Crazy Dome Conspirators


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Scene Title Crazy Dome Conspirators
Synopsis Keagan finally manages to get in contact with his aunt outside the dome. He questions some of the things that the people in with him had to say about her employers. Deny, deny, deny.
Date February 17

Phone Conversation

Thursday evening. The phone is ringing. Since the dome went down, Keagan hasn't communicated at all. His phone was already dead when it happened, a very unfortunate thing, so even a single phone call wasn't possible. He also didn't know where his aunt was. Is she in the dome? Is she dead? So instead of calling her phone, he's calling the apartment line, knowing that at least Christopher should be present if Yana isn't.

Sitting on the cold floor of the safehouse, Keagan has his knees drawn up to his chest, clutching his shins with his free hand as he waits for someone to answer the phone.

Thursday evening marks a day of work for Yana, even if she is shut off from her job because of the dome, she has work to do. She is currently in her office, at her desk, working with what looks to be a set of chemicals and some equipment often seen in a lab. On a tray, she has a dead raccoon that looks like it is sick.. or was at least until it's life had ended. This is not something that Yana would normally touch, especially without gloves on, though she prepares to get pretty personal with the creature. After all, her ability requires skin contact. Before she can get into it, Christopher comes and alerts her of the phone. With a sigh, Yana removes her lab coat and stands, moving to pick up the phone. "Hello?"

"Your alive!" Keagan virtually screams into the phone, leaping to his feet and pacing the safehouse floor. He gestures wildly with his hands, though of course Yana can't see it. "Aunt Yana, you're alive! You're not in here! I'mstuckinghereandIcantgetoutbutImokayImjusthungryandIthinkImgettingsickIwannacomehomebutwecantgetout!" Over the phone, it's hard to tell if the sound that follows is laughter or crying, but the boy is nearly hysterical at hearing his aunt's voice.

By now, he probably cannot expect a large emotional response from her. At least not one that would register to anyone that doesn't know her. Yana is much more calm than he is as she holds the phone up to her ear. "Keagan, you're alive. Somehow I suspected that you had gotten trapped inside after you didn't come home for some time. I was just on the border when it happened, and barely missed being trapped as well. Your grandmother will be relieved to hear that you are at least remotely safe. Hm.." she purses her lips, "This actually puts a personal stake in this business with the dome. I'll have to probably get directly involved now to help bring it down." Which translates to he being concerned for her family. "Well, I wish there were something I can do, but I am just as helpless to get in as you are to get out."

Keagan still has a large emotional response, but he's always raccoonher emotional. "Safe? I've been shot at, threatened, had my body control taken away, and blown up in a bomb in the last week. I'm not safe!" He takes a moment to calm himself. "I'm scared. I can merge with it, but I can't get out the other side. I thought if I used my power I could go underneath the dome, but it's a ball. It goes all the way under the ground. What happens if we run out of air? I'll have to spend all the rest of my life merged into the concrete, and that's boring!" Boredom is clearly a terrible fate to befall him." He walks back to the wall and plants his head against it, leaning in. against it.

While she talks, or raccoonher listens, Yana busies herself by going back to her task, returning to her office and to the dead raccoon upon her tray. "Keagan, calm down. You are not going to suffocate. From what I have learned, air does in fact get into the dome, thought not much else. You aren't in any danger of running out of air. However, there are the other factors which make it pretty perilous. I know you are scared, but you'll have to be strong, and do whatever you can to survive until we can somehow bring it down." She runs her hand over the body of the dead raccoon, using her ability to pull the virions from it's body, which is still just a little warm, indicating it's recent death.

She looks thoughtful for a moment as she rubs her thumb around against her index and middle fingertips, a similar expression on her face like a person might make when they are wine tasting. "Within reason of course. Your grandfather agrees."

Keagan walks outside of the safehouse, gazing across the damaged buildings and the dead bodies from the random fighting, left to rot in the streets. He sags his shoulders. "There's some people I've found here to stay with." He lets a long pause draw out. "What did G-Pa do before he retired?" he asks. A strange change in conversation topic, not to mention tone. "Do you know?" The boy's voice has become low, and he moves around the side of the building, crouching by the alley.

His question makes her pause for a moment, starting to question his questioning, "Your grandfather was a coronary surgeon. Our family tends to follow the medical practice, or scientific careers." She explains simply enough, "Why do you ask?" Yana's eyes narrow a little. It has been quite some time since she had discovered the letters and documents that marked her father as a member of The Company, unraveling the man's secrets. "Just a moment." she says calmly, pulling her face away from the phone, "Christopher? Could you come and dispose of this please? Properly if you will." she calls out to the man, who promptly comes in and removes the dead raccoon from Yana's presence.

"Sorry about that, a bit of trash that needed taken out. Anyway.."

"Aunt Yana, people here said that the Suresh Center is really messed up," he says. "It's a cover for some really messed up stuff. They experiment on Evolved. Aunt Yana, I don't want anything to happen to you. I love you, even if you are weird. I don't know if they're just crazy, but one lady said that the Institute runs the Suresh Center, and they did experiments on her." His voice is unnaturally quiet. "Have you ever noticed anything…weird happen at work?" He doesn't even know what that would mean, but he asks it anyway. Keagan peeks up and peers in through the boarded window to check to see if anyone is listening from the other side of the wall. Beep beep. The phone alerts that the charge is almost gone.

Well. This isn't a discussion she was hoping to ever have. Who has he been talking to, she has to wonder, and just what all have they told him? "Experiments? You mean testing? Well, naturally some experiments do go on there, yes. Such as having volunteers come in and display their powers so we can study them, in order to better living for Evolved in general. It is really quite standard, so those are probably the experiments she spoke about. It is probably not as bad as you believe it sounds. You do have an overactive imagination. You have nothing to worry about. It is all just a bunch of conspiracy that people want to get started, making the population distrust the Surresh Center, so that we can't bring better living for Evolved."

Meanwhile, she reaches for the vial, with the prepared plasma serum vial, checking the label that possesses her own writing. The word rabies down the side. "I suggest you just avoid those people, Keagan. They'll only poison your mind with their preposterous theories. I assure you that the things that I am working on are quite normal."

"I know you work on normal stuff, and I told them that, but the lady, she said that it had happened actually to her! Not like she had heard stories." Keagan sounds frustraccooned. "Just be careful, maybe not everybody you work with is normal. And look out for Magnes, Someone here says they know him. He's really like a nutcase serial killer." The phone beeps again, screen dimming. "The phone is gonna die on me," he tells her.

This actually makes her laugh, amused. The woman is a hell of an actress, "Magnes? A serial killer? I admit, he can be a bit odd, and he did make a spectacle of himself in the past with his ability, patrolling the streets as some costumed hero. But he is hardly a psychopathic serial killer. These people sound as if their time in the dome has made them insane. Can you honestly imagine Magnes having his hand in killing anything short of a fly?" Nevermind that the serum she is currently preparing, while on the phone with Keagan is intended to be given to Magnes for the purpose of painfully ending someone's life.

"Just relax, and do what you can to survive there, alright? Conserve your phone's energy for an emergency. I'll let your grandmother know that you'll be alright. Stay strong, okay?"

There's no answer. Back in the dome, Keagan lost the call, "Aunt Yana?" he calls back into the phone. He presses the buttons, but with no success. The phone cut out. He lets out a sigh, and sticks it back in his pocket. Looks like further conversation on the subject will have to be done at another time.

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