Cops And Homeless Vets


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Scene Title Cops And Homeless Vets
Synopsis Out on a call, Liz hears a familiar voice in an unfamiliar context.
Date April 6, 2009

Downtown Brooklyn

Everybody needs insurance if they want to fly above the radar, and Chicago Air is one of those companies that does indeed fly comfortably above the radar. It's the owner of the company and his trusted associates that dip below it. Mister Hunter had spent the morning in a meeting securing a contract agreement with a local insurance brokerage since Chicago Air is beginning to do more business dealing with this area, and there is significant monetary risk in moving cargo for people.

Honestly Jake simply showed up to sign paperwork prepared by MBAs that have already worked out the negotiations. He is not a man with a head for business, not in the least. But he IS good at dressing up sharply (when the occasion calls) and looking powerful people in the eye as equals. Or in many cases as lesser men. What many people do not realize about Jake Hunter when they meet him is that he is actually a corporate vice president.

It's almost an injustice to corporate culture to put these people in the same room as someone who can rip a car in half, and might for the fun of it.

Meeting concluded, Jake pops out of a glass double door and onto the sidewalk, charcoal business suit, light blue dress shirt, silver silk tie, wearing high dollar oakley sunglasses and checking his shiny gold watch. All while carrying a briefcase obviously not meant for people who are just fooling around at looking busy. Of course he's also got that Sig p226 tucked in a concealed carry belt at his lower back. Nobody thinks the suit's packing.

In spite of the fact that things are settling down in a variety of ways, Elisabeth's job still entails responding to calls that come down the pipe as "Evo-related." Sometimes that job description is a bit too broad in its scope, especially now that things are calmer — it means that when someone manning the phones feels like being a jackass, they send the stupid ones up. And every one has to be checked. Which is exactly what brings Elisabeth to downtown Brooklyn: Some homeless vet reported that he'd seen some craziness that absolutely had to be Evo-related. Lightning guy landing in the middle of an alley naked, who stole clothes off another bum and ran off. Sound like the plot of a movie, anyone?

By the time she got to the alley's street address, obviously there was no one there. The blonde cop spent what could be considered a responsible amount of time inspecting the alley so as to be able to report 'yeah, nope, he's seen Terminator one too many times' and she heads back out onto the main terrace of the building's front plaza. She's not terrible obtrusive in dark jeans topped with a deep peach button-down shirt and a tan blazer, but then again… she's not dressed in high-class business attire either. And she's definitely packing, with a badge on her belt along with a pistol on her hip. She briefly skims the people hustling to and fro and then heads toward the street. Her path takes her toward a set of stairs and intersects the one Jake's on, putting her in his periphery.

Unaware of the homeless vet that saw Jake steal the clothes he's wearing…naw that's not true. Jake didn't steal these. And he didn't inspire the report, although he certainly would've to get a kick out of it, had he had the idea to. It isn't right away that he notices Elisabeth. In fact he significantly does not notice her but by happenstance seems to be making a beeline in her direction since his ride's that way.

In this case the ride's a rental BMW, and really only rented for the farce that is the trip to the airport he'll be taking after which he'll get in the POS beat-up Volkswagen Rabbit that he bought for fifteen hundred dollars off of autotrader. Nobody needs to know that though.

Perhaps partially excusing his lack of observation, Jake's phone buzzes and he answers it. "What?" he starts, listening to someone on the other end. To highly sensitive ears it sounds like some girl that keeps calling him Mister Hunter and has information on another meeting he'll have to go to next week.

She wouldn't have looked twice at the businessman who crosses just in front of when he pulled his phone out, except that his voice is familiar. Far too familiar. She doubletakes, and then stares. Really? Well, damn… who knew the guy would clean up so nice? Elisabeth alters her own path to put herself in front of the man and waves to catch his eye. She doesn't interrupt his call, though a faint smirk has to tell him that she's duly amused by his appearance.

Yes really. It's him all right. A second glance would reveal it even if his voice didn't. Or his demeanor on the phone. "Yeah okay." he says in what is almost a complaining tone. Another meeting? He hates this. The things he'll do for Fedor. "They got it all worked out already right? I'm not gonna show up and some hard-dick's gonna try to wheel and deal me some more."

The girl on the phone assures him that no, that won't be the case Mister Hunter. She sounds somehow bemused. This must be a conversation they have semi-often.

And then he notices Elisabeth. He doesn't even hang up the phone, just lets the girl keep talking as he lowers it and smirks, stopping in his tracks. "Elisabeth. Hey. How's the neck?"

There's a brief chuckle, and Liz motions to the phone. "Didn't mean to interrupt. Neck's fine." She waits for him to finish and then tilts her head. "Well, now… wouldn't have figured you for a suit, Jake. Not even close. Do you always whine about business meetings?" There's definitely an amused tone in her voice.

Without so much as a good bye Jake hits disconnect on the phone and pockets it. Like he just doesn't care what the girl (obviously an employee) has to say. "When I show up and they act like the deal's not finalized I get angry." he explains simply. The necessary statement of whether or not he is likeable while angry is merely implied. He grins at it though. "I'm the vice president. When I walk in it's not the time to still be figuring shit out. Wouldn't have figured you for being hot in civvies." That's for the suit remark.

Elisabeth rolls her eyes and blows off the comment with a casual disregard that only a woman secure in her own looks can actually pull off. "Eye of the beholder, I guess." She glances toward the building and shrugs. "You're right — if you're the VP of a company, it's not a good plan to waste your time. I just wanted to say… thanks. For the other day, that's all."

Huh. That actually makes Jake halfway stop because he's trying to figure out if she means stopping her from going postal with her powers or talking the confused calcifying man into turning her arm back into flesh. By his score card she owes him two, but he never thought he'd ever see a payout or a thank you for them. He removes his expensive sunglasses and gives Elisabeth a look. "What're you doin' out here?" he asks curiously. Perhaps briefly entertaining the notion that she might actually be part of some sting to arrest him for any of dozens of crimes that are ultimately minor in the grand scheme of things.

She laughs quietly. "Actually…. you might enjoy that story. The squad I'm on has to check out 'Evo-related' reports. Some homeless guy in the alley," Elisbeth gestures behind them toward the building's side, "reported….. well…. let's just say I think he watched the Terminator a few too many times back when. Cuz you know… lightning, guy stepping out of a bubble naked, stole clothes, ran off." There's a theatrical roll of her eyes. "There's always about fifty of those kinds of calls in a day, so when the folks manning the phone decide they've had enough or they're pissy at something, they forward them on. And we have to at least go LOOK."

"How do you know it didn't happen?" Jake asks mildly. He gestures at the surrounding area with his sunglasses, "Lotta people do a lotta weird shit. You goin' this way?" He's indicating the direction he was headed. Liz might have places to be so he's not trying to presume she's here to fall into orbit around him.

There's a shrug and Liz turns to walk with him. She has a small bit of time. "Well, I don't know that it didn't happen, but… there's nothing out there to indicate that it *did*, so … gotta go with what I got," Liz replies easily. "And it's like the twentieth such call we've gotten in the past couple of months, you know?" She shrugs. "Some of it's kids pulling pranks, stuff like that. Sometimes it's guys like this one who seem serious about it. But …" She shrugs. "I've got my hands pretty full of real calls, so the ones you can take with a grain of salt — the ones that haven't done damage to anyone? Not so sure I'm gonna worry about."

"Yeah it could also just be that he's crazy or drunk or both." agrees Jake easily as they resume walking. "You know your job. I'm just wonderin' if something tipped you off or you have a history of knowing the guy's full of shit or something." He may dress up sharply but he's not much different in demeanor. "Not trying to drag you away if you got somewhere to be. I just need to get the hell out of this suit and drop these off with legal." He holds up the briefcase to indicate just what he's dropping.

"The guy who called it in is a homeless vet, and well… to say that booze is his best friend is a bit of an understatement," Elisabeth admits. "And he was more interested in asking for my phone number than talking about his supposed naked guy running off. So… eh." She grins. "And I was actually heading back to the precinct, which is pretty much that way," she says, gesturing the direction they're walking. "Like I said… spotted you, though … and figured I should maybe say thank you. I wasn't exactly in a good headspace last time we ran into one another, and I'm grateful that you kept me from doing anyone lasting damage." There's a faint smile. "Wasn't too thrilled with the method, but I can't argue the result."

Jake puts his sunglasses back on, because they're stylish you know. That and he needs the hand free to start loosening his tie so he can unbutton that top button on the shirt. Yeah, he doesn't like it. "Where's this guy at?" he asks, slowing his walk a bit in case there's a change in direction indicated. Because he's giving the impression he's got half a mind to go see the man. To the other matter he looks at Liz and gives her what might pass for a winning smile. "I don't even know what you were so pissed about. I guess you missed the guy, whoever it was. I get that, but the whole thing was over my head. Anyway we all get pissed off sometimes. Not all of us got the ability to lay waste around us though. That's a pretty neat trick you can do."

Elisabeth hesitates a moment and says, "I was pissed because Cardinal found the body the night before and waited until the next day to call and tell me about it — Ivanov is sort of my partner. And he's apparently alive, though… the logistics of that escape me totally." She glances back toward the alley. "He's gone… took off when I offered to take him to give us a sketch of his naked guy." And then she looks up at Jake and says mildly, "I've never tried to pull off something like it, but … according to the guy who taught me about my ability, earthquakes wouldn't be beyond me with some effort. Tiny ones." She shows him 'little tiny' with her fingers. "Something to do with resonance. It's a part of my ability I haven't done much with, mainly because of the damage it can do."

"Tiny earthquakes." Jake monotones back, clearly unconvinced at how tiny an earthquake can be. Obviously she means a localized one instead of one that tremors a whole county, like most real earthquakes do, but he still finds the idea of shaking the earth decidedly un-tiny. He sighs about the alley man. "Oh well. I was gonna go have a chat with him. I'm a homeless vet too, you know." The way he says that holds absolutely zero sarcasm. He means it. "Anyway glad to hear your guy's still around. Especially since you didn't end up blowing down a building or two for a guy that's not even dead."

There's a laugh. "Yeah… me too." Elisabeth tilts her head. "There are a lot of homeless vets in this city. Wish I could help all of them. Wish someone could help all of them — they deserve far better than to be homeless. He wouldn't even let me take him for lunch or anything, though. Just hightailed it out. Told me he was laying low so the Evos don't kill him." She grimaces a little bit. "Anyway, lemme get out of your hair. Go to your next business meeting and stuff." She grins.

"It's not til next week." he reveals without excitement. Jake pauses where he is and turns to look at the woman again more directly. "Listen. You seem like good people. I don't wanna mess up a good thing, but the shit we do is a help. I dunno what you think about all that or how deep you get into it. Now, I'm kinda a big kid. When I want something I go get it. And sure I'm getting a little old to be partying all the time and all that, but that and my job are all I've got to keep my busy. So if you ever come across another guy like that," and he pauses for emphasis, "A vet. Let me know. Get in touch with me. I can't promise to help somebody that won't help themselves but I can promise a chance the VA and their own fuckin' country and people that wish they'd just disappear won't offer."

Elisabeth studies him. And then she nods slowly. "All right. I'll do that." She pulls out her cell phone and hands it to him. "Stick your number in there," she tells him. "And if that happens… I'll be on the phone." Some of the guys? They don't want to help themselves. But there are those who've just gotten caught in the crap that rained down on Manhattan, and you know? If someone out there's willing to help one or two or ten or fifty of them? Well, hell.

He has to set the briefcase down for a moment to do it, but Jake does exactly as expected and puts his number on her phone under Jake Hunter. Not before he has to haul out the little blackberry storm that is his own cell phone though. "Never can remember my own fuckin number." he grumbles to himself before handing the phone back to Elisabeth. And offers a smirk. "There's also a standin offer of any time you want somebody to go have a drink with…"

Taking her phone back, Liz looks back up at him. There's a grin as she tucks it into her pocket. "Well, now… that might just be the kind of invitation I take you up on," she admits. "After I'm sure I won't expose you or anyone else to the jackass I'm having trouble with."

"You can expose me anytime." Jake says suggestively with a grin. Then he picks up his briefcase and tosses a wave. "I have to get back to the beamer I don't own."

Now that makes her laugh. She can't help it. "Later, Jake." Elisabeth heads back toward the precinct, still chuckling.

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