James Cook
Portrayed By Jack O'Connell
Sex Male
Status Unregistered Evolved
Ability Dark Appetite
Age 21
Date of Birth 11/30/87
Occupation Bartender
Family Uncle Kieran
Significant Other(s) Jim, Jack, Johnny, & Jose
First Appearance C is for Cookie

Character summary.

Character History:


James Cook was born in Dublin, Ireland twenty-one years ago to Mary Kiplan and Gregory Cook. Despite the fact that he assured her he would stick by her, Gregory didn't last a year as a responsible parent. He left Mary and little James to their fates, and hasn't been heard from since.

As it stands, James grew up with a mother who worked too hard and simply didn't have the kind of time needed to properly show her son the affection she wanted to. He went through his early years well enough, but the moment he hit adolescence everything changed. He started to drink, smoke, do drugs and have sex without much thought as to others or his own health.

When James turned sixteen, he was arrested for lewd conduct and public drunkenness, as well as volatile behaviour towards a police officer. His mother had paid so little attention to James in order to provide for him that when she found out it came as a complete shock, and a previously unknown, hereditary heart condition was triggered. She had a heart attack and died on the bus while on her way to post his bail.

James eventually made bail thanks to the father of a childhood friend, and was promptly put in his aunt Kathleen's home. Though she was much less lenient than his mother had been (or at least, less ignorant of his actions) she couldn't control James, and he continued to run rampant, getting barely passing marks in school.

At the age of seventeen, Cook discovered he was 'not like other boys'. At first, it started with him unable to get drunk anymore. It seemed like no matter how much alcohol he consumed, none of it made it into his bloodstream. This, of course, only prompted him to drink more, and more, and to try other forms of chemical recreation.

Neither alcohol nor pills worked, so Cook started experimenting with harder drugs: cocaine, heroin. Even though introducing the drugs straight into his bloodstream seemed to work, it wasn't really Cook's style. He took up cocaine for a while, but heroin just didn't produce the effects he was interested in.

His friends, all miscreants just as bad as he, noticed these changes and silently began urging Cook to try new things. First it was normal stupid drunken kid stuff, like eating an onion someone had vomitted. But slowly, it started to get into stranger, darker things. Cook was urged to consume things without knowing what they were. His drunken friends — if friends they could be called — would blindfold him and feed him anything they could come across, amazed at the fact that he just- kept- eating. Dog food, wood chips, and even plastic.

It wasn't until they had a fight with another gang of kids over some territory that Cook figured out the extent of his ability: one boy, older and more agile, put a knife to Cook's face with the intent of giving him the famous Glasgow Smile. Sheer instinct moved Cook to snap his teeth at the knife, rending it, tearing it, and to the surprise of all present: swallowing it.

From that day on, it became a game: anything anyone could find would be stuffed into Cook's mouth and he'd gladly and joyously scarf it down. To this day, there's nothing Cook hasn't been able to digest. Even that brownish, bubbly stuff down at the Bristol toxic waste dump when the boys visited England.

When Kathleen remarried last year, at her new husband's behest, she sent James to New York City to live with his uncle (her and Mary's brother) Kieran, who runs an Irish pub in Brooklyn. He arrived not too many months ago, and is working at the pub as a bartender, and creating havoc in the city in his spare time.

Evolved Human Ability:


Cook can bite through, metabolize, and digest anything. Anything. This includes but is not limited to: normal food, animal food, raw foods, overcooked foods, human flesh, plastic, wood, silicon, glass, rubber, paint, paint /thinner/, metal, and toxic waste.

That's it in short. Long of it is he has an extremely powerful digestive system, which includes teeth, tongue, jaws structure, and everything else down the line. His muscles can work overtime and apply tensile strength enough to rend some of the toughest metals. At the same time, his organs aren't super tough when he's not trying to consume anything; he can still be skewered, cut, stabbed, and killed if he's shivved twenty times in the stomach.

In addition, any chemicals consumed through the digestive system (such as alcohol, oral pharmaceuticals, and drugs like LSD) are processed too fast for them to have any actual effect on Cook. He can't get drunk, but he can get stoned, and anything introduced intravenously is as effective as it would be on anyone else. This means he can't get poisoned or roofied by slipping something in his drink, but he'll still suffer full effects if darted or tranq'd.


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