Cop Talk Over Ice Cream


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Scene Title Cop Talk Over Ice Cream
Synopsis Liz and Cassidy have a rather… tense conversation over ice cream at the station.
Date September 04, 2009

Crown Heights Police Station

Nearly a third of New York's finest are stationed in North Brooklyn. Despite that, the precinct in Crown Heights is a gritty place. During peak hours, the lobby is packed with whores, pimps, pushers, drug dealers, and every other sort imaginable. The reception desk is protected by a wall of impact-resistant glass set with a grille for communication and a slot for paperwork. One side of the room is lined with benches, the other with doors leading to offices and interrogation rooms.

The week has been as shitty and as awful as it gets, though she's kept her game face on for everyone else. As odd as it may sound, immersing herself in the realities of being a cop are actually easier on Elisabeth than dealing with what's going on in her own head. Oh, sure… she's jumpier than usual. She's not acting right. Some people have commented on it, asked about it. But between the press conference that we might in fact be disbanded and Mack's resignation the other day, topped by the kidnapping of the federal agent who is liaison and sometimes partnered with the team, what remains of the SCOUT squad is in its own internal uproar. Which has covered for Elisabeth's mood and anxiety quite nicely. In addition, most of her duties this week have actually fallen into the category of desk work — returning phone calls, making cold calls, following up on alibis and leads, shaking some cages trying to find out if any of her street informants might have something we can use to find either Ivanov or the missing Delany girl — all from the relative safety of her own little desk in the middle of a police precinct. Even knowing that Humanis First probably has people in this building, it's still one of Elisabeth's 'safe zones.' Now granted, she asked someone to swap desks with her so that she's back in a corner where she can watch anyone who approaches her. And she doesn't go to the restroom alone — it's turned into 'gang toidy' week as she drags Cassidy with her every time she's gotta go. But… all in all, it's worked out conveniently enough that she's managed to keep it together. She hangs up the phone from yet another call to an informant who's got nothing to report, and she digs the palms of her hands into her eyes.

Elisabeth isn't the only one on desk duty, though it seems Cassidy is finally off desk duty, not that she's got anyplace she needs to go. Mostly, she's been looking up two people.. Dean and Danko. Though, every time Liz comes to get her, the files and folders are quickly closed. She doesn't want her friend reminded.

However at the moment, Cassidy is coming back from a store trip. She marches her way over to Liz's desk and rests herself against the edge. "So… I dunno about you. It's a stressful day." She holds up a plastic bag, letting go of one handle of it, she reaches in to extract a pint of Neapolitan ice cream. She sets it in front of Liz and moves to drag a chair over. Only then does she pull out her own. "I didn't know what flavor you'd like.. but for me.. when I'm stressed, I turn to ice cream. Mostly, cause chocolate is way too sweet for me. Coren's kept plenty in the freezer of late."

There's a jump, and then blink up at Cassidy when she comes to the desk, though it's not nearly as bad as it could have been. She 'just knew' that Cassidy was coming this way. Liz shoves her chair back and takes the ice cream, eyeing it with a faint smile. "You're going to put the rumor mill gossipping that one of us is knocked up with ice cream in the middle of the day," she comments mildly. But it doesn't stop her from digging in. "Personally, I'm all about the mint chocolate chip from the place with the pink awnings. Or double dark chocolate ice cream from that place with the marble slab. Chuck a couple brownies in that, and I'm in heaven."

"Pfft." Cassidy pulls off the top on hers and sets it on the desk. "I didn't bring pickles. I think we're fine. Besides, let them think it. Much like the rumor that I'm doing Coren. Not happening. We know it, they don't… Who cares?" She gives Liz a significant look, as she pops that first spoonful in her mouth, "Oh… Just so you know. I'm rooming with him. He's got that spare room and I practically live there anyhow." She's thoughtful for a moment and adds, "Which is probably good since a certain someone has gone insane again. Or that's what a little birdie told me."

Elisabeth glances at her with the 'let them' comment, digging into the smooth confection and eating it. "As if you living with Coren is going to be news to me," she comments. And then she grimaces. "If I put my hands on him again, I'm arresting him, then," she says calmly. "I let him go the one time I met him because you said he wasn't insane anymore."

"He wasn't insane at that point. I swear." Cassidy sighs softly. "I hope it's not cause I told him I couldn't see him." She glances around and leans forward a bit. "He followed me to New Orleans. Azrael knew he was there. He knew what happened and he told Coren." She gives a heavy sigh, leaning back heavily again, making the chair creak a bit. "Strangely enough… Coren wasn't all that pissed."

Now Elisabeth glances around. It takes more focus than just a straight silence bubble, but Elisabeth's not comfortable with full silence anymore. Creating the bubble and then modifying it so that they can still hear what's going on around them while no one else can hear what we say is more challenging, but she's practiced it before — now, she may get really good at it. "They can't hear us," she tells Cassidy quietly. "Look…. live your life. However you want to live it, Cass. But don't live it according to what you think your partner likes or doesn't. That's not fair to either of you. The bond you've built sucks and I wouldn't wish it on anyone — even married couples deserve SOME privacy. Just…. I know you were not this dependent on a man before you came to this town, and I hate the fact that you worry more about what Shelby's going to think of your actions than you do about living your life. If you want to be with the man, be with him. Make the move. But straighten it out. Please." She's not angry, she's merely….. somewhat short, her words bit off a little. It's strain, stress, more than annoyance, but it sure comes out sounding like an annoyed 'get over it'.

Spoon still in her mouth Cassidy blinks at Elisabeth, then her cheeks turn scarlet. "Sorry Liz," she murmurs finally pulling the spoon out of her mouth, she shoves it in the container. The ice cream is set on the table. "I know. Your right. I should, but I just can't make myself do that. He is my partner, all things said and done." She smiles a bit. "Of course, we're just about there.. only thing not happening is well… " she gives a little wave of her hand, "Anyhow, I know I was never like this. Ever. In fact, before certain individuals I wasn't dating or anything. I was only the job." She sighs softly. "And I've never felt this damn emotional either. I don't know if it's my ability getting stronger or what. So much has changed in my life, I'm still trying to find my center again."

She didn't quite mean it like it came out, and remorse shows on her face as much as in her emotions. Dropping her eyes so no one in the room can see the tears, Elisabeth replies quietly, "I'm sorry, Cassidy. I didn't mean to sound like a bitch. Really." She sighs and puts her spoon into the container and looks around the squad room. Rubbing her forehead, she doesn't really know what else to say.

"If anyone is allowed to get away with it…. it's you, girlie." Cassidy slides the ice cream to herself again, picking it up. She looks a touch sad. "We're both pretty fucked up at the moment." She doesn't say it out loud but she does think, You more then me. There is shrugs, "It's completely alright, Liz. You're right. I need to suck it up and either live with it, or make that move and stop dancing around my issues with my partner." She gives a short humorless chuckle, "Course, I'm not anywhere as straight forward as you. You're good at speaking your mind. Look what happened to me when I stood up to Azrael…"

Elisabeth eyes Cassidy and asks, "He… What happened?" She vaguely remembers something about that from seeing them at their apartment — and funny how she already thinks of them that way, honestly — but she's been sidetracked and a bit distracted by her own problems and worries. "And as far as speaking your mind… if you want him, tell him so. If you don't, then tell him you need at least the illusion of privacy and don't talk about your actual private lives." It's that simple for her.

"You sure you want to know?" Cassidy asks, not looking at her friend. "I mean. I guess it could have been worse." Her eyes lift to give her a questioning look. She might act okay about it, but internally her stomach is twisting with the memory. As a cop she has to push those things away to function day to day. She lives in constant fear that he'll take her over again.

"No," Elisabeth replies baldly. "But I think you should tell me." It doesn't help that her stomach is turning over now in anxiety. Both her own and Cassidy's to top it off, though she doesn't know that. All she does know is that she's suddenly got no appetite at all and the ice cream makes her feel… vaguely ill.

A small nod. "He possessed me…. " Cassidy starts with what Liz knows, her ice cream set aside again. "Coren says to him it was like when I sleep. I was dull in his mind. The pull we feel isn't there unless I'm awake." Her hand stays on the pint and turns it slowly. "I woke up. Standing on the edge of a roof. I….. almost fell." She gives a little shutter and sighs. "What…. what if it happens again?" She glances at Liz, "That's why Coren finally decided I needed to just move in. So he can keep an eye on me."

There's a frown now, and Elisabeth looks out over the squad room with a sigh. (She has no clue that Azrael's possessed her too.) "Well, that fucking sucks. Maybe all three of us should request personal leave on the basis that we've been compromised."

Cassidy slowly shakes her head, "Liz… if we do that, what will this maniac do?" She arches a brow. "He had a problem with what happened to me in New Orleans and told Coren to fix it or he will." She continues to shake her head slowly, "We have to take him down, girl. We're the ones he wants to do it. We're chess pieces in his game and he seems to get cranky when we change his board."

There's another piece of information that she didn't have. And as much as Elisabeth doesn't want to remember, she comments softly, "He … was distinctly less than pleased with the people who had me too. Though I don't know if he opted to…. try anything there."

"The proper thing is to take the leave, but safe thing is to keep going." Cassidy admits lamely and shrugs. "Though it seems with this whole case it's sit and wait for him to strike next. Though with him shifting from his normal victims to us….. it's scary."

"God knows, Cassidy… It's definitely a possession thing, though," Elisabeth replies finally. “Which means he's PROBABLY keeping the Delany girl close. Using her as a proxy for a lot of things. Our best bet is going to be to find her. And in a city this size, as fucked up as this one is? That's like looking for a fucking needle in a haystack from orbit somewhere," she sighs as she picks up her pint of ice cream and shovels a huge mouthful in.

"I still try to keep up hope we find her, Liz." Cassidy murmurs, pushing around the melting ice cream with her spoon, but not eating it. "It's hard enough being tied to the man that had the case first, but feeling him stress out and worry about it all… He needs someone to hold some sort of hope."

Elisabeth looks at Cassidy firmly, "Oh no doubt about it. She's still alive. She's alive until she shows up gutted on someone's doorstep, because I really think she is his hideout. She's either tied up somewhere while he does his thing, or she's hosting his consciousness whenever he's out and about. He won't kill her. I think maybe he needs her. Just like he needed Megan Manning. Maybe his own body is weak or sick — the last spree was years ago." She considers.

Nodding slowly, Cassidy looks thoughtful. "Maybe.. But why didn't he come to me in her body? He was in the body that he appeared to Abby the night Coren was shot. And that guy was old… and nasty." She she takes a deep breath against the twinge of fear that squeezes her stomach.

Elisabeth shakes her head. "I don't have a good answer for why he's constantly bodyhopping. The worst-case scenario is that he doesn't HAVE a body anymore," she comments. "And do you really want to have to try to take down a disembodied possession guy or something?"

"Disembodied? If it was possible. Maybe." Cassidy says with a small smile, "If it spared the victim who's body he is in." There is a small shrug, "Protect the innocent and all that. Do you want to take him down while he's in Delaney's body?" She throws right back.

"Guess it depends on if she's still alive in there watching in horror as he pulls shit in her body or if she is already dead," Elisabeth says around a bite of ice cream. "Cuz hell yes, if that negator were still on the force and I could get him into Delany's proximity and trap him there? You better believe I would take him in her body. No question. How else do you trap someone with a possession power?"

"She isn't witnessing anything if he's in her." Cassidy knows first hand. "It's like I went to sleep." The redhead fidgets a bit. "I… just feel uncomfortable about the idea of ruining a girl's life. Though, considering what happened to everyone around her…. maybe leaving him in there is a kindness."

Elisabeth grimaces slightly and nods. "I don't mean to make it sound like she needs to be dead, Cassidy… but I'm pointing out here that there may not be a good answer to this one."

There is something accepting in the her demeanor as Cassidy nods. "I know. This whole case if fucked up, royally." She licks her lips and then she says softly, "I'm worried what this psycho is going to do. I know Coren says he'd do anything…. I'm worried what Azrael has planned. It makes me nervous…. Very nervous."

"Well, that's just stating the obvious," Elisabeth observes dryly.

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