Creative Responsibility


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Scene Title Creative Responsibility
Synopsis Death, friendship, responsibility, and artistic endeavours of various kinds.
Date August 31, 2010

Gun Hill - Quinn's Apartment

It took some time, but the heat on the roof proved sufficient to send Ygraine back into the building in search of shelter once more. Having lurked for a few moments in the stairwell to enjoy the comparative cool, her back pressed against one wall, Ygraine tromps down a flight further, dithers briefly at the head of the next one, and then turns aside to head along to apartment 403 and give the door another ripple of knocks. Might as well try once more before heading off.

For a moment, it's silent on the inside of apartment 403. And then suddenly there's a thud of a door closing and the thumping of feet across a carpeted floor approaching the door, only stopping for a fraction of a second before the door swings open, revealing Quinn on the other side. Dressed a pink shirt that reads "girl" across teh front and a long white and ruffled skirt, she looks positively exhausted, blinking as she stares at Ygraine for a second. And then rather suddenly, she leans in, wrapping arms around her.

"Hey. You have wonderful timing," she remarks quietly. "Just got back in from works. Come on it."

Ygraine leans into the hug, pale skin sun-warmed and lightly dappled with sweat, her arms slipping around Quinn as she returns the embrace. Clad in dark red lycra cycling shorts and a supportive top that leaves most of her tattoo and all her midriff bare, she clearly didn't come here on Alfred, for once, though she does have a pack slung over her shoulders.

"Mmmmm. Hello, beautiful. I was looking for you earlier. So was Linus."

Quinn nuzzles a bit against Ygraine before she steps away, clearing a path for the Briton to enter while at the same time revealing a bit of a blush on her face. "I should post my schedule on the door. Both a' 'em, cause this seems t' keep happenin'." The Irishwoman sighs as she pads her way over to the couch, plopping down and motioning for Ygraine to join her. "I was considerin' callin' you, could use someone t' cheer me up," she remarks somewhat grimly, an eye turned up as she looks back at the door. "I'll have t' call Linus later. Can I get you anythin' t' drink?"

Ygraine carefully closes the door behind her, before swinging her pack off her shoulders, setting it down at the end of the couch. "I'll grab myself a glass of water. You stay put", she instructs Quinn, putting a little playful wiggle into her hips as she hurries through to the kitchen. "Cheering you up sounds good, if I can manage it. I came over with some vague ideas for the art project you gave me… but wound up talking to Linus. Kind of blundered my way into revealing that I knew he was Evolved and was looking for help with his abilities. We had a brief chat about that. I think that I gave him a bit to think about…"

Returning, she offers Quinn a warm smile, then attempts to position herself kneeling astride the householder's legs, her rump resting on Quinn's knees, tensed muscles either side of the Irishwoman. "So… what can I do for you?"

"I dunno. Hang around," Quinn replies as her arms return to their previous position around Ygraine. She winces a bit when Ygraine mentions knowing Linus was Evolved. "I hope he doesn't think I was blabbing on him. I don't think he knows your my sorta girlfriend," she says with a chuckle and a shake of her head. "I'm meaning t' ask Cat or someone if they know anythin' that can be done, I just haven't gotten around t' it. I've been too busy dealing with… probably the shittiest weekend I've had in years."

Ygraine looks deeply worried, hands setting about carefully tidying Quinn's hair. "That does not sound good", she says ruefully. "But on Linus, I don't think you need to worry. You'd said you knew some people who might be able to help? He interpreted me as being one of those, and was quite happy that you'd mentioned him to me…"

"Oh." Quinn looks rather relieved at that, exhaling into a smile and a brief nod. "That's good t' know. I'm hopin' t' get him in with some folks in the Ferry, at least about registration. Maybe not, like… drag him entirely int' things, but get them t' help him like he needs." She gives another nod, and then slumps down a bit. "It was bad." She bites her lip. "I don't really want t' make you feel down by tellin' y' all about it. Some of its stuff I meant t' tell you at the Ferry wake but was a little too… distracted to."

Leaning in, Ygraine cups Quinn's face in both hands, both as a caress and to trap her in place to receive a kiss. "He is worried about registration, certainly. And I'm here to help, Robyn, if you want me to. Whether it's by listening or by trying to do something about whatever's upsetting you, I'm up for it."

Quinn leans forward after the kiss, cheek pressed against Ygraine's. "There's not much that can be done, save not talking t', like, any of my friends again. Ever." Quinn exhales slowly, but doesn't sit back. "I didn't get t' tell you, at the funeral, why Melissa was so upset." Her eyes close as she pauses, and she sighs. "Did you ever meet Kendall?"

Ygraine frowns slightly, cocking her head, studying Quinn rather intently. "I believe I did, once. Purely by chance. Nice kid. Gaped at me wearing my bike leathers, but we had a conversation in a second-hand book store quite some time ago."

"Huh, what book store?" Sometimes, Quinn's priorities get a little flip flopped, but almost immediately she's shaking her head. "Um, no, that's not the point. Um, Kendall…"

Quinn closes her eyes and exhales softly. "I shouldn't be spreading this around. But… I saw Melissa before I met up with you for the wake. Wanted t' stop by and hang out with Kendall for a bit, it seemed like he wanted to the last few times I saw 'im. Except…" Quinn swallows hard, shaking her head. "Except Melissa said there'd been an accident. He's dead."

Ygraine looks genuinely startled. "I, ahhh, can take you to it some time. Little place. Out of the way", she says absent-mindedly. "Good grief. I… I had no idea. At all."

"I don't think many people do," Quinn remarks with a shake of her head. "I've had two people I was gettin' t' know die on me recently. Kendall in… whatever Melissa doesn't want t' talk about, an' Odessa apparently died at that raid on Staten Island. She was Ferry too, lived in Gun Hill, was one a' the people bein' mourned at the wake. Only really met her once, but she seemed like a fun person an' I wanted t' get t' know her better." Quinn's speaking more quietly now, reaching up and running a hand through Ygraine's hair.

"An' as if that wasn't enough, two people dyin' an' a mass funeral for a side a' the Ferry I hope never get too involved in unless I have t', shit is happenin' with Magnes again," Quinn continues with an exasperated sigh. "Apparently he took off t' some convention without Elaine, an' she insisted this wasn't like him, when it seems… perfectly like 'im t' me. Led to quite an argument with her which nearly had me tellin' her t' fuck off an' stormin' out. But t' top it the fuck off, he shows up on Monday, havin' really gone on his own, spoutin' somethin' about leavin' the band, breakin' up with Elaine, an' feckin' rejoinin' Messiah, which… I knew he said he knew Messiah's leader, but I didn't know he had actually been with them."

She leaning back now, rubbing her temples. "I still think he was just bein' an asshole, like he's proven he's more than capable of bein', but Sable an' Elaine inisited it wasn't normal, t' the point they go and get someone from Gun Hill, who tells us his mind is some kind of fucked up mess of a knot, but there's nothin' she can do about it yet and it's absolutely infuriatin' and I'm not sure I can take it anymore!"

By the end, she's clearly ranting breathing hard, face reddening, and rather angered, from the looks of it - a stark contrast to her highly subdued, almost depressed demeanour moments before. But almost instantly, it fades, and she quiet, rubbing her hands against her face. "I hate being like this. I like being happy and hopeful. But it's like everythin' he does just drains it right outta me…"

"I never really met Odessa at all. Just… dropped stuff off at the clinic. That place was one of the reasons I had for going to Gun Hill on official business", Ygraine says quietly, again seemingly talking while her mind attempts to process what Quinn has told her.

"So stay away from him", she says firmly, though her tone is still pitched low. "He treats everyone like dirt, has made it abdunantly clear that not only does he not give a damn about your opinion, he'll readily doing things like abandon you to deal with the cops, and he's actively dangerous to be around - quite apart from wanting to be a terrorist now, on top of his own vigilante efforts."

Quinn exhales sharply, closing her eyes as she slumps a bit more. "I kinda want t'. But… I know if I do, Sable won't be happy, an' I'm almost certain I'll lose Elaine. I really don't want that. Not that I think Magnes would pull some 'you can't be around Quinn!' bullshit, but… she's almost too loyal to him. I show the slightest doubt, an' an argument happens, or I'm told t' let it go until another time, from both a' them. They've both become two a' my closest friends an' I don't want t' lose that."

Ygraine nods gently. "She's utterly dependent. Partly, I think, because she's in what might be termed an entrapment situation. Precisely because she's invested a lot into making something 'work' when it doesn't seem to be doing so, she's all the more terrified of pulling out. Had she put less effort in and seen more results, she'd quite possibly be less committed to him. But both her desire to be told what to do by a violent young thug - be it Magnes or her ex - and her fear of having it confirmed that she can't get decisions right even when she does make them herself… those combine to keep her trapped in something that blatantly isn't good for her. Magnes isn't even interested in him being recognisably human individual - it's pretty obvious that he's got no interest in Elaine as a person rather than an appendage."

"I… don't think I entirely agree with that," Quinn says with a frown. "He's a self centred asshole, but I do think he wants t' treat her right. Just… from what I've heard about his past girlfriends I doubt he has a remote idea of what a normal relationship is right. It took me talking t' him three times to get him t' agree to tell people things, which he apparently did for Elaine. She thought it was his idea, though. Didn't know I made him do it until I blurted it out during our argument."

Ygraine sighs heavily. "Come on - if you have a friend, never mind a lover, you try to find out something about them. He was the one who announced you needed a violinist for the band, wasn't he? And it wasn't him who found out that his girlfriend played the violin. He's the one who lives with Elaine - and it wasn't him who found what she might possibly want to do with her life. He's the one who lives with her and is supposedly her lover - and he wasn't the one who took her out somewhere to do something nice. She had to be sold at auction for that to happen. I know you like him and you've seen sides of him I haven't - I trust you. But the kid doesn't give a damn about her as a person, or he'd have actually done something other than treat her as a dress-up doll and live-in sex toy. She's just an appendage. He clearly gives far more of a damn about what Sable and some others think and feel than he does about her opinions or sentiments."

"God, I have no idea if I like him anymore, but I just can't bring m'self t' think that low of him." Quinn rubs her temples now, sounding increasingly frustrated. "He makes more efforts than you give him credit for, both that I've seen and dubiously heard from Elaine. So I can't think that low a' him. I do think he's bad for her, though." She shuts her eyes, face in palms. "That much was solidified when she said she'd talk to some guy name Rupert, who I assume is in Messiah - maybe the guy Magnes said he knew who was i charge, because Elaine said she'd talk t' him about joining if Magnes rejoined. I couldn't believe what I was hearing!"

Ygraine winces, then shakes her head. "What he does is right, because he is her strong protector… and because she has invested too much in him to admit otherwise. I've barely heard a word from her since I offered to put her up in my home. No idea if she's pursuing the Columbia thing my Dad set up for her. She's just… stuck in a conflictual mindset, where Magnes is good and anyone else who isn't known to support him is to be avoided."

"But she isn't avoiding anyone. I mean, she does disagree with me, but we're still friends. Even through fights like the horrible one we had the other night, about Magnes." Frustration to exasperation. "I just worry that if I turn my back on him entirely… it might. I just…" She slumps back, letting out a sound akin to an "ugh". "God, I don't know. I don't want t' think about this shit anymore. I just want things t' be happy and… as close as they ever were t' normal. Even joinin' the Ferry hasn't been even remotely this bad."

Ygraine can't help but smile at that. "I hope it never seemed like it would be", she says gently. "I never wanted to haul you into something you didn't want to do. And… my point about Elaine is that I seem to have been dropped. Entirely. Your advice seems to count for nothing. Magnes treats her like dirt, and her response is to announce that she'll follow him into terrorism - in order to prove that she's worthy of him, or something. No other opinion save his seems to actually have an impact on her. He's the only one she lets sway her, it seems…."

"I know you wouldn't. If you did, I don't think I'd be here right now. I just… I don't know." Quinn waves a hand dismissively, shaking her head. She falls silent, giving a halfhearted shrug of her fingers. "I love those two, Sable an' Elaine. I don't want one fucking retarded moron of a comic book addicted man ruinin' that for me, an' yet… I feel like that's exactly what's going t' happen."

"If Elaine won't let anyone help her, then…." Ygraine offers an expansive, rueful shrug. "She's vastly more mature than Magnes in most ways, but not in her self-confidence. She seems to desperately feel the need to have a dangerous protector who treats her opinions as wholly irrelevant - and Magnes is that. Someone who treated her with actual respect might have her make difficult decisions. But at the moment, there's seemingly only the one solution - 'follow Magnes'."

Quinn's hands fall to her side, gaze moving to match as she exhales slowly. "I dunno. I need t' sit and really think about what I'm oging t; do about this, because I really can't handle it anymore. But I don't want t' do… what Magnes almost did. I don't want t' be a hypocrite. I don't want t' do somethin' I'll regret."

"There's a difference between burning bridges, abandoning people - and saying that you can't back destructive choices they're making", Ygraine assures Quinn. "Friendship isn't about backing people regardless of what they announce they're going to do - that's every bit as stupid as 'my country - right or wrong'. If you supported that sort of notion, you wouldn't be in the Ferry at all. You'd be blindly following the loud voices…"

Shaking her head, Ygraine delivers what is intended to be a reassuring squeeze to Quinn's shoulders. "Friendship can be all about pointing out that what's being done is a mistake. Caring doesn't require you to watch people immolate themselves. Far better to try to stop it from happening. And if they insist… you don't have to participate. Friendship's a two-way street, if it's to be worth anything. They've no right whatsoever to drag you into terrorism - nor into backing it."

"N-No one was doing either of those things," Quinn responds with a confused look. "And you're lecturing the wrong person about friendship. But I think you're… I dunno, oversimplifyin' this? Sable an' Elaine, they are good friends. It is a two way street. Just… not about Magnes. Elaine listens t' me about a lot of things. They both do. Just… not Magnes."

"Magnes announced that he was a terrorist and is going to rejoin the terrorist organisation", Ygraine points out. "And he just assumes that you'll be sufficiently fine with this that you won't try to stop him, or his group. He's just made you someone who can be charged as an accessory to whatever they do next - or have done while he's been a member - if you don't come forward and report him. It'd be a crappy charge, but in this climate…?"

Sighing, Ygraine shrugs. "I'm not saying to abandon them. Honestly, I'm not. But you're under no obligation to support decisions like joining Messiah. And Magnes has no right whatsoever to dump crap like this onto you. If he was remotely serious about protecting people he cared about, he wouldn't have told you that he was a past and future terrorist. I'm sure we're not getting remotely the full story in the news - but Messiah seem to be more bloodthirsty and whacked-out than Pariah wound up being."

"Help Elaine, however you can", Ygraine urges. "But don't let Magnes suck you into dangerous stupidity. You've already been left to lie to the cops after one incident. It might be selfish, but I dread to think what you might find yourself trying to cover for in future."

"I dunno if I'll report him. Or if they'll believe me, given my last talk with cops an' the fact that Magnes apparently used t' be one or something like that… I did make sure they knew I wasn't fine with it, though." Quinn seems very firm when she makes this statement. "If nothing else, I made it quite clear that no friend of mine will be involved with anythin' like that, an' I plan t' stick by it. Even if it means losing Elaine too."

Ygraine fondly strokes Quinn's hair, though her expression is worried. "I really hope that it doesn't. I like her, too. And I want her to feel able to pursue her own path in life, not trail along after… a delusional thug who doesn't spare a thought for her save for when she provides him with an excuse to pursue his fantasies. But… I'm sorry."

The Briton ducks her head, then offers Quinn a troubled look. "I know, all too well, that I lecture horrendously when I'm stressed. And project my fears onto others. I really don't want to spend all my time with you with my feet in my mouth. But… I wouldn't be saying this if I didn't think that you were so wonderfully admirable, in this regard. I'm worried that you'll feel too guilty to be able to pull away from someone diving headlong into suicidal stupidity, if you love them."

Quinn shakes her head at Ygraine, opening her mouth to speak, and then closing it in favour of simply leaning forward and bringing Ygraine into a close, tight hug. "It's fine," she mummers, nuzzling against the Briton's cheek. "I need someone willin' t' lecture me these days. I may not always agree, but sometimes it's nice t' know that I'm not bein' a bitch, or that my worries are founded, even if you feel more… extreme about 'em than me."

She exhales quietly, bringing up a bit of a smile. Squeezing Ygraine, she shakes her head. "I do feel guilty. Well… I 'd feel guilty about Elaine, because she's so wonderful when it comes t' everything else. Magnes I'm t' the point of worrying more about what it'd mean t' everyone else rather than him. I'm going t' talk t' Sable at least - not for dissuasion, but to tell her how I feel. Because it'll bring the band to an end, for sure. An' I know she'll hate me for that, but…"

Ygraine nods worriedly. "Don't you get caught up in an entrapment situation", she cautions, lips curling into a wry smile. "I truly am sorry about that, incidentally. But I personally think that you should go ahead. Mad Muse could be a good solo name, or duet. And I'm not just saying that because I threw some ideas for artwork onto paper."

Quinn laughs quietly, shaking her head. "I wouldn't take the name with me if left," she remarks, leaning against Ygraine. "That wouldn't be particularly fair, I think. Besides, I have bunches a' other ones in mind I could use that I like more. I dunno about a duet though. I have no idea how well this'll go if I split from Magnes. She and Magnes have been tryin' t' form a band for months. I don't think I could take Sable with me, an' I can manage solo work while I dno't think they can."

Ygraine smiles warmly, stroking Quinn's hair again. "You mean to tell me that I've been working on a logo for nothing, quite possibly? What names should I be thinking of, then? And I personally think that you could work solo just fine."

"A logo can be modified, you know. It's not really for nothing," Quinn replies, still hugging Ygraine. "An' it wasn't for nothin' when I asked you to. But for a name… I dunno. The two I suggested for the band that I liked were Delirium Theory and Delirium Dreamer. Not entirely sure why I particularly like that word. Magnes tried t' tell me it's a downer, I think he was missin' the point. 'Course, then he turned around and suggested Ghosts in the Machine so whatever."

Ygraine laughs softly. "The ghost in the machine is the… anomalous series of events and problems likely to arise should a computer system attain sentience", she explains with a wry smile. "I… think that something dreamy and somewhat melancholy could suit you, DJ Ravenfall. And I was teasing about the wasted effort. I went and had fun taking a few photos and doing some sketches. Adapting ideas, if you like them, would be very easy."

Quinn snickers, finally leaning back a bit. "I guess when you put it alongside that, yeah, somethin' a bit sadder does make sense, doesn't it?" She wrinkles her brow at the explanation of Magnes' name, but doesn't comment - to her, it just sounds stupid. "Well, I'm glad you're having a good time of it. I'd hate t' feel like I caused you t' waste your time and what not."

Ygraine tilts her head to one side so that she can lean in and claim a longer and deeper kiss that she holds until Quinn shows signs of wanting to break off for breath. "You do not feel like a waste of time, nor do efforts to please or amuse you feel like a waste of time, nor does trying to do something that might be helpful to you feel like a waste of time", she murmurs afterwards.

The kiss is received eagerly, Quinn's arms wrapping back around Ygraine, holding her close once more as she speaks. "Thank you, Ygraine," she remarks quietly, happily. "See? This is why I keep you around. Lectures, an' knowin' how t' bring back my happiness an' hope. You're quite good at that, you know."

Ygraine lifts her brows, then rubs noses, before sighing contentedly and pressing close once more. "It's good to know that I can make a difference for at least one person over here", she murmurs. "So often, it feels as if I'm managing to get nowhere at all. But the little bits and pieces I do for you, and that I can hope to do for people like Linus… things where I can actually see some sort of difference…"

"I'm sure you make more of a difference than you realise, Ygraine," Quinn remarks with a wide smile, placing a kiss on Ygraine's cheek. "I really do appreciate everythin' you do for me, though. Sometimes I feel like I don't do enough. Hell, I haven't even planned out a date like I said I would." She leans back, eyeing Ygraine carefully. "But, I know that's okay. You'll let me know if I ever need t' do more." Her hand reaches up, knuckles brushing against Ygraine's cheek. "I lied. I keep you around because you're absolutely gorgeous too. Or maybe that's just a nice bonus."

Ygraine giggles, pressing against the touch to her cheek. "You're just a sucker for an aggressive, muscley old dyke like me, I know", she teases. "And… I'd pester you about spending more time with me if you weren't so busy being responsible. I want you to pursue your dreams, to revel in your music - to do so more than you manage to now. And I wouldn't be so fond of you if you didn't care so much about others. You helping people, I'm proud of. Missing out on that promised date hadn't even occurred to me."

"I do like athletes, you know," Quinn replies with a grin, eyeing Ygraine playfully. "Well, we'll still have t' do something soon. I've made some progress on writin' my music. Hopefully I can make a short demo soon, so I don't mind taking some time off t' spend it with someone who deserves a slice a' it. I can't waste all my time tryin' t' fix someone who doesn't seem t' want it, after all."

Ygraine nods gently. "There's a difference between being available and making sure they know you are, and throwing yourself around after them as they ignore you on anything important", she murmurs. "But… hmmmm. Is there anywhere we could go, or anything we could do, that might help you to compose?"

"I still like the idea of that mountain trip we never got t' do because Elaine went missin'," Quinn remarks, looking thoughtful. "Maybe a beach around here, for another picnic. Or the park, I do a lotta writin' there…" She looks at Ygraine and smiles wide. "But I do want t' do somethin' formal like, sometime. Like our last two dates. I'm tryin t' find someplace new for us t' go to that you might like, somethin' for us t' do."

Ygraine beams happily at that. "Really? I'd no idea you were looking. That would be lovely. And… I can certainly take you up to the mountains. These days are so often still bakingly hot. Getting away to cooler air for a swim would be very welcome indeed, I assure you. Especially with company."

"Well, I looked when we first talked about it, an' I was thinking about it again before the weekend came an' everythin' went all t' pot. But, hopefully I can fine somethin' that'll agree with the both of is." A small nod given, and then Quinn laughs. "You still haven't seen the swimsuit I got, have you?" she asks mischievously - even though she knows it's nothing special. "I'd love t' go for a swim. An' go up somewhere cooler, trust me. I think it was 33 or 34 again the other day!"

Ygraine shakes her head, looking flatteringly intrigued. "No, I haven't seen it. But you're getting me curious now", she admits with a laugh. "And it's 33 today, according to the weather reports, though it's certainly above that in the sun…."

"I've barely even been outside t'day. Enough t' drive to work and back, that's about it." Quinn shrugs, smirking at her companion. "So I wouldn't know. All I know is that I could take a day away from it, gladly. "Don't get too curious. You might be disappointed."

Ygraine laughs, shaking her head. "Remember what happened last time you let me take an interest in your wardrobe? You might wind up with something to go with the corsets, as an influence I've had upon your taste in attire…"

"Hey, if you can find somethin' like that for me t' swim in, I'll give it a shot. If nothin' else, it might be rather amusing!" Quinn laughs, shaking her head at Ygraine. "I don't mind the influence in attire. I like mixin' an' matchin', feeling unique. I still need t' look int' that steampunk stuff we talked about… geez, two and a half months ago now, I think."

Ygraine looks startled, leaning back a bit as she blinks at Quinn. "That long ago? Wow. I… it really doesn't feel as if I've known you that long. I still feel like I've barely got to know you at all, in many ways. That there's a lot more to find out."

"Yeah, I… didn't realise it had been so long either," Quinn remarks, with something that looks like a half smile, a half frown - something very lopsided and odd. "Well, you can't ever learn everythin' about someone really quick, but…" she pauses, looking back up at Ygraine with a half quirked eyebrow. "Maybe we do need another evening out, spending time t'gether and getting t' know each other better again."

Ygraine quirks a wry smile, then leans in to very gently bump noses. "That sounds good to me. Shall I aim to take you out to the mountains in a couple of days' time? And you can sort out something for an evening. Or I can arrange something silly, as a counterpoint to having you dress up and be hauled off to formal shows."

"I'll have t' either put in for time off or see when I have work off form the bookstore and Tartarus first, but I'd love t' do it as soon as possible." Quinn smiles warmly, hands running down Ygraine's side. "I'd be up for somethin' silly, but I still want t' plan something nice for us, soon. Would you believe I saw I dress I liked the other day? I wanna get it and wear it," she says with another mischievous grin. "A nice, long, formal one."

Ygraine quivers happily under the double stroke, eyes half-closing. "Mmmm. Sounds intriguing. Was it slinky and backless? Slit to the hip? Heavily corseted?" She winks playfully. "Or terribly demure and sophisticated? I suppose I'll find out some time soon, if I manage to get you out to the ballet or something."

"The ballet?" Quinn repeats with a sudden sense of intrigue, her eyes wide. "I never even thought a' that. I've never been to the ballet before. I've always imagined it quite… boring, but I'd honestly be willin' t' give it a shot, see how it goes. Might be rather fun, if I'm going with you," she says thoughtfully, nodding repeated. "You'll see. It's nice. More sophisticated, I will say."

"It really depends on the ballet", Ygraine confesses. "Some really are dull. But there was a wonderful one I saw not too long ago, with my parents in Edinburgh. The Three Musketeers - done as a comedy, largely. And with some surprisingly good sword-fights. Like opera, I admit that I'd avoid most of it… but there are some wonderful things out there." She pauses, then winks impishly. "And ballet-dancers do tend to have very good legs."

"I happen t' quite like opera, personally," Quinn quips with a smile and a raised finger. "Well, opera style. I have several albums by opera style singers back home, they're wonderful. I've never had the chance t' go to a real opera, though. Maybe we should do this as well, sometime?" There's a hopeful expression on Quinn's face before she leans forward, kissing Ygraine on the forehead.

Ygraine wiggles happily, running her hands over Quinn's shoulders. "I'd love to. I'm much more a fan of Mozart than most others - endless hours of fat men and women warbling or shrieking don't appeal. But something with humour and variation…." She shrugs. "Rather like ballet, I'm not enough of a connoisseur of the form to appreciate it for its own sake. I need some sort of hook, as well as the music."

"Well, maybe I'll look int' it for our date, then," Quinn replies with a nod of affirmation. "That's two new things for us t' try sometime, an' I'm rather looking forward to it. Get dinner at a nice place, then make a trip out with high society for a night!. " She giggles, shaking ehr head. "And here I thought I'd spend my life at raves, club parties, and DJin'."

"I'm glad to be of service in broadening your horizons", Ygraine assures Quinn, her smile turning somewhat smug. "But… such things are always far more fun when you have someone with whom you can share them. I've certainly gone to more plays since I met Jen than I ever did before. And I'll gladly expand my experience of music with you."

Quinn laughs, smirking as she nods. "Well then, we'll ahve t' take in a concert t'gether sometime soon. I'll try t' make it something that isn't too overbearing. I think Metric and Muse on tour at the moment, I'll ahve t' check dates. I don't know how you feel about Muse, though they are from Britain, but Metric is just fantastic."

Ygraine offers another shrug, this one very expansive. "I can't really say that I know either very well, but I'd happily go with you to a concert if you wanted me to. The worst that'll happen is I hate it and bear a grudge forever, after all."

"Oh, well. If that's all, I think we'll be fine, then." Quinn giggles again, trying to pull Ygraine up closer to her. "We'll see how things go. I think you'll like Metric. I should play them for you anyway. Their kind of art rock, keyboard infused sound is the sort of band sound I would love to go for."

Ygraine lifts her brows, then grins. "What, you're not going for a guitar-led four-piece, or a 'charismatic' female lead singer and a few random back-up instruments?", she asks playfully. "But out of interest - what solo sound would you want to go for?"

Quinn laughs, grinning. "Sable wants me t' be the frontwoman, I think. She always enthuses about how I'll be the face that leads us t' stardom. Besides, female lead singer and a few random instruments is how my songs are shaping up," Quinn remarks with a waggle of her finger. "Largely piano driven, really, but since I play so much…"

She shrugs, sinking a bit into the couch. "Remember that song I played for you said was my show piece? The original version of that song has more to it - like a piano pop version of Tori Amos. Without the depressing side her music tends t' have. That's an idea, at least. I've considered somethin' with acoustic guitar, like Dashboard Confessional used t' be, or a solo electronic, keyboard driven sound, like Metric or the last Yeah Yeah Yeahs album…" It doesn't really occur to Quinn that there's a chance she might be naming bands Ygraine might not have heard of, but she keeps on anyway.

Ygraine leans in once more, this time planting a gentle peck onto the end of Quinn's nose, before smiling at her from close range. "I think that you've a face that could be famous", she murmurs fondly. "But I might be considered somewhat biased. And if you're famous, then I get to try out life as a groupie and squealing fangirl, don't I? I've never been either…."

"I'll have to get a fourth opinion. I think you, Sable, Elaine, an' Magnes are all too biased. Well, maybe. Self centred as Magnes is, I figure he wants to be front man, just like he wants to helm the band by writin' a concept album." Quinn shrugs, nuzzling against Ygraine. "You really do want t' be Knives Chau! Not that I mind, though I think Scott Pilgrim's a role more fitting of someone as douchy as Magnes." Clearly, Quinn is still enamoured with this comic. "But I'd love t' have you as our fangirl. Elaine wanted t' be a roadie. It'll give you two a chance t' get real friendly," Quin says with a wink and a giggle.

Ygraine looks more than a little lost. "I think I saw a trailer in which Knives is a cute Asian chick?", she says uncertainly. "I have no idea if you're complimenting me, or how…. But I was thinking more of the backing singer cruelly used by the creative genius, perhaps. Something that at least gives me the chance to claim to have had vital creative input and sue you for millions when you strike it big."

"Oh, yeah. That's her. She's basically a super big fangirl of Scott Pilgrim's band. And his ex-girlfriend, but who cares about that part." Quinn shrugs, chuckling. "I'll be sure t'write a song that has a part meant for another smooth female voice. Sable's is kinda rough, which is fine, but not always suited for everything I write. I'd love t' do a song featuring the vocal talents of Ygraine FitzRoy in the background."

Ygraine blushes, ducking her head and wiggling. "I might be safer on the keyboards doing some simple three-chord pattern in the background. But I could give it a go if you wanted. The singing, I mean."

"I think Sable's resigned me to band keyboardist and miscellany instruments, but I'd certainly yield t' you for a track and handle something else. I think that'd be a lotta fun." Quinn replies with a bit of a laugh.

Ygraine lifts her brows. "You don't even get to sing?" She sounds astonished. "I think that's a terrible waste. Admittedly, I've not really heard much of the other two…. But I like your voice. And I'd definitely say that you were suitable for a lot more than just miscellaneous instruments in the background…."

"Oh, no, I totally ge to sing. The song Sable and I wrote is mostly sung by me, she does the chorus. I think it's Magnes who's going to get shafted outta singing." Quinn waves a hand. "Which is fibne by me, after hearin' him at the first date auction. He's much better off stickin' t' bass."

Ygraine purses her lips, then nods slowly. "If what he did at the Date Auction was the best he has to offer by way of vocal talents, then I'm certainly glad that you get to sing. Though I still think that you should be focusing on what's in your own head more of the time."

"I really should, particularly with what's been goin' on lately, but… I dunno. I like bein' in a band, I like workin' with, bein' with', and gettin' creative with other people, you know?" Quinn shrugs, leaning back a bit. "It's fun. Not that solo work isn't, but it always feels like a little somethin' is missing. "

"So write songs for them", Ygraine encourages, expression earnest. "I… maybe I just hear about what's funny or what stresses you, but almost everything I've heard about the band has been about Magnes coming up with names, Magnes wanting to put you in costumes, Magnes announcing that the band needs a violinist, you being put onto miscellaneous instruments. The one thing you've spoken about being involved in creatively involved just you and Sable. From what you've said thus far, the band doesn't seem to have given you a creative role yet."

"Well, I mean… that's because Magnes is the one always running his mouth. Sable works more or less on her own, or had a broken arm for over a month, an' I didn't really even want to begin doing anything creatively until we had basics like a plan an' an idea for a sound down. I don't think magnes even had a piece of music written, and Sable had some assorted stuff she an' I messed with." Quinn shrugs, tilting her head as she peers at Ygraine.

'Sable's the one in charge of the band, ostensibly, so I always defer t' her before we get moving on something. Magnes always makes a point of sayin' it's her dream an' what not, so I let ehr ahve first say on things. An' I tried to get Magnes involved in songwriting, but he has yet to turn over anything. But really, it's not that I ahven't been given a creative role. Sable an' I have worked on things a few times. It's more that things keep happening, and Magnes keeps blabbering like he always does."

Ygraine listens intently, and bites her lip before nodding. "I'm sorry. I know I'm biased. I… just… I'm worried that your dreams will get submerged. That they won't get the chance to come to the fore. I know I'm biased - heavily - in your favour, but… you can sit down and play me things you love. You can enthuse about instruments. You can go out and buy an electric violin because I enthused about the sound of a particular performnace to you. And after months in the band, it still doesn't have a single song written yet. I'm worried that you could be doing so much more."

"Trust me, don't think it hasn't occurred t' me," Quinn remarks with a shake of her head. "I enjoy workin' with Sable. We started writin' something right after I joined the band, actually. But… Magnes is the crutch, here. He went and had to go on bed rest for a week because he got hurt and jammed adrenaline into himself. He gets hurt, doin' this, or that. He goes missin', doin' this or that. And between alla that, Sable got her arm broken, which really didn't help. And now, we're finally gettin' movin' on really, earnestly havin' a band… and Magnes pull this shit." Quin sighs, shaking her head. "I guess my problem is that I really like workin' with Sable, an' I know we could go places t'gether. But I also know Magnes is holdin' things back, an' that Sable will fight t' include him in this band, even when he says he wants t' quit."

Ygraine worriedly studies Quinn for a few moments, before cupping her face in both hands and leaning in for another kiss. "Could you pursue your own stuff, while the band's… in limbo? You've got that recording offer from Cat. Even if it's just going in for an afternoon and laying down a couple of tracks of stuff you already know, so that you can hear how it sounds when professionally recorded, and what you might want to work on, and what ideas come from it…"

"Oh, I've been doing that, working on music an' writing lyrics, an' all that kind of jazz, while we haven't been doin' much." Quinn nods repeatedly, smiling when Ygraine kisses her. "It's… harder coming up with solo material, but I've almost got enough t' do a short demo EP, at least. Not teh whole album I wanted t' do, btu I figure it's better t' get something done instead of aimin' big on the first shot."

Ygraine nods warmly. "The demo could certainly be expanded, if it's well-received", she assures Quinn. "And I'd love to hear it, I promise. I'm really curious to find out what you produce when let loose on your own."

"Not that much different from what I'd try t' do in a band, honestly," Quinn remarks with a small shrug. "Maybe a bit mrore indie sounding, more piano and violin. But I have a few styles I want t' try, all of which I'd write for a regular band too."

"Well, hurry up and be ready to record something", Ygraine demands, one side of her mouth lifting into a quick half-smile. "Though I admit I should also be pestering you about your ability-training…."

Quinn laughs, nodding. "I'll give Cat a call, see if I can get in and start putting some stuff together. I have four songs more or less done, an' my own version of the ones Sable an' I wrote… another one and I think it'll be good." A pause, and she looks thoughtful. "I haven't been doin' it much, I admit. An' I still haven't ahd a second ltitle get t'gether with Colette…"

"Then I shall have to step into the breach and kick your cute arse into motion", Ygraine announces with a playful wink. "I've got to run another self-defence class or thirty for you, if you're serious about it, too. Though the first one was arguably the most important."

"I absolutely am serious," Quinn replies with an expression to match. "I don't want t' be caught offguard in case things go south, either with Magnes or while helpin' the Ferry. So, yeah, gettin' more a' that done is important." She pulls Ygraine close again, kissing her on the neck, then cheek. "You think my arse is cute, then?" she asks impishly, a smile on her face.

"I can take you shopping this afternoon and prove it, if you like", Ygraine happily volunteers. "A bit more toning might be nice, but if I put you through a good martial arts and fitness regime, we should sort that out in no time…"

"Well, that's definitely one good way t' prove it," Quinn responds with a wink and a laughs. "I'd be up for that. It'd be nice t' just… get out for a bit, get lost in a little shoppin' an' whatnot." She reaches up, pushing down on Ygriane's nose playfully. "All the more incentive t' get serious about trainin' then."

"Meeep", Ygraine says in response to the nose-press, going cross-eyed. "And I will gladly take you shopping. Should I change out of lycra for that? Drop my bike off at home, and meet you somewhere?"

"You don't have t', but it might be wise. An' I can follow you back t' your place, an' we can go t'gether. Make you ride on my scooter, for once!" Quinn giggles, nuzzling against Ygraine. "Maybe accidentally walk in on you while your changing. Who knows!" She's teasing, if the tone in her voice says anything. "But whatever you want t' do, let me know."

Ygraine giggles as well, squirming happily in response to the nuzzle. "Well, if we're to shop freely, a taxi might be an idea. So that we can load up with bags. Otherwise, I'd recommend Alfred - he has panniers. But I think that I can treat you to a taxi-ride for the purpose of getting to play dress-up."

"Oooh, yeah, a taxi's probably a good idea," Quinn responds with a nod. "I hadn't thought of that. But, yeah. I'd loe t' go shopping, even if it's window shoppin'. I'm rather short on money, an' I don't want you t' spend too much on me."

"I'll make sure to buy only the smallest of items for you to wear, then", Ygraine solemnly assures, expression deadpan. "That way we can be certain to avoid over-extending the budget allowed by your admirable independent streak."

Quinn snorts, shaking her head. "Like less material ever actually means it's cheaper," Quinn notes, again kissing Ygraine's cheek and neck. "Besides, if the clothing's so small, why even bother? It's just in the way, then!" she giggles, shaking her head. "At any rate, I'm ready t' go whenever you are."

"Oh, but having something in the way can be far more interesting", Ygraine says with a laugh. "I love flirty little skirts, for example. And if veils were remotely fashionable, I'd definitely… oooh. You could wear a veil as part of a steampunk outfit - a Victorian one, hung from a suitable hat…"

Quinn pauses her affectionate kisses to laugh, shaking her head. "Fair enough! I dunno about a veil though. I see a veil an' I think either a wedding, or a grieving widow at a funeral. I'd be willin' t' give it a try if it's, like… removable or somethin' though. Might end up looking rather good."

"Some of them can be folded up and over the hat, so they look just like part of it. Or used as a hairnet, which can suit the look, too", Ygraine says enthusiastically, before shrugging. "But how many of those are custom hand-tailored works, I really don't know. Either way, I really do want to get you the chance to explore steampunkery a bit. Shall we focus on that today?"

"Sure!" Quinn replies with an enthusiastic nod and excite ment in her voice, arms wrapping up around Ygraine. "I think that'd be a lotta fun, an' a great way t' take my mine off a' things. Nothin' like a good afternoon of shoppin' t' take your mind offa your worries, right?" She smiles wide, kissing Ygraine on the cheek once more, falling silent as she nuzzles against her. "Thanks, Ygraine. I needed this, so I'm glad you came by."

Ygraine shuffles closer, so that she can bury her face at the base of Quinn's neck, squeezing affectionately. "And I'm delighted to be here", she announces, breath warm against her lover's skin. "Especially since turning up's got me the prospect of taking you out to buy silly clothes."

Lifting her head, she delivers a swift kiss to the end of Quinn's nose. "Shall we save looking at the sketches I did and the photos I took for after our trip, so that we don't waste shopping hours?"

Quinn lets out an "Eep!" of her own at the nose kiss, giggling afterwards. "You can tell me about them on the ride back t' your place, an' I'll look at 'em if I let you change uninterrupted. How's that sound?" There's still that mischevious tone to her voice as she speaks. "But worse comes t' worst, yeah, I'll look at 'em later. I really do want t' see what you came up with."

"Mmm. Sounds wonderful", Ygraine says happily. "You going to come with me to mine now, then? Or shall I pick you up in a taxi in a bit?"

"Whatever works. I'm content hanging around here if I need t'," Quinn replies, eyeing Ygraine for a moment. "Probably silly t' ride my scooter all the way out there, just t' go back out in a taxi or some such."

"Mmmm. In that case, I should be on my way, so that I can return as quickly as possible to collect you. I'd tell you to wear something fun, but that's rather what we're going out to acquire, isn't it?"

Another kiss is stolen, then Ygraine pulls away, slipping off the sofa and stretching, before stooping to pick up her bag. "I'll be back soon."

Quinn laughs, shaking her head. "Yeah, I guess so! I can find somethin', though. If nothin' else, I don't work t'night, si Can afford t' come out in my corset an' dress," she says with a wink and a laugh, before turning and laying down on the couch rather lazily. "I'll be waitin'. Throw me a text message when you're on the way."

Nodding happily, Ygraine grins. "That'd be wonderful - but remember that you might want to be changing in and out of things, unfortunately", she cautions. "But if you're sure, I'll gladly help lace and unlace you each time…" Winking playfully, she heads for the door - a quite unnecessary amount of wiggle in her walk.

Quinn can't help but laugh and watch as Ygraine begins her exit, waving at the older woman. "Good point! Well, at the least I can find a neat lookin' frilly shirt t' wear instead of a borin' old t-shirt. Lacin' it so much'll get aggravatin'!" She laughs again, hands behind her head as she lays on the couch. "I'll see you in a bit!"

Ygraine pauses at the door to blow a kiss to Quinn, lingering a moment thereafter to smile happily at her, before slipping out and into the corridor….

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