.

She tries to get a grip but she just can't take it, the Sad. "I need a moment!" Shifting her weight Eve turns her back and sits there, sniffling and smoking her joint, "What a fuck up!"


If Eve doesn’t take this well, it’s hard to say how it is that Kara takes it. She seems surprised, at first, that Eve’s eyes well up how they do for her sake. But then Eve brings up that apparently familial name and Kara’s expression fails to shift at all.

But there’s plenty happening underneath.

That makes itself evident when Kara turns to Yi-Min, her gaze holding all of the cold she’d previously tried to avoid directing at her partner. She doesn’t ask this time, with subtle gestures. She’s open, admittedly in silence, about what she wants. Move. And she doesn’t wait for permission, reaching past her for the door.

“It was good seeing you again, Eve,” is the only thing that Kara says aloud, polite and distant.

Yi-Min has known Kara long enough to be able to interpret her subtle changes in facial expression— and what it means when she sees that specific inertia in place of one. "There will come a day when you cannot keep immediately turning your back on your past," she asserts with a quietness in tone tipped by just a trace of reserved-sounding sadness, though she does indeed move to allow Kara clear access to the door.

"…And, you.”

The little doctor rounds on Eve, then, her movements suddenly sharp with the viciousness of a cool, unfathomably disappointed wrath. "What do you suppose is the meaning of this — rolling yourself about on the floor like a large, emotional child throwing a tantrum? Can you not see that merely revealing this to us has been difficulty enough, for her? Get up. For shame."

Glass of whiskey held secure in one slim hand, she steps forwards to haul the wailing woman up by the scruff of her collar in the midst of those impressive theatrics.

"See you Cousin Kara, d-don't be a stranger!"


Rounding on Eve causes the pale woman to cling and not run. "Oh it's awful," Sobbing still, snot on Yi-Min's shoulder. Eve closes her eyes tight and holds the smaller woman close to herself. A strand of crimson lightning pops along her arms to tickle Yi-Min's back. "Awful I'm so sorry."

On she goes like this, blubbering and sobbing, screaming blood curdling screams until Yi-Min has had enough and takes her leave as well. The former seer doesn't stop her crying when they both are in fact gone, staying on the floor for a few more minutes before suddenly…

Eve pops up with a, "Whew!" Dusting her dress off and running a finger under her ruined eye makeup. Her fingers reach over and pull at a stack of paintings until she finds the right one. A older one that depicts a blonde woman standing in the middle of the road, eyes wide and blood on her face, a white glow shines around her. Just beyond her in the distance, a figure shaped like a woman in white can be seen floating away, face blurred out. Blood red eyes flick up and stare ahead at the door closed to the stairway above…


A devilish smile slowly plays across her lips.



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