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Scene Title Contributions
Synopsis Brian seeks out Savannah to see how she can help with the Lighthouse Kids.
Date December 5, 2010

Dorchester Towers: Abbot and Savannah's Apartment

Getting into Dorchester Towers has always been annoying. The annoying doormen ask questions if you look like a bum. And then there's cameras. But it is possible to get into. You just have to have good timing. Service entrances, dodging security, slinking around just the right corner. Eventually Brian has made his way to the second floor. Dressed thickly, sunglasses are pressed around his eyes and a beanie pulled down low. Only for the purpose of defending from camera recognition.

Glancing up once, Brian looks down the hallway. Two-oh-one. Stepping right in front of the door the young man takes his glasses off. His beanie next, both are tucked into his jacket pockets. Bringing up one hand a few raps are knocked upon the door. Lowering his hand, he leans against the frame.

Savannah Burton opens the door. Blanket around her shoulders and glass of wine in hand, she's not expecting guests, not really. The look is Savannah's usual for at home. She blinks a little bit, not recognizing Brian and she glances at him curiously. "Are you looking for Kam? He's out, for the moment." After all, this could be one of Kam's other authors.

"I'm looking for you Miss Burton." Brian states flatly. "Miss Rowan gave me your name. Lynette, Rowan?" He glances down the hall then back to the author. "Can I come in, please?" The question may seem forward, but his features are neutral. He looks up to her expectantly. "I have a weapon on me, but it's only for protection. I'm here as a friend. And.. I'm here to ask for your help. I believe Lynette mentioned my operation to you briefly. She recently delivered your books to my kids." He arches his brow now.

"Oh, Lynette sent you?" Savannah opens the door no sooner than he asks. "Yes, yes, she mentioned the kids. I was really glad to personalize the books for them. I asked if there was any other way I could help them. I wish I knew somewhere to house them, but I'm afraid, as I told Lynette, I don't have much that could help in that way."

Giving another look down the hallway, Brian steps in and closes the door swiftly. Doing her job for her, Brian goes to lock the door soundly. Taking a few steps in. "She gave me your name. We have our ideas to house them. If you would like to make a donation, that would be great but.." Pushing his hands into his coat pockets, he smiles lightly. "I really appreciate for your vocal support. Obviously we take it seriously, or else I wouldn't be here. But we take care of kids that are… Well we have to be careful now. I might get scolded for even approaching you like this but…" He frowns lightly.

In a different tone of voice he suddenly changes the subject. "I haven't finished the series, so maybe I'm wrong. But I kinda noticed that there wasn't like a main like.. replicator character. Like a duplicator? LIke. That seems kind of funny right? Because it's a really cool power. Everyone wishes they could be everywhere at once right?"

"Well, I suppose monetary contribution always helps. I can afford that." Savannah notes, glancing over at him. She moves towards the couch, pulling a stack of books off of it to make room for him. The apartment, indeed, is full of books and papers, a touch cluttered but nothing too extreme. It's better than it normally looks! She settles on the couch herself, gesturing for him to take a seat. "Lynette said that powerful people might want them. That I can understand." She does, however, smile at the mention of the ability.

"I usually write about powers from people who have told me what it's like. I haven't met a replicator of any sort, so I can't say I would write it so well from their perspective, and I try to be as fair as possible to the people with these abilities. I try to make them relatable and I want people who don't have abilities to understand what they're like… so if I don't know what it's like… how can I properly express that to someone else? If I happened to, you know, hear from someone with that ability, I might be able to write that into a book."

"I'm not coming for a handout." Brian quickly states, going to take a seat with her. "If you would like to make a donation. That would be greatly appreciated. But.. I've met people who know you. So. If you don't mind. I would like to run you through some questions, if that's alright." Winters murmurs though when she talks about powers and relatability and all that…
"Well. It's a great power. I mean. You can do so many awesome things with self replication." He laces his hands in his lap. "I mean.. Fine. I'm a replicator. I can make a bunch of myself. When I replicate, I come out naked. So.. I have to keep extra clothes handy. There are several me's all across the city right now. They're all very tired. Mostly because I'm trying to.." Well that's a whole nother story. "I have a hive mind. Kind of like a telepathic link. I comprehend everything singularly and as a group all at once. So right now I'm going through a fridge.. Sitting here talking to you… I'm peeing.. Doing some other things." He gives a light shrug. "The more replicates, the harder it is to keep all the points of view correct. If I over exert myself I.. I could start saying the wrong thing in the wrong body. Get real confused. Stuff like that."

Savannah gives a small nod in response to the donation, but she looks back to him. "I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have." His ability, though, gets a tiny smile from her. "That… it certainly sounds like a useful ability. If only I'd had that going to college… it'd be quite nice to get things done while being in class." She laughs, but nods. "I can imagine controlling it would make you a master of multi-tasking. You'd have to be."

"Exactly!" Brian says excitedly. "It does make me a master of multi-tasking. And.. yeah!" He smiles brightly, but curbs his enthusiasm after a moment. He came her for the purpose of the children, after all. Not to become a book. "Some of my kids are a little too young to appreciate your work. But some of them are big fans. When we get a place to settle down, you should come by and visit them. They have a lot of interesting powers as well."

"That would be wonderful. Maybe I'll write something for the little ones." Savannah laughs, a hint of a smile at the idea. She is, after all, fond of kids. And kids are a great, captive audience. They even like it. "I'd love to be able to talk to them. I'm always fascinated to hear about the abilities some people have… never get tired of that. People are interesting, they've got interesting ways of describing their abilities… and kids. Don't get too many kids to talk to, either, parents are always paranoid about people asking their kids questions."

"We support questions at the Lighthouse. I can't always answer them, but I always encourage them." Brian laughs a bit at himself, somewhat awkwardly. "Well. Not to.. press you, miss Burton. I don't like coming across like this. But.. If you could estimate in the contribution you might be able to make. We're trying to scrounge together to make a bid on property soon."

Savannah laughs a little bit. "That's alright. You're no worse than the non-profits I've considered donating to before. They tend to nudge a bit about money." She scratches the back of her neck as she ponders, taking in a lot of factors before she speaks again. "I got an advance for my next book, so I've got some liquid assets at the moment. As far as contributing… I could afford to part with ten thousand at the moment, possibly more down the line."

"That would be great." Brian smiles, bringing his hand out to offer her. "Really. Can't thank you enough. I will definitely be in contact about meeting the kids. And who to make the check out to, because right now I'm not totally sure." Going to shove himself up from the couch, he gives a bright smile. "I do need to be going now, but I will most definitely be in touch soon. By the way… I'm Brian."

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