Crazy Like The Rest Of Us


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Scene Title Crazy Like The Rest Of Us
Synopsis Kaylee goes to the Nite Owl seeking Sabrina in hope of some answers.
Date September 08, 2009

The Nite Owl

The Nite Owl is a survivor from ages past - one of those ancient diners with huge plate glass windows, checkerboard linoleum floor, and a neon owl over the entrance that blinks at those entering. Inside, there's an L-shaped main counter, complete with vintage soda fountain and worn steel stools. All of the cooking is done on the ranges ranked against the rear wall. The outer wall is lined with booths upholstered in cracked scarlet vinyl, tables trimmed with polished chrome. Despite its age, it's been lovingly maintained. The air is redolent with the scent of fresh coffee, vanilla, and frying food.

Even though Kaylee has seemed her old self on the trip home after the events of the, there has been an underlying worry in the young woman. What happened? It's been gnawing at her since the whole thing. So in a bit of whimsy, she decided to visit the Nite Owl…. a part of her hoping to find the one that might be able to answer a questions.

Sliding into the booth, Kaylee gives Sabrina a small smile. "You know… It still amazes me your not dead or in a hospital." She glances around for a waitress. "You keep the bullet?" Meaning the one that had lodged in other blonde's liver.

Sabrina was quiet all the way home and she's not all that different now as she sips her coffee, glancing up over the edge of the mug as Kaylee sits down. "No." She says with a grimace. "Not particularly something I need a reminder of. You want some of my binner? I'm not as hungry as I thought." Her plate of french toast, sausage and hash browns are barely touched. Maybe one corner of one piece of bread is gone.

Kaylee does snag a sausage after she asks the waitress for some tea. Turning back to Sabrina, she gives a small smile. "Well, I guess not. I might have saved it. Never been shot." Taking a bite of the sausage, she studies the other woman for a long moment. "You've got a lot of information in your brain right?" She sounds a little more serious then normal. She glances around and leans forward, her voice dropping. "I mean. You seem to know stuff since well… Pinehearst.

Sabrina tenses quite a bit though her expression doesn't change. "I went to Harvard." Is her inexplicable reply to that. Even she seems to think that was a ridiculous thing to say what with the way she shakes her head. Her hair isn't in a bun today but in a french braid. "I've studied Pinehearst's files, yes. And I have a good memory." She grimaces and takes another sip of coffee. "Obviously, you know that."

A small smile twitches as the corner of her lip. "You forget I saw in your head there was so much shifting around in there." Kaylee sighs. "I'm hoping you know what that woman's ability is." She cuts straight to the point, sitting up a bit as she pops the rest of the sausage into her mouth. "She did something to me. I need to know what she might have done. I doubt it was just telling me to not trust Adam… and the other stuff I heard." A piece of bacon goes next while she waits for a response.

"A form of persuasion. That's the best way to describe it. It's not quite accurate but she could get people to do the things she wanted." Sabrina does not say 'like you' but it hangs there in the air. Course, when Kaylee mentions that something was done to her she frowns, "You said that right before—you mentioned she'd done something. Are you all right?"

Her chewing pauses for a moment, when Kaylee glances up from the plate of food. "I… don't know yet? That's why I was hoping you'd know something. I mean. I still trust Adam…. So did it not work?" Glancing at the bacon in her hand, she makes a bit of a face and sets it on the plate. "Too salty or something… Made my stomache turn." she murmurs a bit. "Anyway, maybe I'm just being paranoid."

"She tried to get you not to trust Mister Monroe?" Sabrina asks, setting her mug down and folding her hands on the table, attention firmly on Kaylee. There's concern there and just the slightest trace of anger. "He never should've called you over. He should not have asked that of you-he knew what she could-" she presses her lips together to stop that bit of tirade. "What happened, exactly?"

Leaning back in the booth, Kaylee presses a hand to her stomach for a moment. "Well… I remember reaching into her mind, but like most of these company folks she was shielded like a mofo." She goes silent as the waitress brings her iced tea, once she's stirred in sugar she says, "Then it was like.. I was in suddenly… And I could hear her in my head.." She chews her lip thoughtfully. "She said that I can't trust him.. He's a monster. " She closes her eyes as she tries to remember.. " She said that once he's bored of me I'll be face don in a ditch with a bullet in my brain. Um.. and then said I needed to ask about some virus and the real reason he was lock away.. Something like that."

As Kaylee says the last part Sabrina closes her eyes for just a second too long for it to be a regular blink, like someone trying to chase away a bad memory. Her hand reaches out suddenly to clasp around one of Kaylee's, "That's not going to happen, all right? I'm not going to let that happen. Maybe before she would have been right, but not anymore." Then as if realizing she's being a spaz, she lets go and clears her throat. "That's why I wanted you to stay back. Lied about having a lie detector with us. I didn't want her to focus on anyone she might do some damage to."

Eyes fly open as Sabrina's hand grabs her, Kaylee's brows lift a bit and then her eyes narrow a bit. "So you believe he'd do that too?" She asks her eyes moving back and forth as she watches the womans face. "But if your right, then it didn't work? If her ability was anything like mine, I'd think the worst of Adam and be running the other way… Yet, I don't." She gives her a smirk, "So everything is just fine."
Sabrina looks suddenly tired, picking up her coffee again. "Doubt isn't a bad thing, Kaylee. Especially when it gives a person a chance to disprove it. If she had forced you to believe it and later you found out what she did, that would've muted the point. I don't know why she didn't just tell you to lie and say she was telling the truth. I honestly don't know what her plan was. Or if she had one."

"I don't either." Kaylee says with a small sigh. "Maybe she figured Adam woulda killed her anyhow?" She gives a shrug of her shoulder and glances at the plate, grimacing. "Starting to think I got that stomach bug again." She sighs. "I should go home and lie down." Her tea is pretty much untouched, "Course I've been feeling off since last night." she gives the woman an apologetic smile.

"You should definitely get some rest." Sabrina agrees, raising her mug again before pausing with it halfway to her lips, "…Kaylee, do you know why I left you last night and joined the conversation on the steps?" It's something she hasn't thought of until right now, but now she's curious.

Shifting to the edge of the booth's seat, Kaylee pauses at the question. "What?" It's not exactly a question she was expecting, but she shrugs a bit and smirks. "Cause your really as crazy as the rest of us?" Her tone light despite the light bit of nausea she's feeling. "Why?" She asks on a more serious note.

Sabrina gives Kaylee a faint smile, "Mister Monroe believes I was just trying to get out of my contract and cause trouble. I'd rather he kept on thinking that, if it were up to me." She doesn't elaborate just in case Kaylee does not know there were alternate reasons. "If you're not feeling any better in the morning let me know. I'll get Mister Monroe to send Michael with the car to take you to the doctor."

"Yeah," Kaylee nods a bit and stands, after tossing a few bills on the table to cover her untouched tea. She presses a hand to her stomach again for a moment before letting her hand drop away, "I'll talk to you later Sabrina." She starts to walk away and then backs up. The young woman gives her a smile. "Thanks for protecting me… even though I really didn't need it." She gives her a wink and continues on her way.

Of course, Susan's influence was working… it's just not so obvious…. yet…. but it would be in time.

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