Crazed Evolved Ravage Greenwich Village

GREENWICH VILLAGE - At approximately 9:30pm last night, Greenwich Village came under attack by two uncontrollable Evolved demonstrating destructive powers. These unidentified figures forged a path of destruction through three blocks of Greenwich Village in the hours after sunset, killing 6 and injuring 45 others. Eye-witness reports claim that one Evolved was capable of spewing acid from the palms of his hands, and at least one woman was rushed away by paramedics for chemical burns. The other destroyed the ground floor of an apartment complex and several storefronts and caused countless hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage with blasts of telekinetic energy.

Police quickly arrived on the scene of the incident and subdued both men, who were later brought into custody under authority of the Linderman Act. The names of the Evolved in question, and whether these men were Registered or not has not been released to the media at this time.

Currently three blocks of Greenwich Village around 42nd street are blocked off while Homeland Security investigates the scene of the incident in cooperation with the CDC nd local law enforcement.

More news as it becomes available.

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