Cooper's Donuts Aren't Safe


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Scene Title Cooper's Donuts Aren't Safe
Synopsis Audrey pulls cooper in to start in on the Loco's string of Sylar killings.
Date October 6, 2010

DHS Facility

This government facility was opened by the Department of Homeland Security in the fall of 2009. As a thirty-story building it rises high over the landscape of Battery Park City, a monochromatic monolith of gray and black set admist manicured trees and a concrete plaza where several flagpoles rise and a granite slab sign displays the building number 663 in serif font face.

Inside, this facility houses department executive offices, holding facilities, interrogation rooms and an armory to supply a standing security force with the necessary firepower to defend the building against terrorist threats on home soil. The lobby of the building features a large seal of the Department of Homeland Security at the center of the ground floor in plain view of balcony tiers of the second and third floor, accessible by stairs flanking the glass facade entrance and security checkpoint.

She's back.

Cooper's donuts aren't safe.

Back earlier than anticipated, refreshed on the protocols that comes with the job and how to smile sweetly to bitches and just take it, Audrey's back in the office. She was yesterday, but was getting settled back in. She's also blonde. Unknown to Cooper that it's her actual job, it somehow tempers her scowl. A fraction.

With another copy-catter out there, and presumably, quite possibly the work of a gang called the Loco's, she's digging out what she can on them with an order for when Cooper came in hie his ass down to her office.

Bring the donuts.

"Oh damn." It's said from the doorway of her office. A pink box in one hand and a Starbuck's grande cup in his other hand — that's his coffee — Thomas Cooper looks a touch shocked. Brows are high, making the stretch for that hairline.

"If I wasn't trying not to say the wrong thing, I would have to tell you that — if — you were trying to push the guys away by changing your hair color." Coopers head shakes side to side slowly. "You didn't pick the right color. That color?" He gives her a matter of fact look. "That color is like… hot. Really hot."

So much for watching the comments.

"Oh.. hey" Cooper snap out of his stare and moves to set the pink box on the desk. "Brought the donuts." Finger tucks behind his tie and tugs on it a little as if needing to be able to breath better. "What do we got? Oh!" He give her that crooked grin of his, "And welcome back and about damn time, too." He's at least honest. Glancing over his shoulder, brows furrow. "Ah… Just don't let Secretary Parkman hear that."

"It's my natural color Cooper. You wouldn't know that. People don't take blonde's seriously. I decided to change it back while I was away" Badge and gun sit comfy back in their appropriate places. "Thank you for the compliment. My scowl will still do well to make potential suitors run for the hill. You make any headway on the Sylar case while I was gone?" Despite that she harangued him once a week and lived not a few floors from him.

"Parkman will be happy when we have Sylar behind bars, people stopping pretending to be our favourite serial killer and the President off our ass. So please tell me that besides the donuts, you brought me a lead"

A skilled flick of fingers, Cooper opens the lid on the donuts and extracts one, before dropping into an available chair. "Wish I could, but these damn copy cats are making it a bitch to find anything." There is a wrinkle of his nose, knowing she's not gonna wanna hear that.

A large amount of donut disappears into his mouth, after a moment of chewing, Cooper says around the bite, "But it's almost like he's fallen off the radar. It's been all copy cats of late. Those Loco guys being the newest of them."

"He's around here. He walked into my office looking like Eileen Ruskin. He's hunkered down somewhere. Biding his time, probably letting his dad have some fun. Even that guys been quiet" Which is disquieting in itself. means shit's going to hit the fan big time. "Parkman wants us on this gang. We need to haul them in." She tosses over the file that Parkman handed her, with the notification about the copy cat killings,.

"The King is dead, hail 14. What do you get from that?"

There is an 'oof' when the file collides with his midsection, cause he's got donut and coffee in hand. Sugar drifts from the donut as he holds it in his mouth — coffee on the desk, so he can open the file and flip through it.

Out comes the donut again, so he can say, "Well, I imagine it has nothing to do with Elvis, since I doubt their fans." Laying the file on his leg uses his freed hand to flip through some of the pages. "So… weren't these guys led by that — that guy that blew up that Primatech place?"

Another quarter of the donut is bit off as he turns thoughtful. "Maybe their leader is dead?" He taps the file. "And I know they all wear helmets with numbers right? So… number 14 took over?" Cooper asks even if he's certain about his answer.

"Possibly. Likely. I know they were a crazy gangs. Helmets with numbers. But it does seem like either someone got the balls to off the leader and usurp or maybe the guy died himself and they all voted someone up the ranks. Looks like someone who's just as unstable and has some crazy ways of announcing his ascension. Get back to your buddies in the NYPD see if their gang unit has anything on the Loco's and bring it back. I'll start looking into the former leader and seeing if we're looking for a floater or if the guy is still alive somewhere"

"I can do that." Cooper murmurs, eyes on the file, "I was still in Jersey narcotics when these guys were making their name." Pale green eyes, roam the file, all joking aside for a moment. "I remember the guys being glad it wasn't us having to deal with these guys.

"Should be easy for grab those files from the P.D." Looking up from the file, he gives Audrey a lope-sided smile. "I should ask, want me to bring by your 'box' later?" The good thing about the two agents living in the same place, Cooper doesn't have to go far and he can wear socks to go to her place. "Being back, I imagine you'd like having that again."

"Yeah, bring it back. I'll shove it in my own closets now. If you need me to come with you to the precincts, let me know. Till then, lets get cracking and maybe we'll more headway on this than we do with the Sylar case and won't look like we got our heads up our ass and chasing ghosts for four years" Her time away has made her a bit more bitter with regards to the Sylar case, or maybe it was Tracy Strauss's words. "Take your donuts with you" She hadn't even touched them.

"You sure?" Cooper asks, climbing to his feet. "I tend to buy enough, cause, normally I can rely on you eating a few of them." He pats a hand against his stomach, a faint imprint of finger prints left on the much darker fabric. "Gonna cause me to gain a few." Her flashes her a toothy grin, before scooping up the box.

"Alright, Hanson. I'll get back to you as soon as I hear." Stepping towards the door, Thomas pauses and glances back. "Welcome back." He offers, before leaving her to her bitter thoughts.

"Alas, you'll have to let it go to your thighs and use the gym in the basement of the apartment complex, won't you" She retorts, though with a smile. "I'll be in a more donut eating mood tomorrow Coop. Now get going" She turns her chair, letting her fingers dance across her keyboard so that she can start digging up information and numbers to call.

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