Cookie Toast


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Scene Title Cookie Toast
Synopsis Rasheed comes to take Eve in for questioning in regards to the shooting earlier this month, nothing goes according to plan.
Date April 29, 2018

Cat's Cradle

It's early in the afternoon when Rasheed rolls up to the Cat's Cradle in his red and black Mustang GT. Since it's so early, there probably aren't many people hanging around in there to feel the bass of Pumps & A Bump vibrating the ground.

He steps out, black blazer over his casual tanktop, red vintage suede Pumas on. He heads in, looking for Eve, holding out his SESA badge and asking the first person he sees to take him to her.

The song in his car is still playing, he's not planning to be here long.

Seated in that big armchair that she had dragged back up to the bar level and in the corner of the bar is Eve, hair pulled back into a messy bun that Sassy Bartender did for her, her pale skin looks more a healthy tone than when she was in the hospital. Her injured leg is propped up in another chair, the deep crimson dress she wears falls to her calves with a slit up the side. A pair of crutches are laid against the wall, next to a walker and a blinged out wheelchair.

An HBIC license plate can be seen hanging from the back of the wheelchair with blinged out toy skulls on the handles.

The first person Rasheed sees is the Sassy Bartender who tilts his head at the stranger and licks his lips, “Boy if I had known someone like you were coming in, I would have dressed u- Oh! SESA! Hey there Officer,” Sassy leans against the bar with a wide grin, “What ya need?” His gaze goes briefly to Eve in the corner, the owner humming to herself, taking a drag of her spliff.

She's rocking a pair of dark sunglasses, heart shaped face turned upwards to the ceiling. Eve hasn't a clue what's going on, that's kind of a new thing for her. Some would say that's always.

"Agent Mustang." Rasheed corrects, then nods his head over to Eve. "I'm looking for Eve Mas, over there. Questioning about a shooting a few weeks ago." He holds up a hand, nodding to Sassy Bartender. "Thanks for the help."

Stepping in front of Eve, he stares at her for a long moment. "Agent Mustang." he introduces a second time, holding up his badge. "I'm here to question you about a shooting where witnesses spotted you with a—"

He pauses, then really stares. "I'm here to question you about your recent time travel activities."

Being questioned for a shooting is one thing, something Eve could expect and when she hears her name in association with something of that nature she doesn't really get too nervous, ready to pull the Do You Know Who My Friend Robyn Is? Card and she's just about ready to do that, listening to the agent approach. Her not turned toward him because she can't see him, she takes another drag of her joint, smoke wafting up into the air. Gillian had said she would be around in the evening, Eve was to behave and sit with Sassy for a while.

She was totally trying to do that but well. That question makes the seer choke and her eyes widen behind the dark sunglasses but her brow raises. “Aahh time travel? That's silly Stang.” Eve tries to play it off with a pssh, “What are we running clocks backwards for fun? Who does that? Not me!” Yes her.

The seer takes a hasty pull of her spliff and holds it in for a moment. She senses she might not have much time for more puff puff passing. Eve’s foot nudges her messenger bag at her foot. “Are you sure.. your brainpan is on right? Sometimes they get knocked out of alignment, happens to me all the time.”

Eve’s eyes have a frightful look in them, covered by the sunglasses. Time traveling makes her think of Adam Monroe and Adam Monroe makes her think about her.

"Something's out of alignment alright." Rasheed holds his hand out to her. "Come on, we'll talk about the shooting and the time travel."

"Hey!" he raises his head to Sassy. "I'm taking your girl for a while."

He does give her time though, as she has crutches and all. "Time travel isn't illegal. I can't arrest you for it. I'm just curious. But the shooting, I can arrest you for that, so let's go chill and talk."

There's a pause and Eve thinks for a second and then bursts out laughing. “Did Red send you?! I told her that my birthday was in February.” She mutters to herself and Robyn Quinn does for sure know when Eve’s birthday is.. but the dark haired woman takes another drag of her spliff and looks over in the direction that she has heard Sassy’s voice this whole day. “Red send me a stripper! Run the track!”

Immediately the lights dim and a pulsating beat starts to play..

I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt.

“WOOOOOO TAKE IT OFF!” Eve is waving around a crisp five dollar bill, she can't see the bills or the merchandise so she has no idea how to decide what the “stripper” is worth.

“Girllllll! I told you I love Robyn! She knows how to party, let's do shots off his abs!” Sassy says all excitedly and Eve goes, “Ooo! He has abs?! I can't see!” Her messenger bag has been pulled into her lap as she's digging around for more of what feels like are dollar bills but they aren't. Just pieces of receipts.

“Pants off, I can't see but I wanna hear! YEEEHAWWW!”

Rasheed just sort of stands there and stares at all of this for a long moment. He's not entirely sure how to respond for a while, then he reaches out to gently take Eve's wrist, then places his badge in her hand. "I'm not a stripper."

"I mean I've been known to strip in the privacy of my own dates, but…" He stands up straight and clears his throat. "I'm definitely not a stripper. I've met Agent Quinn but I don't really know her like that."

He puts his badge away, then takes her crutches to place them at her hands. "Come on, let's go."

Not a stripper? The music cuts with a screech.

The badge in her hand gets a tilt of the head. “Oh…” Sassy peers over Rasheed’s shoulder with wide eyes and then looks to Eve and stomps his feet three times on the left and then one time on the right. Code for: shit just got real. The dark haired woman blinks and then tries to grab onto the arm of the chair as she stands with Rasheed’s help. “Well I have a private residence, my teenage wayward not daughter hasn't been home I think that's traveling the world, broadening her horizons. You can be as naked as you like!”

Her messenger bag is swung over her shoulder and she grabs at her crutch, leaving one of them there against the wall and pulling out a long bamboo stick from behind the chair. Saddling her shoulder with the bag and taking a moment to adjust herself. “Well, lead the way! I'm blind ya kook!” Eve chuckles and then tries to walk over past Sassy, almost falling before she steadies herself and with a wince continues moving.

“I had a stroke, no a seizure, hm well I guess I’ll be telling you about that. Or will I?” it's unclear whether Rasheed has met someone like Eve before. Her devilish grin wide as she wacks her bamboo stick around to let her know if she's gonna run into something.

"You had a stroke? Maybe I shouldn't take you too far. We just can't have this discussion in public." Rasheed does lead her out, keeping a hand on one of her arms. Then he stops his radio with his keys, and opens the passenger side door for her. "No time to get naked, I'm on official business and you're a suspect. Tell me about the shooting."

The time travel can wait, and her crutches are put behind the seat before he walks around to the driver side, closing the door. "Put on your seatbelt."

“Turn on the sirens and you have a deal.” Eve’s eyes are going this way and that by behind the shades as she is helped inside the car. Not going far is fine for Eve she's not really on a schedule. But her own. Which has been thrown off by going blind and losing her ability.

Her hands go to cradle her messenger bag in her lap. “You wanna go to Little Darlings? The girls are beautiful.” Never mind she can't see them, she's been hanging there since she got out of the hospital. Dragging her friends along to support the local arts, was her explanation.

The seer lays her head against the cold window pane. “Is this.. fully loaded?” The question is asked suddenly as she leans forward to sniff at the dashboard, rubbing her hand along it gently. “There.. she purrs like my baby. But newer, that engine sounds like it needs a looking at, you don't want your baby pissing all over the road do ya Stang?”

There's a bang on the dashboard and a crack of laughter. “Mustang!”

"It's a GT, I don't have a siren." Rasheed confirms, the engine roaring like some sort of beast before he pulls off, Portrait's Here We Go beginning to play with some nice bass under the seats. "I don't do anything half-loaded."

"Let's drive for a while. Tell me about the shooting." And then suddenly he gets a call, and reaches out to press a button, the music lowering slightly for the person on the phone to speak. "Agent Mustang, it's Officer Martin from Elmhurst. You know the uh… the haunted house? It's happening again. It's back."

"Shit." is all Mustang says at first. "I'm on my way."

"Miss Mas." he looks over at her. "I can't risk you fleeing, but I don't have time to stop. This is an emergency. Can I trust you to behave?"

“Boooo! I want off!” The woman whines before snickering and digging around in her messenger bag. It's very hard to find things in her bag now, sometimes the wrong things slipped out.

“Fully loaded baby! That's what I'm talking about, you should see my Roxy she's full of spunk. Rode her down the roads of hell, all bloody and boomed, you'd never guess what five people being run over with nearly flat tires sounds like, smashing!”

She drums on the dashboard with clunky movements and twitches for a moment, a memory of that woman's gold eyes on the forefront of her mind suddenly. “Go away.” She whispers over her shoulder before pressing her forehead against the glass. “Oh you wanna know about Baldy. Well, he's bald and a wicked shot. I mean if I had gotten to a roof and squatted down with a squint of my left pupil you know I could have gotten him right in the nugget. BAM. But Gilly has told me often that this isn't PARIAH days.” Eve waves her hands with no regard as to how close she comes to hitting Rasheed in the face a sigh on her lips, “Those were the good ol-”

The interruption of the music makes Eve pause and then she's hearing haunted house and she whips her sunglasses off to stare pale gray eyes intently at Rasheed which is actually, her staring at the steering wheel.

“Let's do it Stranger Danger.”

"You know you can't just shoot people, right? Luckily no one got hurt. I know you're a war hero, but we're not in the war anymore. And I'll assume you meant you ran people over during war times." Rasheed sounds like he's trying his best to give her some leeway, suddenly hitting the gas and racing down the street. "Put on your seatbelt." he repeats.

"This 'ghost', I think it's a disembodied electricity mimic. I thought it went away but if it's at the same house I guess it was hiding. I'm not sure how to even catch this thing, but an electricity mimic isn't entirely organic, so I think I might have an idea." he considers, occasionally dodging her flailing hands. "Girl, I need you to chill. And you're blind, so I need you to wait in the car when we get there."

"While we're on our way…"

Brief silence.

"Tell me about the time travel." he says, once again. "I know you've time travelled, I know one-hundred-percent for sure. So tell me what happened, what'd you see?"

Snapping her seatbelt on Eve gives the steering wheel another look, “Oh you're no fun of course I meant during The Great Second American Civil War. What do you think I'm some.. what, bloodthirsty harlot with a cause? Heck no!”

She's not all that convincing but she did mean during the war.. well. “So you heard some stories,” the raven haired woman leans in closer to the steering wheel, “Bet you never heard how I beat the guy’s head in with a mondo dildo! It was like PLOP and he was like ARRRGHHH NOT THE DICK!” There's a snort and she mutters, “If I was twelve I would say that's what she said but,” since she only has feuds with thirteen year olds, “I'm not gonna say that.”

“Ho Ho Ho, is it Christmas? Because I haven't received my gift.” Time travel is not official SESA business or really accounted for by the government in terms of laws so Eve’s brain is a twisting. “I went on a trip, ended up in feudal Japan and lost my head. Wig intact.” Her hair is not a weave.

“You get more storytime when you tell me how you know that.. do you know Dorothy??” Hands on hips.

"I don't know any Dorothy. And damn, 'ugh not the dick', definitely heard that before." Rasheed says as he skids to a stop at a red light.

He pretty much abuses the hell out of this car.

"You're out of sync. I can tell. You're not in alignment with the rest of time. That means you've been somewhere, or you came from somewhere." he explains, since she's promised more information. So, he'll give some to get some. "So what happened in feudal Japan?"

“Fine! No dicks!” The woman agrees with a roll of her eyes, some jokes never go out of style okay.

Out of sync? Not in alignment..

The seer places a hand under her chin and taps a long pale finger there. Eve ponders what he says before she gasps, “You're a time fairy.” Snapping her fingers she snorts and rubs her head. “First Hiro, then Dorothy now you, how do you time fairies keep finding me?!” There's another gasp, “Are you guys.. the..” Her face turns this way and that way, “Time Police?

Odessa was originally Des, the quiet brunette but then turned out to be Odessa the Science Fairy that was with the Institute, now Eve believes it's all a cover…

With an arched eyebrow, Eve massages her leg gently, “You can't tell you superior officers about this. I have a delicate operation going on.” Operation Save The Other Otter. “..I did something illegal that I can't tell you about but it allowed me to jump backward in time. There was a battle, blood.. so much blood.” She shivers from the memory, “I was buried beneath the bodies. So slippery, I crawled out. Pop! Goes the weasel. And there he was, the man who brought me back to life! Adam Monroe.” Her lips curl into a cruel smile.

“Except in the past he chopped my head off, I was dead. Again. It sucks.” There's another roll of her eyes, “Deaddeadeadeadeadead. BUT!” She holds up a finger, “She was there,” a nervous laugh and Eve pulls at the loose strands of hair. “Her eyes.. eyes so golden then look like hot lava. She knew, she knew me. She's Mother. And she doesn't like to be looked at.” It's said in a way that a scolded child would.

“She put me back together. Lickity split. Piece of pie for Mother but I wanted to see, what she was doing. What Adam was doing.. my brainpan, it's curious,” Eve smacks the side of her head, she rubs the spot where her hair was still gone on the top of her head, just stubble in that circular shape. “She didn't like that. Not at all.” Her voice grows pained as she begins breathing faster. “I can see her, if I look hard enough.” Another shudder wrecks the woman’s body.

"I see… Adam Monroe." Rasheed knows the name, even if he doesn't know the man himself. "I don't even know what to do with that story." he admits, and then stops on an old street of decaying row houses. "If you keep me up to date, I'll promise not to tell my superiors until you tell me something I can actually use."

He finally steps outside of the car, then walks around to her side, opening the door. "You're blind and wounded, you should probably stay here. But I feel like you're not gonna listen to me, so I'll make a deal. You watch the windows and honk the horn if you see anything spooky. Twice for upstairs, once for downstairs."

"Also…" right before he closes the door, "There are no time police."

“Well I’ll tell you more if you get a car with sirens to wail,” a bargain from the trickster that is Eve. The seer snorts at the instruction to “see” anything spooky coming out from the shady buildings and places her arms on the windowsill, staring right into Rasheed’s crotch, “You smell like baby powder.”

It’s a compliment!

The dark haired woman cackles and pats the ceiling of the vehicle. “Don’t worry, I’ll be the lookout.” She’s really just biding her time, for the right moment to slip out and follow him. How she’s gonna do this, is anyone’s guess.

Rasheed doesn't comment on his smells, he instead heads up to the house, where a police officer was waiting. Said officer tips his hat and then gets the fuck out, walking to his car. He's not waiting around for this, he pulls off.

Agent Mustang draws his gun, then heads inside, looking around the creepy house. It smells of mildew, decaying furniture, old books and years of overgrowth. But lights flicker occasionally, even though the house is somewhat lit by the afternoon light outside.

"I know you're here, I've been here before." he calls out. "I'm not leaving this time."

The thought to call Lady Zeus occurs to her but her phone is lost somewhere in her bag and she can’t find it so with a huff of breath she opens the door quietly and steps out, feeling behind her until she can grab the crutch and bamboo stick, hefting them over the seat. Eve is careful with her movements, trying not to cause too much sound or scuff up his ride. Ears pricked up to hear the departing officer it's then that Eve slides out of the car and lightly taps her bamboo stick on the ground in front of her, finding the path to the broken down house.

She hears Rasheed’s footsteps ahead of her and she slows down, her pace slow and movements strange as she maneuvers between the crutch and the bamboo stick. Eve hears his declaration and she mentally kicks herself. This man sounds like a hero, heroes get killed.

She keeps her ears peeled, hoping to catch a strange sound, breath caught in her chest.

There's suddenly static on the TV, and Rasheed draws his gun, turning and aiming at it. Then the TV goes off again. "That TV shouldn't be able to work."

The lights flicker again, then the radio starts to make high pitched noises as it shifts through frequencies.

"I don't know what to do." a woman's voice whispers from the radio, and he has his gun trained squarely on that, now.

At least, right until the TV behind him switches back on, and the figure of a woman entirely covered in TV static leaps out, going for Eve.

"Watch out! I told you to stay in the car!" he shouts, the static woman suddenly paused and rewound until she's back into the TV, and it's off again.

He turns around, aiming his gun at the radio again.

"I don't know what to do." a woman's voice whispers from the radio.

The TV behind him switches back on, and the figure of a woman entirely covered in TV static leaps out, but instead of training his gun on her, he fires a high powered taser, which stops her mid-leap, returning her body to a more organic form.

Real tasers don't typically knock people out, but the woman was clearly drained, her ability overloaded. He removes his blazer to cover her nude body. "Well, you were good bait, even though you should have stayed in the car." he both compliments and scolds Eve, lifting the unconscious woman up. "Let's get back to the car."

She can’t see the woman going for her but she feels static electricity in the near zooming towards her and it gets close before it’s gone and there’s just the cold wind in the air again. Then she hears that woman’s whisper again and her brow is furrowing, “What what! She’s a broken record, where is she? I’m an excellent markswoman.” If Eve wasn’t blind.. That statement would be true.

The crazy woman ducks and backs into the wall, her head turning towards where the radio is. And then hearing the commotion going on around her. Eyes go wide and she lifts her shades as if she could see. “Is she living in the radio? Is that illegal?”

Eve’s eyes are blank as she wacks out with the bamboo stick and ends up smacking the woman in the leg a few times. “Ahh meaty.” she quips as she taps her way out of the door. “Bait? I’ve been reduced to bait. Oh the agony, a useless welp, a fractured echo. O woe is me, what will I do?” It’s partway sarcastic but she follows it with a snort and she’s clapping a hand on her good leg and miming the movement of blowing smoke off the barrel of a gun.

“Who ya gonna call, Ghostbusters!”

"I think she's just someone with ability issues. In the news you always hear about people who won the genetic lottery, you don't hear about people like this as much. I'll take her back to SESA." Rasheed heads back to the car, though he'll help Eve along the way.

Some time passes. The woman is passed off to SESA, and he's driving again, heading in the general direction of Cat's Cradle, though they have a bit to go. "So where do I take you? I can't really hold you on anything, I don't have any evidence, your confession is… not reliable, and I can't do anything with the time travel story."

"I think it's time to drop you off." he finally decides.

“Ahh she’s like my Hailey, they say she’s a wild thing.” Her not niece is a wild thing, it wasn’t her fault though. Not entirely.

“But- but what about the next Ghost Adventures? Look at how good I am at helping! I told Red that I could ride along whenever. Give her a few pointers. I’ve caught some criminals in my day.” She means killed some criminals but never you mind that. When presented the option of where to take her, “Come back to me hidey hole! We can share drinks, I can.. Tell you more about it.”

“The time traveling, can you.. What do you do?” She’s curious and once something has piqued her interest it’s hard to get it off her brain. “There’s something coming, maybe you can help me.” Save her lost friend she’s never met, make sure Mother doesn’t burn the world down. A flash of Adam’s face makes her wince gripping the edge of the seats of the car.

“There’s gonna be war.. They aren’t safe. The horsemen, there are horsemen. The people aren’t safe. Not for long..”

"I was going to say no and then you started saying seer stuff, so now I don't have much of a choice." Rasheed turns on the radio. Portrait's Honey Dip starts up.

"Okay I'm off official business. I hope you have a good Chinese store, I need chicken wings and french fries with saltpepperketchup." That is his current desire, then he looks over at her as he's driving. "Put on your seatbelt and tell me your address."

"I manipulate time." he answers, vaguely.

“That's all that's in my head, puzzles and riddles. Pieces and whole pictures, depending on the tide. It ebbs and flows.” Eve likes that explanation and she snickers to herself though there's a brief pained expression on her face because she can't. “I can't see anything now though, she slapped my brain and that's how I ended up like this. Blind in the eyes, blind in the mind.” She waves at her herself, “Oh well the leg is because this dude threw me down a well.” As an aside, ya know just normal.

After rattling off her address, “Yes there's.. chicken wings. Can we get a lot? I'm hungry.” Her stomach rumbles loudly. “What the fuck is saltpepperketchup?! I knew Gilly was holding out on the exotic condiments!” Regardless, this sounds tasty.

“Well how so time fairy? Don't be coy! I see the future, you change time. I haven't met too many people like you. Some think we’re all a dime a dozen, wrong!

"I can rewind things, and fast forward things. It's a little more complicated than that, and dangerous, so don't depend on it." Rasheed warns, and then reaches over to poke her arm, to make his next point. "And don't ask me to use time on you. It causes horrible things to happen to anything organic."

"That girl, the ghost girl, she was made of electricity or something. I took a chance, since she wasn't organic at the time." he explains, driving way too damned fast. They're almost there. "I already know all about you. Eve Mas. You're the horse girl."

There's a firm nod of her head at the poking. Don't depend on it. She immediately thinks of a situation where she throws a live chicken at his face, wondering what would happen. “Make a clock shiny and new again but if you try to remake a person, distortion no? A little missing arm, it it now attached to your forehead?” Her imagination is wild as Rasheed is learning.

And then he's saying the words.. Horse girl and Eve rears back like she's been slapped. A look of shock on her face as she glares over at the steering wheel. “Listen buddy, the Horsemen are real and they are coming. It's four of them! A river of red! I cannot make this shit up, I mean hello! Who wants to see horses all the time? Children of flaming red hair screaming into the abyss. Did you know that when you dream of it? It can change? Just by the smallest of movements.”

Eve demonstrates by trying to stay as still as possible. “But even when it changes, it still doesn't.” Rubbing her temple, “You ever see your own death?”

"I've never seen my own death." Rasheed helpfully answers, then shakes his head. "I'm not making fun of you, I mean you said some shit about a horse during the trials!" he reaffirms, his speech becoming a little more relaxed now that he's off duty.

He stops in front of her place, quickly realizes that they're back at Cat's Cradle, walks around, then opens the door to help her out. "Do you know who the Horsemen are? I can't do anything without names. What do they look like?"

Then, about time changing. "The future doesn't exist. People think it does, it doesn't. Most people won't listen to this shit, but when time travels go to the future, they're going to a different universe. I know for sure that the future isn't real. The past exists, the past happened, but there's only the past, the present, and possibilities. You can't move forward in all possibilities, so the future doesn't really exist."

"When I move something forward, nothing historically happens, no future events, no nothing. It's different from when I move things backwards. It's because you can't move anything through raw potential, what's in front of the present is what we're building right now. The future is just someone else's present, it's not ours." he explains, almost philosophically, closing the door behind her.

“I don't know who they are.. armor.. orange glowing eyes but not human, multiple orange colored eyes. It was like the FRONTLINE soldiers that use to blast into action, on the case.” Now Eve was on the case, blind or not.

When statements are made of the future not being real Eve whirls around and wacks Rasheed with her bamboo stick but she winds up smacking a pole instead the sound of it reverberating off. “Well what am I dreaming then? Figments of my imagination? Little pieces of my crazy?”

There’s a moment where she finally finds Rasheed and pokes him in the chest as he door closes behind her. “The flood with the nuke.. Evolved running around with red dots on their foreheads to signify they have gifts. I have seen I have averted, I have lived the future.

The seer looks sad as she speaks, the nature of her ability, of time, of the future. Something she's intimately aware of. “The future is the present the present is the past, it's all a mixing bowl, swirling in a circle, sometimes you try to whisk it the other direction and more clumps of the baking powder breaks apart. Shifts in the wind, butterfly wings getting trampled on. It's all a mess.”

Then a thought occurs to her, “Other timelines though, yes yes yes how did you know of the Other Otter and his Other Friends?” She hoped the Other Otter had other friends.

"I don't know anything about otters, except PB&J Otter." Rasheed follows her, dodging swings and pokes along the way. He's very casual about it. "I'm not saying the future isn't real, or that you can't see it, I just don't think the future is as connected to the present as we think. I think that as we move closer to one of those futures, that future can become the present, but it's not directly connected to it."

"And by the way we can order a lot of chicken." he finally confirms.

“Mmm PB&Js.” She's definitely hungry and the munchies have set in. “I can tolerate your view on the future, we come at it at different sides. I'm a loo loo loooon. You seem pretty sharp,” She squints behind the sunglasses and Eve tilts her head and smiles.

“All of the chicken is a good plan, let's get it.” Eve doesn't seem nervous to be around a SESA agent but she's never nervous around the agents, they’re friends. The homies, the real deal.

“Maybe if I ever..” there's a tense pause, “If I ever get my sight back. I can show what I can do.” Showing is a loose term but still.

"Being a seer sounds like a lot of responsibility." Rasheed closes the door once they get inside. "You'll get your sight back. There's healers everywhere, I'm sure you can find one eventually."

He's looking around Cat's Cradle again, curious. "You got a stereo in here?" he asks, perhaps meaning a personal stereo rather than the one they wanted him to strip to, before he starts trying to make a call. It's a pain in the ass, but eventually he gets through to the Chinese place. After he orders, he hangs up, and looks back at her. "I don't wanna sound rude, but how the fuck do you run a business? I mean, you don't seem like the business running type."

“It is, my other Sister Seers.. we all have our.. trials.” She thinks about Tamara and how she has to speak with her. She doesn't close the door, it has slipped her mind. “I'm not sure if Healers can help, Mother has woo woo that's more powerful than all of us. She's the ultimate.” The ultimate Evolved, in her mind.

“Of course there's a stereo here.” Cat’s Cradle is still pretty slow thankfully and as Eve comes into the place Sassy calls out. “There you go lucky lady! Thank you for returning the Mistress in one piece. Gillian will kill me if something else happens to her.” It's true.

“Well! I'm a fun boss, you can take off any day you want. I.. hmm.. this place is necessary.” The Oracle's eyes are unfocused as she goes to make her way back over to her armchair before turning and tapping her way along to the bar where she sits down. “Two tequilas, our best stuff Watson.” “Watson” hisses at Eve, “That is a sin, never call me by the last name. My father is the devil.”

Eve cackles and slams her palm on the surface of the bar. “Well,” pointing towards where she thinks the tequila is but it's really the draft beer. “Two of those chop chop and I'll share some chicken with you.”

"Messing with time comes with trials too. I've never spoken to anyone else who had a time ability." Rasheed admits, pulling up a chair to sit next to Eve, lounging back. "I've read files. There's some tragic stories that I can't talk about." he does, however, shake his head a bit sadly.

"Eve is safe with me, not so sure I'm safe with her. She's wild as hell." He lays his head back, he's had a long day, even before Eve. "I'm off duty, I'll definitely take a tequila. Long day. I always get the weird cases, just like when I was in the FBI."

“I've met three time fairies, you included. They were all interesting, one was a samurai!! Man his sword was awesome.”

Adam's sword, Hiro’s sword, Adam’s sword, that instrument of death has seen many wonders and the most recent being Yamagato. Eve scratches the back of her head. “Aww you gonna hide your job secrets from me? Come on we’ve kicked down ghosts together.” In all actuality, Rasheed did that. Eve was moral support.

At the comment of Eve being safe with him, Sassy smirks. “You aren't'.” Safe that is, not many are. As Sassy slides them both tequila Eve almost takes a sip before sighing, “Painkillers.. god damn it.”

Not to be sober for long, the seer pulls out a joint from her metallic cigarette case. Eve lights it and takes a puff before blowing the smoke out of her nostrils. “Are they always weird? Ghosts?” Eyebrows are wide and she takes her sunglasses off finally, revealing pale gray eye that don't center on Rasheed but over his shoulder. She's not always that clear where someone is anymore.

"I've heard of him. I can't talk about him." because of Rasheed's secretive job secrets. He does have a moment when he considers the legality of marijuana in the aftermath of the Civil War, and then remembers that he doesn't actually care because he's not that kind of cop and he has friends who are still in jail on possession so fuck the system.

"Not always ghosts. I sometimes get a few where people think they're seeing aliens, a few literal possessions, the animal telepath who got stuck inside of a chicken." he counts his fingers, because there's a lot of those stories. "Do you just live in here, in your business? You don't have any privacy?"

“Well, he's.. coming. Like the worst Christmas gift ever. The deadbeat dad that saves ya in a pinch but you'd Rather not introduce your friends too. The brother.. who always smells like farts.. So talking about him with ol crazy eyes,” she taps her eye, “Might be good!” Eve has many secrets but she's not above dishing them out, in fact she feels a need to bring to light the dark destruction she often sees. Puffing more on the spliff, she regards Rasheed with a stare before extending the joint. “Off duty means you have a duty to get high, with me.”

Chickens?! Aliens?!

“Were they little green men..” Eve’s always wanted to see one. “Poor thing, I hope nobody fried her.” There's a frown on her face as smoke is blown from her nostrils. As to the question on whether or not she has privacy. “Ah ah, I can be a private as a private library. A private lap dance, a secret government project! Nobody!” she leans forward to lay a pale finger on Rasheed’s lips, in actuality it's his cheek. “Must know,” there's a laugh and she's waving her hand, sending tendrils of smoke flying in circular motions.

“I tell my fortunes down below in the OR,” a nod in the direction of the door that's currently closed. She doesn't mention the white door in that hallway or why it's padlocked. Eve curiously doesn't ever mention that door to anyone.

“I live upstairs with a young girl Hopper, she's been out recently,” her brows furrow and she makes to inquire to Gillian about finding her wayward friend. “Why you want to give me that private strip tease?” Eve leans in with a wild grin, “I can't see but I've always had a wicked imagination. My mom use to say, I spent all day in the clouds.” She still did.

"I still get drug tested." Rasheed points out. "But drinks are fine. They weren't little green men, it's usually someone disoriented, with an out of control ability in some small town."

Talk of strip tease is brought up again, and he shakes his head. "You're blind and I'm still not even sure you're of sound mind, Ms. Mas." He turns to stare at her. If only he could smoke, but, well, regulations. "I would never take advantage of someone who wasn't entirely of sound mind."

“Well they’re no fun.” Eve sighs she has tried to get Robyn to smoke with her but no dice. The seer smokes more of her joint with a smile. Maybe one day. “No little green men, I OBJECT YOUR HONOR!” She shorts and crosses her eyes with a, “Woo!”

“What's wrong with having a few screws loose? Nuts loose and dangling from the chandelier, brake fluid running low, that all sounds fun to me.” Eve takes a moment to puff on her joint as Sassy goes over to shine some glasses.

“Who said you would be the one taking advantage?” there's a dangerous look in the precog’s eyes. “Someone crazy is the most alive, don't you wanna know?”

"Well…" Rasheed considers this for a long moment, and has to lay his head back and stare at the ceiling.

He doesn't really read philosophy books or anything, though he has had to read a few books on ethics. He also doesn't know Eve Mas very well. There's many things to consider, and her last question does capture him a bit. "I don't not wanna know, but I'm on the fence here."

Tapping a long pale finger on the surface of the bar with a contemplative expression, Eve blinks one time too many. “Sounds like you need a push!” She nearly whispers with an mischievous look and a ruffle of her hair.

There’s a silence as the music fades and Sassy is nowhere to be found. Come to think of it, everyone is gone. The few people who had been there.

“Can you pick me up?”

"Is this a magic trick?" Rasheed asks, standing and moving over to her, reaching down to very gently lift her up, trying to avoid hurting her leg or anything. Then, looking around the club, he just sort of stands there awkwardly. "Why am I carrying you?"

“Wheeeee!” She throws a hand out with a cry of joy at being lifted. The sensation of not being able to see can be thrilling and this is one of those times coupled with being literally swept off of her feet. Eve’s pale gray eyes search blindly for Rasheed’s face and she thinks she's got it right.

Tracing out what Eve believes him to look like in her head, there's a faint snort and she gets rid of the huge anime eyes and there, perfect.

“To my magical cave of wonders, To the stairs!!” Pointing dramatically towards the ceiling.

"I'm putting you to bed and then I'm pretty sure I should leave this ethical dilemma to someone else to figure out." Rasheed declares, carefully carrying her up the stairs. "Listen, you're a beautiful woman and everything, but I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with what you want here."

“Oh for heaven’s sake! I need you to bake the cookies damn it!” She flails her arms into the air as she directs him into her loft. There are plants everywhere hanging from the ceiling, on the ledges, tables. Candles also, the distinct smell of marijuana fills the place as well as paint which can be seen in the corner with an empty easel and numerous blank or finishes canvases.

“Is it clean?” It is, Gillian and Lynette, Robyn and the rest had made sure of that. Her drone Spike, a gift from Teo sits in the corner of the living room. “Don't worry about Spike, he's a very nice drone.”

The woman points in the wrong direction of the kitchen, “To the cookies! There's a batch still left over on the table but I would rather fresh ones.” Her hair is wild and falls into Rasheed’s face a few times before she whips her face back to stare at him, feeling his breath on her neck. “What are ethics?” She bounces a foot up and down with a lazy grin. “Park me!”

"Ethics are those things that make me a good agent." Rasheed sits her down at the table in the kitchen, and then goes to look for and bring the cookies back to her, sitting them in front of her. "Are these edibles? You're not gonna trick me into getting high, I'm a bit too clever for that."

He takes a seat next to her, looking her in the eyes even though she can't particularly make eye contact. "You know I have to leave, right?"

“You seem like a good agent to me, sound like one at least. Very official.” She isn’t teasing then but then Eve is reaching forward to grab at a cookie, she misses the plate at first and brushes Rasheed’s fingers. Her pale gray eyes closed as she finds a cookie and lifts it to her mouth before stopping.

“Of course you do, gotta protect the streets. I’m back in my hidey hole don’t you worry.” A good natured laugh escapes the woman and she blindly reaches forward this time nabbing another cookie and pressing it into Rasheed’s hands. “But before you go,” she touches her cookie to his with a wide grin. “A toast, to new adventure buddies.”

Cookie Toast

Rasheed toasts, but doesn't eat the cookie.

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