Creating A New Position


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Scene Title Creating A New Position
Synopsis Tracy finds herself with an unexpected ally.
Date June 24, 2009

Apartment of Wade Quinn/Downtown Manhattan (split scene)

Wade Quinn sits at his television watching the press conference held by Tracy Strauss, Special Director of Communications to the President, as everything seems to just fall to pieces. For someone who's job it is to improve the image of a product, Wade is perfectly aware that something of this nature could do one of two things, drum up sympathy for Strauss and thereby the President, or cause suspicion to fall upon her and the presidency.

He has not yet heard from Detective Harrison about the whereabouts of those who killed his parents in the future, nor has he heard from K.Apila who is suppose to show him 'the way'. He's getting tired, frustrated and somewhat agitated. He walks over and sits at his computer desk and it doesn't take him long to track down Tracy Strauss' phone number as he lets just enough of him into the system so he can reach out an send a text to her PDA.

Robin Hood: Seems to me you have a problem on your hands.

The message appears with a 'blip' sound effect, lighting up the phone and even giving it a light vibration effect to ensure he has her attention.

The great thing about scotch? The hangover is nothing. So by now Tracy's just getting out of her meetings. All things considered she's not worried. The pole broke - it fell - the top broke off of it when it fell on the stage - and there's a lot more for people to be paying attention to than a broken pole. Besides, she took the tests, like everyone else. Okay, maybe she's worried, but she'll hardly let it show. This sort of thing can be swept under the rug as easily as metal shards.

When her phone goes off, Tracy is walking down through Manhattan. She pauses, hearing the phone and pulling it out, opening the message. She never breaks her stride as she texts back;

Fixing problems is what I do, I always have problems. Are you going to present me with solutions or waste my time?

Despite the answer received from her, Hood is fairly certain that he hasn't quite hooked her yet. It takes him less than a minute to find the information he needs to send back. As her screen lights up again, the text has her full name, social security number, blood type, the name of her personal physician and the last place she purchased something with her credit card, what it was and how much it cost. He follows that thereafter with:

Robin Hood: I want you to be certain that I am not wasting your time. Do I have your attention yet, Ms. Strauss?

That does give her pause. Right on the streets of Manhattan. She whispers a curse, glancing around, and then soldiers on, she continues walking. Her pace may be a bit faster, more agitated. She seems to be passing the blackberry between her hands as she types for some odd reason. At first, she thought it was someone from work, or a practical joker. But now? Now it's just ugly.

If you're trying to blackmail or threaten me, there's a very long waiting list ahead of you. You have more hope of getting a new kidney before you reach the front of that line.

Almost as if there's a small laugh that should precede it, the response appears almost instantaneously after her reply.

Robin Hood: I have no need for blackmail. I have come to offer my assistance. I have grown weary of sitting back and watching the world move around me. I want to be in the position to influence. Your 'press conference' caught my attention and so here I am. Walk away if you desire. I'll find someone who will be happy to have someone such as I on their team.

Tracy reads the message again, her eyes going over it before her nimble fingers type out a reply. It's quick, though not as quick as his, and she's no longer playing catch with herself - she's no longer angry and frustrated and scared, the ice can stay inside.

I'm not sure which position on my team has so recently become available. Do you have a resume? Even the text seems to be dripping with irony, with some strange kernel of truth imbedded.

The ice would do her no good against this one. He is somewhere she cannot reach. Nor is Hood a threat. Yet. Her PDA browser is accessed and taken to a news report of Hood's initial online banking hijack. He took from the rich, gave to the poor. He gives her a long moment before he moves it to a new report, more recent, where the money was taken from the poor, given back to the rich. The familiar blip returns:

Robin Hood: I assure you, this country's economic health is at my fingertips. It's no small feat. You can surely imagine what else I might be able to do. If I must spell it out for you, I can access any facility that I desire, any record, anywhere. I'm fairly certain you can find a position for me.

It's true. She could. A very good position. Hell she'd pay him…a lot. She'd…well, lets just say for this sort of thing, Tracy is almost drooling. But she has to be careful. She has to be sure. With proper warrents, of course. I don't commit crimes. For her job, yes, she will. And the world's a much different place than it was yesterday. But you're right. I can find a position for a person with your talents.

Warrants. Small change.

Robin Hood: The wealth of my abilities far exceeds warrants. If you need a warrant, I can provide one. No one will be the wiser. I will be at your disposal. However, understand that I am not looking for money. I want favors. I do for you. You do for me. Even trade. Do not take me lightly, Tracy Strauss.

It could be taken as a threat, but it's just a small piece of advice.

If it's a threat, Tracy breezes on by it like it's nothing. Because it's very idle, and she's heard much more pronounced ones of late. Like, I'm going to kill you witch. Things of this nature.

And what sort of favors would you require?

This time there is a pause before he replies.

Robin Hood: Does it matter? Is there anything in your mind that you can vision that could be greater than anything I could give you?

There is a hint of narcissicm in the young technopath who appears to like to play God.

Her quick question may then confuse him.


Well, that's something, isn't it. But it appears to not be all.

If you are serious, then we should meet. I don't telecommute.

Robin Hood: What you see is what you get, Tracy Strauss.

Tracy pauses, glancing upward. Her eyes find what she desires almost immediatly. It's not exactly what she envisioned, but it will do the trick.

I see a homeless man picking his nose. You'll have to do a little bit better.

There's a pause. A very long pause.

Robin Hood: Perhaps I've made a mistake. I expected a little more..

Robin Hood: Maturity. I'll be in touch, Tracy Strauss.

Wade withdraws from the net and smiles to himself. He decides perhaps lunch is in order as he moves to grab his jacket.

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