Countdown to Phoenix

The widget counts down to 9 AM, local time. Upon hitting the zero mark, the widget alters into a video message, the IP untraceable.

What is revealed is the form of a young woman in the backdrop of a white wall. She is displayed in full shadow, and her voice has been worked through a series of reverbs designed to completely strip away any chance of recognizing who she is.

"There are those among you who have anticipated the end of this countdown. Many of you have looked on in fear for what this would mean, Evolved and non-Evolved alike. Perhaps you believed it to be a preclusion to another destructive act by PARIAH. I am here to tell you that this is not the case.

So many of you have lived in fear of what the Evolved can do. We have lost so many loved ones in the wake of Evolved destruction, felt the grip of violence on both sides of the pro and anti Evolved causes that it's hard to understand anything but fear. You have known fire - the fire of the destruction of New York, and the fire that has been brought to you by PARIAH's hands.

We are not PARIAH.

Today, nine year old Belinda Chu, has been healed of the cancer that was brutally and fatally attacking her body.

Today, many the city's homeless shelters have received enough food to feed their homeless populations without having to strain their own resources.

Today, the poorest of hospitals and clinics around the city, including those who give aid to those who have fought for our country, have received supplies of badly needed medicine without strain on their own resources.

Today, when you look out over the ruins of Midtown, you will know that the rain you see coming down is clean and free of pollution, providing badly needed erosion to help us recover the heart of our city.

Today, the fire is no longer about destruction. Today, the fire is about rebirth and rising from the ashes, and the promise a tomorrow united by those Evolved and non-Evolved. Today we step forward - we are Phoenix, and we give you these things with good will and ask for one thing from all of you.

Rise up.

James Connelly said, "The reason we appear weak is because we are on our knees. Let us rise."

Rise up from violence. Rise up from the hatred. Rise up from the unconstitutional Linderman Act, and demand change. Like the Phoenix, rise up and let your voice be heard. Do it for husbands, your wives, your sons, your daughters, all your loved ones.

Rise up.

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