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Scene Title Cops-N-Robbers
Synopsis The lighthouse kids have playtime in the halls of Bannerman's Castle.
Date December 11, 2010

Bannerman's Castle

Bannerman after dinner is mostly quiet. Dishes are being cleaned, most everyone is done eating. People are spending time with their friends, reading, playing games, getting ready for bed, and otherwise passing the time. Brian's room is completely empty, the kids are gone. Where could they possibly be? His room is completely silent, but down in the basement, the noises rise up.

The evening is cold, but the chill in the castle air is easy to dodge when you're working up a sweat. What had started out as a little tiny disagreement has turned into an all out war. The hallway expanses of Bannerman Castle have become a killing field. And it's nearly impossible not to be caught up in the crossfire.

Tucking his back to the wall, Brian takes a slow breath. Sweat dripping down his brow, he pulls up his weapon to his chest. Another stabilizing breath. It's time for the threat to be dealt with. Shoving off from the wall, Winters turns around the corner swiftly, pulling up his weapon to eye level and…


"I got you Lance, fall down! Don't cheat!" Brian loudly announces as he skips across the hallway. Getting to the other side, Brian holds up his small wooden gun and peeks around the corner to make sure Lance has adhered to the rules. The Lighthouse kids are lighting each other up. Someone had donated a bunch of wooden guns… So the kids.. And Brian are putting them to use. The only bullets here are in their heads, but that doesn't stop it from being the most intense most grueling bloodletting that Bannerman castle has ever freaking saw!!!

"Pew pew."

Brian's head flings over his shoulder at Paul who just slid through a wall and popped him in the back twice. "Fffnggh!" Brian growls, slowly crumpling to his knees. The wooden gun is relinquished from his hand, as his arms swing violently. And then with the commitment of a true actor, Winters crumples onto the hard floor, tongue sagging out of the side of his mouth.

Not everyone in the castle is quite so…cheerful. Griffin has been taking Owain on walks since he arrived here the night before last, though the pair are hardly a happy sight. The loss on both faces, gaunt from loss of appetite and difficulty sleeping, is fairly obvious. The man and his son are quietly sitting off to the side, right now, Griffin with his arm wrapped around Owain's shoulders.

Earlier, he attempted to get the boy to join in the playtime, but to no avail; Owain is in his own little world, lost in memories that no child should have. So instead, Griffin sits with the child, a small frown on his face, just as silent as the boy as he watches the show, a somber look on his face.

Someone had told Nora that Howard was in the basement's kitchen; she'd declined the woman's offer to show her the way. Every day, the blind girl has been working on expanding her boundaries, and this is the last frontier of the actual interior of the castle. Fingers trailing along the wall, she slowly descends the steps, very gingerly, very carefully, lest she step wrong and tumble to the base of the stairs.

When she hears voices, her brows furrow, and she calls, "Howie?" out, the hand that doesn't grope the wall out with splayed fingers.

Barbara doesn't often get to play with kids anymore, not since Thompson fell, and her last attempt at doing so had been met with resistance by some of the older kinds in the crowd, but today? Today seems to be a day for fun all around. Barbara's only been back since morning, but and she had done little of what she had originally intended to spend the day doing, but this had made it all worth it. She hasn't taken to directly participating in the faux gun battle, but rather in being a sort of unofficial officiator to the madness.

"Ooh, Brian," she says with a click of her tongue and a shake of her head. "I thought it would be Lance who would get you. Well done, Paul!" she gives a little clap and a laugh, clearly caught up in the mirthfulness of the evening. It's welcome after the stressful last few days she's spent back on the mainland. Nora's voice, however, turns her attention in the younger woman's direction. "If you're looking for Howard, I haven't seen him, I'm afraid. Be careful, the children are running about."

Rolling over to his back, he slowly sits up. Looking up at Barbara he lets out a light sigh. "I got Lance. He may be quiet, but the kid has like a distinct garlic smell. All the time. I could smell that boy for days away." Looking down at his gun he gives out a light sigh before glancing up at Paul. "Get going." He growls, and with that Paul lets out a little laugh running down the next hall. "Joe!" Brian calls out loudly. "You better kill Paul!"

Following Barbara's comment to Nora, he looks up to the blind woman. "Nora, right? Careful. These are the kids that hurt you with soup." Popping up to his feet, the young man takes a few steps towards her. "Need a hand?" He offers gently. "Steps can be rough. No one will think less of you. Except for me."Looking over his shoulder, the young man frowns lightly at Griffin and Owain sitting a little bit away. Looking at Barbara, he grimaces a little. "Here." The wooden gun is handed to the woman. "Ask the little guy if he wants to join us. He looks like he could use a game."

Griffin frowns down at the boy at his side, a concerned look creasing his features. The child fidgets with the hem of his coat, a frown on his face. His father sighs softly, rubbing the boy's back. Griffin's just as much in his own little world, absorbed as he is in tending to the distraught child.

"Yeah…" Nora says regarding her name. Today, she wears no sunglasses, her dark eyes looking better than they have in the past, yet the basement is dim enough that it's hard to see the red blotches on the whites of her damaged eyes.

"Someone said he was down here, but I guess not. Brian and Barbara, right?" she says, her "ear" for voices pretty good given the few times she's met the two people. "I should just head back upstairs, then — I don't want to be in the way of your games," she murmurs, giving a wave with her free hand before taking a step back and starting to turn to head back up the long stairs once again.

Barbara grins as she takes the wooden gun, shaking her head head. "I haven't seen him around here. You're welcome to hand around and talk, if you'd like. I'm sure the kids wh're already out wouldn't mind it." A look is given around for Lance, of course, before she looks back in Nora's direction. "Just be careful of Lance. You can't here him coming and I don't put it past him to try and scare you."

Grip tightening on the toy, Barbara turns and starts her way towards Griffin and Owain. News of the situation that finds Griffin here, at least the basic version, has reached her ears, to which she offers a sympathetic smile to him as she kneels down in front of Owain, offering over the toy. "Are you sure you don't want to join them? It looks like a lot of fun! If I wasn't so tall, I'd get in on the action too."

"Wait!" Brian calls out, taking a slight step after her. "Sorry. Didn't mean to yell at you. You can hang with us if you want." He gestures to the stairs before realizing that she can't see he's gesturing. "Uhm. If you don't mind me asking.. You got hurt like right before you came here, right? So.. you're blind that way?"

"I dated a blind girl once." At least he thinks he dated her. His scattered memories insinuate he did. "She had a dog. Seeing eye dog. Are.. Are you going to get one? Because I know a guy in the city who trains them. If you want me to try and get you set up." Looking back down to Barbara going to join Griffin and Owain, Brian bites down on his lip for a moment.

Two pairs of matching green eyes raise as Barbara kneels in front of the boy, watching her thoughtful. Griffin offers a weak smile to the woman, while Owain's expression remains rather…blank. The little boy doesn't speak; he simply stares at the toy gun for a moment, before his eyes turn back down to the ground, the boy offering nothing more than a slow shake of his head.

Griffin frowns down at the boy, rubbing the child's back. "Owain…I bet it would really make you feel better to play with the other kids…" The boy, sadly, only shakes his head.

Nora pauses and shrugs, bringing her hand to her eyes for a moment before dropping it once more. "I … I don't know. I haven't been to a doctor or anything, just the nurses here, so it's not like I know what's really wrong with them. If I'm stuck on this island for the rest of my life, it probably doesn't really matter, right? The whole place is the size of a postage stamp. I can figure it out. I already have the castle mostly mapped out in my head," she says quietly, brows knitting together at the depressing possibility.

"That new guy, Amato, he brought sheep. Maybe I can have a guide sheep. You think they're trainable?" she quips, just a little hint of sarcasm coloring her words.

With the distractions offered by people coming and going, nobody notices that a couple of the smaller kids have gone running about past the corner of Brian's chosen hallway; they only notice them now, because the two boys come screaming back around the corner, nearly tripping over themselves. Something about a murderer- one boy actually stops and turns, and shakily aims his little wooden pistol at the person that seems to be following them at a trot, boots on stone thudding along. When it is Huruma that stalks around the corner, maybe it isn't such a surprise-

-though not a surprise in itself on her, an apron covered in deer blood isn't exactly something anyone's used to seeing. She looks kind of irate, actually, which may be why the one kid is still screaming, and might start getting a couple of the other ones going. Small children shrieking in terror is not the sound Huruma wanted to be hearing today.

Barbara tries not to frown when Owain turns down the offer for the toy pistol, instead at least feigning happiness - maybe that'll cheer him up a little bit? She tilts her head, looking back at the other kids as Owain encourages him, before a hand is lifted up on the young boy's shoulder. "Come on," she says, patting down, "If you don't like it, you don't have to listen to me ever again. Is that a deal?" She wears a half smirk, before looking off in Nora's direction. "We should really see about getting you to a doctor on the mainland," she muses. She'll have to ask Eileen about it tomorrow.

"I know you can ride under their bellies if you're trying to get away from a giant cyclops." Brian murmurs to Nora on the issue of sheep. And speaking of giant cyclops, Brian's eyes dart down the hallway Huruma-wards. "Sorry. One minute." Winters mutters harshly, dancing down the rest of the steps. Bouncing to the bottom, he looks to the two boys running from the African woman. "Justin! Eric!" Crouching some, the young man flings his arms out to stop the running tracks of the two boys.

Looking up at Huruma he looks back down to the two kids. "Miss Huruma is one of us." Holding them to his sides, he holds them there firmly. "Huruma is a butcher sometimes. What's a butcher, Eric?"

"Someone that cuts meat.." Comes the timid reply.

"And what else happens when you cut up meat?" He gestures with his chin to Huruma, without allowing them to answer. "There's blood too. It's not nice to run and scream at a friend. You guys have seen her around here. You know she's not a murderer." Shoving the two younger boys forward, he points at Huruma. "Apologize."

But approaching a giant angry woman isn't the easiest thing to do. Even with your guardian at your back. The two boys do not make eye contact, but do mutter their apologies quietly.

Griffin offers a faint smile to Barbara, before his eyes turn toward his son, gently encouraging the boy to stand. "Go on, Owain. Give it a try. You might have fun." The child glances from his father, to Barbara. Then, reluctantly, Owain reaches out, taking the wooden gun as he raises to his feet. He stares at it for a long moment, before turning his eyes up to Barbara.

Once Owain is on his feet with the silent agreement to try and play, Griffin nods slowly, raising to his own feet. Two pairs of green eyes turn toward the scene with Huruma and the boys. Owain…he doesn't react well to the blood on Huruma's apron. He hasn't seen her before, and he is…quite obviously under distress. The boy suddenly screams, reaching out and hugging close to his father's leg and doing his best to disappear behind the man.

Griffin blinks down at his son, then turns to Huruma, frowning apologetically to the woman.

The blind girl startles at the scream, then chuckles a little at her own jumping. "Miss Huruma, are you chopping up more venison? I might be glad I can't see when it comes to you and the blood you seem to bathe in regularly," Nora calls, with a smirk.

Her head turns back toward Barbara's voice, belatedly considering the woman's suggestion of going to the mainland. She shakes her head and offers a faint smile. "I'm not leaving until it's safe for us to, and Ryans said a while yet, before we can go," she murmurs, her voice a touch quieter, intended for the "grown-ups", and yet giving rise to something stubborn, something that says that by we, she means all of the group she considers herself a part of — including Benji.

Huruma's arms cross, crinkling the full size apron. She purses her lips and stares at the two boys as Brian stops them, her gaze traveling up to the rest of them for a moment of seeing who else is around. Nora gets an unseen quirk of a lip.

These kids were the ones that came running into her workspace- not her fault they got riled up. She frowns back at Griffin, eyes skirting to Owain. The duo gets nudged forward now, and though Brian gets a skeptical- and bemused- look, she watches them step up and peer down to apologize. It doesn't look like it's good enough; Huruma lifts up her chin a little, and to anyone that knows better- she is being imperious in the mock sense.

"I eat little boys that mumble." The dark woman's voice is pointedly drawn out.

When the shrieks happen and Owain latches back on to his father's leg, Barbara lets out a bit of a sigh. Great, just when the poor boy was becoming cooperative. A look is given back to Huruma and the two boys before her, and even though she almost wants to chastise Huruma, she can't help but snicker and join in on her comments. "Oh my. I think she might be serious, boys, I would speak up so that we can all hear you. And be polite!" It's said in a much more joking, jovial tone than Huruma, attempting to add a bit of a lighter air to the scene.

Nora, however, gets a bit of a frown. "I understand your reluctance to leave without your friends, but if something can be arranged, I would consider it." She says it with a smile and a considering tone. "I don't blame you, though, for wanting your friends around."

The two boys oddly giggle at Huruma's threat to eat them. A nervous giggle, but a giggle just the same.

"Good job boys. Now go. Keep fighting." He waves a dismissive hand to them. He's not going to force them to make eye contact and annunciate to a woman dressed in a blood soaked apron. A murmured apology is good enough for seven and ten year olds in Brian's mind. In this context, at least. As the two scamper off, Brian stands fully and takes a step towards Huruma.

"I actually threaten to eat them all the time. And they know I'm joking.. so that's probably the wrong threat for them to take you seriously." Even though she might be. "But yeah. Sorry about them bothering you. Didn't know anyone was down here, I'll make sure they all know to stay out of your way." Winters raises both hands in an apologetic way. Turning around he takes a few steps towards Griffin.

"Griffin." Looking down to the screaming boy, Brian shakes his head. "Let go buddy. You're not scared." It's a firm tone, but not so firm as to be considered overly authoritative. It's the way he's learned to deal with his younger kids. One hand goes out to Owain. "Come on."

Owain whimpers up at Brian for a moment, green eyes going between him and Huruma from behind his dad. It takes him a few moments, standing there with the wooden gun clenched to his chest, as if it will protect him. Finally, he turns his eyes up to his father, who nods slowly to him, gently patting the boy's back. "Go on, you're safe here. Miss Huruma was just fixing up some deer."

Reluctantly, Owain reaches out, taking Brian's and with a small frown. He's still not talking, but at least he's not staring off into space right now.

Despite a snort of humor at Huruma's retort to the mumbling boys, Nora frowns, and shakes her head vehemently at Barbara's words. "I don't want to get separated from my friends, and any sort of place that would have the resources to help me … they're gonna want paperwork and I don't have ID and I'm a minor, and they might put me away or worse," she protests. "I'd rather be blind then end up in the government's hands or in one of their little ghettos they're building, okay?"

She takes another step back and turns to start up the stairs. She's not as good at stomping out as Howard, given her need to cling to the wall.

Huruma might be serious- that's probably the catch. She unfolds her arms to hang them at her sides, watching Owain as Brian and Griffin go back to trying and coax him out of his shell. She can tell there's something immensely wrong with the boy, and her being here covered in deer juice probably didn't help. One hand loops up to hitch the apron from her neck, the other pulling the strings loose at the back. "I don'know what it is with children an'opening closed doors. I don'want t'ave t'lock them."

"Who is this?" Huruma only takes a half step closer to Griffin, fingers gesturing smoothly towards the unfamiliar boy. There is a bit of her that offers the boy's mind some calm, by delacing that ball of tension caused by his fear. Just enough so that he isn't practically quaking in his trousers, really.
5r"Owain?" Barbara asks, unsure of the boy's name. This was she had heard, but looking up at the father and inquiring, she hopes to get a more firm confirmation of the young boy's name. And answer is ignored, unfortunately, as Barbara hears Nora's reply. She stands back up, looking in the direction of the retreating blind girl. "You should know, by now, that if we're able to set something up, the last thing it's going to be is something that offers you up to the government," she replies in a gentle, but firm manner - not that she's meaning it to sound like she's talking to a child, but given that she has been for the last few minutes, there's a good chance that's what it'll come off as. But she's not going to move to stop Nora, more out of worry of pissing her off more than anything else.

Guiding Owain away from Griffin slightly, Brian goes into a crouch. "I want you to take this wooden gun. And I don't want you to come back until you have shot three other kids. Alright man? That's your job. You need to go take out three people." Half turning Owain, he gives him a firm pat on the back. "Go get em."

Straightening up, Brian turns back to return to the adults. "Barbara I actually need to step upstairs for a bit. Do you want me to send down another me or can you handle them for a couple minutes? I'll be back in a little while." Winters takes a step away from the group, toward the stairs.

As Owain seems to relax a little with the assistance of Huruma's ability, Griffin does as well, lifting a hand and running it through his hair. The man turns green eyes upon the African woman. "Huruma," he murmurs, glancing down to his son, who is now wearily eying the woman, "this is my son, Owain Mihangle." He tilts his head toward the boy. "Owain, this is a friend of mine, named Huruma. She's very nice, even if she looked a little scary when you first saw her." The boy nods slowly, silent as he stares at the woman.

As Brian guides him away from his father, Owain stares at the wooden gun, frowning at it. Then, he suddenly shakes his head, almost violently shoving the gun at Brian, before darting away from him, back behind his father. Griffin frowns, placing a hand on the boy's shoulder. "Hey, you sit back down and watch, okay?"

As Owain obliges with an unsettled look on his face, Griffin slips over to Brian, leaning close and mumbling something in his ear.

Receiving the gun back, Brian's brows immediately furrows. Winters is not going to allow any child to behave that way. About to open his mouth at Owain, he suddenly stops as Griffin leans in to murmur to him. His face goes solemn, his features melting. Nodding slowly he glances down the hallway at the boy. Glancing away from him he gives another nod. One hand comes up and rests on Griffin's shoulder. "Take as long as you need." He says back softly.

Giving Griffin's shoulder a light squeeze. "Yeah. We might be moving in a little while. But for now, we will be here and I have your back. If we do decide to go to the mainland sooner rather than later, I will find you and inform you beforehand." He gives an affirmative nod. "If you need anything else.. Don't hesitate to ask. I do need to go upstairs, but I'll send another me down to speak with you."
Huruma pays attention now, absorbing the bit of information and watching the boy's various reactions. Certain things lead to certain conclusions, even from nearby. Hm. She watches the boy even when his father steps to Brian, whispering. She comes close enough now to look down at him, eyes pale and undisturbed.

"I'ave a grandson a few years smaller than you… I think that if you give these kids a chance while you are here, Owain- they can b'there f'you. They've had difficult lives as well." She tries to tread carefully with her words to him, keeping in mind Griffin is only a pace or so away. "You are among friends that will understand your troubles." Huruma can only hope that the boy listens a little to her, her words smooth and coming with a calm-inducing volume. She lifts a hand to Griffin and Brian, and whatever kids may be trying to 'shoot' her.

"I'm going back t'work." And, she's off.

Griffin offers a slow nod to Brian, frowning quietly. "I'll speak to you further at a later time, then." The man nods slowly, stepping away from Ethan.

Owain turns to stare up at Huruma with that slightly unsettled look on his face, blinking a few times, but seeming to listen to her. Still, he doesn't speak, only offering a slow nod up to the woman as she speaks. Then, as she leaves, he offers the faintest twitch of his hand in a wave, before huddling against the wall, hugging his knees to his chest and staring at the ground.

He remains as such until his father promptly descends and swoops the boy up into his arms. The boy responds by wrapping his arms around his father's shoulders, hiding his face in the thick wool coat. The man offers a silent nod to those departing, and makes his own departure, carrying Owain off to the safety of the secluded hall that Abby gave them.

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