Cranky Firebugs


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Scene Title Cranky Firebugs
Synopsis Huruma accidentally crankies up the flaming baptist more than she actually intended to do, but it will be solved with gratuitous applications of death to deers.
Date January 4, 2010

Pollepel Island - Abby's Corner

Busybodies can have no shortage of things to do, while people that prefer to be laid back tend to be jostled out and about by the former crowd. Huruma has mixed days- lately she doesn't really do much more than is required of her, and some days she will stay up until the wee hours doing god knows what. The difference between now and just a week or two ago, however, is that she is in a relatively good mood no matter what she's been doing. Though the date is coming up where she is bound to get cranky- her children's birthday- it seems like she has been making a concerted effort to be pleasant otherwise.

She has just finished using a spare room for some of the lessons they have been giving the kids; Huruma is no math or science teacher, so once in awhile she can be caught in there doing something with literature or things like humanities(!) condensed into kid size lessons. Lately it has been her retelling Anansi stories- and similar- and just going over the story's themes and like. Nothing life changing, but entertaining enough that even one or two older kids came for them. It's long been over now, and now she is stalking down the halls looking for something. Someone, maybe. Her boots are somewhat loud, possibly because she doesn't actually want to surprise anyone.

Back from the mainland after her long hiatus, chasing a chance to meet up with her husband to no avail. Christmas and new years turning out to be, much like for many on the island, not a good think and leaving some dismal hopes for any improvement. Hallways however are a good place to find Abigail, her own home away from her home is the end of one hallways, under a window on a wedged in cot and sleeping bag.

Not too hard for Huruma to find her, the big black cloud that hangs above her head as she sorts through the bags she brought back with her, determining what stays with her, what gets given out to be dispersed within the population of the castle, left in the dining hall for folks to take as they need. She looks up as someone turns a corner, footsteps heard on the floor which prompts blue eyes to lift up to Huruma's own then back down to her bag, digging out some new undershirts. "I'm thinking of going hunting later, see if we can't go a little bit further down and see if we can't get some meat. Would you want to come?"

Found one of them. The other person she was hoping to see is nowhere to be found. Huruma keeps her arms crossed snugly in front of herself as she comes along into the space Abby has claimed. "Th' snow is melting a little. W'may need t'do it soon if w'do it at all." That is a layman's Yes, in no uncertain terms. Huruma is nearly always up for something like that- she is much better at it than cooking or cleaning. "Good haul?" The tall woman slinks closer to have a peek down at what Abby's sorting through?

Chocolate. As many hershey bars as she could pack into the bag, ye olde ladies products that would make many men here turn a little red in the cheeks and some baby toys it seems, small things. Little luxuries that she clearly hit up a dollar store so that she could make her money, what little she was willing to part with, stretch. One of those bars is offered up to Huruma. "I can't carry too much, but, I figure, chocolate's a little luxury that everyone can enjoy, a little bit of happiness for as long as it stays on the tongue. Anything happen while I was gone?"

Huruma takes the chocolate when it is offered up to her, though she seems to inspect it before opening the end of it. "Not in particular. Some people in an'out, New Years was mostly uneventful, though someone did leave th'wine out." Which was interesting in itself, of course. "Things seem quiet. How are things on th'mainland?" She closes her teeth on part of the chocolate, snipping off a square.

"Tense. Hard to get around when you can't take a bus or a taxi. But they're okay. City is quiet, everyone's looking over their shoulders. Cops everywhere" Abigail wrinkles her nose, setting aside most of the bars, keeping five of them for herself. For someone specific at least. There seems to be two small bottles of whiskey too in the bottom of the bag. "Left the wine out. Was there another bout of fighting again or did people behave themselves and keep their fists to themselves?"

The last few things are tugged out, put on her cot, socks, underwear, basics that she's gotten for herself. "Hopefully we can start searching for new places to set up shop, get people there, instead of all stuck here" Abigail looks back up, closing the bag and thus hiding the whiskey from sight. "Someone smashed the windows at the shop. Humanis first. Brenda seems to be taking care of it pretty good though."

"No fighting. Jus'lots of talking. I am a talkative drinker." Huruma responds only after the bite is gone, jaw adjusting to let her tongue run over her teeth. "As far as I know there are a couple prospective areas. We cannot hurry something like that." How odd, she didn't use 'them'. Looks like it's getting to her. "She always did have a brain under there." Brenda might be a harlot, but at least she's a smart one? Supposing that's fine.

"Why haven't you left?" Abigail uses her foot, tucking her back under her bed, trusting enough that people won't come to the pyromorph's bed and pick through her belongings. "It's not like you're stuck here, wanted by the powers that be and are hunted" Abigail settles her elbows on her knee's looking up, waaaaay up to the towering black woman.

Huruma peers down again, measuring the distance a moment and suddenly feeling a little too present. So she steps back a little, shifting her weight. "M'daughter asked me some of th'same things. If I would come live with them in the Catskills." She can't recall if she has even told Abby about Juwariya, but there you go. It was pretty much an impromptu journey there. "I told her that I would rather be wanted and needed. Th'Ferry security branch is not so numerous, an'otherwise m'skills would waste. Among other, smaller factors." Though not so much factors as people, and not so much small as important. She is nitpicking words.

Abigail knows of a daughter, but she was missing, last she knew Huruma did not know where she was and now, now her daughter is somewhere nearby. "Catskills. She's a lot closer than Madagascar. Close enough to visit when you need to. You should though, visit. Because you can and because you lost so much time, be a shame to loose even more. That and you need her" Not that Juwariya needs her, but the opposite. "Nothing in the Ferry is so numerous Huruma, but if they can stand to have half the council members off the island, they can stand to be absent one really tall black woman while she spends some time with her daughter"
"I need her, and I need her t'not'ave t'deal with me all th'time. She may be slow, but she can still have enough." Huruma crosses her arms again, this time after another snip of chocolate. "Brother Sullivan can take care of her better than I can. I was rushed, with Dajan, and- I cannot rush this." There are some things that empaths are terrible at, emotions is sometimes one of them. Huruma can barely figure out how to handle herself around Juwariya, much less be there for time on end. Eventually, she may realize Abby is totally right- but at the moment Huruma is quite mulish.

"I feel as responsible f'some of you now, as much as I do for anyone I get close to."

"Which some people would find hard to believe, that you would" Getting close to someone and caring about them as opposed to getting close to them and preparing them. With a little A1 sauce. "I don't think I'm going to be here much longer. I think I'm going to head to the mainland, and see to a safehouse, start working on getting it set up. I can't stay out here, I can't do it. I need to be away from here, there's too many people. I don't do good around too many people and I'm better off away from here"

"I know that." Huruma is going to be the first one to admit she has changed a lot in the last year or so, however, and jibes about people that can't see it bug her, and that bitter tone comes out in her voice. "If you need anything for it, let m'know? I never pool all m'resources, so if there is even something special you need…" Her shoulders slacken just a little. "I'ave noticed there are some that you don'get along with, either. Perhaps it is best if you see t'setting locations." As an alternative to setting locations on fire.

"Raith. There's a few others. I don't see eye to eye with them. I used to be a girl who would give everyone a fair shake a benefit of a doubt. I guess you're not the only ones who's changed some" Abigail rises from the cot, leaning over to smooth out wrinkles on her sleeping bag before running a hand through her short hair.

"I'm not made for living out in a castle in a large group. I'm better out in a small place, running a place. I'll talk with the council, see if there's not some place that didn't get lost, that someone needs to take over, or some newly scouted place. I need to be on the mainland. I can't cut it out here"

Huruma could say something about a fiery personality, but that would probably not be a great idea. "I think I don'mind it b'cause it's creepy and I'ave stayed in worse places. Sometimes people jus'can't do things. No big deal." But something about what she says does make a small frown come over her lips. "For what it is worth, I hope there is a perfect little place out there waiting for you."

"That would be at home, beside my husband Huruma" There's no looking away, no directing her attention to straightening this and that. It's flat out eye to eye with the other woman. "That's with my momma on the phone, berating me for not calling often enough while Rhett lays on my feet. That's me in the shop, serving people, not hiding out like one of america's most wanted" Abigail shakes her head, snatching up her boots, jacket and other snow gear. "Go grab your stuff, we should head out, see if we can't get something before night even thinks of falling, even if it's just some rabbits that are silly enough to stick their noses out"

Huruma shifts her weight again, sighing out through her nose. All she can think of to say is something else that would prrrobably get her flambe'd. Like the fact that Abby at least had all of those things at some point in time. Huruma is working on it. It's an awkward process. "If it were summer I would take you fishing. Wit'your hands." Instead, she offers something less serious, making a claw-hand gesture at the air as she turns. "Fresh air will b'good for you too." Given that obviously, she has made a cranky firebug. With that, Huruma makes to sidle back out the door and off to fetch her things.

The firebug was cranky already. Huruma's off the hook for that at least. A wise move in not pointing out things, Abigail nods to the departing back. "I'll get the equiptment, meet you out front" There's some people to talk to, figure out where to go and where to avoid. Pack a bag with the necessities. Hunting, something both women know, something they both enjoy. Maybe that will make a less cranky firebug.

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