Cop Chick Fight, Round One


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Scene Title Cop Chick Fight, Round One
Synopsis A short practice session.
Date February 19, 2009

Feldman's Gym

It's late afternoon inside the gym. It's not uncommon for this gym to be filled with all types of law enforcement and today is no exception. Young, old, skinny and fat and even ones that are actually in shape are here today working out. Most of the treadmills are occupied, the weight room is filled and there's hardly an exercise bike for the taking. However, on this day, it's the sparring room that Katherine Marks is interested in. She's already in session, training with one of the local instructors. She thinks she has the upperhand when she flips him over, but the trainer easily locks on her arm and forces her to tap yet again. For the seventh time today. She slaps her hand on the mat and bites back a curse. "Let's go again." she demands. Sweat is pouring down her face and neck, as she gets up and walks over to pick up a towel and wipe her face. "Again? C'mon Kat! We've been at this half an hour already. You're getting better." A water bottle is taken and drunk from as Kat rehydrates, "Well, I'm not going to get any better standing around. Let's go."

The trainer smirks and waves her off as he steps off the mat. "I'm done, Kat. Maybe someone else will go a few rounds with you." He leaves her in the gym, heading towards the locker room.

She's been watching from the doorway after nearly an hour's run on the treadmill, waiting to see if the trainer would have the time to take on another student. Although Elisabeth has asked Hana for additional hand-to-hand training, it hasn't happened as yet. When the trainer opts out, Liz smiles faintly. She could say something snide… and it's actually on the tip of her tongue to do so, but she says instead, "I'm not great at it, but I could use the practice too."

Kat is about to call it a day when Liz calls over to her. There's a delay from the question to the answer as Kat considers her options here before she finally shrugs. She really does need the workout, and there's no one else around. She's already burnt through several instructors who are tired or her relentlessness. She motions to the mat. "Sure."

Elisabeth nods and pushes off the door frame, dropping her towel and her bottle of water along the wall on the side. "C'mon, then." She takes up a position on the map and invites Kat to go ahead and start the round with a gesture.

Kat sets the water down and wipes more sweat from her body as she nods and steps forward. She tries for a quick move, feeling the frustration still from her previous failures. She goes for the waist, hoping to make a throwdown, to take the cop down to the mat where she can try to control her.

With a grunt, Liz manages to turn so the takedown isn't automatic, but now Kat's got her hands on the audiokinetic. Elisabeth throws a foot out and attempts to use it as a fulcrum to shove back, trying to take them both to the floor that way.

Katherine's foot slips from under her and she falls onto her back. She's not sure yet how Liz has fallen, but she tries to get herself back on her feet and lunges towards the other female, trying to get a hold of the officer's leg, reaches for the ankle.

Elisabeth lands on her side more than anything, rolling to her front to push off the floor, but the grab to her ankle makes her yelp, "Hey!" Cuz that's not quite fair play. Then again…. who said the agent would play fair. Liz kicks out at the arm connected to the hand on her ankle, still not fighting back with the 'kick her in the face' mentality, but the struggle is definitely on.

Katherine tries to maintain her hold on the ankle. No rules were agreed upon, so seems like anything is fair game. She tries to scramble to her feet, but her hold on the foot slips and she staggers back to the edge of the mat.

Elisabeth pulls up and gets to her feet. You wanna play dirty? All right, I can live with that. She launches herself at the other woman, basically aiming to give her a hard shove to take advantage of the stagger, trying to knock her back down on her butt.

Katherine does indeed fall back on her butt. Balance is a horrible thing to lose. She's quickly she's back up and she scowls. Hmm. Someone's losing their temper. Maybe a couple of someones. Kat charges forward and gives Liz a push in retaliation. "Better watch it, Harrison. You don't want me to get serious."

When Kat rebounds and shoves, that's the spark that snaps the temper the blonde's been holding in check for weeks. Bringing up her hands between them, Elisabeth hauls off and throws a punch with her whole body's force behind it right at Kat's stomach.

The punch is not blocked, however Kat moves to the side and the fist lands hard against her side with a loud smack. She grits her teeth as a hiss escapes from between them. She spins around as Liz moves past her with the punch, aims for a very hard forearm shot to the lower back.

Oh, ow…. Kidney hit. That's gonna leave a mark. Elisabeth grunts in pain, pivots on one foot and throws a hard elbow high toward the throat and face. She's definitely no longer playing. Aggression is a good way to work off emotional turmoil … not the best way, but then… the people she'd do that with are all dead, which is sort of the cause of a lot of this.

Kat's cheek takes the brunt of the blow, her head snapping to the side rather sharply. She can already feel the bruise beginning to form on her face and the taste of blood begins to fill her mouth. She rushes in quickly, lifting her knee hard, aiming for the gut hoping to take the wind from the cop's sails.

Shoving in close to her, Liz thwarts that move, but she can't hit out at Kat again — it's all about the shoving match now, and they're pretty evenly matched there.

Kat grunts as she misses the knee. Too close. She can't do anything this close except try to wrap her arm around the other woman's neck, which she does try to attempt, to possibly restrict the flow of blood to the brain and knock her out, or to get a choke on. Whatever it takes to make Liz give up.

Now caught in a choke hold, Liz goes very still. Sure, it's a good way to blow off steam, but she's not angry enough to be stupid. When she's been still for a good 5 or 6 seconds, she gently taps the arm around her throat. Tapping out.

Immediately upon the tap, the hold is released. Kat falls onto her back, panting as her redden face is dripping sweat from exertion for the day. She breathes in and out, her chest rapidly expanding to replenish her oxygen. She looks like she could lie there for the rest of the day.

Sucking in a deep breath when she's released, Elisabeth drops to sit cross-legged on the mat herself. Her breathing is ragged as well, and she looks thoroughly sweaty from the short, intense exertion. "Thanks. Sorry about the crack on the face," she says with a gesture toward Kat's head. She reaches up to wipe sweat out of her eyes where it's stinging, working on gaining control of emotions that almost got away from her.

Agent Marks doesn't move for some time, well except for her breathing. She stays flat on her back, just taking in air. Her color begins to come back to her, the red leaving her face, enough so that she decides to make her way to sit up. She waves off the gesture, shaking her head. "All part of the game. If I hadn't wanted it tough, I wouldn't have make it tough. It was a nice shot. I can already tell I'm going to have a nice sized bruise there." she rolls over and pushes herself up to her feet.

Elisabeth pulls her knees up and rests her elbows on them. "Yep. Most likely. The kidney shot was good. Might even bruise." She leans her head back, rotating it a bit to loosen muscles in her neck. Then she pushes off the floor to go get her water and her towel. "Thanks." For the match, she means. It was a short one, but enough to tell Liz that getting into a sparring match with Kat might be bad for both of them right now — the agent strikes enough sparks off Liz to make it potentially no longer a spar if the blond loses her cool.

Kat reaches over and picks up her water and her towel and steps off the mat. She waves off the thanks, as she's not much for formalities. Even if she doesn't express it — and she isn't very expressive, at least verbally so — she needed this. She turns to head out and into the locker room when she stops and turn her head. "Oh. And DJ sends his regards." The agent disappears into the locker room.

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